Chapter 0444: Insatiable Greed

Qin Fuyao was blocking the gap in the wall. She obviously did not want Luo Pin to go through that gap.

Her goal was to separate Wu Yu and Luo Pin.

While she was hiding behind the two of them, she had thought of this plan when she heard of the effect of the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation.

After she had pushed Wu Yu in, her side faced Wu Yu, while her dark gaze was locked onto Luo Pin. There was hatred and jealousy within her gaze, especially when she saw that blue Damask of the Sea's Heart on her neck.

Faced with Wu Yu's questions, Qin Fuyao batted her eyelashes at him and said, "What indeed do I want to do? Isn't it obvious? Wu Yu, listen up, give me the key and I won’t send her to heaven. Be quick, I'm not that patient." 

After entering the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, she could only rely on that key to leave. If she had the key, she would have the upper hand.

That key was on Wu Yu, and this spirit design was only a spirit-locking formation. It locked spirits and not other things. Hence, Wu Yu could still throw the key out to her.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin both frowned!

The most depressing part was that the two of them had been totally unaware that she had followed them.

Luo Pin was now at the crossroads of life and death. It was indeed effective for her to use Luo Pin's life as a threat.

Wu Yu was angered by her.

But behind him was that black wolf demon. He was in a dangerous situation. He quickly said, "We did not know that you came in as well. Why did you need to hide yourself? We can leave together after we have retrieved what we came here for. Why do you need to use such a ploy to snatch the key?"

This was the part that he could not understand.

Qin Fuyao stared at Luo Pin and laughed coldly. She said, "Who wants to leave with both of you? Besides, now that I know the identity of the mystical dragon, she definitely wants to kill me."

Unexpectedly, Luo Pin said, "You think too much. If I can recover, why would I bother with a nobody like you?"

Qin Fuyao giggled and said, "Aiyoh, you are really fierce. You are the honorable immortal beast mystical dragon, but you better think about your current situation. I heard you were dying? You guys better stop asking and give me the key. Otherwise, I will have to hasten her return to heaven."

She was someone of her word.

She raised her hands and the wind flowed violently, forming many cyclones. These cyclones hid sharp wind blades. They were like immortal treasure knives and swords. Sharp howls sounded!


Qin Fuyao did not say more and made her move. Instantly, violent winds rushed towards Luo Pin, sealing her within the tempest, then she launched a flurry of attacks. 

Ting, ting, ting!

Sharp sounds were released continuously.

Luo Pin originally had difficulty standing and needed Wu Yu to carry her. Now she was instantly drowned when she suffered such an attack from Qin Fuyao. Luckily, Wu Yu had given her the Damask of the Sea's Heart, so she could barely block those wind blades. However, they still formed strong blows, and while she was not immediately killed, she could not hold on for long against these attacks!

"Qin Fuyao!" Wu Yu's eyes were bloodshot. The saying was true, you could know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature. He had never expected Qin Fuyao to be such a person. He remembered when they first met. She often teased him and took care of him.

Qin Fuyao giggled and said, "I'll stop when you throw the key out to me. I don't know how long she can hold on. This majestic fierce dragon’s head could be chopped off by me any second." 

When she was speaking, she continued to use the Heaven Earth Void technique to form more wind blades. There were over 100,000 of them. These fierce blades covered the sky and attacked Luo Pin!

He watched as the glow of the Damask of the Sea's Heart on Luo Pin wavered and dimmed. And Qin Fuyao was definitely a cruel person. Perhaps it was as she had said, Luo Pin could have her head removed any second.

Wu Yu was furious and bellowed, "Qin Fuyao! I'll bring you out later and will not harm you at all! Why do you need to do this? Stop now. If not, I'll make you pay the price when I leave this place!" At this moment, he really wanted to slap her. But even upon hearing his words, Qin Fuyao was not afraid at all and giggled. "Wu Yu, you really know how to scare little damsels like me. But you better think clearly. Who is the one begging now? You better act fast. If not, when this beautiful immortal beast mystical dragon dies, won't you be crying in there for your whole life?"

She had already proved her ruthlessness to Wu Yu.

As for the key, there did not seem to be any room left for discussion.

He saw that Luo Pin was almost drowned by those violent wind blades. Whether she lived or died was to be decided in this instant. Wu Yu already had no way of turning the situation around. Any hesitation could instantly cause Luo Pin's death. He could only throw the key out. 

When that key was thrown out, it flew directly towards Qin Fuyao. Wu Yu had used some strength so that Qin Fuyao had to stop attacking and use all her strength to catch that key.

Finally, the attacks against Luo Pin stopped.

After Qin Fuyao caught the key, she could not hold back her laughter. She looked at Wu Yu and laughed coyly. She said, "A hero saving a beauty, that is really touching. It's a pity I hate such scenarios. After all, I'm not the one being saved."

