Chapter 0439: The Spirits of the Universe!

The door of the front palace hall was also very tall and big. It was made from a material similar to that of the big door in front.

Wu Yu approached it first and gathered his strength. He pushed this front palace hall door open. This door was easier to push. After pushing open a gap, he saw that it was dark and quiet inside. Because the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was not in the front palace hall, they were not too worried and entered directly.

The front palace hall was large and spacious. The torches in Wu Yu's eyes burned brightly and instantly lit up this large, spacious palace hall.

Under the glow of the flames, the whole front palace hall seemed very simple and cold. However, upon looking carefully, they realized that the furniture, the stone tiles, the walls, and candlesticks were all forged from rare materials. There were signs of spirit designs that were previously etched on them. Hence, there was a high possibility that this whole Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was a dao treasure itself, or even more.

Of course, the spirit designs were all gone now. Hence, the materials with spiritual marks were probably damaged now. This Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was just a large, empty shell.

Wu Yu took one look and saw the furthest end of the front palace hall. There was another big door leading to the main palace hall. They would have to leave this place and enter the main palace hall. There, they could probably find what Luo Pin was seeking.

He turned to look at Luo Pin. As expected, her eyes were staring straight at that door. She was a little excited. Obviously, she had once again sensed the call from the important treasure of the mystical dragon tribe.

"Let's go."

Luo Pin moved and Wu Yu followed closely.

They had only moved a few steps when they suddenly sensed immense danger befalling upon them. Wu Yu and Luo Pin sensed it almost at the same time. They immediately stopped and braced their backs against each other.

Wu Yu's eyes spat out a few balls of fire. The flames gathered together and very quickly lit up the whole front palace hall. Now the whole place was as bright as day!

At this instant, every detail of the front palace hall could be seen clearly. That terrifying, suppressive aura was still present, but both of them saw nothing!

"What is it?" Wu Yu looked across their surroundings.

This Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was too weird. Even though the front palace hall was now very bright, it still had a very creepy feeling! 

Just as Wu Yu and Luo Pin were both confused, the sense of danger from their surroundings sharpened. They could see over a thousand green light dots appear in their surroundings. These green light dots expanded quickly, each becoming about the size of an average human head.

Over a thousand green light dots appeared suspiciously in front of them just like that.

That creepy, Green Glow was indeed horrifying.

If Wu Yu had not created light, these few thousand horrifying green light dots would only be more obvious in the dark!

When they had just entered, they had not detected their existence at all. It was as though they had appeared out of nowhere.

"What are these?" Wu Yu did not know much. His question was for Luo Pin, as well as Ming Long.

After he spoke, it seemed like two eyes and a mouth had surfaced on every single green light dot. At the positions of the eyes, the green color was darker, and for the mouth, that area sunk in.

To be honest, they looked quite cute, but Wu Yu and Luo Pin still felt deeply threatened.

Luo Pin was surprised and whispered, "These should be spirits of the universe. Only spirits of the universe can be born in this sealed land. They do not depend on any heaven and earth spiritual qi to survive."

It was the first time Wu Yu had heard of the spirits of the universe. 

"What are spirits of the universe?" He asked as he stared at these jade green little monsters.

Luo Pin explained, "They are living things which are neither humans, nor demons, nor immortal beasts. They were born of the heavens and earth. They cannot reproduce nor pass down legacies. They come in all forms and sizes. The possibilities are countless. For instance, the ones in front of you should be the Green Glows of the spirits of the universe. They were born within the heaven and earth under very special circumstances. Some are weak and post no threat, while some have great power. For instance, an existence like the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord should have been born directly from the heavens and earth. These are spirits of the universe!"

Regardless of martial cultivators or ghostly cultivators, all were human.


For demons, the range was wider. Other than humans, all living beings in the mortal world, like the fish and prawns in the rivers and seas, the beasts in the forests, insects, birds, and more, could all become demons after they gained sentience. Even plants and blood filth could become demons when they gained sentience. Only the spirits of the universe could be born within the heavens and earth just like that. Their most special characteristic would be that they had no parents and their types varied. For instance, the Green Glows in front of them were just bundles of light, but they seemed to be sentient and possessed strong powers and offensive abilities. However, they did not have cultivation levels like humans or demons. These were the spirits of the universe!

Ming Long also said, "That's right. In this sealed world, it's impossible for anyone to have children. These living spirits are obviously the very rare spirits of the universe. Since you guys are the only ones who have appeared on their territory, there is no doubt that they are very angry."

