Chapter 0449: Strange Phenomena in the Immortal Palace

To Wu Yu, rather than merely reaching the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, there were two things he was anticipating even more.

Firstly, upon achievement of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, he could begin learning his second Great Dao Mystique. Apparently, this had some relation to the inner walls of the Violet Kingdom that would be erected upon the successful construction of his Violet Kingdom.

Wu Yu's first Great Dao Mystique, the Unshackled Doppelganger, which was imparted by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, the Victorious Fighting Buddha, had helped him considerably time and again. It could be said that in nearly every instance it was used, it was a life-saver that effectively brought him back from death's door.

Therefore, he was especially excited to learn his second Great Dao Mystique. With the large variety of mystiques possessed by the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, which one would be his next choice? 

Of course, all this depended on Ming Long's mood....

Secondly, he would be able to learn the third transformation of the 72 Transformations! Previously, it was the fixed transformation followed by the present fortified transformation. Whether it was the Fixed Body Art or the Violent Art, they were both undoubtedly Wu Yu's trump cards throughout this period! The tremendous power of these 72 Transformations could not be underestimated indeed.

Both his second Great Dao Mystique and his third transformation would be top-tier techniques for sure!

In order to master these two unparalleled skills, Wu Yu forged ahead towards the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm with utmost confidence.

Under his control, the golden spike in the shape of the Ruyi Jingu Bang thrust downwards in a sudden motion with hardly any hesitation, directly penetrating his Jindan! The Jindan ruptured and was torn apart instantaneously, unleashing a deluge of violent energy. The irrepressible dao force was brutal and frenzied, filling Wu Yu's meridians to the brink of exploding. It felt as if a wild horse had broken free of its reins and was charging around within Wu Yu's body with unbridled savagery. The pain was unbearable.

In this instant, Wu Yu's body gave off a deep golden glow and golden flames shot upwards towards the sky! Beneath his flesh and blood, the energy in his meridian was like a soaring dragon running amok in his body, to the point where his body felt like it was going to burst.

But! The advantage that Wu Yu had over other cultivators attempting to attain the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm was that his physical body was too mighty!

The force of the untameable energy within his meridians would have been enough to tear asunder any other ordinary being, yet Wu Yu's body was so impregnable that it could not harm him at all, so he easily suppressed it. Even with the loss of control over his dao after splitting his Jindan, Wu Yu managed to conquer the savage force using his physical prowess without batting an eyelid, before channelling it in the direction of his meridian. 

"Now that the Immortal Breaking Art is complete, I can proceed with Casting the Immortal Palace."

Wu Yu settled into a state of complete focus before initiating the second step. This step was even more crucial. It entailed the transformation of his untamed Jindan energy into a completely new arrangement, elevating it in order to carve out an ocean of the Violet Kingdom within his meridian, thereby creating a miniature world!

However, as long as Wu Yu was able to suppress the Jindan essence with his physical prowess, this step would be relatively manageable. Such were the benefits of possessing an incredibly unyielding body. Casting the Immortal Palace counted as a superior Immortal Dao technique, and the successfully crafted Violet Kingdom was said to resemble the immortal halls of the heavenly palace itself, erected within the confines of one's meridian!

Wu Yu, using Casting the Immortal Palace, channelled his Jindan essence back into his meridian. At this moment, his Jindan essence was split into 10,000 rays of golden energy similar to 10,000 Ruyi Jingu Bangs. He manipulated them to clash with one another, the collision between the golden rays immediately turning his meridian into a chaotic battlefield. Wu Yu's meridian truly needed a superhuman level of endurance in order to persevere till the successful creation of his Violet Kingdom!

His meridian had been refined within the fires of the Ravaging Ghost Volcano, so it was undeniably durable. Moreover, with Wu Yu's will of steel, even if he reached a point where the pain was hard to tolerate, he could always visualize the inner ape. Given that the Great Way of Immortality Art was the pinnacle of all cultivation methods, as long as he applied it appropriately, it was only a matter of time before he could reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

Of course, at that point, he would require a great deal of Inner Sea Essence Pills.

Wu Yu had already kept over a thousand Inner Sea Essence Pills in reserve just for this occasion.

He ingested these invaluable pills at an unimaginable speed, taking care not to absorb them directly. Instead, he guided them into his meridian, into the midst of the turbulent Jindan energy. The golden rays of Jindan energy immediately penetrated the Inner Sea Essence Pills, resulting in the furious release of potent medicinal essence. It was incredibly swift and incredibly violent! Incredibly terrifying even! The level of turbulence within his meridian was unprecedented in the history of martial cultivation, and would likely remain uncontested for centuries to come. Realistically speaking, when ordinary cultivators reached the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, the maximum number of Inner Sea Essence Pills used would number in the tens on average, and hundreds at most for top-tier cultivators. Wu Yu's decision to consume over 1,000 at once may have seemed like a death wish, but this was actually because he was clearly familiar with the limits of his endurance.

Even through the utter chaos, Wu Yu managed to tide through.

Casting the Immortal Palace entailed using every bit of controllable energy to form lines of peculiar scriptures, which would then be aligned in an orderly manner and thrust into the middle of the tempestuous mayhem!

"Violet Kingdom, raise your head!"

The intense collision gave rise to an enshrouding mist that rose and circled around his meridian. In the midst of the chaos, a ray of purple light burst forth.

