Chapter 0434: Damask of the Sea's Heart

The underground palace was colossal.

After making a few rounds, Luo Pin had not found anything yet. Instead, it was Wu Yu who understood why Qin Fuyao wanted to hog this underground palace.

In one of the secret chambers in the depths of the underground palace, he had found an immortal treasure. It was very ancient, probably about as old as the Grand Emperor Sword. Because too much time had passed, many of its spirit designs had lost much of their potency.

In terms of power, it must still be roughly equivalent to a supreme immortal treasure.

It was a blade that Wu Yu was not too skilled in using. He reckoned that he might be able to make quite a sum from selling it.

"If there's one, there's more. This means that there might be other treasures within this underground palace. Although I have no idea how they got here, this is the mysterious Yan Huang Ancient Well after all. Nothing is a surprise."

For example, Wu Yu encountered a demonic corpse at one point. The demonic corpse was like the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, but filled with a dark purple light. It was very powerful, except it had no intention of guiding Wu Yu at all - it just charged at him mercilessly. Finally, Wu Yu and Luo Pin combined powers to take it down. Otherwise, Wu Yu would’ve been in trouble.

"Since there are treasures in this underground palace, I should search carefully."

Therefore, Wu Yu and Luo Pin searched separately for the next few days and found a few treasures. Besides two immortal treasures, he found three types of precious treasures. One of them was a metal with four spiritual marks, while the two were crystals with four and five spiritual marks respectively. These were all rare and ancient resources that were probably worth quite a lot.

Besides, they had still not finished scouring the underground palace.

They met Qin Fuyao two more times, and she rushed past them with a hostile expression. Wu Yu called after her a few times, but she ignored him with a cold face.

"Women are really strange things. They change moods faster than flipping a book page. Especially beautiful women." Before, it had been Nangong Wei, and now Qin Fuyao. There would always be a time when they would become impossible to understand.

After three days, it seemed like this colossal underground palace had been mostly searched. Staring at the dim and crumbling surroundings, rust-covered and damp, Luo Pin was a little frustrated. She had yet to come up with anything.

"No worries. Let's search somewhere else."

The two returned to their original path.

Along the way, Wu Yu came across a pitch black lake. The lake water was stagnant and filthy. He had passed it a few times before without a second glance, but a brainwave suddenly hit him. He said, "This underground lake seems pretty deep. How about going in for a look?"

In the entire underground palace, this was perhaps the only place that they had overlooked.

Luo Pin nodded slightly, but she had no intention of going diving. With a careless curl of her hand, the lake water rose up, rushing towards her. With an easy gesture, it began to compact, forming a black pearl of water in her hand.

She tossed the pearl back into the lake. It bounced a few times and was stuck in the mud.

Wu Yu watched, mouth agape. As expected of a mystical dragon of the sea. This level of water manipulation was impressive indeed.

Peering down into the basin, Wu Yu's breath caught. They had indeed found a hole thanks to his observant senses. There was a circular iron platform in the middle, almost like a huge metal cover. The two exchanged a look, then hurried down to it. Wu Yu grasped the edge of the platform, then gave it a tremendous shove. He lifted it up and peered underneath. There was indeed a path below.

"Let’s go in."

The two entered the passage, and Wu Yu gently let the cover down. It was quickly shut, and Luo Pin also gestured to cause the black water pearl to explode and gush forth, filling the lake anew. The rank, black lake soon resumed its original state.

This was to prevent Qin Fuyao from knowing what they had found.

The passage was pitch-black, and Wu Yu's eyes shot forth golden pillars of fire that lit the path. It was fairly long, but both moved forward at a cautious pace in case there were other threats.

After about 20 breaths of time of walking, it seemed like there was something.

A small chamber within.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin appeared in the small chamber, and they soon took in all there was.

Firstly, there was a broken corpse below their feet. It looked to have had been there for a very long time, marked with the passage of time and history. 

That the corpse could endure until today indicated that the person had been a martial cultivator of great quality.

Perhaps this person had once been someone famous.

From the shape of the bones, this person should have been a woman.

But because too much time had passed, she had not been able to leave anything behind besides her bones. Save one more thing.

This was undoubtedly the most attention-catching object within the small chamber.

It was a black cloth wrapped around the skeleton's hand.

Luo Pin had also seen the black cloth. More specifically, it seemed to be a handkerchief tied to the arm.

And it was not black, but simply sullied by the mud after all this time.

It was an immortal treasure.

This sort of immortal treasure was less commonly seen for Wu Yu. This type of immortal treasure was even more complicated. Firstly, in terms of material, it had to be made of a thread-like cloth precious treasure, and then the spirit designs were formed.

