Chapter 0432: Heaven's Wrath Aftershock

Now Wu Yu was confused. Wasn't she here to look for something?

It couldn’t be that she had risked exposure to take part in the Trial of Yan to come here just to battlethe Yan Huang Ancient Souls to raise her cultivation level....

That was impossible.

Thinking about it, since she wanted to go with him, he had no reason to say no. Besides, Luo Pin should not affect his training.

Hence, he nodded in reply. Both of them were wearing suits of Yan Huang Immortal Armor. One was tall and majestic, the other was handsome and carefree. Both of them moved forward quickly in the sandstorm.

The violent sandstorm surrounding them kept howling fiercely. When the sand hit their faces, it was a little painful.

He turned and saw Luo Pin’s snow white long hair flying out from beneath her helmet. Under the violent winds, her hair danced in the sky. This scene was as pretty as a painting.

But Luo Pin was obviously looking for something. Her goal was not the Yan Huang Ancient Souls. Wu Yu sensed that she was often looking at her surroundings and at the ground. She was looking carefully. It was like doing a search.

Wu Yu retreated a little and let her lead the way. This way, she could control the scope of her search. And Wu Yu only wanted the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, so this would not delay him.

The Ancient Spiritual Qi here was very violent but also abundant. Even if he sat down and trained, he would achieve very good results as well. At least from what he knew now, other than the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, there should not be any other disturbances around.

The City Lord had said that he could not guarantee that there would be no enemies other than the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, but he thought that the probability of him meeting them was low.

Under Luo Pin’s lead, they very quickly reached a place far from the ancient city. From here, they could no longer see the ancient city even when they turned back to look. Luo Pin had left the surveillance area of the City Lord. After getting out, her movements were even quicker. She basically ignored Wu Yu and searched her surroundings for clues.

“Looks like there are indeed not many Yan Huang Ancient Souls. We have not seen one even after half a day of travelling. We can’t even find them.” Wu Yu pretended that she was looking for Yan Huang Ancient Souls.

“Indeed.” Luo Pin nodded and said, “If you need to stop for a break, let me know.”


It was very easy to converse with her. She was usually straight to the point.

About another half day of time had passed and she had already searched a whole area. Wu Yu followed behind her and was recalling the first battle he had with a Yan Huang Ancient Soul. Suddenly, Luo Pin stopped in her tracks.


A power suddenly exploded from her and rolled out in waves. It hit Wu Yu and he flew out.

“What’s the matter!?” Wu Yu steadied his body and looked carefully. At this moment, Luo Pin was already on the ground in the lotus position. When he stood before her, he saw that there was blood beneath her helmet. She had probably vomited blood. Besides, there seemed to be a relatively fierce power wreaking havoc in her body. This caused her body to suddenly sink in sometimes. Even her clear blue eyes sometimes lost their light.

Luo Pin seemed to be in great pain, but she ground her teeth and held on.

“She should have been injured by the Heaven’s Wrath. There are parts of the Heaven’s Wrath remaining in her body, and they will act up randomly. This is probably the reason she is out here searching for something,” Ming Long said.

“Can I help?” Wu Yu felt sorry for her as he watched her suffer. Even her snow white long hair was turning grey.

“What can you possible do, you pathetic weakling?” Ming Long crossed her arms and sneered at him.

Wu Yu also knew that he could not be of any help, so he stood guard by Luo Pin’s side and waited for her to overcome the Heaven’s Wrath. She probably could not hold on much longer, so she was in such a hurry to leave the ancient city.

Looking at her in pain now, she had obviously experienced this quite a number of times.

“Nngh…” She let out a deep, painful moan. Actually, no matter how strong the power in her body at this moment was, she had to suppress it, or the Yan Huang City Lord would find out.

But seeing her darkened eyes, seeing her pitiful and weak state, Wu Yu was worried. He felt that females naturally looked more fragile. Seeing her in pain, he felt pity for her.

But it was at this moment that the Yan Huang Ancient Soul Wu Yu had been waiting for appeared!

He had just set up a shelter spirit design within the sandstorm to let Luo Pin recover in peace, but then a sudden sense of threat descended on him. He raised his head and saw a Yan Huang Ancient Soul clad in Yan Huang Immortal Armor, holding a broken and old battle halberd appearing before him.  The battle halberd was just scrap metal now, but because it was covered in a muddy yellow glow, it actually seemed especially powerful.

Wu Yu could clearly sense that this opponent was stronger than the previous one, who he had fought with bare hands.

The key was that this was only the first one! In another direction, there was actually another Yan Huang Ancient Soul. It appeared within the sandstorm. This Yan Huang Ancient Soul had a large bone structure. His hands were hugging a huge stone column. When he walked, his feet sunk deep into the yellow sand. It felt even more terrifying to Wu Yu.

“This Yan Huang Ancient Soul with the battle halberd should be here for Luo Pin, while the one with the stone column should be for me. But Luo Pin is in pain now. If she suffers the attacks of the Yan Huang Ancient Soul now, she will be in a worse situation…”

He definitely would not allow that Yan Huang Ancient Soul to go near Luo Pin at this moment.

