Chapter 0445: Soul Shocking Object

Wu Yu's head was now filled with Qin Fuyao's proud, gleeful laughter. She had pulled a fast one on him, and now he was in this perilous situation. No matter how beautiful that woman was, he was now filled with murderous intent for her!

Now Luo Pin was in grave danger!

But he was in an even more perilous situation! Because he was facing this Spirit of the Universe who could very possibly be much stronger than those few thousand Green Glows from before.

It was a black wolf demon. When it saw Wu Yu, it roared and pounced on him. Its speed was not slower than the Green Glows' attacks. Luckily, Wu Yu directly split into 100 doppelgangers and spread out as much as he could. Hence, the Spirit of the Universe was unable to find him immediately.

In that life and death instant, even if he was just fighting the Green Glows, Wu Yu could not help but use all his strength!

"Fixed Body Art!"

Previously, this was useful against the Green Glows. Hence, the first thing Wu Yu thought of was the fixed body art.

But the fixed body art had its shortcomings. It was actually unsuccessful the first time he used it. In that instant, the Spirit of the Universe had already caught up to a few of Wu Yu's doppelgangers. It broke through his defense directly, crushing and tearing Wu Yu's doppelgangers into pieces like a roller! 

Qin Fuyao's proud laughter came from outside. That woman was really disgusting!

"Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique!"

Wu Yu's real body and doppelgangers were together. They faced the black wolf demon and attacked almost at the same time. A furious flurry of punches was thrown out. Each doppelganger's punch formed a shadow of the punch. That punch shadow then formed into a large torrent. It was transparent and had no shape. It was invisible to the eye. Then it transformed and gathered into a huge beast. They hit the black wolf demon one after another! 


That black wolf demon howled in pain. That howl reverberated through the whole Heaven Devouring Evil Residence!

But actually, it was practically impossible to kill it. Even at this moment, it was just slightly delayed. In the next instant, it continued to chase Wu Yu.

The black wolf demon could not identify Wu Yu's real body. However, it did not seem to care, because it killed each one on sight. Soon, over 30 doppelgangers were slaughtered!

The black wolf demon killed Wu Yu's doppelgangers like it was chopping melons and cutting vegetables.

While Wu Yu was being chased to death, he knew clearly that Luo Pin was on her last breath outside, being tormented by Heaven's Wrath. She was also being forced into a desperate state by Qin Fuyao. Obviously, they did not have much time left.

Wu Yu only knew that all hope was relying on whether the main palace hall's back door was open or not.

He rushed forward with his life and used the fastest speed he could. With such speed, even if the courtyard was huge, he could cross it quickly. Of course, the black wolf demon was even faster. When Wu Yu was between the main palace hall and the back palace hall, over 50 of his doppelgangers had also been expended.

The remaining could only help to stall for time. Their attacks were like tickles to this Spirit of the Universe.

Wu Yu looked forward nervously!

The back door of the main palace hall was closed, but he could not confirm if the gate was closed. Hence, he needed to push it to know! 

Of course, he knew that, and he rushed in at the first instant!

Perhaps the Spirit of the Universe had discovered Wu Yu's goal and suddenly gave up on attacking Wu Yu's doppelgangers. It instantly rushed to the back door of the main palace hall and totally cut off Wu Yu's route.

After blocking the way, it actually looked at Wu Yu's real body like a hunter looking at its prey. Obviously, the movements of Wu Yu's real body had raised its suspicions. 

Wu Yu's heart was thumping hard. He quickly used his doppelgangers to surround his real body, to hide himself. His opponent was blocking his way, so he could only retreat while observing his surroundings and searching for another way out.

Looking back, the back palace hall was behind him. The back palace hall was quite small but very run down. It could not compare to the front palace hall or the main palace hall. One of Wu Yu's doppelgangers saw that the door of the back palace hall was actually different from that of the front and main palace halls because it was wide open.

Outside that door, one could practically see everything in the back palace hall.

It was similarly empty inside.

Now that this black wolf demon was blocking the main palace hall's back door, Wu Yu could only move further away temporarily. Actually, he had already realized that he did not have many chances left. 

He sent out a doppelganger to rush into the back palace hall. He wanted to see if the back palace hall had any places to hide. Of course, he was just struggling before death. The back palace hall was unlikely to protect him. After all, this Spirit of the Universe could enter it.

When the doppelganger entered the back palace hall, Wu Yu found out by chance that the black wolf demon's eyes seemed to have changed.

It seemed a little nervous....

How could it be nervous?

But Wu Yu clearly saw that kind of feeling. This Spirit of the Universe was actually nervous! Wu Yu believed that since it was born here, it would definitely be more familiar with the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence than him. Perhaps this had some connection to the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. How could it have nervous feelings?

And he was a little anxious.