The purple light spread rapidly, engulfing his meridian and coloring all the Jindan energy with a deep shade of violet. The violet energy then surged outwards at astonishing speed, culminating in the creation of a vast Inner Sea!

Violet Kingdom, great completion!

In the blink of an eye, it was as if a new world had been formed within his meridian!

A vast ocean of violet resided at the bottom of this world, waves sweeping and crashing against the surface of the sea.

The violet ocean was made up entirely of Primordial Energy. The medicinal essence of those thousand or so Inner Sea Essence Pills had also been assimilated within.

At the top of the world, clouds of violet floated by lazily alongside a violet-tinged mist that hung in the air. They blazed with an intense purple flame. This was the Violet Kingdom Primordial Fire, essential for refining immortal medicines!

The Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and Violet Kingdom Primordial Fire combined to form this Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea world!

It was as if an immortal palace existed in the midst of this chaos.

At the same time, two walls had risen at the east and west sides of the Violet Kingdom world. These walls were made up purely of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy consolidated into solid form. One wall stood empty, while a golden insignia had been branded upon the other wall, symbolizing the Unshackled Doppelganger Mystique!

The insignia of his second mystique would be branded on the empty wall when learnt.

These were the inner walls of the Violet Kingdom. Within the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, there would be a maximum of four inner walls erected. He currently possessed two. He would gain one more upon reaching the fifth tier and the final one when he reached the eighth tier! At that point, his Great Dao Mystiques would exist in the north, south, east, and west!

The concept of the Violet Kingdom inner walls was actually derived from demons. Apparently, during ancient times, before martial cultivators had truly understood how the Natural Mystiques of demons functioned, they did not possess these inner walls even after reaching the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

Wu Yu had obviously reached the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm successfully! And now had the chance to learn another Great Dao Mystique!


He took a breath. After stabilizing the condition of his cultivation, he indeed felt like he had taken a great step forward in life! At the very least, his lifespan had increased by another 100 years!

His Jindan essence had evolved into Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Yet this energy, through the Great Way of Immortality Art, far surpassed the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of ordinary beings in strength even though he was only at the first tier! For example, the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy in Wu Yu's violet ocean was comparable to a cultivator at the fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm in terms of capacity and power!

It was possible for certain strange phenomena to occur within the Violet Kingdom.

For most cultivators, there would be no such occurrences.

Apparently, if there were stars sparkling within the Violet Kingdom, one could be deemed a top-tier genius.

If a radiant moon appeared in the sky, that person would be a supreme genius! In Qin Fuyao's Violet Kingdom, there wasn't just one, but four moons in the sky.

If a blazing sun materialized, that person would be an unparalleled, legendary prodigy! It was unknown if such a prodigy currently existed within the divine continent.

It was even said that with the presence of the blazing sun, it was a favorable omen that the cultivator could attain immortality!

As for Wu Yu, he was different from the rest. Within his Violet Kingdom, the dense fog raised by his Violet Kingdom Primordial Fire resembled an immortal palace. Although it was not as fiery compared to the blazing sun, it did not appear inferior at all.

At the very least, the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy generated by the blazing sun would definitely be less powerful in comparison to Wu Yu's own! This implied that Wu Yu's doppelgangers could reach a level of cultivation equivalent to the fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!

Naturally, it was the ordinary fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, uncomparable to the likes of Beishan Mo…

And of course, this would require a massive quantity of Inner Sea Essence Pills. Just the thought of it left Wu Yu feeling dejected.

Now his Violet Kingdom was finally established!

Wu Yu stood up, basking in the triumph of his accomplishment.

Giving off a booming laugh, he felt great indeed!

He couldn't wait to learn the next two mystical techniques. By now, he and Ming Long had become so familiar that they could converse comfortably without any awkwardness. He told her bluntly, "It hasn't been easy for me to reach this stage. Out with it. If I get bullied by others, you won't have the chance to be revived and strut your stuff. Hurry up, hurry up."

Ming Long was furious, replying, "My God, is this how you ask for a favor? Why do I feel like you're putting on airs with me!"

"So should I start on the Great Dao Mystique, or the third transformation?" Wu Yu asked in a straightforward manner.

"Oh my God, you really don't give me any respect, do you?" Ming Long scrambled out, glaring at him with her hands on her hips.

"I think we'll start with the third transformation. After all, it's easier with the Great Sage guiding me. I should be able to pick it up in a few hours. The Great Dao Mystique is going to take a long time to practice."

He had given it a good amount of thought. There was barely any spiritual qi within this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, and with his lack of Inner Sea Essence Pills, the most important thing presently would be to master these two techniques no matter how long it took.

Ming Long gritted her teeth and said, "Wu Yu, you little scumbag, you're getting worse and worse! I've never seen anyone as audacious as you. Back in the day, countless cultivators tried to use priceless treasures and delicacies from the Jambu Realm to trade for my knowledge, yet I rejected all of them!"

Wu Yu was in good spirits and replied with a laugh, "Don't be so stingy, alright? After all we've been through, you can say that we're already considered family. One shouldn't be so calculative with one's family. At the very most, since we both obtained the same legacy, I'll call you ‘Senior Sister’ if you really want."

"Has my status fallen from Granny to senior sister so quickly?" Ming Long was making threatening gestures.

The two of them bantered for a while before she finally gave up. "I haven't thought of the third transformation yet, but I've figured out the second Great Dao Mystique for you long ago."

Ming Long's expression revealed a deep nostalgia. "It is called the Eyes of Fire and Gold."

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