Chapter 0438: Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation

The Dong Sheng Divine Continent was wide and endless, but it was surrounded by ocean.

To the east were the Endless Islands. Of which were four big land-like islands. 

To the west, Wu Yu vaguely knew what lay there.

Luo Pin and the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu were from there.

That should be the Jambu Realm that Luo Pin had mentioned.

How big was this world?

Wu Yu naturally did not know. Ming Long was also from there, but Ming Long could not be bothered to tell him. She had only said that Wu Yu needed to reach a certain cultivation level before she would tell him.

"I wonder if that Jambu Realm is as big as Dong Sheng Divine Continent," Wu Yu thought.

The Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation, and the other things Luo Pin had mentioned were all too mysterious. Now that Luo Pin had explained herself clearly, she was waiting for his reply.

Wu Yu did not say anything else. He searched his Sumeru Pouch and took out that “stone key.” He had almost forgotten where he had hidden it. He did not expect this to be the key to enter and exit the seal to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

He suddenly recalled that Huang Yanwu had entered a place by accident and saw an egg. Wu Yu was guessing that it might have been the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence!

When he handed the key over to Luo Pin, Luo Pin said, "I'll remember this favor. In future, I'll return the favor."

"It's nothing to be mentioned."

"Are you going in?" Luo Pin asked.

Wu Yu thought about it. Originally, he did not need to go in. However, he recalled the egg that Huang Yanwu had mentioned and decided to go in and take a look.

After deciding, the two of them quickly stood on the circular platform again.

Luo Pin reached out her slim arm and squeezed the stone. She started searching the circular platform. Soon, she saw a groove that could be easily missed if she had not looked carefully. She quickly placed the stone in that groove.

In an instant, the stone shone with golden light. In the blink of an eye, the glow covered the whole circular platform, including Wu Yu and Luo Pin.

"This is the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence's door! Do not walk freely after going in."

A sudden aged voice said. It scared both Wu Yu and Luo Pin. Luckily, they realized that this was only an ancient voice that was left behind.

They were indeed right.

When that golden glow swallowed Wu Yu and Luo Pin, the circular platform beneath their feet started to change. Golden spirit designs appeared on the stone. Broken old stone started to rearrange and form a golden pathway to the underground. Wu Yu and Luo Pin both stood on the circular platform and fell straight into the pathway. They were surrounded by golden walls. It was like they had fallen through another well.

Soon, the surrounding golden walls turned black. The black stones were ancient and sinister. Looking below, it seemed like an endless hole. There was no end at all. It was like an open mouth.

"This is the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence!"

Wu Yu felt that this was a little terrifying.

Thinking back, this was a terrifying giant beast who had swept through the world. Ming Long said that even the dragon tribe of the four seas was almost wiped out and that they needed armies from heaven to be sent before he was captured. He was truly terrifyingly strong.

Such a terrifying existence could only be killed with endless time.

"But with three yuan worth of time, about 400,000 years, to watch himself disappear slowly, that feeling is quite terrifying too."

To Wu Yu, this Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had to be even scarier than the immortals from heaven.

When they disappeared from the circular platform, the glow from the circular platform slowly dimmed.

The instant that glow disappeared, a slim, dark shadow suddenly flashed past and ran into that glowing circle. When that glow from the golden spirit design disappeared, the dark shadow disappeared together.




Finally, Wu Yu and Luo Pin emerged from that dark tunnel and landed lightly on the ground. Their feet stepped on solid ground.

This should be the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

It was very dark inside the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence; there was practically no light. To Wu Yu, even a hint of light would enable him to see very far.

Their surroundings were dead silent and pitch black.

This place had obviously been sealed for very long. Even the spiritual qi here was dried up. There was a stench of death and dirtiness in the air. It was actually very smelly.

While Ming Long and Luo Pin both confirmed that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was long dead, and that this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence had long been abandoned, Wu Yu still felt shivers down his spine after entering this place.

His eyes instantly burned like two little hot suns in this darkness. They lit up the surroundings. Below his feet was ancient black flooring. The surroundings were empty ground, and further away, three sides were the ends of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, while one side had something else in its deep, dark corner. He raised his head and saw a very tall palace.That dark palace was not complicated, but very large. It was as though a 100-zhang giant was living in this palace. Every dark palace hall was huge.

A large door was near them. It was black and looked antique. The stone columns around the door were about 100 zhang tall. It looked old but grand. There was a giant plaque in the middle, and four huge words were carved on it: Heaven Devouring Evil Residence!

