Chapter 0430: Desolate Ancient World

That was undoubtedly the most important thing they had to do here.

She seemed to have already made preparations to meet the Yan Huang City Lord.

Since she was confident, then Wu Yu would not over-think on her behalf either. Clearly, or perhaps, he would soon know the reason why Luo Pin had come to Yan Huang Imperial City.

No matter how you looked at it, Luo Pin did not seem like a bad person. Besides, she was an immortal beast, and fundamentally different from demons. Therefore, Wu Yu did not believe that she would do anything that would harm Yan Huang Imperial City. Perhaps she was just here to search for something.

The most probable answer was that she was looking for something that would restore her to her peak power, since she was currently in a seriously wounded state.

"If she recovers and leaves, you might never see her again in this life. That would be a pity too."

The three parted the wind and sand, flying towards the ancient city. The ancient city was actually not near, and the barraging sandstorm was fierce. They could only proceed more smoothly after Qin Fuyao exerted her control and created a path for them.

"We're about to meet the strongest person in the divine continent. Are you nervous?" Qin Fuyao asked. She looked very nervous, her heart fluttering in her chest.

Wu Yu was not, and was even a little impatient. In terms of nervousness, the only little bit he held was for Luo Pin. After all, he did not know if she could pass before the City Lord of Yan Huang.

If she was exposed, what would happen?

Wu Yu shook his head.

"Still denying it? Must be acting strong. Hum hum." Qin Fuyao rolled her eyes at him in a very cute way.

She was nervous indeed. The closer they got, the more fluttery her heart became.

You could kill your horse by chasing a mountain. [1] For a journey that Wu Yu estimated would take but half an hour, they were only halfway through after a full hour.

The yellow sand billowed around them, gusted and swept by the winds across the barren plains. While Wu Yu was hurrying along, he was also carefully observing their surroundings, and the other two were doing likewise. Luo Pin was looking for something, while Wu Yu and Qin Fuyao were curious. What was so special about this Yan Huang Ancient Well?

Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao did not seem to click very well together, so he stood between the two on his Art of Sword Flight.

On the left was Luo Pin, her silver tresses dancing in the wind, unsullied by a single speck of dust. Her azure blue eyes were as placid as the surface of a calm lake, where one would plunge in without even knowing it. On the right was Qin Fuyao, black hair and eyes. A long skirt of red flitted amidst the black, and she was like a vivacious flower. She occasionally talked and laughed with Wu Yu, and each word and smile was enchanting. She had an unearthly charm about her that was difficult to put into words.

Wu Yu realized that although Qin Fuyao was attractive, but she was indeed different from the other girls that he had met before. As for what the difference was, he did not know.


An aura of danger suddenly assailed their senses, and all three came to a sharp halt. The three put their backs to each other, scanning their surroundings alertly.

"What is it?" Qin Fuyao cast her gaze about.

"No idea. Not human, and not demon." Wu Yu was also watching their surroundings carefully.

They very quickly discovered that this sense of threat came from three places. When they halted, it seemed like there was someone moving towards them through the mad sandstorm, in their respective directions.

Qin Fuyao gestured slightly, and the sandstorm around them was dispersed. Suddenly, the three figures appeared before them.

The first thing to catch their eye was the Yan Huang Immortal Armor. However, it was an extremely ancient, battered suit of armor. In truth, the spirit designs upon it were long ruined, and this Yan Huang Immortal Armor had no defensive abilities at all.

Wu Yu narrowed his eyes and saw that the armor-clad figures were actually corpses. Their flesh was completely petrified, and only a yellowed skeleton remained. They were clearly dead through and through, but for some reason, the corpses shone with a dusty yellow light that resembled a human shape. It supported the Yan Huang Immortal Armor as though flesh and blood resided within. There were even eyes, mouths, and noses where the heads were.

The dusty yellow light was an unknown force, mysterious and enigmatic. It was not Jindan essence, nor Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, nor demonic energy. Wu Yu's current knowledge of dao was very shallow, so naturally he had no answers.

"This is...." Qin Fuyao said, startled. She was at a loss.

Wu Yu said, "From what the Imperial General said, there will definitely be tests within the Yan Huang Ancient Well. I think this must be one of them. If these three corpses attack us, then we should be doing no wrong in counter-attacking. If they are horrifyingly strong, and we can't win, then I suggest we leg it in the direction of the ancient city."

"Mm, seconded," Qin Fuyao said.

Although Luo Pin did not speak, she clearly had no opinion. If she did, she would have voiced it for sure.

They had just finished speaking when the corpses started menacing over. From the way they moved, they looked very competent indeed.

"One each."

The three spread out swiftly.

Actually, the three corpses were attacking them individually as well, as though they had already been assigned opponents.

Without further ado, Wu Yu pulled out the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. This corpses did not use any immortal treasures, and for now, their methods of attack were unknown.

Wu Yu soon found out.

