Chapter 0443: Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation

Wu Yu could not compare to Luo Pin on the topic of understanding of spirit designs. Hence, until now, he did not detect any movement from the spirit design.

Until now, he still could not see the Strike and Obstruct Spirit Design in the sky above his head. This was probably not put in place by the immortals. It was probably added later on by the guardians in Yan Huang Imperial City. 

But Wu Yu could see very clearly that live, black wolf demon!

That black wolf demon was lying on the floor. Its eyes were tightly shut and it barely moved. It looked dead, but upon closer inspection, he could see that the fur on the wolf was still moving slightly. At the same time, when he stood in front of this black wolf demon, he felt chills down his spine.

He was alive!

But Wu Yu felt that this was impossible. How could demons appear here? Or was he imprisoned here? If there were no surprises, the spirit design that Luo Pin had mentioned might be used to block this black wolf demon. 

Luo Pin signalled to him to keep quiet so as not to wake the black wolf demon up. However, thinking carefully, Wu Yu had just caused a ruckus, yet it was not awakened. This black wolf demon would probably not be easily roused.

Or perhaps he could not hear anything from this side.

"How can there be demons here?" While demons lived for a longer time, the question was how had the demon entered this place?

Luo Pin shook her head and said, "That is not a demon. It is also a Spirit of the Universe born of the heavens and earth. It just looks like a demon. Actually, some Spirits of the Universe are born in human form. This is normal. But their natures are very different from those of demons."

That explained it.

It was actually a Spirit of the Universe.

"Then maybe one of the previous guardians in Yan Huang Imperial City knew that many Spirits of the Universe were born here and set up this spirit design to strike and block these spirits?" Wu Yu could only guess.

Indeed, the chance of Spirits of the Universe being born in this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was quite high. Having birthed two types of Spirits of the Universe within the same place could only mean that this place was unique.

Perhaps it was because of the existence of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"I think that's why." Luo Pin concentrated on the spirit design in front of her. She was more clear-headed now and observed for about 15 minutes. She also tested it a few time and then made her conclusion.

"I think this is the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. It only seals spirits and is a one-sided seal. To put simply, we can go through this spirit design to enter, but after we enter, we cannot come out! If there is no other way to come out, we may be trapped inside.

"There is a gap in this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. It was probably left behind after the big battle from a long time ago. For the Yan Huang City Lords to seal it this way, it should be that in the process of their guardianship, Spirits of the Universe appeared in the back palace hall as well. Hence, they have directly sealed this place. If the Spirits of the Universe cannot come out, then they will naturally die inside."

"Then why make it single-sided and not a two-sided seal?" Wu Yu asked. 

Luo Pin shook her head and said, "That I don't know. Perhaps the person setting up the spirit designs had limited knowledge, or perhaps there were other reasons. But obviously, you cannot go in. There are not only Spirits of the Universe inside, but the possibility of being trapped by the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. If the back door of the main palace hall is shut, then we’ll die inside as well."

A Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation had weirdly appeared in such a place. This made Wu Yu feel dejected.

The most depressing part was that there were Spirits of the Universe inside as well.

This no doubt extinguished Wu Yu's flame of hope.

This was such a depressing situation!

Wu Yu looked a little annoyed and said, "Let's still go in. At least there is some hope. If we don't go in, then we have no hope at all."

Luo Pin became serious and said, "You can't do that. I'll not let you risk your life for me. If we have to go in, I'll enter alone."

"I already risked my life at the front palace hall. Will I be bothered about risking it again?" If he had to watch Luo Pin disintegrate and disappear, even just as a friend, he could not simply sit around and do nothing.

But Luo Pin was even more determined and said, "You can't do that this time. If we have to enter and risk our lives, then I'll go in personally. If that Spirit of the Universe is using sleep to increase its lifespan, I may not awaken him when I enter. If at that point the main palace hall's back door is open, then I can succeed by going through it. If it is shut, then there’s no other way. I can only say that it's fate that I die!"

Based on her personality, when she made such a decision, she would not change it.

She would not allow Wu Yu to risk his life for her so many times.

Wu Yu thought about it and replied, "Then let's go in together. We can take care of each other."

"No! If I fail, you must leave here immediately and stop risking your life," Luo Pin said harshly. But when she looked into Wu Yu's eyes, she was a little tearful. Perhaps Wu Yu's persistence had moved her.

It was precisely why she could not let the young Wu Yu gamble his life for her.

