Chapter 0044: Spectral Concubine

"In a few days' time, the East God Nation contingent will arrive. I will use the remaining few days to act. If there is a breakthrough, that would, of course, be best."

In the deep of night, Wu Yu had come to this decision after laying plans with Princess Wu You.

"Mm. All the plans that we have laid thus far are predicated on the basis that you can defeat the Immortal Protector of the East God Nation. However, although I am not a cultivator, I know that nothing can be over-rushed. You must still your thoughts and remain calm."


Wu Yu did not intend to return to Heavenly Immortal Peak.

Carefree Palace was where his previous training room was located. Besides Wu You, no one else was allowed to approach. It had been more than a year since he had returned to this place to train in peace.

The first half of the first tier of Invincible Vajra Body largely revolved around strengthening the various parts of one's body until one achieved Spirit Congealing, Body Rebirth, and immortal transformation.

The Body Refining Realm's 10th tier was known as Spirit Ascension.

Martial Spirit Ascension was a concept where one's martial way was already complete. For mortals, this was the limit. Only at this limit could they have the foundation to embark on martial cultivation.

This was a mental metamorphosis. It was the fusion of one's will and physical body to attain a complete and unified whole.

Martial Spirit Ascension was known in the mortal realm as martial gods.

Of course, Wu Yu's current battle power far exceeded the martial gods.

The Invincible Vajra Body’s first tier's final level, after the Immortal Ape Transformation, was known as A Staff to Ascension.

Actually, the name of the last part of this martial art was also the reason why Wu Yu had chosen the Demon Subduing Staff back then.

A Staff to Ascension, Spirit Ascension through the staff.

It looked simple, but in actuality, it contained the essence of this martial art.

"If I can execute A Staff to Ascension, then I can reach the Spirit Ascension level. Then, not only will my martial way be complete, but the first tier of the Invincible Vajra Body will also be completed.

"What I don't know is what sort of changes will happen at that time."

Wu Yu gripped the Demon Subduing Staff and planted it on the ground.

"It seems simple, but A Staff to Ascension is much more difficult compared to the Immortal Ape Transformation."

It required a revelation, a metamorphosis.

Possibly, it required the right opportunity.

"Although I'm trying to push the matter of the East God Nation out of my mind, time is of the essence, so it will still affect me greatly. I have to truly calm my inner self down and focus on cultivating A Staff to Ascension."

Wu Yu continued to teeter between impulsiveness and calm.

And in these few days, Wu You's hopes were renewed, and she was now preoccupied with another matter, which was to spread evil tales of the East God Nation's Nine Regicides King in secret to the people of Capital Wu. This included the bourgeoisie as well as the lower classes.

The bad name of the Nine Regicides King was already well known, and the citizens of Capital Wu were familiar with it. In addition to Wu You's propaganda, the hundreds of thousands of people in Capital Wu all knew that the new emperor, Yuan Hao, was marrying Princess Wu You off to that devil and throwing Princess Wu You into hell.

Princess Wu You had been involved in charitable acts for the last decade, and her reputation was above even that of Wu Yu's before. Among the populace of Capital Wu, she was held in high esteem.

Therefore, she had spread this news in order to garner support. Although they numbered in the hundreds of thousands, they might not be able to help her. But at least it would point fingers at Emperor Yuan Hao. If he wanted to maintain political stability, he had to be mindful of the popular will.

Wu Yu trained arduously, and a few days passed in the blink of an eye.

It was noon, and Princess Wu You stood outside the door of the practice room and asked, "Yu, how is it going?" As for Wu Yu's arrival, she had not even told Mi Chang.

With a loud grunt, Wu Yu heaved open the stone door. He always wore the Demon Ape Mask, and he shook his head, saying, "The Spirit Ascension Realm is the final stage of the martial way. It is just too difficult. Not a whit of progress."

A Staff to Ascension seemed easy but was actually incomprehensibly profound. Wu Yu had waved his staff in thousands of ways, but none of them had allowed him to hit upon the essence.

Wu You pursed her lips, her expression grave. She said, "This morning, 3,000 troops from the East God Nation set up camp outside Capital Wu. And the Nine Regicides King has brought a retinue and entered the palace. I expect the Immortal Protector is also within the troops. I must attend tonight's banquet and meet with the Nine Regicides King."

The day had come.

"Now we can only hope that the Immortal Protector is not capable." It seemed like it was not possible to reach the Spirit Ascension tier. He could only harden his will and go to meet it.

"By right, I still have the identity of Immortal Protector. If a neighboring Immortal Protector comes, they should invite me. I shall return to Heavenly Immortal Peak for a look."

The two walked out. Just then, maidservant Mi Chang hurried forth with news, and Wu Yu shrank back into the shadows.

"Princess, His Highness is here. He is in the Secluded Palace waiting for you."

"What is he doing here?" Emperor Yuan Hao was not well-liked. Since his birth, Wu You had detested him.