The opponent used fists and feet.


One punch whistled through nothing but air, and Wu Yu was not prepared for the devastating velocity packed into it. It parted the wind and shook the yellow sands.

What power!

Just pure strength alone could achieve this. This showed just how terrifying this corpse was. And there were even more unknown factors. The most puzzling of which was the yellowish-brown light - what did it do?

The corpse did not speak, it only attacked again.

The movements were simple, but each attack was a wonder to behold. Each punch and kick was in perfect harmony with the world itself. Simple moves that seemed capable of calling forth Ancient Spiritual Qi itself. It was used directly as an attack, and the power was staggering, as though it had no upper limit. 

Besides, Wu Yu realized that this corpse seemed to be some sort of measure. Right now, Qin Fuyao did not know how powerful it was, but Qin Fuyao's opponent did not suppress her. Clearly, he understood that the corpse's ability would be pegged to your own.

For example, if it was a first tier Jindan Dao cultivator who came in, then the corpse's strength would be that as well.

After a short time, Wu Yu had clashed dozens of times with it, and finally he was holding his own. Previously, he had been on the back foot.

Even if he had stabilized the situation, his opponent still had many abstruse attacks which kept him on his toes. This corpse could even use a Heaven Earth Void techniques, although they were so ancient that he had no idea what they were. Wu Yu's opponent's Heaven Earth Void techniques mirrored Wu Yu's own affinity - metal and fire.

"This means that whatever I use, he will attack me with the same!"

Wu Yu was thinking as he fought his vicious battle.

He felt that only when one understood this thoroughly could one focus on the fight.

"I've got it!"

Very quickly, he had a brainwave.

"The Yan Huang Ancient Well is like the Reincarnation Realm. That means it is a place to train us.

"Since an enemy has appeared, then it must also be to train us and help us.

"Battling is the fastest way to gain enlightenment. These corpses, through executing similar Heaven Earth Void techniques and dao to ourselves, allows us to discover ourselves and elevate our own dao through this battle!"

After he realized this, things were simple.

Wu Yu knew that his only goal was to train himself. Perhaps there were not many corpses such as this. That was why this battle was worth treasuring.

He conveyed his views quickly to the other two.

"You're so clever. Why didn't I think of that? Now that we know, I find them pretty cute." Just as Qin Fuyao said this, the corpse slipped an attack under her guard, and the solid blow contorted her face in agony. Her temper flared, and she did not call it cute again. Their romping battle resumed.

Wu Yu was calm for a while. He was meticulously observing his own opponent. He was watching every movement, and every change in each exertion....

"I have to display my dao. Only then can it guide me."

Wu Yu surmised. Perhaps the thing before him was a senior who had passed. They remained here to help their descendants, through the mode of battle. This was also because battle was the only way in which they could continue to impart what they had.

Clearly, they were noble!

As a result, Wu Yu held a serious, respectful attitude during the fight, unlike Qin Fuyao's childish tantrum.

"These legacy bearers are all the elite, the movers and shakers of the cultivation world. They are martyrs whose legacies endure till today."

This fired Wu Yu's blood, and he was moved. Although he was beaten down by his opponent time and again, and swallowed up by his opponent's Heaven Earth Void techniques, he still crawled back up on the strength of the Invincible Vajra Body to continue the fight. He would show his opponent his dao and let himself be guided!

Actually, there had been many geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City who had come here throughout the course of history.

But to gain so many revelations through battle in such a short period of time... only Wu Yu had achieved it.

After about an hour, Qin Fuyao used an ultimate move to defeat her opponent. She huffed in relief and said sulkily, "That hurt."

Luo Pin had also concluded her battle.

But Wu Yu had not. He was not even attacking at times, only defending. And then he crawled up again and again to struggle against the corpse.

"Wu Yu, do you need Big Sister to help you?" Qin Fuyao asked.

"No need," Wu Yu answered, and continued his fight. He had not even used his doppelgangers, he was just fighting with his true body. This was the simplest method of fighting against the corpse.

His newly regenerated body was soon covered in bloody scars from the corpse again.

However, Wu Yu was very excited. He exchanged with the corpse, fighting in a lively manner. To Qin Fuyao, this was madness.

"Wu Yu, stop fooling around. Let's go to the ancient city," Qin Fuyao said impatiently.

"Talk to you in a bit. Wait a while." Wu Yu did not stop. He treated each attack very seriously, and through this process, he could truly feel the corpse imparting some dao legacies and experience to him through their fight. The dao word in Wu Yu's heart became slightly clearer in this battle.

After two hours, the yellow light faded from the corpse, winking into non-existence. The remaining Yan Huang Immortal Armor and skeleton collapsed.

"Let's go," Qin Fuyao said.

Wu Yu buried the Yan Huang Immortal Armor and corpse in the yellow sand, and only then resumed his journey towards the ancient city.

1. TN: Faraway objects are further than they seem.

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