Chapter 0436: Stone Key

Luo Pin probably felt that instead of wandering around aimlessly, she might be better off taking the risk and trying her luck by returning to the ancient city. 

Getting close to the City Lord was the most dangerous thing for her. 

However, it was just as Wu Yu had conjectured. That place was the most mysterious place of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Well. 

Wu Yu didn't know what she was looking for. However, he knew that it would definitely not be something ordinary. 

As such, the two of them got up and set a return path. 

It wasn't difficult to make their way back. Along the way, they encountered another Yan Huang Ancient Soul. After giving all he had and exhausting all his strength in battle, Wu Yu finally finished his opponent off.

The rewards he had gotten were huge too. 

"The frequency of meeting Yan Huang Ancient Souls seems to be dropping too," Wu Yu remarked. 

"Yeah! We have been walking for a long time after all. Therefore, the number of Yan Huang Ancient Souls that could be born is also lowering." 

Towards the end, it would only get scarcer. 

Soon after making their way through the yellow sand, they could see the ancient city right before them. They did not encounter any other Yan Huang Ancient Souls as they made it back easily. 

After entering the ancient city, Luo Pin kept a lower profile and let Wu Yu lead the way. Both of them went to the center of the ancient city and indeed found the City Lord still sitting at the initial spot. His eyes were shut and he was resting. He was just like an old rock, without any movements or making any sounds. 

When Wu Yu and Luo Pin returned, he did not react. 

Wu Yu greeted him by putting his hands together before moving to the vicinity of the gates of the city with Luo Pin. Along the way, Luo Pin was secretly observing the surroundings. 

"If he remains in the city, it will probably be hard for you to find what you are looking for!" Wu Yu used a secret technique to converse with Luo Pin directly. 

Luo Pin answered, "The difficulty is substantially higher here, and it wouldn't be convenient to look for it. We can only walk and look around casually." 

Wu Yu said, "It's alright. We still have time. We can do this slowly. At this point, the City Lord doesn't look like he is planning to chase us out." 

Wu Yu knew that he had to leave some Yan Huang Ancient Souls behind. Otherwise, they would be forced to leave when all the Yan Huang Ancient Souls were gone. 

"Wu Yu, you can just look for a place in the ancient city to cultivate and digest what you have gained. I will just look around in the meanwhile," Luo Pin said. 


After all, Wu Yu wasn't able to help her at this moment. Over a period of time, he had been going through high-intensity and prolonged battles. There were many experiences that had not been consolidated. During this period, he had also followed Luo Pin around. Therefore, he would be digesting what he had gained and turn these inspirations into battle strength. 

He sat on the roof of a building, while Luo Pin remained unmoved. She cultivated for most of the day while spending a small portion of time walking and searching around. She was very cautious and therefore would likely not reap any results in the short term. 

The truth was that Wu Yu was getting anxious after seeing the light in her eyes getting dimmer. At this point, he couldn't help but think about how great it would be if the City Lord of Yan Huang Imperial City could leave this place for some time. 

Another month passed by rapidly. During this period, Wu Yu had gone to the Yan Huang City Lord with sincere questions. The Yan Huang City Lord answered him patiently but did not tell Wu Yu where he should be heading. Just like the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, he would make some demonstrations and allow him to discover for himself. 

Wu Yu couldn't help but be impressed. 

It was no surprise he was considered the strongest man on the divine continent. In the aspect of guidance, he was even a little clearer than the Yan Huang Ancient Souls.

During this period, Qin Fuyao had also returned several times to recuperate in the ancient city. 

However, she was at the other side of the ancient city. Perhaps it was because of the incident with the Damask of the Sea's Heart. Her expression was cold. Although she wasn't looking at Wu Yu with fury, Wu Yu was able to tell that Qin Fuyao probably hated him and Luo Pin to the core from the coldness within her eyes. 

Therefore, over the month, the three of them had no interactions despite spending most of their time within the ancient city. 

When Luo Pin sat beside him, Wu Yu asked softly, "Did you find something? We don't have much time left. It's getting harder and harder to find Yan Huang Ancient Souls during my recent outings."  

His battles with Yan Huang Ancient Souls were a little too frequent before. As a result, the exhaustion of Yan Huang Ancient Souls was also a little quick. 

Now that he didn't know how much time she had left, he was getting a little flustered. Whenever he saw Luo Pin struggle between life and death and yet endure it to continue searching alone, he couldn't bear to see her like this. 

Luo Pin answered, "The truth is that I have searched through most areas in the ancient city. With the exception of a place with the highest chance of finding it." 

"Where is it?" 

"The circular platform below the City Lord." 

Wu Yu recalled seeing a circular platform in the vast field. It was stacked with tattered rocks. 

"If you are sure, things are going to get harder. Unless the City Lord is willing to help you willingly," Wu Yu commented. 

The truth was that Wu Yu had thought about this. If Luo Pin revealed her identity, wouldn't the Yan Huang City Lord, who was also in the same line as her, be willing to help her?

However, Luo Pin shook her head and answered, "He wouldn't help me." 

When she said this, it felt a little bleak and chilly. 

Seeing her lower her head, Wu Yu felt dejected. 

However, she raised her head up, mustered up her courage, and said, "I still shouldn't give up. Just as you have said, I have to insist till I'm reduced to dust and my dao disappears with my death!" 

