Chapter 0440: Fleeting Beauty

Wu Yu's first thought was to break through the circle, and charge with Luo Pin towards the main hall.

However, it was apparent that the Green Glow would pursue them, and it would not be of much use.

The only possibility was the larger space outside, where it would be easier to maneuver. But against these terrifying Green Glow, this little advantage would not be enough for Wu Yu and Luo Pin to defeat them.

Only by returning along the way they had come, and quickly using the key to leave would they survive.

However, he had yet to confer with Luo Pin. While he was still employing the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique and trying to guard his life, he already sensed that Luo Pin was being forced apart from him, pressed towards the back entrance of the front hall.

She could charge out through the back door, but evidently the Green Glow would chase her.

Besides, both front and back doors were swarmed with large quantities of Green Glow.

"What to do?" Wu Yu was extremely frantic!

In a flash, at least 2000 Green Glow surrounded Wu Yu. They began to revolve with speed, dragging out green tails of light behind them, forming a green vortex that shrouded him.

Weng weng!

Another huge burst of green light, lancing toward Wu Yu like volley after volley of poisoned arrows.

Ping ping ping!

Wu Yu's doppelgangers were all completely surrounded. They used the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique in orderly fashion, but the relentless waves of green light showed no signs of ceasing. Although each time they attacked, they grew a little dimmer, but evidently Wu Yu and Luo Pin were being outclassed. At this rate, even if Wu Yu used all his energy, not more than a few hundred Green Glow would fall.

The opponents' strong and incisive attacks left Wu Yu with no room to breathe. Towards the end, still he could not ascertain Luo Pin's position or survival. He knew that even Luo Pin would be hard pushed at this moment!

Ping ping!

By this time, more than 50 doppelgangers had fallen, and he had less than 50 left. At the same time, the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique was not as potent as before, and therefore even more doppelgangers were being shredded. Even Wu Yu's true body was being battered by the Green Glow again. His entire body was being barraged by the Green Glow, and he had already employed his Immortal Ape Transformation to bolster his physical defenses. But still it was insufficient. As for the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, it had been shredded to pieces by the first attack. Over at the other side, Luo Pin must be going through the same......

But at least she was not covered in blood like Wu Yu was.

But even most chiliarchs would die a horrible death to the piercing Green Glow, let alone Wu Yu. Wu Yu's physical advantage was the reason why he was still alive.

The Spirits of the Universe were truly terrifying beings!

All around him was chaos, thick and fast. Demented Green Glow whistled past, and Wu Yu could smell death.

Bang bang bang!

A fresh wave of attacks came relentlessly. The doppelgangers were completely defenseless now, and Wu Yu felt his life would be sacrificed in the next attack.

It was not that he did not want to run. Firstly, Luo Pin had been bumped too far from him. It was difficult for her to fight her way across to the front door of the front hall. Secondly, Wu Yu alone could not make it to the nearest exit, and would forfeit his life anyway.

In the fraction of a second......!

At this moment of death, Wu Yu was still calm. A sudden brainwave. These Spirits of the Universe had no differentiation in level. He would gamble on it with his life. At the same time that his doppelgangers were executing their final, dying Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique, he used the long-neglected Fixed Body Art!

A puff of air blew out. Given his understanding of Fixed Body Art, and the length of time in which he had not used it, the chance of success was very high.

Unexpectedly, it worked, and very well at that. A few hundred Green Glow froze suddenly.

But it was but a few hundred. Behind these few hundred were a thousand more Green Glow. And after this, the thousand Green Glow came screeching forth. Wu Yu again felt the threat of death. And this time, things looked even bleaker. Wu Yu had no way to simultaneously execute the Fixed Body Art to stun so many Green Glow.

At this moment, he was at his most fatigued state, but the Green Glow were at their most vicious. In his final moments, Wu Yu saw these strange spirits thirsting after his life. Perhaps they had gone too long without seeing anybody. Or perhaps they had never seen other sentient life before - that must be why they were so frenzied now! At least these Green Glow should have come to existence after the key to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence had been lost.

"Die here?"

Wu Yu could not help but laugh bitterly. He was not at all willing. Before entering the Yan Huang Ancient Well, he would never have thought that he would die here. Besides, he still had a heart devil he had not rid himself of. The appointment with Beishan Mo was not just between the two of them, but a meeting between him and Shushan.

Shushan Immortal Sect - where his dreams of becoming immortal had first taken flight - it held too many memories for him.

