Chapter 0431: Yan Huang Ancient Soul

After experiencing that weird corpse's test, they did not meet with other obstacles on their way to the ancient city.

While there were two great beauties by Wu Yu's side, he did not look at any of them - he was focused on the journey. In his heart, he was thinking of the fight with that corpse. As he recalled the details, the more he gained.

"It was practically like a senior teaching me how to cultivate dao step by step yet not affecting my dao. It was not something forced onto me, but using that method to facilitate my enlightenment."

To Wu Yu, that was a never-before-seen method. It was mind blowing.  

If the Shushan Reincarnation Realm was the same, then it was no wonder Nangong Wei had improved so much the one time she entered when she was young.

If Wu Yu could have entered as well, then he definitely could have improved even more.

When he shared with Qin Fuyao the details of the battle with the corpse, Qin Fuyao was slightly stunned and said, "I see, I also had a similar feeling, but you are the smart one to have understood so quickly. Looks like if we meet those corpses again, I have to appreciate the chance to fight with them."

After explaining, Wu Yu did not listen to Qin Fuyao's comments. He kept recalling. The more he thought back, the more suspicions he had. It seemed like it was clearer and he had the correct train of thought.

"It is just one battle and I've learnt a lot. If I stay here for a long time, I will definitely improve greatly! While there may be more difficult corpses to defeat, I'll try my best to extend my time here." Wu Yu had a plan in his heart.

They neared the rundown ancient city. This city was situated within the sandstorm, but the sandstorm could not reach the ancient city. Hence, the ancient city became the only quiet land of peace. The city walls and buildings were very ancient and rundown. The whole ancient city might not be small, but it looked very fragile. It seemed like it could be destroyed easily.

"We are here."

The three of them landed on the ground. They knew that the City Lord was within the city, so they were a little nervous. They chose to walk in from the entrance.

Once they thought of the notion of meeting the strongest person on the divine continent, the person closest to achieving immortality, Wu Yu was excited. Within that excitement was nervousness as well. Actually, when he had just entered the world of martial cultivation, he had never thought that a day like this would come, where that he could meet such a legend.

After all, at Shushan, he had not even seen the Dubhe Sword Immortal who was ranked first. And that Dubhe Sword Immortal was obviously not as strong as the Yan Huang City Lord.

The Imperial General's name was Di Yi.

The City Lord was Di Yan.

Of course, no one would address him by name. He had only one title in the divine continent, and that was the Yan Huang City Lord.

Even Qin Fuyao had never seen the mysterious City Lord, not to mention Wu Yu and Luo Pin. The three of them walked into the ancient city nervously. The instant they crossed the city’s door, Wu Yu felt as though he had entered another world. On the outside, sandstorms raged, and on the inside, it was ancient, aged, and peaceful.

Actually, he was paying attention to Luo Pin.

But her eyes were still calm. It seemed like she was prepared. Since she actually had the courage to come here, she must have the means to handle the City Lord.

The buildings in the ancient city were not tall. With one look, you could see the ground. The three of them quickened their pace. After entering, while they did not know the position of the City Lord, it should not be wrong to proceed to the central position.

The ancient city square was at the central position. The square consisted of mostly dried up soil. Only in the middle was a high platform with a diameter of about three zhang. That platform was made of ordinary rocks. There was nothing special about it.

"Why is the City Lord not here..."

Qin Fuyao did not sense the Yan Huang City Lord and was puzzled. When she and Wu Yu walked into the square, they realized that there was a person sitting there on the high platform.

However, before Wu Yu saw him with his eyes, he did not feel any presence of this person. In their perception of this world, other than within their sight, this person did not exist.

At first glance, Wu Yu felt that this Yan Huang City Lord was as sparse and ordinary as the whole ancient city. He was just an ordinary old man with long, white hair. He was wearing a pale golden robe covered with a lot of dust, which made him seem a little messy. His eyes were closed, as if he had not moved in a long time. If they had not met here, Wu Yu would’ve thought that this person was just an ordinary old man. At best, he just seemed to be wiser.

Who could have imagined that he was the strongest person in divine continent?

To return to one's trueness should be like this.

Qin Fuyao was the first to react. She quickly knelt down on one knee and said in a loud voice, "I'm Qin Fuyao, a centurion of Yan Huang Imperial City. I pay my respects to the City Lord."

Wu Yu and Luo Pin followed her and bowed. Luo Pin was more low-key and did not stand out at all. She acted very naturally. However, according to Ming Long, she had probably the concealed herself to the maximum already.

The three of them waited for the City Lord to reply.

The Yan Huang City Lord had a very kind voice. Although he did not open his eyes, he said, "The three of you have come to the Yan Huang Ancient Well. In this period of time, train on your own. Within these six months, you can come here to ask me if you have any questions. I will answer them if I know."

They did not expect the City Lord to be so polite.