She looked like she was still not going to let them go. Wu Yu's eyes were like fire and burned within him. He said, "Do not push me too far. If you continue to obstruct us, you will not gain anything. In other words, if you cross the line today, as long as I'm not dead, there'll be a time where I'll make you regret your decision today!"

Under that invasive gaze, Qin Fuyao sniggered. At this moment, Luo Pin had just recovered slightly from the attack. She stared at Qin Fuyao and calmly said, "Wu Yu, she wants more than you imagine. You should not have given her the key. Don't bother with me. Look at the main palace hall's back door and check if it’s open first. Try to retrieve my Precursor Dragon Scale."

Perhaps it was because she was a woman that she could understand Qin Fuyao more.

Indeed, after hearing what Luo Pin had said, Qin Fuyao smiled and said, "You're right. How can the honorable mystical dragon fight with me over this dao treasure? Throw that thing around your neck to me. Perhaps I may let you live."

She even wanted the Damask of the Sea's Heart.

Perhaps the Damask of the Sea's Heart was her true goal! At the underground palace, Wu Yu knew that she could not forget the Damask of the Sea's Heart. It was also from then that she had formed such strong animosity against the two of them. She took the chance to follow them, and now had she found the opportunity. That key was crucial to her exit, but the Damask of the Sea's Heart was the item she truly wanted!

Luo Pin seemed to have predicted that early and said, "Wu Yu, her greed is more insatiable than you can imagine. The Damask of the Sea's Heart is just one of the things she wants. She has learned of my identity, so she most likely wants everything I have, not only the Damask of the Sea's Heart. She wants to take the key away first to lock both of us here forever."

After Qin Fuyao heard her words, she laughed heartily. She laughed until she doubled over. She laughed as she said, "The immortal beast is smart. She seems to know me very well. To be honest, if I don't take this opportunity to slay a dragon, I'll regret it in future. You were actually very strong in the past. How can you not have any good treasures on you?"

She really had an insatiable greed.

Even though Wu Yu had given her the key, she still wanted to use this chance to kill them.

It was useless to say anything more. Qin Fuyao was actually such a person, and she had hidden herself very deeply. Wu Yu could only feel that this was unbelievable.

But the truth was laid out before his eyes!

"Wu Yu, you only have one chance. Move, I can still hold on here. I, Luo Pin, will not die in the hands of a mere first tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea martial cultivator!"

Luo Pin declared.

Wu Yu understood. He indeed was going to try to convince Qin Fuyao, but that would only waste time. While he was worried about Luo Pin, he had no other way. He could only see how long she could hold on for!


He took one last look at Qin Fuyao. He believed that Qin Fuyao would understand his angry, agitated glare. She had totally angered Wu Yu.

Wu Yu suddenly turned back. He was now at a corner of the courtyard. He had go to the back of the main palace hall before he could see if that door was really shut.

Life and death was to be decided here.


He quickly flew past the black wolf demon and flew towards the middle of the courtyard. And on the outside, Qin Fuyao was probably attacking with all she had. She was probably even using her immortal treasure. She not only wanted everything on Luo Pin, she also wanted to slay a dragon! This was her true motive for risking so much today!

He had to do everything quickly!

Suddenly, a chill went down his spine.

Just as he was about to move forward, Wu Yu suddenly looked back and saw that the black wolf demon had stood up. His four legs were on the ground and his back was arched. He stretched and opened a pair of bright green eyes. When those eyes opened, they immediately saw Wu Yu and locked on to him. Then, at the next instant, it displayed a furious expression. It roared and rushed towards Wu Yu!

Hearing this roar, Qin Fuyao could not hold back her laughter. She said coyly: "Aiya, such a pity. You are not dead yet, but your little boyfriend is going to die soon. That black wolf demon should be stronger than the Green Glows, no?"

Within the glow of the Damask of the Sea's Heart, Luo Pin frowned. She naturally did not want Wu Yu to die for her. She knew he was fighting and could imagine how he looked now. Her heart, which had not been moved for many years, was filled with emotions now. Tears even filled her eyes. She was a mystical dragon, but now she had sunk to a point where she was forced into such a situation by a measly Violet Kingdom cultivator. She was frustrated, but her biggest enemy now was not Qin Fuyao, but the power of Heaven's Wrath within her!

"Wu Yu..."

Luo Pin suddenly felt that if he was trying his best, she had no reason to give up. She would not allow Qin Fuyao to kill her, no matter what.

Just as she expected, Wu Yu was definitely no match for that black wolf demon. The black wolf demon could create great cyclones just by breathing.

When he saw this wolf demon, his first reaction was to use his Unshackled Doppelganger. Instantly, he created 100 doppelgangers and hid his real body. Then they all spread out and ran away in all directions!

The situation was desperate!

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