Chapter 0437: Heaven Devouring Evil Lord

Recalling the details about beautiful ladies, from the Ninth Spirit to Nangong Wei, Qin Fuyao and Luo Pin from Yan Huang Imperial City, none of them were easy to fool, and each of them had strong personalities....

Qin Fuyao was just upset with him. Standing on this circular platform, Wu Yu suddenly realized that Luo Pin had actually hidden such an important thing from him. 

When he learned the truth, he was upset and a little angry. His eyes were like torches as he surveyed Luo Pin. He said, "If I'm not willing to take it out, are you going to snatch it from me?"

The yellow sand danced outside, but the ancient city was very quiet. Except for the two calm people standing on this circular platform. The atmosphere was heavy - it felt like the calm before the storm.

"Don't go against her, be careful of your life," Ming Long reminded.

But Wu Yu was still angry. His gaze clashed with Luo Pin's gaze. It was like a fight between water and fire.

Luo Pin's tone, on the other hand, was gentle. She said, "Don't be angry. I did not hide it from you on purpose. It is not beneficial for you to know some things now. Wu Yu, to be honest, I have no relation to you at all. It is not beyond me to take from you something that can mean life or death to me. But after spending time with you, I realized you are upright and have a heroic heart. Hence, I have no hostility against you. These few months, you have helped me a lot. I'm very grateful to you. Hence, the more I hope that you will not misunderstand."

She was speaking softly, explaining like an older sister. She did not have the intention of snatching anything from Wu Yu.

After the initial outburst and hearing her explanation, Wu Yu felt a little better. He thought about it carefully. While Luo Pin had approached him with ulterior motives, ignoring this fact, she had a good relationship with him now. Besides, she was doing it for something that could let her survive. That was only natural. If she really wanted to forcefully take the stone that he had received by chance, she would have long gotten it.

But he only knew that she was an immortal beast. He did not know any details of her life at all. If she needed a key to enter somewhere inside the Yan Huang Ancient Well, he thought that he had better be more careful. 

He should not make a mistake just because he pitied her.

Hence, when Luo Pin was speaking to him in a friendly tone, he thought for a moment before firmly saying, "It is indeed not right of you to hide this from me. After all, I’ve been treating you as my good friend. It was not easy for either you or me to be able to stand here today. I do not want to see you die here, but I feel that I should know some details or the inside story. For example, what is the history of this stone? For example, where does this lead to? Or, for example, what exactly do you need to survive?"

This was a question of principles. 

Since the key was in his hands, he definitely would not want to be in a situation where he did not know anything and was controlled by Luo Pin. What if she was a bad guy? While Wu Yu himself did not believe that, she had, after all, hidden something so important from him.

The difficult question was now thrown back to Luo Pin.

Her clear blue eyes were fixated on Wu Yu. She asked said, "Some things are beyond your level now. Even if you knew, it would not be beneficial to you. Are you sure you want to know?"

Wu Yu laughed bitterly and said, "If you want me to give it to you willingly, then you have to let me know what's going on. Perhaps you can snatch it away, then I'll have nothing to say."

Luo Pin shook her head and said, "Don't worry, I'm not an ungrateful person. You've helped me before, I'll not resort to such means."

While he was very angry just now, his anger subsided when he heard her explaining it to him in a calm manner. Of course, his attitude was still very clear. He wanted to know the truth, even if that delayed them. 

Actually, he did not need Luo Pin to expose her true identity. He only needed to know why that stone was the key and what was she going to do with it, as well as what was below this platform...

But Luo Pin nodded at this moment and said, "If that's the case, then let me tell you everything."

She made a decision that comforted Wu Yu.

The two of them came down from that circular platform first and stood on the empty ground. Luo Pin went straight to the point and said, "I also do not know how you managed to get this key. When I saw it, I was bewildered too. My original plan was to destroy and force my way in after coming here. While I might have succeeded, I’d definitely alarm many people. There was only a slim chance of success. Hence, when you suddenly appeared at Yan Huang Imperial City with this stone key, I felt that fate wanted me to live."

She was very sincere and blunt. 

Hence, if Wu Yu had not appeared, she would’ve still taken part in the Trial of Yan, except she would have used a life-risking method.

"As for the stone key, it is actually the key that the previous Yan Huang City Lords would use to enter and exit this 'seal.’ It is just that one Yan Huang City Lord died outside and this key to the 'seal' disappeared and never surfaced again. I did not expect this key to still exist. After all, when I arrived here, I thoroughly investigated the divine continent. I did not carry any hope for the key."

Luo Pin had not spoken so much in one go before. Now she was using a gentle tone to explain to Wu Yu. Wu Yu was angry at first, then quiet. He had really misunderstood Luo Pin. She was such a wise woman. She would definitely not be as terrible as he had imagined.