"Wu Yu, thank you. I can only say that it is my fortune to be able to meet a true friend like you at such a low moment of my life." Luo Pin's gaze was as gentle as water.

He took a deep breath. It seemed like he could not stop Luo Pin from risking her life…

After Luo Pin made her decision, Wu Yu put her on the ground. She could barely stand up. She leaned against the wall and prepared to go through this Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation.

Wu Yu bit his lip and said, "Is there anything else that I can help you with? Don't hold back, just let me know."

Luo Pin turned back and shook her head. Then she hesitated and said,"Perhaps the Damask of the Sea's Heart can protect me for a while. It is a dao treasure that focuses more on defense. I don't have any with me at the moment. Of course, I can only barely depend on a dao treasure...."

Hearing her words, Wu Yu did not hesitate. He walked up to Luo Pin and wrapped that Damask of the Sea's Heart around her neck. Her white skin matched well with this aqua blue silk scarf. It added to her beauty and made her look even more attractive. It made him more anxious.

She knew exactly what to do. Even though she had not formed a blood bond with the Damask of the Sea's Heart, she could still release the soft glow of the treasure and wrap it around herself. She was covered in that dreamy blue hue.

"It looks quite good. If that main palace hall's back door is closed, or if that Spirit of the Universe wakes up, I'll try to throw it out and return it to you," Luo Pin muttered. Her gaze was soft. She seemed to be talking to herself. After this, she walked towards the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation.

Wu Yu was still conflicted.

At this moment, all his attention was on Luo Pin and the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. Suddenly, a fierce, strong, explosive cyclone knocked into him from the back. That strong, fierce, crazy wind had appeared so suddenly that Wu Yu could not react in time. It rushed into Wu Yu and he was instantly knocked away! 

While the crazy wind was not enough to injure him, the problem was that he was standing right in front of that Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation!

He was less than four feet away.

Luo Pin was to Wu Yu's right and was about to enter the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation.

This sudden wind directly knocked Wu Yu into that Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. When Wu Yu regained his balance, the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation seemed to already be one foot behind him.

In normal circumstances, this type of sudden crazy wind was no threat to Wu Yu at all. But at this moment, it had changed the situation.

On the other hand, Luo Pin was not knocked into the formation. She had also been pushed by that strong wind but had been pushed to the side!

This incident resulted in Wu Yu entering the back palace hall's courtyard, while Luo Pin was knocked aside. Her condition was very bad, so she directly flew out in this sudden wind attack. She fell onto the ground hard, about a few zhang away.

Luo Pin's expression changed and she quickly struggled to stand. She clearly knew that Wu Yu had gone past the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation!

This result was unacceptable for her.

A sudden change in situation.

Who was behind this?

How could there be others within the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord Residence?

Wu Yu quickly looked back. Luo Pin turned back too. They saw the sexy, seductive Qin Fuyao dressed in a black and red dress with a proud smile on her face. She landed lightly on the position that they were previously at.

"I thank you two for that detailed explanation of the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. Of course, I also thank you guys for sweeping away all the obstacles for me and letting me reach this place." Qin Fuyao laughed slyly. She looked extremely proud of herself.

She looked at Luo Pin curiously and said, "I did not expect you to have such a noble identity. You are actually a mystical dragon. That's really enviable. It's a pity you seem to be dying. Beauties do have short lives. A pity, such a pity."

Suddenly, they were in the passive situation. 

Obviously, Qin Fuyao had followed Wu Yu and Luo Pin in. Except they did not know what tricks she had used, because Wu Yu and Luo Pin had actually failed to detect her. They had even let her hide beside them for a long time, and she seemed to know all of Luo Pin's secrets!

In Wu Yu's impression, while Qin Fuyao was upset with him, she did not seem to be such a despicable person!

He could not care so much and rushed out. But as he neared the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation, the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation's effect was activated, and it was indeed terrifying. Wu Yu had only rushed up to it, but he felt like he had been smacked badly and directly flew backwards. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood! He crashed on the floor hard!

The most scary part was that after he crashed onto the floor, he was right beside that black wolf demon Spirit of the Universe..

That was close!

The Spirit of the Universe did not wake. He only turned and continued in his slumber.

It was absolutely horrifying to fall beside this huge beast. Wu Yu got up in a hurry and quickly walked to the Single-Side Spirit Lock Formation. 

"Qin Fuyao, why are you doing this? What benefits can you even obtain?" Wu Yu hated her so much. Her actions had practically pushed Wu Yu to the brink of death!

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