Chapter 0428: Mega Shopping Spree

The battle came to an end and the audience dispersed.

Wu Yu emerged first in the Trial of Yan, earning 5 million merits.

After he traded for the Chief Emperor Sword and the Grand Emperor Sword, he had 1,000 or more Inner Sea Essence Pills left. Adding to that, Li Kuhai's stupidity led him to earn another 2,000. Although he consumed some to raise his cultivation level, it still added up to about 3,000.

Now, he would have about 8 million merits.

People like Jiang Xuechuan would be envious of such wealth.

On the other hand, people like Qin Fuyao, who had Yan Huang generals supporting them, would probably have this amount of wealth as well.

However, Wu Yu had a problem. He could not save his money. As long as he has some, he would find a way to spend it.

The Trial of Yan ended. The martial cultivators from all over the divine continent were all in shock. Some left, and some stayed to tour around Yan Huang Imperial City. The Yan Huang Immortal Army had assigned some people specially to send off the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, and the other major forces.

As Wu Yu was still recuperating, Shen Xingyao came over to him directly. He patted Wu Yu on the shoulder and said, "You’ve fought for everything you have now with your own effort. From now on, you'll be part of Yan Huang Imperial City. I don't care about the grudges between you and Shushan. After all, Shushan is not your enemy. It was those few people from Shushan who led you to this state. If you return to Shushan in the future, at least the Ursae Sword Immortal and I will welcome you."

Wu Yu knew that even though the Shushan Immortal Sect had left bad memories for him, it was also the place he could never forget. There were also people who were very important to him there.

After he finished speaking, Shen Xingyao left with the rest.

"Wu Yu, make your preparations and I'll take you to the City Lord Residence in 10 days." General Qin had brought Qin Fuyao over, explained a few words, and left. After all, Qin Fuyao also had to go back to treat her wounds.

Wu Yu also had to return to Heaven's Equal Camp to train. At this time, his brothers and sisters from Heaven's Equal Camp all ran up to him. They were so excited that they carried Wu Yu up high. If Wu Yu was not injured, they would probably have thrown him into the sky.

They were playing around and laughing. This attracted envious gazes of others, which also meant that not everyone would be happy.

Wu Yu was playing around with the people from Heaven's Equal Camp. When he looked back, he saw that Jiang Xuechuan was already beside Luo Pin. They walked back in silence.

Actually, Wu Yu knew that Jiang Xuechuan and Luo Pin were two very different people, and that it was not possible for them to be together. But Jiang Xuechuan did not know her real identity. It was just his own wishful thinking.

As they played around, he forgot about the things over there very quickly. The whole group of them were acting ostentatiously all the way till they reached Heaven's Equal Camp.

Wu Yu looked at Blue Dragon Camp next door. Jiang Xuechuan and Luo Pin had also arrived. Standing at the door, he could vaguely hear Jiang Xuechuan's words. "I had some thoughts before, but now I realize that you are not as simple as I thought. Your future is much broader than mine. In fact, I was thinking too much. On the road of cultivation, the so-called immortal companions must be equal. Now I understand that you have great potential and will always be ahead of me. In this case, I will give up and concentrate on being your boss. Is this alright?"

Jiang Xuechuan was really a very open and direct person. When he realized that there was a gap between him and Luo Pin, he said it out honestly. In this way, he would not cause any trouble for Luo Pin.

"I have to thank you for letting me come here." Luo Pin bowed slightly.

"Alright, you do not need to feel obliged. This is martial cultivation. The most important thing is your own dao. Don't follow blindly. I will not disturb you anymore. Goodbye."

Jiang Xuechuan left quickly.

Luo Pin stood at the door for a while and looked over to Heaven's Equal Camp and the burned and black Wu Yu. Wu Yu did not see her expression, but knew that she had smiled lightly.

"Stop looking, Commander. The beauty is gone!" Wu Tianyu said with a laugh.

"I didn't expect Commander Wu, the first in the Trial of Yan, to have such a perverted side." Zhen Yu covered her mouth and giggled.

"Don't talk nonsense. If you do, I will give you guys a beating."

The whole group of people returned to Heaven's Equal Camp.

He thought that in 10 days, he would go to the City Lord Residence. He did not have a lot of time to prepare. He said, "Brothers and sisters, I may leave here for a while, and come back in six months."

"Don't be polite with us, Commander. You look so scorched and black. Go recuperate quickly. How can you go to the City Lord Residence like this with two beauties?"

"I find that our Commander Wu is really lucky. Qin Fuyao, needless to say, is very good-looking. Commander Luo is definitely very pretty as well. Maybe he can have both of them in his arms."

The crowd laughed.

Under their teasing, Wu Yu went back to his residence in embarrassment. He basically did not delay any further. He continued to take immortal medicines. Now the power of thunder and lightning had been eliminated, but the effect of the Genesis Essence Pill was still there. He would need to circulate his Jindan essence, bring it throughout his body, and promote the growth of blood and flesh.

The medicinal power of the Genesis Essence Pill made Wu Yu experience a warm feeling in his heart.