"What is this 'seal?’" Wu Yu was stunned.

The more he listened, the more mysterious it was.

Luo Pin looked at him and asked, "There's a legend in Yan Huang Imperial City, have you not heard of it?"

Wu Yu was first stunned then said, "Is it that legend saying that some ultimate evil is sealed here?"

"That is true. About five yuan ago, one yuan is about 120,000 years. Five yuan ago, about 600,000 years ago, there was a terrifying giant beast who was neither demon nor human. He called himself the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. This Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was extremely terrifying. He could devour the heavens and swallow the earth. It is said that he could swallow anything in the universe to build himself up. His strength was endless. It is said that at his peak, he possessed the battle power of a Primordial Origin Golden Immortal. He could sweep through Jambu Realm and cause almost everything to perish. He even caused a world-ending disaster. Ultimately, the heavens were angered and they sent many immortals, including the Er Lang Immortal Lord, to capture the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. However, because the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord could neither die nor be destroyed, even the immortals had no other way but to seal it in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. They used the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation to seal the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. It is said that this Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation needed as long as three yuan to entirely kill off the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Today, Yan Huang Imperial City is the land of the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence that is guarding the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord’s residence."

This story was like the myths of immortals that people spread in the mortal world. Wu Yu listened until he was very stunned. After hearing this, he could not believe that it was true. He was shocked and asked Luo Pin, "Are you sure this is not some random story spun by a mortal storyteller?"

Terms such as “Heaven Devouring Evil Lord,” “Jambu Realm,” and “Er Lang Immortal Lord from the heavens,” were practically like those stories from the mortal world...

Luo Pin was amused by his reaction and laughed. She said, "There are historical records. This is definitely real. The mission of the generations of Yan Huang Imperial City City Lords is to stand guard above this Heaven Devouring Evil Residence. But you don't have to worry, the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord appeared five yuan ago and the legendary Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation required only three yuan to totally destroy the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. Now the heavens no longer pay attention to this place because the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has been dead for over 250,000 years. Now the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence below this Yan Huang Imperial City has been empty for a long time."

"Are you saying that this is the entrance to the Heaven Devouring Evil Residence?" Wu Yu looked at the circular platform behind him and shivered. It was no wonder the Yan Huang City Lord had to guard this place.

Luo Pin nodded and said, "That's right. After sealing the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, the heavens needed the successive Yan Huang Imperial City City Lords to report periodically on the situation of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord under the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation. Hence, they left behind this key to allow entry. Of course, they could only enter and look at the situation. This key cannot touch the most important Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation at all. Especially now that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had been dead for 250,000 years, this key is practically useless to other people. 

“I see.”

Wu Yu finally understood the history of this stone....

At this moment, Ming Long said, "I've heard of this stupid story before, but I did not believe it. It's unexpected that it's actually real. There's another thing that you, Wu Yu, definitely don't know. The legendary dragon tribe of the four seas were flourishing five yuan ago. Every mortal martial cultivator respected dragons as their superiors. Even demons did not dare to offend the dragon tribe of the four seas. It was said that when that Heaven Devouring Evil Lord was born, the dragon tribe of the four seas was the first group to fight him. Because they had formed a blood feud with the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord, they fought him with their lives. Hence, the dragon tribe of the four seas suffered heavy losses. Their entire tribe was almost wiped out. That is why, even until today, the dragon tribe of the four seas still has not recovered. Even today, the estimated number of immortal beasts and mystical dragons cannot even reach one out of 100,000 of their number five yuan ago."

Hearing Ming Long's explanation, it could be confirmed that Luo Pin had not lied to Wu Yu on this matter.

Such a terrifying existence, it was lucky that he was already dead.

Now the most doubtful thing for Wu Yu was that he did not know why Luo Pin wanted to enter that place. 

That was the most important part of her secret. She was probably hesitating on whether to let Wu Yu know.

Finally, she said, "To be honest, I'm not from the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. My tribe was heavily injured by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord five yuan ago. My tribe had an important treasure that was snatched by the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. It was probably sealed in here. Now that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord has died, the Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation has long disappeared. After arriving at Yan Huang Imperial City, I could sense my tribe's important treasure calling out to me. I was injured badly before, and only this important treasure can help me recover."

Other than saying that she was the mystical dragon, she had explained everything else clearly.

Although she had such an identity, for both her own principles and for her friendship with Wu Yu, she had explained a lot instead of forcefully taking the stone. This was already great respect for Wu Yu. Hence, Wu Yu had no more hesitation now. After all, Ming Long was watching, and she could also prove that the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord and Three Generations Yuan Deadly Formation had probably long died and disappeared. 

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