Chapter 0427: Champion of the Trial of Yan

At least today's battles were all over.

Today, on the Battlefield of Old, Wu Yu had successfully written his own legend.

If it was said that he had been chased out of the Shushan Immortal Sect because of Nangong Wei, and was known by the martial cultivators of the divine continent for this, then right now he had truly made a name for himself based on his ability. His name shone, and he had won his own respect.

Anyone with such strength of will was worthy of respect.

Wu Yu, completely blackened yet still refusing to fall. This also said that his heart was straight and true.

Even though he had been chased out by Shushan, it was only because he had adhered to his dao, refusing to be swayed by others. Not even by the Mizar Sword Immortal, and not even by the person who was about to become his dao companion.

After General Murong made the announcement, he bid General Gu and General Qin to hold things down, while he hurried to help Murong Xu up. There would be a crucial battle the day after, and he had to quickly nurse his precious son back to health.

"Wu Yu...." No matter how unsatisfied Murong Xu was, he had to accord some respect to this person who had been harmed so devastatingly by himself, and yet still stood.

After so many years, this was the first time that he had been shaken by a youth, and one who was younger than him at that.

Wu Yu was different from Luo Pin. Luo Pin had won by concealing her strength, which spoke of how well she held her cards. She could not be truly considered a dark horse. That would be Wu Yu. In truth, everyone knew his ability. He had defeated Li Kuhai and Murong Xu based on battle smarts and willpower. In this Immortal Dao clash, this was a rare sight.

Mortals had frail bodies, which was why they would endeavor and wrack their brains to triumph by intellect.

Wu Yu's mortal beginnings and his prior training on the battlefield meant that he had retained the awareness of a mortal warrior. His ingenuity in battle, paired with his Unshackled Doppelganger, truly resulted in unimaginably marvelous results.

General Murong hurriedly took Murong Xu away, and Wu Yu should also have returned to his position to treat his wounds. However, given his current state, it would be difficult for him to even return to the preparation stage. At this moment, a shadow loomed over him. It was Luo Pin, and her blue eyes were looking at Wu Yu with warmth. Without saying much, she tugged Wu Yu with her, bringing him back to the preparation stage.

As she flew with him, Wu Yu gazed at her back profile, feeling the warmth from her slim hand and palm, the faint and beguiling scent that deeply filled him. He lost focus for a moment.

He suddenly felt a sense of warmth.

No matter how cruel this world of cultivation was, when he was seriously injured, she had been the first one to think of taking him back.

But the warmth was fleeting. They soon returned to the preparation stage, where only he, Luo Pin, and Qin Fuyao remained. After bringing Wu Yu here, she gently extracted her hand from his, then retrieved a jade flask, saying, "I have a Genesis Essence Pill, it should be efficacious for your injuries. Take it."

"Thank you." Wu Yu knew that this immortal medicine was much more suitable for his wounds than what he possessed. Besides, it was a Supreme Grade miracle medicine of high price - each could be exchanged for more than 300 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

His wounds were indeed serious, and he needed to treat them with urgency. Otherwise, it might affect his cultivation in the future.

Presently, everyone was staring at him with shocked gazes, but Wu Yu had no time to bother with them.

Qin Fuyao walked up, her gaze glowing. She was in no mood to challenge Wu Yu now. She said softly, "Congratulations. Today, you completed your wish, and made everyone see you with newfound respect, myself included."

She was not a bad person, and Wu Yu did not dislike her either. Therefore, he said, "I hope that the three of us who went to Yunxi City can also enter the City Lord Residence together."

Qin Fuyao smiled prettily, saying, "That's true. You’ve wounded Murong Xu very deeply. If I don't win, I would be letting down your 'violence.’" She batted her eyelids, her gaze conveying volumes. Compared to Luo Pin, she was a whole different brand of charm.

"Don't disturb his recovery." Luo Pin suddenly spoke up from the side.

Qin Fuyao rolled her eyes.

The two of them had their own personalities.

Luo Pin was a woman of few words. She no longer disturbed Wu Yu.

Wu Yu calmed down and saw Shen Xingyao give him a thumbs-up in the distance. Seeing this further relaxed Wu Yu. He also spotted the grim faces of the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage and the others, and this made him happy as well.

Luo Pin's immortal medicine was even more effective than Wu Yu had expected. According to Ming Long, this was not even a Genesis Essence Pill, but perhaps one which was even more effective. It was well suited to treat the wounds inflicted by lightning. Coupled with Wu Yu's own Invincible Vajra Body and superhuman regenerative and vital powers, this meant that his new flesh began to grow almost as soon as the battle ended. After this vicious electrical attack, his new flesh grew even stronger than before.

This was the result of endless effort poured into the Invincible Vajra Body.

As Wu Yu was recuperating, he also did not forget to contemplate the great dao! This battle had changed his mentality, and he improved in many ways as he never had before. He had already been nearing the 10th tier of Jindan Dao, and now this transformation had directly answered many questions that he had been harboring.