Normally, for immortal treasures, fashioning spirit designs was easiest on normal weapons. For those like the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, it was more difficult, and those such as this cloth were the trickiest to accomplish.

Before coming across this immortal treasure, Luo Pin seemed to show no interest, but she narrowed her eyes this time. She did not move, but said in a startled tone, "This seems to be a dao treasure."

Wu Yu had not thought much of it, but was equally startled when he heard the words “dao treasure.” "Dao treasure? This handkerchief?"

That was completely out of his expectations.

Perhaps because too much time had passed, the handkerchief's powers had been washed clean, and it was now very ordinary. But as long as the quality was unchanged, and most of the spirit designs were intact, then it could return to its original state after it was blood bonded.

“Mm. It is a dao treasure that you found. I will not contest you for it. Take it quickly," Luo Pin said with a quiet look. She seemed to have no desire for it at all.

Of course, she actually had many treasures, and she did not fancy those of this level.

Wu Yu was still in disbelief. He walked up and firstly bowed slightly to the corpse. He said, "Senior has already passed on. Junior has come across this possession and will take it so that it may again see the light of day."


His movements were gentle, and he took the handkerchief from the corpse. He used a rinsing spell to revert the treasure to its original shape. It was actually a blue handkerchief, the same color as the ocean. Spreading it open, he saw a breathtaking scene of the sea painted on it. Although it just looked like an ordinary handkerchief for now, Wu Yu knew that once he poured his Jindan essence in, this handkerchief would definitely come to life.

"Is this really a dao treasure?" Wu Yu found this unthinkable.

"Show it to me." Luo Pin stretched out her hand, and Wu Yu draped it over it. She inspected it for a while and then said, "Indeed. It is known as the Damask of the Sea's Heart. It has been around for too long, but the spirit designs are still in very good condition. Its power is not bad, and can be used for both attack and defense. However, it doesn't seem to be very compatible with your affinities."

Since she had confirmed that it was a dao treasure, then it had to be one!

But Wu Yu still felt that this was hard to take in. A dao treasure was something that only those at the level of the Seven Immortals of Shushan could master. Or perhaps those with legacies such as Murong Xu. Of course, Murong Xu could not bring forth much real ability.

This Damask of the Sea's Heart would probably look even more fetching draped around the neck of a woman.

Wu Yu's strengths lay in the keen edge of metal and the fierce intensity of fire. Yet the Damask of the Sea's Heart was a gentle object, encompassing as the ocean and gentle as water. Just from its appearance alone, it seemed like a much better fit for Luo Pin.

If Wu Yu used it himself, he would be hard-pressed to bring forth the true power of the Damask of the Sea's Heart.

Therefore, he hesitated and then said, "Actually, we found this together, and it suits you better. Why not...."

Before he finished speaking, Luo Pin handed the Damask of the Sea's Heart back to him, saying, "No way. This is yours. Besides, I already have one."

Saying this, Luo Pin frowned. She seemed to feel like she had let something slip. After all, Wu Yu did not know her status, and she had actually told him that she had a dao treasure....

However, Wu Yu seemed not to be paying attention to her words, so she relaxed a little.

Wu Yu accepted the Damask of the Sea's Heart. Holding it in his hand, he did not understand why this handkerchief was a dao treasure....

"Don't underestimate it. Although it does not suit you, you will realize its true brilliance if you blood bond with it. Its power is definitely comparable to the Mixed Thunder Daosword. However, I suggest that you hold off blood bonding with it for now. The sentience of a dao treasure is haughty and proud, and it does not suit your affinities. It will not bend to you at all, and might even hurt you, unless you are stronger than you currently are," Luo Pin said seriously.


Although he had received a great treasure, it was of no use for now.

Such a dao treasure was most suited for a lady.

"Forget it. If I get other dao treasures in the future, I could sell it, and its worth is undetermined. Or I could exchange it for one that suits me more."

After all, this was a dao treasure!

The Yan Huang Ancient Well was truly a wondrous place - even dao treasures could randomly be found here!

After all, Luo Pin also had these things, and Wu Yu was not at the same level as she was. He could not easily relinquish such boons and carelessly give them away to her.

He prepared to stow away the Damask of the Sea's Heart, intending to continue inspecting it after they left.

Just at this moment, there was something above their heads. Wu Yu started. He knew that someone had entered - perhaps upon hearing the two.

Her speed was fast.

Wu Yu looked up to see Qin Fuyao. She was staring at the object in Wu Yu's hand. Without any pretense, she said, "Put that down."

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