Chapter 0448: Immortal Breaking Art, Casting the Immortal Palace

Luo Pin was still in a critical period. Her own cultivation had long been broken and battered, which was why she needed the Precursor Dragon Scale to mend her wounds.

Firstly, she probably had to banish the power of the Heaven's Wrath until it was completely expelled.

Next, she would need to recover from her injured state to her peak condition. For her, her peak condition was much higher than her current cultivation level, which was why she estimated that she would need two years. It was not actually very long.

And at that time, she would only have recovered to the extent that she could break open the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, and not her peak condition.

"I'm sorry to take up so much of your time. I can only do my best," Luo Pin said apologetically.

"No matter. We have already been to the brink of death and back. This trifling hurdle is nothing. As for the matter of Shushan, I would just be a little late. That is of no consequence," Wu Yu said equanimity.

Seeing him truly free of anxiety, Luo Pin's goodwill only deepened further. She did not waste words, but began to tap onto the strength of the Precursor Dragon Scale to expel the Heaven's Wrath! This was a rather crucial process, and also a struggle.

"If you wish to cultivate while the Heaven's Wrath is being expelled, you had best do it outside the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence." Luo Pin advised before sinking into her trance.

If the commotion was too big, it would not be efficacious for cultivation. Moreover, he might be accidentally hurt by the power of Heaven's Wrath.

Luo Pin was also trying to help Wu Yu maximize his time.

Wu Yu therefore went out of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, to roughly where the entrance was. At this time, there was a huge commotion from within the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Blue light was streaming out of it, as though the entire interior of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence had become an ocean. Winds were howling, thunder and lightning boomed, and fire rose from within! All kinds of chaotic forces were clashing within, and it boomed and crashed with power. Evidently, Luo Pin had started the process of banishing the Heaven's Wrath.

This would probably take quite some time.

Wu Yu mumbled, "If I have to be here for two years, and there isn't even spiritual qi, then it's truly a far cry from Yan Huang Ancient Well. It's not even comparable to the Heavenly Sword Sect's environment. To cultivate here, I will have to solely depend on Inner Sea Essence Pills. But I don't have too many Inner Sea Essence Pills on hand...."

He frowned and thought about it. Beishan Mo would be in the Reincarnation Realm for three years, and he was originally slated to have an equivalent opportunity. But he had entered this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence from the Yan Huang Ancient Well and would have to spend more than two years here. The environment of Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was as bad as it got, which meant that he had been dealt a punishing disadvantage in the rat race against Beishan Mo.

It was as if his opponent was using the Art of Sword Flight, while he was stuck wading through the swamp of this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Even if he worked harder, the result would be significantly different....

This sort of disadvantage made Wu Yu rather dispirited, and yet it could not break him.

"Since my childhood, I have always had the shorter end of the stick. And still I have chased my way to this elite group of people. Do I still care that I'm in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?"

Exactly because of his strong will, he was quick to get over this matter.

"Wu Yu, take out that chicken egg you got just now. For a look," Ming Long exclaimed, appearing excited.

She was speaking to Wu Yu from within his body so that no one else could hear.

"This is a chicken egg?" Wu Yu pulled the egg out and gave it a tentative rub. It was indeed pure white, but such a huge egg could not possibly be a chicken egg.

"How would I know if it's a chicken egg or not!? Just take it as it is one! Don't you find it strange? Why would an egg appear in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence? This is the place where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is sealed," Ming Long said, both agitated and curious.

Wu Yu considered this, then knocked on it and listened to the sound. Without question, this egg was live. There was something alive inside, but it was extremely weak, almost non-existent. It seemed like it might die at any time. However, the eggshell seemed quite sturdy. Wu Yu used some strength, and it seemed like he would not be able to break the shell.

"Right. How could there be such life here? Could it be some progeny of the Spirits of the Universe? But the Spirits of the Universe don't seem like the kind to propagate. Then what is it? And why would the black wolf demon be afraid of it?"

Wu Yu was puzzled now.

Ming Long said craftily, "I guess that it must be connected with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. That Heaven Devouring Evil Lord might not be dead. Perhaps, through some way, it became an egg, or it died and was reborn into a chicken egg. Either way, I'm convinced that it must be connected to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord in some way or another!" 

He had no idea why she was so worked up.

Wu Yu shook his head. "Might not be. Perhaps it has something to do with Yan Huang City Lord in the past. Or perhaps it isn't even an egg, and it was left here to suppress the Spirits of the Universe that might be born. That too is possible."

"It must be connected with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Trust me. Old mother here has eaten more rice than you have eaten sh*t!" Ming Long scowled.

"It's you that's eaten more sh*t than I've eaten rice." Wu Yu roared with laughter.

Actually, he was very alert. After all, Ming Long's words made sense. If this egg was really connected to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, then how should he deal with it? Should he directly smash it?