After coming to Yan Huang Imperial City, Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao were both women who could exceed Nangong Wei. They were more mature than Nangong Wei and not so young and willful. And between the two, sometimes Luo Pin's simple words and actions could make him fall into a trance.

"I should not be immersed in love right now. I've also learned a lesson in Shushan. Now I am only considered a genius in this divine continent and I am far from becoming an immortal. It's better to be earnest and down-to-earth."

He began to recuperate.

The medicinal power of the Genesis Essence Pill was amazing. It seemed to be similar in appearance with other pills, but the more he channelled its healing effects, the stronger it became. After about seven days, Wu Yu recovered completely. All the burnt flesh on his body had fallen off. After using a purification incantation, the newly created flesh and skin appeared. His new skin was smooth and bright, just like a newborn’s.

"My God, you've changed from a black face to a pretty boy. Old Mother can't even control herself after seeing your delicate appearance. Oh, I'm so embarrassed." Ming Long appeared and sized him up while salivating.

"Up yours. I'm a man from Dong Yue Wu." Wu Yu stood up and put on the new suit of Yan Huang Immortal Armor that the Yan Huang Immortal Army had given him. After putting it on, he looked at himself and realized that his face, fingers, and body were definitely whiter. His skin looked like a woman's, like something you would see on an ultimate beauty.

"My God, isn't this a little disgusting?" Wu Yu could not stand his white and tender appearance.

Ming Long rolled her eyes and said, "How could you not admit that you have received a benefit? Do you know how many women will envy you for your delicate skin?" 

Wu Yu was still a little embarrassed. This appearance did not fit his style.

However, there were only three days left. He had to finish his preparations quickly, or he would not be prepared to enter the City Lord Residence.

While he was recuperating, in fact, all 100 of his doppelgangers had used Inner Sea Essence Pills to refine their Jindans. After all, Wu Yu had climbed a tier, which raised their upper limit.

In the past few days, they had consumed a lot of Inner Sea Essence Pills. After all, he had too many doppelgangers now. Added up, the amount of Inner Sea Essence Pills consumed would be huge. By the time all of them had been raised to their limit, they had consumed 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills out of the 3,000 Wu Yu had left.

He had 5 million merits and 1000 or more Inner Sea Essence Pills left.

Frist, he went out and converted 2 million merits into Inner Sea Essence Pills.

In the past few days of recuperation, he did not forget to ponder over the mystique of the Unshackled Doppelganger. In fact, after a lot of training and fighting, he had become familiar with the use of doppelgangers.

Out of the doppelgangers he had now, 10 of them were strong, while the other 90 were still slightly behind, and their Jindan essences were not as strong as that of those ten.

But after Wu Yu raised them to the fourth tier, the 90 leveled up and changed, which should be considered as achieving a completion stage. In this way, their limits had also increased. The reason why Wu Yu had traded for another 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills to make up a total of 3,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills was to use them all on these 90 doppelgangers.

It was only a matter of time before all the doppelgangers reached a complete stage and their Jindan essence would be no less than that of Wu Yu. Of course, to complete this step, they would need to consume 5,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

The advantage was that the combat power of the doppelgangers had been greatly enhanced.

In the next three days, his doppelgangers worked hard to refine their Jindans, while Wu Yu was running around the inner city.

He had 3 million merits left.

Wu Yu used 500,000 merits to equip all his doppelgangers with supreme immortal treasures. This was considered a serious investment.

He spent another 500,000 merits on a large number of immortality arts for refining immortal medicine, upgrading his medicinal furnace and equipment for creating spirit designs, and many new spirit designs as well.

Now he had 2 million merits left.

Wu Yu spent 1 million merits on two Heaven Earth Void techniques. He prepared these two Heaven Earth Void techniques mainly for his doppelgangers. Of course, he could also use them.

These two Heaven Earth Void techniques were naturally more powerful than the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique and Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique! After all, their value was nearly the same as the Chief Emperor Sword and the Grand Emperor Sword. Basically, both were considered the most powerful Heaven Earth Void techniques in the world.

One of them was suitable for mutual cooperation. It had to be used by multiple parties and was specially designed by Wu Yu for his doppelgangers. You could imagine how powerful it would be when all his doppelgangers used it together successfully.

It was called the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword formation.

This Heaven Earth Void technique had the mysteries of spirit designs within itself. The people who used it would stand on their own and form a sword formation to attack. There were many sword formations like this in Shushan, even in the Heavenly Sword Sect.

The other one was specially selected by Wu Yu after witnessing the power of the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique, but this Heaven Earth Void technique did not need any addition of immortal treasures.

It was called the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique.

It was said that the Oblivion Beast was a demon that devoured souls. This Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique was derived from the Oblivion Beast. Of course, it was just a legend. Wu Yu looked at it and saw that there was nothing much to do with demons, but it was really a very powerful Heaven Earth Void technique, especially when 100 doppelgangers used it at the same time. The scene would be very shocking.

Wu Yu had maximised his use of the Unshackled Doppelganger Great Dao Mystique.

After he spent such a huge amount of money, he could definitely build a super army.

He exchanged the remaining 1 million merits for Inner Sea Essence Pills and brought them along with him.

10 days were soon over and he finished his preparations.

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