Chapter 0446: Precursor Dragon Scale

Wu Yu dodged and rushed into the main palace hall.

The black wolf demon growled and paced outside. It did not dare to enter the back palace hall. It also seemed to be afraid of entering the main palace hall. Hence, after Wu Yu entered the main palace hall, he was likely safe.

Of course, if Spirits of the universe appeared in the main palace hall, then you could only say that Wu Yu and Luo Pin's luck was really bad. 

After entering the main palace hall, he recalled that this was the place that the immortals had fought and sealed the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, so he was nervous. It was even darker in here than the front palace hall. There was a dead silence. An ancient, rotting smell hung in the air. It was nauseating.

Perhaps it was a psychological effect, but he even felt someone staring at him. He thought of the possibility that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was still alive. This just sent more chills down his spine.

"Don't think too much. That Heaven Devouring Evil Lord is long dead. If he was not dead, you would’ve been dead the moment you stepped in. Of course, you would not be able to come in either." Ming Long was not nervous. She looked around curiously.

"You're right!"

The most important thing now was to look for Luo Pin's Precursor Dragon Scale!

Wu Yu's eyes became fiery. Even his whole body was producing flames. They were fierce and strong. Instantly, blazing fire lit up the whole huge main palace hall. He created a giant golden ball of flame and raised it to the sky. It was like daytime in an instant. Everything in the big, empty hall appeared clearly before Wu Yu's eyes. 

The most eye-catching was a highly complicated spirit design beneath his feet. Even the surrounding walls and ceilings - practically every surface had many spirit designs drawn on it. There was no bare place in the whole of this main palace hall. This was no doubt a spirit design of immortals. Its precision, its grandeur had surpassed all the spirit designs that Wu Yu had seen by multitudes. 

Too complicated, too mysterious!

It was a pity that the spirit design had lost effect. It was now just an empty shell.

Looking out, there was indeed no sign of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord at all.

You could imagine that the ultimate evil should had died and that his dao should have disappeared under the corrosion of hundreds of thousands of years. He should have turned into dust and smoke.

Even the things he had left behind could not withstand time and had all become dust on the floor.

If anything could be left behind, that would probably be that important treasure of the mystical dragons” the item called the Precursor Dragon Scale.

Wu Yu and his remaining doppelgangers quickly searched the dusty area. It was not a difficult search. Within a short time, Wu Yu saw a palm-sized black dragon scale beneath his feet. That dragon scale was very ancient and worn out. It was like a normal piece of iron. The problem was that after more than 600,000 years, even the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had disappeared, but this object remained. This meant that it was definitely the Precursor Dragon Scale that Luo Pin was searching for! 

He had succeeded!

Wu Yu was extremely excited!

Next, even if the big door of this main palace hall could not be opened from inside, he could throw the Precursor Dragon Scale out to Luo Pin from that gap.

"Qin Fuyao!"

Wu Yu roared. He placed the white egg into his Sumeru Pouch. He held the Precursor Dragon Scale in one hand and rode his sword. He was unsure of Luo Pin's situation and was naturally very anxious. He rushed to the central position of that big bronze door. In front of him was a giant gate!

Through the gap of the door, Wu Yu was glad to realize that there was still movement outside.

At least Luo Pin was still alive. As long as she was alive, anything was possible!

At this moment, he used the Violent Art to make himself stronger. All his muscles bulked up. He also used the Immortal Ape Transformation. He put all his strength onto that gate.


He shouted, his voice reverberating.

With another loud boom, the big bronze door vibrated!

At this moment, Qin Fuyao was still playing with Luo Pin. Now Luo Pin had been forced into a corner. She was covered in light blue, but now that glow was very dim and was shivering violently. Within that glow, Luo Pin was deathly pale and her eyes were dim. At this moment, it was probably not Qin Fuyao, but the power of the Heaven's Wrath within her that had broken through all her defenses!

"Looks like Wu Yu treats you well. It's a pity he's too stupid. Now there's no sound from the back. He's probably dead. His blood and flesh have probably been eaten by that wolf demon. This is all your fault. Who asked you to bring him here?

"Bitch, you really are quite pretty. A mystical dragon upon birth - a noble start. That's really enviable. It's a pity - even though you're a mystical dragon, you are still in my mercy in the end. In the end, you are still slayed by me. The Enslaved Dragon Lord once said that he slayed a mystical dragon. But today it is me who will truly slay a mystical dragon. I want to take your dragon eyes, dragon fangs, and dragon tendons to show them!"

Qin Fuyao chattered nonstop. She smiled as she waved her two fans. The fiery red fans whipped up explosive wind. The whole courtyard was drowned in her windstorm. The sharp windstorm covered the whole place and roared continuously. It attacked Luo Pin, and at this moment, most of the attacks had broken through the Damask of the Sea's Heart and left fresh cuts on Luo Pin. 