At this instant, it growled and actually rushed towards this direction.

Wu Yu was still in a grave situation, so he had no time for hesitation. He used a portion of his doppelgangers to block in front of him. They used the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique while he tried his best to run towards the back palace hall. In an instant, almost all the doppelgangers were torn apart by the Spirit of the Universe. But Wu Yu had already successfully entered the back palace hall. 

The instant he entered the back palace hall, the black wolf demon was very close to him!

It was so close, but it suddenly retreated hastily and actually dared not to enter the back palace hall!

It was because of this change that Wu Yu miraculously did not lose his life. When he crawled up from the floor, he was already covered in cold sweat. Another brush with death. This road of dao training was really dangerous!

Of course, every time he experienced such moments, he would be more enlightened!

He was not sure of the situation outside. He could not see if Luo Pin had been killed. He could only barely hear some sounds!

In front of him was the black wolf demon. At this moment, it was pacing in circles anxiously before the back palace hall. It glared at Wu Yu but did not dare to move forward.

"There must be something that scares him in this back palace hall! Regardless of whether it is a stronger Spirit of the Universe or other things, I'll fight with my life!"

Wu Yu suddenly stood up. His doppelgangers were almost all depleted. They turned back into golden hair and returned to his body. He had no more moves left to fight this black wolf demon.

To be honest, since it was wary of this place, then it was highly possible that there was something stronger than Spirit of the Universe here!

But it could also be other things that it feared.

Hence ,Wu Yu quickly stood up. Time was tight. He relied on the few remaining doppelgangers. They moved separately. There were many small rooms within this back palace hall.

"Let's head this way." In such a life and death situation, Ming Long dared not to joke around. She appeared before Wu Yu's eyes and gave Wu Yu a direction. Obviously, she seemed to have discovered something.

After walking past many small rooms, Wu Yu entered one of them. This small room was practically sealed and was very dark inside. Wu Yu could see with one look that there was an egg on top of one of the altars!

There was no mistake. It was about the size of an ostrich egg and covered in dust. But it looked like it should be white in color!

When he saw this egg, ringing alarms went off in Wu Yu's head.

He recalled what Huang Yanwu had said. Wu Yu thought it was just a dream. He did not expect it to be true! Under the Yan Huang Ancient city, there was really such an egg!

That was unbelievable!

Wu Yu's heart was a mess. He could not understand what this was. At this moment, even his fingers were trembling. Ming Long reminded him, "Don't think too much. That black wolf demon might be afraid of this. Quickly, take it, perhaps you can use it to reach the main palace hall!"


Wu Yu agreed loudly. He knew that Luo Pin could not wait any longer. He quickly rushed up and hugged the white egg. To be honest, when he touched that egg, Wu Yu really felt a chill run down his spine. When his palms were on it, it felt like a whirlpool that was about to swallow him.

But it did not happen. That was just a feeling. If he felt it carefully, the egg actually seemed normal.

But it had appeared in the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, so it was definitely not normal! Wu Yu could not care too much. He carried the egg and rushed to the entrance of the back palace hall. At this moment, the black wolf demon was anxiously going in circles and occasionally roared crazily. However, when it saw Wu Yu carrying the egg out, it was instantly scared and hid its tail between its legs. It immediately ran away. While it did not run far, it definitely opened up a path for Wu Yu.

A path to the main palace hall!

"Let's go!"

Wu Yu rushed out!

There was no time to hesitate.

He wanted to gamble. He was gambling on the main palace hall's back door being closed. If it was closed, then even with his egg, he and Luo Pin would be dead. If he could not leave the back palace hall, then Qin Fuyao would obviously kill Luo Pin, take her things, and then exit this place!

Obviously, it was Qin Fuyao suppressing Luo Pin, and Luo Pin could only barely defend herself. If not, even if there was just a slim chance of counter attacking, Luo Pin would probably rush in through that gap to help Wu Yu. But Qin Fuyao wanted her things, so she would seal that gap first.

Now the black wolf demon was hissing irritably at the side. However, it did not approach or attack Wu Yu. Wu Yu hugged the egg and immediately rushed towards the main palace hall's back door. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before it. The black wolf demon roared at him from behind but still did not move forward. Wu Yu was less worried now. He held the egg in one arm and stretched out the other. Golden veins popped up on that arm. Wu Yu roared and pushed hard. Success or failure was in this moment! 

"Luo Pin, you have to hold on!"

All answers would be revealed at this moment. Wu Yu gathered his strength, roared, and pushed fiercely. Even though this main palace hall's back door was huge, it whined at this instant!

Bang, bang, bang!

It was unbelievable that he had actually managed to push open the main palace hall's back door....

The place where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been sealed by the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation....

With a loud bang, a passageway big enough for Wu Yu to pass through had appeared. This long, sealed place led him back to the world. 

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