Wu Yu then asked, "Just now, we had a fight with the corpses here. Can I ask City Lord what they are?"

The City Lord replied, "Yes, I saw the fight. You got the point quickly. As for the corpses, they’re called Yan Huang Ancient Souls. They are corpses and souls left here by our predecessors of Yan Huang Imperial City. The Yan Huang Ancient Well is a special place. They can stay here and still serve the city after their death, and pass on their legacy to thousands of generations. "

Yan Huang Ancient Soul.

Unexpectedly it was as Wu Yu had guessed. Those were really the seniors of Yan Huang Ancient City. Even in death, they were still passing their legacies to the younger generations.

Of course, this had to do with the mysteries of the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

It was precisely because of this that Nangong Wei had received her predecessors’ Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor’s legacy in the Reincarnation Realm.

They did not expect the City Lord to be so kind. As long as they asked, it seemed he would answer to the best of his abilities.

“Within the ancient city, no Yan Huang Ancient Soul will appear. Outside the ancient city, the Yan Huang Ancient Souls may seek you out and fight with you. Logically speaking, the Yan Huang Ancient Souls that you meet will be stronger than the ones previously met. If you cannot win, then escape to the ancient city for a rest. If you perform poorly for a few months, you can leave. If you can persist, then for three years, I can also answer your questions.”

It was indeed scary that the Yan Huang Ancient Souls’ abilities would be stronger each time.

While one could remain at the ancient city, no one would want to waste such precious time inside. Besides, the City Lord would probably chase them out as well.

Time flowed differently here.

Wu Yu had a question. Since these were the souls of their predecessors, why not allow more people in to receive the legacies?

That Yan Huang City Lord seemed to know the doubt in his heart and said, “There is a limit to the Yan Huang Ancient Souls. The Yan Huang Ancient Well requires over 10 years to gather, nourish, and reform a Yan Huang Ancient Soul. Hence, every Yan Huang Ancient Soul that you meet, you have to appreciate and maximize its effects.”

So that was the truth.

The Shushan Reincarnation Realm probably worked on the same logic. Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei could be allowed in twice. It was obvious that the Seven Immortals of Shushan were giving their all to train them. The other Shushan disciples might not even have the chance; even those talented ones like Shen Xingyao had never been given a chance.

If Shen Xingyao were at Yan Huang Imperial City, he probably could have entered the Yan Huang Ancient Well.

Murong Xu and the others probably knew a little of these secrets and hence were fighting with their lives at the Trial of Yan. That was why they were so jealous of Wu Yu when they were defeated.

“If there’s nothing else, then please make haste. Also, the Yan Huang Ancient Well is endless. You can take this to be a battlefield. On this battlefield, other than the Yan Huang Ancient Souls, I’m not sure if there are any other things. Hence, take care, children.”

The City Lord had given very detailed instructions. Wu Yu suspected that the one before his eyes might not be the Yan Huang City Lord, but someone the City Lord had arranged to be here, a puppet specifically to answer their questions. Of course, he had not dared to voice out such an idea.

“Thank you, City Lord.” The three of them expressed their gratitude.

Wu Yu knew that Luo Pin would not want to stay here any longer hence he said, “There’s not much time, let’s go out and challenge the Yan Huang Ancient Souls.”

He was also secretly assisting her. While he still did not know her true motive….

Luo Pin nodded and agreed without hesitation.

Qin Fuyao as well. She seemed to be very interested in the training battles outside.

They bade farewell to this very ordinary Yan Huang City Lord. They had just arrived but had already left the ancient city in a hurry. They entered the sandstorm outside.

As the only male in the team, Wu Yu suggested, “Shall we stay nearby for some time first? If we can hold on, then we will move further. If the three of us stay together, we can look out for each other.”

After he spoke, Qin Fuyao laughed coyly and said, “You want two beauties to follow you? Dream on. Forget it, I’ll not interrupt your couple time. Now everyone knows that Wu Yu and Luo Pin are interested in each other. I shall leave first. I’ll give you some core-tail talismans. Contact me if you need anything.”

Qin Fuyao said and then actually really left. Wu Yu could not stop her. She seemed to want to move on her own.

After she left, Wu Yu said to Luo Pin, “She probably wants to train alone. There’s more freedom. That’s why she was talking rubbish. Don’t mind her.”

Luo Pin nodded and said, “I know.”

She knew that Qin Fuyao often spoke rubbish. Hence, she was also too lazy to mind her words. Or rather, she had something more important in her mind and hence was too lazy to quibble with Qin Fuyao.

“Do you want to move alone as well? There will indeed be more freedom and is easier.” Wu Yu said. She had come with a goal. Hence, if he was at her side, she might be inconvenienced. If he accidentally saw her secret, he would probably end up with a terrible fate. Hence, he suggested this directly to give Luo Pin the excuse to leave him. 

Unexpectedly Luo Pin shook her head and said, “There is no need. I’ll go with you. It’s good to have a companion.”

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