Therefore, after a day, he still looked completely blackened to the eye, but in truth, the flesh inside his body was recovering with speed, under the nourishment from the Genesis Essence Pill. Although he would still need some time for a full recovery, he was healing about three times faster than he had anticipated.

Besides, the injuries could not impede Wu Yu's progress in terms of cultivation level now. His meridians and Jindan were still whole, and a large portion of his insides were still whole. Therefore, as he was tending to his wounds, he also began to devour Inner Sea Essence Pills to refine his Jindan!

At this time, refining his Jindan was very, very effective, and had exponential results! This was why Wu Yu was determined to capture every spare moment of time.

As everyone watched him devour Inner Sea Essence Pills like a madman, they were stunned. What kind of monster was this? No one had ever done it before - which was testament to how tremendous Wu Yu's gains had been in this battle.

Time passed, and everyone was watching him.

Wu Yu himself was completely immersed in his world of cultivation. He refined all of his new revelations into his Jindan, creating a pattern on his Jindan. Under the profusion of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, his Jindan continued to strengthen. At this time, the deep gold Jindan had already reached its limit. Although it was a Jindan, and only had Jindan essence, it was already much stronger than the Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of many Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators.

Bang, bang, bang!

The potent Jindan essence churned within his body.

In this vast divine continent, Wu Yu was the undisputed king of physique.

He himself did not know how much time had passed, but no one had come to bother him about participating in the last match. After consecutively refining close to 400 Inner Sea Essence Pills, still he was not saturated. He could continue. After close to 500, his Jindan finally reached the 10th tier - Jindan perfected!

Weng, weng!

His body thrummed with Jindan essence, the golden immortal fire blazing through him.

He had succeeded!

Before the Trial of Yan had ended, he had used the powerful revelations from the battle with Murong Xu to charge through to the 10th, perfect tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. Next, he could finally turn his sights towards the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

Wu Yu suppressed his strength, causing his body to calm back down. On the outside, he still looked completely blackened, and he was also covered in a layer of dead skin. However, his insides were doing fine. He reckoned that he would need a few more days to make a complete recovery. His appearance was truly grotesque for now....

There was a commotion outside, and Wu Yu opened his eyes.

It seemed like a battle had ended.

Chaos on the Battlefield of Old. He could see Qin Fuyao panting heavily as she floated in the wind. General Murong had returned as well, and his expression was ugly to behold. He announced, "The winner of this battle is Qin Fuyao."

His son had not made it into the top three!

Millions of people were cheering for Qin Fuyao, whose lips turned up in a gratified smile. Although she was pale, she still looked over at Wu Yu's direction. He had just finished cultivating, and she graced him with a sweet smile and a nod, clearly grateful to him for giving her the chance to enter the top three.

Under normal circumstances, she could not possibly have defeated Murong Xu and his dao treasure.

Murong Xu was a wretched sight. He had fought his way into the top four with much difficulty and had lost two consecutive matches despite having a dao treasure. He stormed off, and many martial cultivator hurried to get out of his way.

Qin Fuyao was currently receiving the tender ministrations of General Qin at the side. She had just been through an intense battle, and had sustained some wounds as well.

Wu Yu had not thought that he would miss this spectacular showdown because of cultivation. Technically, these two were fighting for the last slot, and the battle would definitely have been heated.

The ecstatic and eager expressions of the crowd said it all.

"Wu Yu has made another breakthrough!"

"He actually made a breakthrough here! This youngster is something special. This is going to be good."

"Yeah, he wasn't Luo Pin's match, but now with this breakthrough, he not only surpasses Murong Xu and the others, but perhaps he could even give Luo Pin a run for her money?"

The suspense reached a crescendo. The fight to become champion!

However, Wu Yu was not very interested. He knew that even if he had made another breakthrough, he would still not be Luo Pin's match.

General Murong's expression was sour, but the trial had to go on. He waved a hand. "Wu Yu, Luo Pin, the final battle. Begin."

Wu Yu thought about it. This battle was quite meaningless. Besides, his wounds were not healed yet. If he continued to fight, he might even impede his future recovery. Therefore, he stood up, prepared to forfeit the match.

But at this moment, Luo Pin's delicate and calm voice rang out crisply, "No need. I forfeit this match."

She had beaten Wu Yu to it, which he had not expected. He looked towards Luo Pin, who nodded back.

"She just wants to get into the City Lord Residence. 3 or 5 million merits makes no difference to her, so it's only expected that she would forfeit."

Thinking thus, he accepted her backing down.

General Murong asked, "Are you sure?"

Actually, in the history of the Trial of Yan, there had been many times when the last two had forfeited immediately, unless they wanted to fight over 2 million merits.

Luo Pin nodded.

General Murong's heart was cold, and he wanted to be done with this matter. In a ringing voice, he declared, "If that's the case, then in this iteration of the Trial of Yan, Murong Xu is in fourth place, Qin Fuyao in third place, Luo Pin in second place, and the champion is... Wu Yu!"

First in the Trial of Yan!

Wu Yu had not expected that the eventual champion would be himself.

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