Chapter 0426: The Dao That Never Dies

At that moment, Wu Yu was completely engulfed by the lightning.

From his final struggle, it seemed like he had already given up. He had chosen to deal with it anyhow, and by forcing his way.

To everyone present, this course of action was undoubtedly the stupidest. A forced resistance was completely meaningless. If he had surrendered, and preserved some strength, he might have been able to win against Qin Fuyao, and perhaps even enter the top three.

Truly, from the start, Wu Yu was the weakest in the top four.

On the Battlefield of Old, the black lightning criss-crossed to form a flower. At the heart of the flower, Wu Yu had completely vanished, drowned in the numerous flashes of lightning. Everyone felt that this battle was basically over.

Some felt that this was a pity. "Wu Yu is definitely doomed this time. With such grievous injuries, he will need a long time to recover. Poor guy. Having squandered so much cultivation time, he will be in for a humiliation even if he musters the courage to go back to the Shushan Immortal Sect."

Some thought it was funny. "This kid is really frightfully stubborn. But it's the work of a fool. He knows he is outclassed - why force the issue? Now he'll be completely broken and lose all his matches."

Those like Chen Fuyou from the Shushan Immortal Sect side did not care to even speak. They hugged their stomachs and laughed loudly. It was very cathartic, and they laughed until they gasped for breath.

This laughter immediately showed just how much hatred these Shushan Immortal Sect people held for Wu Yu....

Actually, they knew what had happened to Wu Yu. This only showed how immature the young disciples of the Shushan Immortal Sect were, and that Yan Huang Imperial City was truly a more suitable place for Wu Yu compared to the Shushan Immortal Sect.

And at this time, the fearsome lightning attack finally ceased. Murong Xu could confirm that Wu Yu had been hit squarely by the black lightning. If he himself had been hit, he would definitely be half dead, let alone Wu Yu. Although the Yan Huang Immortal Armor would block some of it, Murong Xu was sure that Wu Yu would need at least half a year to recover.

He rushed into the electrifying mess. At this moment, Wu Yu's situation was uncertain. Murong Xu had to wait for General Murong to declare victory before he could thoroughly relax.

Black smoke and dust billowed throughout the web of electricity. Through the black storm, Murong Xu's eyes first landed on the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. It was plunged into the ground, and it glimmered with a dark and desolate light.

And beside the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, there was a person sitting cross-legged. He was completely cooked by the electricity, and his life force was very weak. Even his features had been disfigured. His hair was completely gone and his body was covered in wounds. Evidently, this was Wu Yu, who could not stand against the power of the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath.

Seeing Wu Yu in this state, Murong Xu breathed a sigh of relief. This result clearly told him that the battle was over, concluded with Wu Yu's devastating loss. And now General Murong had yet to see Wu Yu in this state, or he would probably have announced victory immediately.

Seeing Wu Yu in this state, Murong Xu could only laugh. "Wu Yu, oh, Wu Yu, why be so hard-headed? If you had saved some energy, you might have been able to enter the top three. I must have helped Fuyao out. She must be grateful to me now."

Thinking of Qin Fuyao's good feelings for him, he became pretty happy. Although he had been quite low-profile, and not many people knew, at least those around him knew that he was seriously chasing Qin Fuyao. Only that she had many pursuers, and it was difficult to understand her attitude at times.

Murong Xu folded his arms, then extended them to extinguish all the lightning in the area. As the dust faded, he showed Wu Yu's form to everyone.

Just then.

He did not dare to believe his own eyes. He thought he must be seeing wrongly. Unbelievably, the cross-legged person who was completely black suddenly opened his eyes! Those eyes were like two suns shining in the black night. The fiery presence stung Murong Xu's own eyes with their brilliance!

Wu Yu's gaze was intense, and not at all like someone who had been grievously wounded!

At this moment, something even more unbelievable happened. The blackened Wu Yu suddenly exploded forth, extracting the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. His entire body roared with golden firelight, and he seemed to glow with golden light. Murong Xu reacted. Too late.

Everyone was chatting lightly when they saw Wu Yu's blackened figure emerge amidst the fading dust. Many could not help but taunt Wu Yu for his ignorance and thick-headedness. They jeered that he had thrown away his chance of entering the top three. In that instant, with his life force so weak, it was hard to fathom the golden light making another appearance!

"Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design!"

The staff bore down on him. As fast as Murong Xu fled, as many electric webs as he threw up, still he was unable to stand against the explosion that was Wu Yu. In that instant, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff crashed down on him. With a grunt, Murong Xu's fresh blood spattered!

"Wu Yu!" Murong Xu howled.

Bang, bang, bang!