"Before the very last moment, no one can be sure that there's no hope!" Wu Yu nodded his head and seconded. This was probably the only way he could support her at the moment. 

The truth was that Wu Yu had a huge headache. 

He was thinking hard of a way to lure the City Lord away. 

To his astonishment, an accident happened. 

While he was racking his brain for a solution, the City Lord summoned the three of them. Wu Yu initially thought that the City Lord wanted to send them out. To his pleasant surprise, the City Lord told them, "I have something to attend to and I must leave. I believe your limits haven't been reached. You guys can remain here for a few more months. However, it would be best that you do not stray too far away from the ancient city while I'm not around. Do you guys understand?" 

For Wu Yu and Luo Pin, this was the greatest news they could ever get! 

The two exchanged glances and couldn't believe their ears. Happiness had descended too suddenly. 

Obviously, they still had to suppress such ecstasy at this moment. 

Wu Yu restricted his emotions and asked, "City Lord, how long will you be away?" 

"I'm not sure. Probably a month or so," Yan Huang City Lord answered casually. 

After speaking, he got ready to leave. Before leaving, he left a final reminder, "Throughout history, people have gone missing or died within the Yan Huang Ancient Well. Therefore, be extra careful when I'm not around." 

Wu Yu and the two girls nodded their head. 

Naturally, Qin Fuyao was standing a little further away from the two. Her face was emotionless. 

In the blink of an eye, the Yan Huang City Lord disappeared. 

After waiting for some time and verifying that he had left, Wu Yu asked Qin Fuyao, "Are you still unhappy over what happened in the underground palace?" 

The Damask of the Sea's Heart hadn't been found by her in the underground palace, so Wu Yu felt like he had no reason to give it to her. If she chose to behave as such, there was nothing he could do. 

Indeed, Qin Fuyao glanced at him coldly. She didn't seem to be willing to remain before Wu Yu and Luo Pin. The next moment, she turned around and left. Wu Yu kept an eye on her till she left the ancient city. 

"Alright. Now that's she's gone, she will probably be back in one or two days. We are the only two remaining in the ancient city now," Wu Yu remarked joyously. 

Luo Pin probably couldn't wait any further. She jumped and landed on the circular platform. Wu Yu followed her. At this moment, Luo Pin had lowered her head while searching on the circular platform piled up from rocks. Two rays of bright blue light shot out from her eyes and dyed the circular platform blue. 

The critical juncture! 

This concerned Luo Pin's life, so Wu Yu was feeling a little anxious. 

Time was passing very slowly. 

Finally, Luo Pin exclaimed agitatedly, "That's right. The entrance is here. I have verified it. We have finally found it." 

Hearing her relieved voice and knowing that she had found her hope, Wu Yu was happy for her. His tensed up emotions finally relaxed a little here. 

"Entrance?" Suddenly, he recalled the word Luo Pin had used. He thought Luo Pin was looking for an item in the Yan Huang Ancient Well and had never expected her to be looking for an entrance. 

After all, Wu Yu didn't know what she was looking for. 

"Yeah. This is just the entrance. We have to get down." At this moment, Luo Pin looked into his eyes deeply. 

"How do we get in?" Wu Yu was a little lost. 

Despite asking, Luo Pin's gaze was still on him. This made Wu Yu a little confused. Why was she looking at him.... 

Her pupils moved awkwardly before she lowered her head and said, "Wu Yu, the key to the entrance is with you." 

Hearing this, Wu Yu was taken aback. He couldn't understand. Why was the thing she had been searching for an entrance, and why would the key be with him? 

Seeing that Wu Yu couldn't understand her, she paused for a moment before continuing, "You remember that person you buried when you first arrived at Heaven's Equal Camp? I was there that time and happened to see something in your hand. If you weren't in the inner city and I was not willing to kill you, I might have snatched it from you.  That thing is the key to this place." 

Hearing this, Wu Yu's mind went blank. He recalled the day he had buried Huang Yanwu. After which, he picked up the stone Huang Yanwu had given him. At that time, Luo Pin was indeed nearby, but he wasn't aware that she had seen it. 

Why would that stone be the key to this place? 

He recalled the story Huang Yanwu had told him. An unbelievable story of an egg. Wu Yu had not paid special attention to this story at all. Now that he had heard it from Luo Pin, he vaguely understood that the story had something to do with the key Luo Pin was mentioning. 

Since Luo Pin had said so, it wouldn't be far from what he had in mind. However, a serious question had surfaced in Wu Yu's mind. 

Ever since they entered the Yan Huang Ancient Well, Luo Pin had wanted to look for something gravely important to her. Yet she had chosen to stick with him. At that time, Wu Yu naively believed that she needed someone to take care of her when she became weak. Or perhaps she was seeing Wu Yu as a friend. 

And now, Wu Yu finally understood the full picture. With Luo Pin's personality, she wouldn't have gone with him if she simply needed someone to take care of her. After all, Qin Fuyao had chosen not to go with him. 

The only reason would be this stone key. 

Therefore, she had approached him with ulterior motives all along. It probably began when he arrived beside the Blue Dragon Camp, or perhaps when he accepted the mission at Yunxi City. It was just that Qin Fuyao was around and she didn't have a chance then... This made Wu Yu a little pissed. 

Were all beautiful girls so scheming? 

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