Chapter 0435: Beautiful Girl

Although the underground palace was huge, it was too silent. Qin Fuyao was likely in the vicinity then. Therefore, when Wu Yu had entered, she had followed closely behind. 

She was great at hiding her presence. From her current expression, she might’ve been aware that the seemingly ordinary handkerchief might very likely be a dao treasure. 

Wu Yu was still a little bewildered about suddenly getting a dao treasure. 

However, Qin Fuyao wasn't looking friendly at all at this moment. Her gaze was sharp and accusing, and this infuriated Wu Yu. He had never bowed down to strength. Without a second word, he stored the Damask of the Sea's Heart in his Sumeru Pouch. 

Qin Fuyao also realized that she had acted a little harshly. Seeing Wu Yu's cold expression, her attitude changed drastically. She forced a smile and quickly adjusted her attitude to how she was in the past. Looking at Wu Yu, she said in a coquettish manner, "Little Brother, I was rude just now. Let me apologize for that. But... I was the one who found this place first, and the thing you are holding is what I've been looking for. If you just take it away from me, isn't that a little inappropriate...?" 

The truth was it was too late for her to put on a smile. Wu Yu had finally discovered that Qin Fuyao's personality wasn't as amiable as he had thought. When it came to matters that would affect her interests, her attitude would change drastically. 

Recalling the time that she gave away her opponent to Wu Yu in Yunxi City, one could only say that she was probably not interested in the wealth of that ghostly cultivator. 

Wu Yu didn't hesitate to shake his head and answer, "That won't do. The underground palace isn't yours. Now that I have found this item, I can't just give it to you." 

Upon hearing Wu Yu, Qin Fuyao's flirtatious expression instantly changed to ice-cold once again. She was probably infuriated by Wu Yu not willing to let go. The next moment, she turned to Luo Pin and said, "Commander Luo, that seems to be a dao treasure. A dao treasure is extremely precious. In the entire divine continent, there are probably less than 20 people with dao treasures. At the very most, there might be 30. Aren't you interested in it in the slightest?" 

This was her trying to sour relationships. 

In a chaotic battle, she would have a chance. 

However, to her astonishment, Luo Pin answered coldly, "Don't take me for a fool. If a dao treasure could be found so easily here, wouldn't the entire divine continent be filled with them?" 

"You don't believe me?" Qin Fuyao was raging in her mind. The truth was that she wasn't certain if it was a dao treasure. After all, this was a hidden space. With her understanding of this place, the chances of a dao treasure being found here were rather high. 

The glimpse she had caught previously also told her that it wasn't an ordinary item. 

Luo Pin didn't answer her question but remarked, "Don't get in the way. We are leaving." 

Qin Fuyao wasn’t willing to comply. She extended her arms and blocked the path of the two of them. Her face had turned white from anger as she stared at Wu Yu. What happened today had pissed her off. As such, she asked, "Wu Yu, I have been nice to you since you came to Yan Huang Imperial City. This time, you have really disappointed me. How can you do this...." 

Having a beautiful girl like Qin Fuyao accusing him did make Wu Yu feel a little embarrassed. However, he recalled Luo Pin reminding him that this was Qin Fuyao's real personality. Therefore, he steeled his will. The truth was that if he were asked to give the Damask of the Sea's Heart to Luo Pin, he would have done so. However, he would never give it to Qin Fuyao. He shook his head and answered, "Sister Qin, I still see you as a friend. However, truthfully speaking, I still feel that the one who found the treasure in the underground palace should keep it. If I'm in a good mood, I might give it to you. However, if you choose to fight me for it, please forgive me for not being able to do as you wish. If you don't stop me here, I believe we can still be friends in the future. What do you think?" 

Luo Pin wasn't courteous at all as she added emotionlessly, "Don't get in my way." 

They had spoken one after the other, and it was clear to Qin Fuyao that they would be on the same line. 

Qin Fuyao was burning with anger. However, after thinking it through, she knew that she wouldn't be able to get anything good if she fought with the two of them here. The current situation wasn't in her favor. All she could do was move aside. Nonetheless, she remarked, "After stealing my stuff? You can forget about being friends!" 

It didn't matter. Wu Yu didn't need to rely on her for anything after all. The next instant, Luo Pin and Wu Yu walked past Qin Fuyao directly. Qin Fuyao turned and watched them leave. She clenched her fists tightly, gritted her teeth, and waited for them to move beyond the circular platform before grumbling ruthlessly, "In that case, let's see who will get the last laugh!" 

After getting out, Wu Yu brought Luo Pin away from the underground palace. 

After finding another location, Wu Yu investigated that Damask of the Sea's Heart for some time. Whenever he injected a little jindan essence into it, dense spirit designs would surface on the Damask of the Sea's Heart. It was beautiful and majestic, with over 10,000 spirit designs. Looking at the number of spirit designs, one would easily conclude that this was definitely a dao treasure! 

Wu Yu instantly severed the supply of Jindan essence. Otherwise, if the soul of the Damask of the Sea's Heart was awakened, he probably couldn't contain it. 

Even if it was for a brief moment, Wu Yu could feel it with his own body how terrifying this dao treasure was. He no longer had any doubts about the Damask of the Sea's Heart being a dao treasure. 

Wu Yu still hadn't regained his composure after getting something so precious so suddenly. 

"What's the matter?" While walking in the sandstorm, Luo Pin turned around and looked at him. 

"Are you sure you are not interested in this dao treasure? I feel that it would really suit you," Wu Yu said. He had thought about it and believed it would look pretty great around her neck. 