In close combat, Wu Yu was truly a demon. The Mixed Thunder Daosword in Murong Xu's hand was sent flying in the first instant. Following, Wu Yu unleashed a storm of consecutive attacks that smashed into Murong Xu. The speed was terrifying, and more than 100 blows smashed the bones of Murong Xu's entire body in short order. His eyes wide, he fell limply to the floor. Even now, he could not understand what had happened....

Even he could not understand, let alone the others.

They saw a strange scene unfold. The blackened corpse that was Wu Yu had suddenly exploded into action. His movements had been blisteringly fast, and as he neared, Murong Xu had been completely unable to put up any resistance after losing the initiative. They could clearly see that Wu Yu had completely wrecked Murong Xu's mobility within a short period of time. His attack was solidly delivered, direct blows from Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff on a body that raised the sound of snapping bones, loud and clear for all to hear.

General Murong was even more shocked, his eyelids twitching. If he had not been sitting shocked, he would probably have already gone to intercept him.

But as Murong Xu fell, the blackened Wu Yu stood with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff beside him. His mind was still completely blank as he watched on, mouth agape.

It was not just him, but everyone around as well. Just as congratulations were starting to be offered to Murong Xu, this had happened. It was a miracle....

Actually, it was not much. Wu Yu had used his Invincible Vajra Body to resist strongly. Although he had indeed been seriously injured from head to toe, and his limbs rent, he had employed the Violent Art one last time to end Murong Xu. Right now, his wounds were even more severe, and it was very difficult to continue attacking.

In truth, from the time that Wu Yu had first acquired the Invincible Vajra Body, he had never been injured this badly before. This was his first time having such a sensation.

Being hounded by the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath was an experience worse than death itself. A majority of Wu Yu's flesh had been charred, and he would need a long time to heal. But he was standing thanks to his burst of effort. At least he was standing, while it was Murong Xu limp on the ground.

If Wu Yu had been hit again, he might very well be dead.

At this moment near death, it was his dao which had allowed him to endure.

Of course, the Invincible Vajra Body had naturally been a part of his dao. He had underestimated the Invincible Vajra Body. With this body, even if he and Murong Xu had sustained the same kind of injury, he would be able to crawl up and finish Murong Xu off. This was the advantage of a resilient physical body. The phrase "cannot be killed and cannot be vanquished" was not just a slogan.

It sounded easy, but to be able to endure the process of the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath was something that made Wu Yu shudder to recall. But if he was given a choice, he would still choose to go through it.

Because he could not lose this time.

It was not just that he wanted the recognition of the Imperial General, but also because he wanted to affirm his dao, the dao that would not yield or cower.

And now, the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath had charred huge portions of Wu Yu's flesh, and he was standing on the power of the golden bone and sinew alone. The Invincible Vajra Body was strong enough, and only his outer layer had been seared off.

Right now, he was standing through sheer willpower. Even though he had won, the shocking pain did not vanish.

Without a month of healing, he would not recover fully.

He pressed on, unsheathing the Chief Emperor Sword and pressing it on Murong Xu's chest. He lifted his head to General Murong. "General, I could kill him right this moment. May I ask, am I the victor of this battle?"

This question made millions take a sharp breath.

General Murong was also someone who had seen much of the world. He had felt a sense of fear toward Wu Yu's superhuman willpower, but still he was discontent. To see his own precious son beaten, his temper flared, and he gritted his teeth. "Wu Yu, how dare you use such despicable methods."

Wu Yu replied, "General, I confess I was unable to stand against the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath. Through this body and willpower, I held on by force. I held one last burst of strength for the counterattack, and took him down. How is that despicable?"

General Murong was speechless.

It was true, Wu Yu had fought fair from the start. Even though Murong Xu had let his guard down at the last moment, that was his fault in a fight. In the vicious world of cultivation, who would fight you fairly?

From the side, General Gu urged, "Murong, the outcome is clear. Announce the winner before we are all made fools of."

So many were watching the Trial of Yan, and General Murong clearly could not be biased. No matter how bitter he felt, he could only wave a hand, saying, "Wu Yu has won this battle. You will fight with Luo Pin for first place in two days, while Murong Xu and Qin Fuyao will fight for third place."

A tone of finality.

Wu Yu had miraculously defeated Murong Xu.

Everyone was shocked at the grotesque, black figure. It was hard to believe. He was clearly human, yet what human would have such frightening willpower?

They were very clear about how Wu Yu had achieved his victory.

Through his physical defenses, through his tenacity, and through his battle smarts. More terrifying was his willpower, which had truly intimidated all who bore witness.

His character, and his dao - those were even scarier than his true ability.

With this, who would dare to say that he was not fit to be in the top three?

At least it was confirmed that the Imperial General's promise would come true.

Over at the Shushan Immortal Sect side, even the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage took a few steps back, his face black. Truthfully, he wanted to rush up and cut Wu Yu down and end things once and for all.

Looking back, his son and the youngsters of Shushan were all staring at Wu Yu, their eyes full of fear.

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