Just like Ming Long had said, these spirits of the universe were very upset now. They moved around and screamed in high pitch noises. They might look cute, but they had already surrounded the two of them. More Green Glows guarded the two big bronze doors in the front and back.

They had neither veins nor dantians. It was difficult to pinpoint their life structure. But just like the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, who relied on a yellow glow, these also had the power to battle. 


"Everyone, we have entered your territory by accident. Can you let us leave?" Wu Yu asked sincerely.

Unexpectedly, Luo Pin giggled and said, "They are like little beasts. They don't understand what you are saying."

He understood.

But the two of them did not let their guards down. At this moment, the Green Glows seemed very irritable. After they blocked the paths for Wu Yu and Luo Pin to leave, they started to close in on them. Green flames started to burn on their bodies, and they could see that these Green Glows moved very quickly.

"Green Glows only have one attack method, and that is to tackle. However, don't belittle the tackle. While I have not seen it, it is said that they can tackle anything to death. Their bodies are a type of attack."

Luo Pin reminded him. Perhaps they were testing, but all of a sudden, a Green Glow flashed past. That speed of the tackle was terrifying, and it arrived in the blink of an eye!

A green flash moved past his eyes!

Within such a short time, Wu Yu reacted quickly. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff appeared in his hand. He flung it and it hummed, almost instantly crashing into that Green Glow with a loud, explosive sound!

Wu Yu could not deny that his arm actually felt numb.

If he had not blocked, he would’ve been injured even with the Invincible Vajra Body.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss!"

That Green Glow was slapped away by Wu Yu and flew out. It seemed to have shrunk. However, it was not dead. It was just weakened, but it seemed to have hissed louder. Under his leadership, the few thousand other Green Glows started hissing at the same time, letting out an ear-piercing sound!

"Be careful!"

Luo Pin exhaled.

Suddenly, the few thousand Green Glows actually rushed towards Wu Yu and Luo Pin at the same time.

One Green Glow was already not easy to handle, not to mention a few thousand of them. While the number of Green Glows was great, there was a limit to how many could actually tackle them at the same time. However, this was still relatively horrifying. Wu Yu had not faced such great danger in a long time!

"Don't be soft on them!"

Luo Pin reminded him.

Obviously, if he did not use all his strength now, he would probably die under the continuous tackles of the Green Glows.

The tackles of the Green Glows were too frequent. Wu Yu had no idea how to defeat them at the moment.

His hands grabbed the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and activated a spirit design. Instantly, the Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design exploded. He swept the staff across and circled the surroundings. Fierce, golden flames instantly swept through their surroundings. Over 900 spirit designs started turning crazily. The staff swept away over 10 Green Glows, but at the same time, the Green Glows rushed at his head and feet. They ran directly onto Wu Yu's head and calves!


Wu Yu's calves were bleeding as though they had been pierced through by swords. His head was worse. His head had almost split apart after being tackled by a few Green Glows at the same time. He was already covered with flowing blood. He was dizzy and almost could not stand!

This was just one round of attacks, and it had almost killed Wu Yu!

These spirits of the universe were indeed crazy. Wu Yu did not even have the time to worry about the situation at Luo Pin's side. He was in a life or death situation now, and all he could do was remain conscious through this great pain.

"Unshackled Doppelganger!"

Instantly, he was surrounded by 100 doppelgangers. They squeezed away the Green Glows. Each doppelganger held a supreme immortal treasure longsword.

"Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique!"

The 100 doppelgangers and Wu Yu simultaneously made their move just as the second round of attacks from the Green Glows reached them!


An explosion!

Over 100 vortexes added together and rushed out. Instantly, hundreds of Green Glows screamed and retreated. Their glow reduced by a lot. Obviously, a soul-shocking attack like the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique was effective against them. It meant that these life forms included the existence of a soul.

Except, this only made hundreds of Green Glows retreat temporarily. There were thousands here! Of which, at least 2,000 surrounded Wu Yu, splitting him and Luo Pin up!

Now Wu Yu was bleeding all over. The green light on his body was shining. The remaining green light was still burrowing like swords into his body. He did not expect such cute-looking spirits to be so terrifying!

At least 10 of the 100 doppelgangers had been destroyed after using the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique. The next round of attacks was about to reach him!

Wu Yu clenched his jaw and ground his teeth. His doppelgangers stood as one and used the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique at the same time. There were a few loud, deafening explosions, and many Green Glow retreated again. But he lost yet another 10 doppelgangers, while these Green Glow were not dead yet. If they continued, neither he nor Luo Pin would last.

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