"You're bleeding. You look so pitiful." Qin Fuyao snorted.

She was a great beauty. Now her expression was especially sinister and looked a bit ugly. 

Luo Pin looked at her calmly and said, "Why train in the righteous path when you are so evil and sly? The path of the ghostly cultivators will probably suit you better."

Qin Fuyao was stunned. She looked at Luo Pin in surprise, then she laughed and said, "You are no doubt a mystical dragon. You really see through so many things. You can even guess this. But I really have trained in the righteous path. What can you do to me?"

She increased her attacks and coldly said, "Forget it. Wu Yu is dead, I'm not going to waste time with you."

After she said this, cyclones rolled out, forming hundreds of thousands of blades that rushed towards Luo Pin. Luo Pin was about to be drowned in them!

Luo Pin frowned. She could confirm that this wave of attacks would entirely destroy her last layer of defense.

Should she give up?

While she knew that her death was only a matter of time thanks to the Heaven's Wrath, she could not accept that she would be killed by Qin Fuyao now.

She could not help but look at Wu Yu's direction.

"Did he hold on to the last minute and never give up?"

The biggest regret she had was to let Wu Yu risk his life for her. She was uncomfortable losing her life here because of Qin Fuyao, but no matter what, she could not forget that cheery boy who had appeared so suddenly.



At this moment, the big bronze door from the main palace hall suddenly vibrated, and in that vibration, a gap appeared. From that gap, a golden silhouette shot out. In an instant, the windstorm was torn apart and he attacked Qin Fuyao!

It was Wu Yu, who had undergone his Immortal Ape Transformation. He was holding the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and had used the Violent Art. And the effects of Violent Art had not subsided yet!

His sudden appearance was fierce like the devil, and he appeared before Qin Fuyao in an instant. Qin Fuyao was so shocked that she had no time to react, and he slammed his staff down!

Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design, activate!

Golden light shone on the heavens and earth and instantly suppressed the windstorm. In the blink of an eye, Qin Fuyao was totally suppressed!

She had, of course, seen who it was!

At this moment, she was flustered and very anxious. She turned her countless wind blades and blocked Wu Yu's raging path.

She was still a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator!

At this moment, she would definitely fail to block Wu Yu. Wu Yu's furious attack had already locked onto her. When the staff landed, even though she had managed to block it with her fan at the last minute, she was still hit in the shoulder by Wu Yu!

Instantly, half of Qin Fuyao's shoulder shattered, blood splattered, and she screamed in pain. She fell to the ground hard. Blood was everywhere!

She let out an ear-piercing painful scream!

When she was injured by Wu Yu, the windstorm surrounding them immediately disappeared. Luo Pin was safe but not entirely safe, because she was on her last breath now. When she saw Wu Yu, her eyes had already darkened and dimmed. It was like she had sighed in relief and could not hold on anymore.

To her, seeing Wu Yu rushing out of that place without injuries was already like a dream.

At this moment, she would also never forget that angry, anxious youth. After all, this moment was too miraculous. She had not expected Wu Yu to survive the black wolf demon's attacks, let alone come out…

And Luo Pin could see with one look that he had found the thing she needed the most!

The Precursor Dragon Scale!

When she saw the Precursor Dragon Scale, Luo Pin could not hold back a smile. She knew that she finally had hope. Even though this hope was not fought for by herself.

Wu Yu did not say anything and nodded. He passed the Precursor Dragon Scale to her. Luo Pin also moved fast. She pasted that black dragon scale onto the side of her neck just before she was about to be totally destroyed. The Precursor Dragon Scale instantly sunk in and seemed to become part of her body.

He could see that the direction of this Precursor Dragon Scale was the opposite of the surrounding white dragon scales that were surfacing now. Wu Yu had heard of this existence. It was known as the Reverse Scale.

Wu Yu had given her this reverse scale.

At this moment, no one could stop Luo Pin's rebirth.

"Wu Yu, retrieve the key first. I need some time," Luo Pin said lightly, sitting in the lotus position on the floor.

Wu Yu no longer needed to worry about her. He had finally accomplished the mission. Wu Yu heaved a sigh of relief. This Heaven Devouring Evil Residence adventure had improved the relationship between himself and Luo Pin...

Although he had been pushed to the brink of death a couple of times, he had survived. So he had no regrets.

At this moment, he landed on the ground and coldly looked at Qin Fuyao, who was lying on the floor.

Suddenly, he saw Qin Fuyao's eyes turn white. They were like two whirlpools, but they disappeared quickly.

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