Chapter 0441: Precursor Dragon Scale

Luo Pin had transformed into a dragon for just a moment to unleash her Natural Mystique. The thousands of Spirits of the Universe had finally disappeared, whether dead or frozen.

In any case, the ground was now covered in ice crystals and not green light.

This encounter had been fraught with immense danger.

Wu Yu had again escaped the clutches of death. Of course, this time he had to thank Luo Pin. It was her dragon transformation which had saved him.

Turning back, all was dark around him. Within the darkness, Luo Pin's tall, slender figure was drifting down gently. Her long, white hair was glowing like a dream.

Wu Yu's body was currently healing at a ferocious rate. After being battered several times by the Green Glows, he had finally regained a modicum of health, and his vision began to clear as well.

His vision, lit by the golden flames from his eyes, landed on Luo Pin. Luo Pin's Yan Huang Immortal Armor had long been destroyed, and her body was covered in ice shards the color of water, as though she were a fairy maiden walking out of a blizzard.

Underneath the ice, one could still make out the shapes of dragon scales, currently fading away into skin.

For just an instant, Wu Yu had seen the perfect her.

However, as the ice faded, Luo Pin changed to a skirt and she landed lightly on the floor.

Since her Yan Huang Immortal Armor was gone, and she had already transformed in front of Wu Yu, then naturally there was nothing else to hide from Wu Yu.

Actually, she had not shown herself because her looks would attract too much attention while she was concealing herself in Yan Huang Imperial City. In this aspect, she had succeeded. At least before the Trial of Yan, not many had paid attention to her.

At this time, she had revealed her true form to Wu Yu. Clearly, her looks and presence would very quickly become the center of attention, which was why she was hiding it.

Wu Yu's eyes blazed. The girl before him had lustrous white hair and azure blue eyes - those were unchanged. But now, complemented with a perfectly chiseled nose, red lips, and cheeks, she was even more perfect than Wu Yu had ever imagined. When it was all combined, Wu Yu forgot about her eyes - it was the entire aura that shook him to his core! Her beauty surpassed that of any mortal!

She was an immortal beast, a dragon!

Even in human form, it was hard to comprehend. Mortal women paled in terms of figure, features, and sheer intrinsic quality. Among martial cultivators, many of the girls belonged to the finest bloodlines, and their cultivation and bloodlines, along with their own dao, created an aura about them that spoke of true quality!

Someone like Nangong Wei had come from stellar stock, and her quality was superb. After training for years in the Reincarnation Realm, her manner had become proud, and she had a quality to her that demanded respect. No one in Shushan of her age could compare.

As for Qin Fuyao, she too was an exceptional talent, and with the legacy of the Wind God Dao Beauty to boot. She was born a beauty and possessed a beautiful figure. She could be hailed as top-quality material, with no one to slight her at all.

But ultimately, they were just ordinary martial cultivators. Even during the peak of their years, they paled in comparison to Luo Pin. Because she was an immortal beast, a mystical dragon, and possessed the noble bloodline of mystical dragons! Her appearance and form exuded an intangible quality of nobility. Combined with her natural dao, she was like a goddess, whether in terms of her gaze or manner. She transcended earthly banality, and was like a deity that moved through the human world, unsullied by the grimes of the mortal world. 

She stood before Wu Yu like a queen of the sea, yet with a hint of warmth and mystery. This was her most approachable side, and the face that let one feel her warmth. When her sea-blue gaze landed on Wu Yu, he felt like he had returned back to the harbor. It was as though his entire being could not escape her eyes, and she was watching him warmly throughout. 

The long, sea-blue skirt and snow-white hair only accentuated the womanliness of Luo Pin's figure. Wu Yu thought that she was the most beautiful piece of art on Earth, that no mortal dust could be allowed to taint.

"Wu Yu...."

Her moving appearance, paired with her angelic voice and the melting gaze. For a moment, Wu Yu forgot that he was in Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Until Luo Pin landed on the floor unsteadily.

Wu Yu saw her on the verge of collapsing, and his heart was in his throat. He hurried forward, but Luo Pin managed to stay on her feet just as he was hesitating as to whether he should steady her. In truth, Wu Yu was slightly afraid of approaching her now. Or touching her. After all, he felt a little ashamed.... Although his looks were not at all bad.

On a closer look, Luo Pin looked to be in a bad state. Her face was quickly turning pale and her eyes were dimming. She looked extremely frail, and even her skin had lost some of its luster. She seemed to be about to lose her balance again. Seeing her vulnerable state, Wu Yu hesitated no more, but immediately went up to steady her. To hold such a beautiful goddess in his arms, it was impossible for him not to feel anything. But thinking of the distance between them, and that he did not have those sorts of intentions, he was able to calm down a little. At the very least, he forced himself not to think of love in the face of the dao.