It wouldn't be suitable for Qin Fuyao. She had a cold demeanor and wasn't suited for something so elegant and refined. 

Luo Pin shook her head and probably smiled gently as she said, "As I've said, I have no use for it." 

As such, Wu Yu didn't harp on the issue. The two of them maintained their initial pace. Luo Pin continued to look for her item, while Wu Yu trained himself through the Yan Huang Ancient Souls and refined his Jindan. The improvements he had made because of the Yan Huang Ancient Souls were even greater than what he had achieved from refining immortal medicines and crafting spirit designs. 

Approximately half a month passed again. 

They had already covered a long distance from the ancient city. 

As her search turned out to be futile, Luo Pin felt a little loss. Her relapses were getting more and more violent recently. Even her bright blue eyes had dulled substantially, and she seemed fatigued while walking. 

She sat on a rock in the middle of a desert of sand. Looking afar, she said in a dejected tone, "Wu Yu, I might be dying soon." 

Wu Yu was refining his Jindan when he got a scare from what she said. He stood up immediately, raised his head, and looked at her. Seeing that the light in her eyes had dimmed further, he commented, "Don't joke about this. Why would you die for no reason?" 

However, Ming Long interrupted here. "She's not lying. She probably hasn't made it through the Heaven's Wrath. The only question is which tier she get herself injured with. If she hadn't been lucky, she would have been dead by now. She's just barely holding it there right now. If she's saying she's dying, she might really not be able to hold on further." 

When Wu Yu heard Ming Long, his heart went cold. 

Luo Pin was a perfect person in his mind. Could she really be described by the words "beautiful girl?” Would she fit the saying “A beautiful girl has an unfortunate life?”

Seeing how Wu Yu had become depressed, Luo Pin forced a faint smile and said, "You don't have to feel sad about this. Death is an essential part of life. You just have to get used to it. Other than immortals, who in this world can escape death? Leaving this world is just a matter of time. If one doesn't achieve dao, they come to the same end." 

Wu Yu thought about it and knew that she was right. No one could escape death in this world. Even though there was an option to pursue the Immortal Dao, there were few who managed to do so throughout history. 

Regardless, he was recalcitrant. 

He looked at Luo Pin. Although he didn't know how she looked, his mental image of her was a perfect fairy from the sea. This girl was as compassionate as the vast seas. She was deep, silent, and highly intelligent. 

Would a person like her fail to escape the hurdle of death? 

He blurted, "The reason why we pursue the Immortal Dao is to remain alive! Regardless of how tenacious the route ahead might seem or how close you are to death, I feel that we should fight to the very last moment. Before reaching the stage of death and losing all dao, how could you know there won’t be a miracle? How would you know you would lose to death?" 

Luo Pin was taken aback and answered, "You are right! I have been pursuing it for all my life and have been through so much. How can I enjoy the comfortable period before death at the very last moment? I should aim to at least have a meaningful death, like fireworks. The instant before total destruction should also be the most dazzling and beautiful moment!" 

Her dejected and gloomy expression was replaced with the slimmest of vitality. 

"I really have to thank you for accompanying me in the search of hope during the very last part of my life." Luo Pin suddenly looked at Wu Yu deeply and affectionately. 

Wu Yu pursed his lips, chuckled, and said, "I guess that's fate! However, I don't think you will die. Aren't we still looking for hope?" 

"But we have searched for a long time. The Yan Huang Ancient Well has no end. Who knows if there's a finishing point even if we continue looking? The City Lord of Yan Huang won't allow us to remain here for a long time. There's also a limited number of Yan Huang Ancient Souls here." 

Wu Yu stepped into her shoes and looked towards the boundless world. Indeed, it was easy to be discouraged and lost. This was because this world was much greater than they had imagined. 

If they continued as they had, all they would feel would be more helplessness. 

He racked his brain to see if he could recall some suspicious areas along the way. 

Luo Pin said, "Thinking back on my life, I don't seem to have any friends. And even fewer people I could share my worries with. I have really led a lonely life. Wu Yu, are you considered a friend of mine?" 

Perhaps she felt like she couldn't hold on for long. Therefore, she became emotional and more talkative. 

Wu Yu was thinking deeply and didn't hear her. He thought hard and ran through his memories while Luo Pin was waiting for his reply. Suddenly, Wu Yu slapped his thigh and exclaimed out loud. 

"Why are you acting so weirdly?" Luo Pin was amused by his reaction. She rarely smiled, and one couldn't even see it. Nonetheless, one could hear her laughter. 

Wu Yu was a little agitated as he asked, "Might we have neglected a place? If it is something so important that it must be kept in an important place, I believe the strangest place would be the center of the entire Yan Huang Ancient Well. Would it be in the ancient city? Is there a possibility that the thing you are looking for is in the ancient city? Perhaps the place where the City Lord is?" 

After hearing Wu Yu, Luo Pin was stunned for a moment. 

Wu Yu's rationale was that she had left the ancient city in a hurry as she was worried about being discovered by the City Lord of Yan Huang Imperial City. Therefore, they might have neglected that place. 

After thinking about it, she nodded her head and jumped off the rock. She said, "You are right. Let's head back to the ancient city." 

They had been out for a long time, and this was the first time they were preparing to get back. 

"Really?" Wu Yu really wished he could help her. 

A beautiful girl reduced to just a skeleton was indeed a shame. 

"Yes," Luo Pin answered calmly. 

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