Hence, he instantly made his decision. This time, he grabbed his hairs and blew hard on them. Instantly a large number of doppelgangers appeared. 100 doppelgangers surrounded him and Luo Pin. Wu Yu separated 10 doppelgangers out to stand guard at Luo Pin's surroundings. The other 90 instantly went for the Yan Huang Ancient Soul meant for Luo Pin. Wu Yu’s goal was to trap him. Since Luo Pin was currently not in a state to battle, it would be alright if he defeated it.

First, he needed to force this Yan Huang Ancient Soul away. Hence, the doppelgangers took out their supreme immortal treasures. In an instant, sword qi rose to the sky and they started attacking.

And Wu Yu held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff by his side and appeared before the other large Yan Huang Ancient Soul. The yellow glow on that corpse was even more vibrant.

“Senior, sorry for the offense.”

The other party was here to deliver the legacy to him. While indeed dangerous, Wu Yu was still filled with gratitude. He really enjoyed the opportunity to battle. Hence, he attacked and started fighting that Yan Huang Ancient Soul!

The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and the stone column clashed repeatedly. It shook the sky and ground.

On the other side, Wu Yu mainly wanted his doppelgangers to trap that Yan Huang Ancient Soul to prevent it from going too close to Luo Pin. These doppelgangers had used up 5 million of Wu Yu’s merits to increase their battle power. With their combined power and their cooperative attacks, there should not be any problems for now.

Besides, even if it were his doppelgangers fighting, Wu Yu realized that he could also experience the teachings of that other Yan Huang Ancient Soul. This way, he was practically fighting two Yan Huang Ancient Souls simultaneously.

Luo Pin did not care much for this Yan Huang Ancient Soul’s teachings, but Wu Yu desperately needed it!

Hence, at this moment, he was especially excited. While his doppelgangers were trapping one opponent, he was entirely focused on the battle with the Yan Huang Ancient Soul before his eyes!

The opponent was also very proficient in Heaven Earth Void techniques that used a long staff. Its movements and aura were much stronger than Wu Yu’s. At the beginning, Wu Yu was completely suppressed. Fortunately, Wu Yu's biggest advantage was thick skin and flesh. No matter how badly he was beaten up, he could get up and continue to fight with the Yan Huang Ancient Soul.

Bang, bang, bang!

At the moment, he was like an undead. Once, he was even hit on the head by the stone pillar. At that moment, he felt very dizzy and almost died. He stopped and stood up, enduring the dizziness and pain. He held on to the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and continued to fight.

"My dao is the unyielding dao.

"The will of the Yan Huang Ancient Souls is similar to mine. They have been dead for a long time, but they are still fighting against the rules of heaven and earth. They pass on their knowledge and ways of fighting. Every Time they attack, I can feel their dao, feel what they've learned."

Even if it was an ordinary attack, the power would be different if the dao in one's heart was different. In fact, many of the Yan Huang Ancient Souls' attacks were ordinary attacks.

Even though there had only been two battles so far, Wu Yu felt that he had benefited greatly. He opened his learning mode and kept remembering any attacks of the Yan Huang Ancient Soul.

The battle did not end even after one hour. He had bruises and injuries all over his body, and quite a lot of his bones were broken. But with his amazing will, he was able to wear down the Yan Huang Ancient Soul.

As they fought, the corpse fell to the ground.

Wu Yu had a deep enlightenment. He kowtowed and said, “Thank you for Senior’s teachings.”

This battle was indeed tougher than the previous. He almost did not make it.

Even so, he buried the corpse deep into the yellow sand.

He turned back to see. Luo Pin was still struggling in her battle with the Heaven’s Wrath. From her white neckline, she should be covered in sweat. He believed that she was still pushing herself and could not move. And on the other side, Wu Yu was left with about 70 doppelgangers. He quickly recovered the rest of his doppelgangers and stationed them by Luo Pin’s side to protect her. He, on the other hand, stepped forward and battled with the other Yan Huang Ancient Soul.

Since Luo Pin could not make any moves now, then Wu Yu would receive this opportunity for training with gratitude.

But it was worse this time because he had already fought one. This time, a few holes appeared on his body. The wounds were bloody and made him seem especially heroic, like a hero saving a damsel in distress. Actually, Wu Yu was totally immersed in the teachings of the Yan Huang Ancient Soul as it had not been easy for him to reach the Yan Huang Ancient Well. After all, he was not Beishan Mo or Nangong Wei - he could only rely on himself. Hence, he had to work harder. He wanted to catch up to them in this Yan Huang Ancient Well.

There were less than three years left until the agreed upon date. He had never once forgotten this promise.

He fought this battle crazily. When his opponent was totally broken down, Wu Yu had no idea how much time had passed. He fell before Luo Pin, panting furiously. He realized that Luo Pin’s situation seemed to have improved greatly. Her body seemed to have recovered to a good state. The moment Wu Yu fell to the ground, she stood up.

Wu Yu fainted unheroically.

As he lost consciousness, she seemed to have helped him up and carried him forward. In an instant, a nice scent filled his nose.

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