Reaching Secluded Palace, Yuan Hao stood with his hands clasped. He looked very composed. When Wu You arrived, he coughed twice, his face grave. He said, "Wu You, tonight I have invited the East God Nation's Nine Regicides King for a banquet, as well as the Immortal Protector, Heavenly Immortal Spectral Concubine. It is your duty to be present to meet the Nine Regicides King. Tomorrow, you will be dolled up for the Nine Regicides King to marry and bring back to the East God Nation."

"Understood," Wu You said in a frosty tone.

Then, everything would depend on tonight.

Yuan Hao's cold eyes bore deep into Wu You's, and he laughed chillingly. "Wu You, don't think I don't know what you're thinking! Let me tell you: if there are any complications in these two days, your entire maternal family will go to hell! You just obediently pander to the Nine Regicides King and be carted off to the East God Nation for the rest of your days. You had best not try any nonsense like suicide. If you die, the relations between the two nations will be tense. At that time, the first I will destroy is your maternal family, and all your kin!"

He not only wanted to marry Wu You off, but he would not let her attempt suicide. This was torture and revenge.

"Understood," Wu You replied mildly, her gaze unwavering.

"Wu You, enjoy the rest of your life. Haha! You and Wu Yu are of the same character. Who asked you to be such show offs? One brain and one brawn, poised to conquer the world. A pity that all of you lost to I, Yuan Hao, in the end."

Wearing his dragon robe, he left Carefree Palace with a swagger.

Wu Yu emerged from the back, still wearing the Demon Ape Mask. Seeing the direction that Yuan Hao had gone, his face was somber. He said, "If it not for the fact that the blood of our father runs in his veins, I would like to slaughter the runt."

He had locked his hatred on Hao Tian and Imperial Concubine Xi, sparing Yuan Hao. That was because Yuan Hao was still his brother of the same parents.

But Wu You shook her head, saying, "You are mistaken. He is not your brother."

"What are you saying?" Wu Yu was stunned.

"He and Yuan Chen are most likely the sons of Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian," Wu You said with conviction.

"Damn, what?" Wu Yu had never considered this before, but now that she said it, they indeed resembled Hao Tian more in looks. Their appearance was quite far from Wu Yu's father. Although Wu Yu also did not resemble him much, the difference between him and the previous emperor's younger self was not large.

"How are you so sure?"

Wu You said, "Woman's intuition."

Although she had no definite evidence, Wu Yu believed that this was true. If she were not sure, she would not run her mouth.

"If that's the case, then he's no brother of mine. I need show him no courtesy."

Having said thus, Wu Yu returned to Heavenly Immortal Peak. As expected, Heavenly Immortal Hao Tian's messenger pigeon arrived before long. It was immediately eaten by the Heavenly Cloud Roc. The message reached Wu Yu, and it was an invitation for Wu Yu to go to Tian Wu Hall that night.

Although this Immortal Protector was barred from managing Dong Wu, he still had to meet the Heavenly Immortal Spectral Concubine.

"Spectral Concubine. The name alone suggests ghostly cultivation."

Wu Yu burnt the letter and then turned towards Capital Wu.

"Whether Sister lives or dies, it all comes down to tonight."

In his heart, he saw that gentle girl who had grown up with him and never left his side. In these years, every detail of the tight bonds of family was etched on his very bones themselves. Not even the reincarnation cycles could erase them.

"If she must die, then let me, Wu Yu, die first!"

His fire raged on Heavenly Immortal Peak.


Night. Capital Wu was still resplendent.

Many commoners were gathered in the streets and looking towards the palace.

"It's said that Princess Wu You will be whisked away by that despicable and evil Nine Regicides King tomorrow."

"East Sea Island is a harsh place, full of robbery and murder everywhere. It's practically hell on earth. Who would have thought that the good Princess Wu You would have such a fate. A pity...."

"If it were not for Princess Wu You, many of us in Capital Wu would not have been able to live on. It was she who gave us a chance at life. She not only gave us silver, but also sent people to teach us how to make a living."

"A pity that we received such boons but are unable to do anything for her!"

Many were wiping tears.

"I really don't know what His Highness Yuan Hao is thinking! We are the righteous Dong Yue Wu Kingdom. Why would we need to ally ourselves with that pirate nation? Our country is so strong...."

"Prince Yu had said that when he took the throne, he would definitely eradicate the East Sea pirates...."

"Don't mention Prince Yu anymore. Do you know how many people were beheaded just for saying his name? Princess Wu You's relationship with Prince Yu was just too good. That's why she has come to this fate."

"Such a beautiful and kind flower is actually being sent to the swamp of that East Sea demon! How pitiful! Lamentable!"

The major thoroughfares and smaller streets were all filled with whispers about this matter. Many had red-rimmed eyes and felt pity for Princess Wu You. As the Nine Regicides King passed through the streets today, many saw this malevolent tyrant for themselves.

Wu Yu sat on the back of the Heavenly Cloud Roc. He swept past the streets of Capital Wu, and the palace was before him in a flash. The Heavenly Cloud Roc cried out and swooped down. Destination: Tian Wu Hall!

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