"Tell me, how do you think I should deal with it?" Wu Yu asked.

Ming Long cackled, then said mysteriously, "Firstly, let us presume it has a link with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Perhaps it is the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord's hope of rebirth, or some such. In any case, it's not normal, right? It could be a Spirit of the Universe that is as horrifying as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord? That's the key. More crucially, this is a complete body. I have an immortality art that  - when you reach the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm - will allow your primordial spirit to divide into two! Place your second primordial spirit in this template and integrate it as part of your body. If all goes as I imagine, then you might even have a Spirit of the Universe avatar as powerful as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord in the future. I dare say that it will do you as much good as receiving the Ruyi Jingu Bang...."

This sounded too mystical, and Wu Yu did not get it.

"In a nutshell, I can give you an even more terrifying doppelganger. It will be your body, but it can be as powerful as the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord! Of course, that's if this egg is as powerful as I guess it is," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu stared at the egg, considering it for a long time.

He could not ascertain what it was, so this was a conundrum indeed.

If he brought it out of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, would it lead to a series of terrifying events and bring chaos upon the people?

Was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord actually dead, or...?

This egg - was it simple or complicated? Was it connected with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord?

"Alright, don't think too much about it. Just keep it with you. You'll be here at least two years. See how it goes. This egg has definitely been around for a very long time, and clearly will not change that easily. You're still far from the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm as well, and there's no use trying to cross that bridge before you've reached it."


After all, this was still the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, so Wu Yu simply put it in his Sumeru Pouch. It would be no problem to carry it for two years and then ponder on whether he should bring it out with him.

"I'm truly too far from the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm. However, I have enough spare pills to reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm."

Right now, after two more near-death experiences, Wu Yu had gained insight on even more of his past walls. In terms of enlightenment, he was more or less at a limit, and his Jindan was full as well. Now that things had finally settled down, he could finally focus on charging to an even higher cultivation level.

Once, he had charged his way from the Qi Condensation Realm to the Jindan Dao Realm.

Now he was breaking through from the Jindan Dao Realm to the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

This was a realm shift; a metamorphic change in his life essence. It was progress of life itself. Such a breakthrough was more significant than any other breakthrough.

In terms of lifespan, he would add 100 years!

Wu Yu had defeated many Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators before, and now it was his first time reaching the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea level. To actually rush to this level, one needed tremendous perseverance! Because the prerequisite of reaching the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm was to shatter one's Jindan!

Basically, one would directly shatter all the insights that one had gained in the Jindan Dao Realm and then reconstruct them to form the Violet Kingdom on the chest meridian!

Historically, many martial cultivators had failed at this stage. Once the lessons of the Jindan Dao Realm were completely spent, one might even lose their life.

Therefore, even with sufficient enlightenment, one needed to enter a trance at this stage, to focus one's will and to overcome and reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm through sheer perseverance and intellect!

As Wu Yu sat in the lotus position, he calmed his spirit and prepared himself for the rush.

At this time, he had to use the Great Way of Immortality Art.

Wu Yu's method of cultivation, from Qi Condensation to Jindan, and then to Violet Kingdom, had always been the Great Way of Immortality Art. Different immortality arts were actually the foundation of one's cultivation. The Great Way of Immortality Art seemed like it was useless at times, but was actually constantly and closely tied to Wu Yu's Jindan. For example, his supernatural Jindan quality had appeared thanks to the Great Way of Immortality Art.

Within the Great Way of Immortality Art, there was an art to shatter one's Jindan. It was known as the Immortal Breaking Art, with “breaking” as the key here. Of course, it was both fierce and savage. There was no turning back on this one-way journey.

And the way to condense the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea was called Casting the Immortal Palace!

Immortal Breaking Art, Casting the Immortal Palace! Succeed in building the Violet Kingdom, and rule the world!

With the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, one's spiritual power was like the sea! This was the true mastery of spiritual power!

First, the Immortal Breaking Art!

"I spent long, hard years of cultivation completing my Jindan! Today, I will destroy it all and descend into chaos. From which, the Violet Kingdom will emerge. I will open the mini-world of the Violet Kingdom and make my meridians as rich as the sea! Violet Kingdom primordial energy, Violet Kingdom primordial fire, endless and boundless, praise be! An immortal amongst morals, and soaring cultivation!"

To build one's Violet Kingdom, first - smash the Jindan!

Immortal Breaking Art. Gather one's Jindan essence and form a very sharp golden spike on top of the Jindan. Intangibly, Wu Yu felt the spike form in the shape of the Ruyi Jingu Bang, floating above his Jindan.

A loud cry.

In that instant, there was no turning back. He thrusted the Ruyi Jingu Bang directly at his Jindan!

The great dao would rise from the debris!

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