These four words looked big and grand. It seemed to have the aura of swallowing the heavens and earth. Upon closer inspection, Wu Yu realized that each stroke was formed by golden bones. These golden bones did not look like human bones. Human bones did not possess such a strong immortal aura.

"These are the bones of immortals. After the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord ate the flesh and blood of immortals, he spat out their bones to form these four words on the plaque." Luo Pin was fearful yet respectful of this ancient demon. When she spoke, her voice trembled. But from her eyes, it might be because of hatred from the extermination of her tribe. Luo Pin expressed this type of disgust and hatred more obviously as time passed.

"The Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation is in the main palace hall of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. The Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was sealed there. Now the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation has long disappeared. Our ancestral treasure should be here."

Luo Pin was agitated. She quickly moved towards the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence and muttered, "It is indeed here, I can vaguely feel its call to me. It still exists. Time and age may have caused the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord to die, but the holy treasure he stole from our dragon tribe of the four seas will never be destroyed."

Wu Yu followed closely behind.

He was very cautious and kept surveying their surroundings.

While the possibility of danger in here was not high, accidents might happen. When in such a terrifying place, he could not be careless until he left this place safely.

Just as the two of them were about to move, there was some movement above them. Wu Yu quickly stopped in his tracks and raise his head. A stone dropped down and Wu Yu quickly caught it.

"I almost forgot." Luo Pin slapped her forehead. After she had entered, she was totally attracted by the thing calling out to her and had forgotten about the key.

This key was crucial to their entry and exit. When they left, they needed to place the key at the groove where they had stepped on before. They could only leave by doing this.

Wu Yu was about to hand it to her but Luo Pin waved her hand and said, "This is yours. I just borrowed it to come in. After we are done, I'll just get out with you."

Hence, Wu Yu kept the key. The two of them spoke no further and quickly moved towards the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. What they did not know was that after they had left, a slim, black shadow appeared at the position they were at. Then it quietly disappeared into the darkness without any signs of movement.


When they neared the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence, Luo Pin suddenly turned back.

"What's the matter?"

She frowned and said, "I sensed some movement, but that might’ve been a mistake."

Wu Yu also looked back. His golden eyes swept across but could not find anything.

"It's better to be careful. After we retrieve it, we should quickly leave."


Now both of them had reached the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. At this moment, when they raised their heads to see, the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence was even larger. The big door seemed to have reached the clouds. It was 100 zhang tall. One needed to raise their head to see the top. Now they arrived at the plaque with immortal bones.

In front of them was a large, dark bronze door.

This bronze door was simple yet heavy. It was rusty and had even retained some bloodstains. It was evidence of how strong the people who once fought fiercely here were.

"Allow me." Wu Yu used a few dao techniques to test it. The big, bronze door did not react at all.

"I don't know what material was used to make this bronze door. It is so tough. Too bad I can't open it." Wu Yu sighed regretfully.

"It is made with materials to forge dao treasures. There's so much here. We can probably forge a few hundred dao treasures from this," Luo Pin said lightly.

Wu Yu was speechless.

After confirming that there were no threats, he used all his strength. Both of his hands were on the door and he started to push with all his might. It wasn’t until his teeth were grinding and his veins were popping that the big bronze door was finally pushed open. This big door was really too big. Wu Yu only needed to push open a little gap and the two of them rushed inside in a flash.

"Actually, we can fly over the wall. The spirit designs here should all be ineffective or have disappeared," Luo Pin said as she observed her surroundings.

The two of them were at the front courtyard of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. Behind the front courtyard was a palace. This was the front palace hall. There should be three palace halls here, the front, middle, and back. The main palace hall should be the one in the middle.

"Let's go directly to the main palace hall." Both of them flew. Wu Yu rode his sword and shot to the sky. In the blink of an eye, he had risen to over 100 zhang. As he was preparing to cross over from the top of the front palace hall to directly access the main palace hall in the middle, he did not expect a strong force to knock him down just he got airborne. The force directly pushed Wu Yu and Luo Pin down. Both of them were caught off guard and fell to the ground.

Luo Pin raised her head and said, "I did not expect the spirit designs of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence to remain until now."

Wu Yu raised his head and looked. Because they had just run into it, he saw a huge, golden net appear in the sky. The runes on it changed. It was obviously a spirit design to seal the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence.

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "No, this spirit design is very new." 

Luo Pin looked carefully and said, "This should be Yan Huang Imperial City's spirit design. Oh, perhaps someone from Yan Huang Imperial City set this up. It must have been made before they lost the key, so not much time has passed. That is why the spirit design still exists. No wonder it can still be here when the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation have disappeared…."

Hence, they could only walk into the front palace hall before reaching the main palace hall.

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