"Aiyeee, got the hug! What's the next step? You little bastard, think carefully. She might be quite old. An old cow tasting a young pert blade of grass like yourself - how do you like it?" Ming Long suddenly exclaimed, giving Wu Yu a fright.

Wu Yu ignored her. He could guess that Luo Pin had been affected by Heaven's Wrath. In order to defeat the Green Glows, she had also saved Wu Yu's life and over-exerted herself, even turning into a dragon! And now, she had to be feeling the after-effects from Heaven's Wrath, and was in a perilous state!

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I am from the tribe of mystical dragons. I think you must have heard of it before." In her feeble state, Luo Pin struggled to hold his gaze, slurring a little.

Seeing her current state, Wu Yu's heart could not help but ache.

"No matter. I had already guessed that you came from a different background - I just didn't expect it to be this special. Of course I've heard of mystical dragons. I grew up in a mortal palace. To mortals, mystical dragons are symbols of faith, and I would never have dreamed to meet one in this lifetime, and to even speak with one." Wu Yu cooked something up cleverly. With that, he no longer needed to hide the fact that he knew Luo Pin was a mystical dragon.

Luo Pin gave a weak laugh, her red lips parting. "You... are a bold one. There are not many who can remain so calm after seeing my true form."

Wu Yu steadied her and looked down at her goddess-like features. She was indeed enchanting, captivating, and he had to get a grip on his feelings. He considered their current state and hurriedly asked, "Can you still head towards the main palace in your current state?"

Luo Pin frowned and considered this. "Because I have shifted to dragon form, I have expended much of my strength, and am now plagued by my previous wounds. Right now, my body is truly battered. If I rest for a while, I may be able to move without problems, but I will definitely not be able to fight. Besides, I can't hold out for much longer. Please help me so I can quickly gain the object of my tribe's legacy. Wu Yu, thank you for accompanying me here...."

"Don't say that. I have to thank you for saving my life just now as well. Don't be like that. I will carry you to the main palace."

"Mm." Luo Pin was easy about it as well, and Wu Yu put her on his back. She was indeed in a wretched state, and it was apparent that she was struggling against the intensity of the Heaven's Wrath. And as they headed towards the main palace, there might still be other dangers. That was why Wu Yu had tied her to his back. After all, she could not fight anyway.

Her slight frame was very pliant, and the contact of skin on skin made Wu Yu's heart race faster. Luo Pin's face was on his shoulder and her eyes were closed at this time, as though in a deep sleep. She must have entrusted herself fully to Wu Yu while she fought for her last thread of life.

"She is open and generous, and has no evil thoughts in her heart. I had best not think about such nonsense. I must quickly help her find the object to save her life." Thinking thus, he shouldered Luo Pin more securely. Because of the encounter with the Green Glows, he was more prudent this time, stealthily heading for the back door of the front hall. There was no more threat in the front hall, and at the back door, he supported her soft frame and felt a sense of renewed purpose as he gazed upon her heart-rending beauty. He pushed hard against the back doors, which were 100 zhang high, and then entered the middle garden only after spending an hour to ascertain that there was no danger.

The front hall and main hall both had gardens, both extremely vast. At the end, there was an ancient black palace that was twice the height of the front hall. That was the main palace!

Where the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation was! Where the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was!

Wu Yu lifted his head to look at the ancient black palace. A cold sensation gripped his heart. This palace was like the head of a huge, wild beast. The door of the main hall felt like the maw of the beast! And the two blood-red windows on the sides looked like eyes! When Wu Yu walked out of the front hall, he felt like the eyes were staring at him, causing his hair to stand on end!

After arriving at the main hall, the drowsy Luo Pin had regained a little consciousness. Although her eyes were still shut, she said, "I can feel it. Our Precursor Dragon Scale is within this main hall.... Wu Yu, I beg you...."

So her tribe's treasure was known as the Precursor Dragon Scale. She had not said the name while they had been roaming the Yan Huang Ancient Well, but now she had nothing to hide from Wu Yu anymore.

At the same time, a trickle of fresh blood seeped out from the edge of her mouth.

Actually, Wu Yu could feel the ongoing struggle while she was on his back. There was a world within her, and Luo Pin was losing. On the exterior she looked whole, but her flesh, bones, and organs were failing. Especially her primordial spirit and spiritual world - they were being thrown into chaos by the horrifying power of the Heaven's Wrath.

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