To sever them so abruptly was not satisfactory. Right now he wanted to go back even in his dreams - to cauterize the shame from that day!

"Life and death are unpredictable! Life is just like that. Sometimes, you long to complete something, but perhaps destiny has other plans?"

The plenitude of Green Glow rushed forth like a thousand arrows launched at the same time. They tore through his body, and Wu Yu again felt despair on his life path of cultivation. He had come so far, and the path had been rocky.

Death would never spare him simply because of his potential.

Wu Yu knew that many times, it was the experience of death that led to even greater transformations! Even if he had the legacy of an immortal, but a path with no hardship was useless.

One had to claw and struggle with life and death.

Wu Yu understood the logic. But right now, he had no such chance. The Green Glow had limited sentience, and would give Wu Yu no opportunity to negotiate.

He roared, venting the frustrated rage in his heart! Besides, he could clearly sense that he was on the verge of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm through this latest brush with death. An entirely new world beckoned to him! A new Mystique, new 72 Transformations, all of it awaited him. But this rampage of Green Glow before him was an insurmountable barrier he would not pass in this lifetime.

In his final moment, he saw Luo Pin.

It was all a haze. Luo Pin's Yan Huang Immortal Armor had been shredded, and the blood-flecked snow-white hair flared. Wu Yu could see a perfect face. He could not make out the features clearly, but the snow white hair fell like snow in an icy river. Through the flickering bands of green light, her azure blue pupils met Wu Yu's own golden ones. This was a moment that Wu Yu would never forget in his life!

How could any mortal woman be so beautiful!

At least he could see her features briefly before he died. He was content.

Perhaps this shared look touched something in his soul. Wu Yu felt it was comic. So the one who would die with him was not Nangong Wei, who had sworn over mountains and oceans, but this serene-faced Luo Pin, white hair flailing in this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Before, Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column had handed Wu Yu the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column in the Core Sword Cell. That had been the most unforgettable moment in Wu Yu's life.

And now a different scene was taking him by the heart!

In this instant, the woman of unearthly beauty morphed. Her azure blue eyes sought Wu Yu's from start to finish, but with a wave of her body, she shifted into the legendary mystical dragon! This was a snow-white mystical dragon. With a fleeting glimpse of her litheness, Wu Yu could already affirm that this was the most perfect being he had ever laid eyes upon!

The dragon horns, sparkling like crystal, the dragon scales that shone like precious gems. The slender dragon body, azure blue dragon eyes. All of it shone like a pearl in the darkness.

It was said that a mystical dragon had nine resemblances. The horns of a deer, the head of a horse, the eyes of a rabbit, the neck of a snake, the belly of a clam, the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle, the paw of a tiger, the ears of a cow! This mystical dragon before him was exactly so. Wu Yu had been born into the Royal Palace, and had naturally seen many drawings of mystical dragons, and imagined them many times. But his mind was completely blank at seeing the real thing before him!

What a pure, pristine immortal beast! It was even more delicately beautiful than he had imagined. This was a masterpiece of nature. Such a being was indomitability and intelligence, mystery and might, all rolled into one. Especially this mystical dragon that Luo Pin had morphed into. She was like a dragon spirit of the seas. She was more than 100 zhang long. Although not as huge as the Torch Dragon, but in no way could the Torch Dragon compare.

This dragon form was deeply seared into Wu Yu's heart. He probably would not forget this for life.

"So damned pretty. Even as a woman, I'm envious......" Even Ming Long at this time paid little heed to Wu Yu's life and death, staring at Luo Pin-turned-dragon.

In truth, Wu Yu himself had forgotten about his own life after witnessing this transformation. Until the piercing pain of the Green Glow shook him to his senses.

Death had come!

His mind tautened!

Suddenly, the dense Green Glow before him suddenly froze into ice sculptures. Wu Yu was not dead. Through the stinging pain, he could see that a thousand Green Glow had turned to ice. They fell pattering to the floor.

Although his body was aching, but all he saw were ice sculptures. All the Green Glow within the palace had disappeared. Wu Yu counted a few thousand Green Glow on the floor......

Within the ice casings, the green light very quickly dimmed. In just 10 breaths' of time, the green light faded from within the ice, as though dead. Whether they were actually dead or not, Wu Yu did not know.

He was startled to his senses.

Looking back, the mystical dragon had vanished.

All that remained was a devastatingly beautiful woman.

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