Chapter 0425: The Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath

At this moment, everyone was in the sky and could see clearly. 

Murong Xu held the Mixed Thunder Daosword, and above the Mixed Thunder Daosword was a sword formation. Countless large, thick black lightning snakes crashed into their surroundings. Everywhere they landed, destruction followed!

Wu Yu rushed out with his two swords before his eyes. On one hand was the huge golden sword wheel and the other hand was a giant, ferocious, and violent ghost fire beast. In the blink of an eye, they clashed fiercely on this battlefield of old!

In that instant, thunder clapped and lightning flashed. Everything exploded into pieces. Golden sword qi raced everywhere. Black flames zipped past. The whole battlefield of old was covered in chaos!

This was definitely the most bitter clash since the battles started!

Murong Xu had used the Mixed Thunder Daosword and exhibited an extremely high level of power, but Wu Yu had met his attacks with the Grand Emperor Sword and Chief Emperor Sword and managed to be on par with him. This was indeed surprising! Of course, most people still thought that Wu Yu would not be able to fend off the full scale attack of the Mixed Thunder Daosword!

In the moment thunder, lightning, flames, and sword qi crashed together, almost all of Wu Yu's doppelgangers were destroyed.

It was difficult for people to see clearly where the two fighters were in such a close range battle.

It was at this moment that an individual rushed out from that killer sword formation. Everyone saw that it was the Murong Xu clad in the Yan Huang Immortal Armor. He seemed a little pathetic, with his hair in a mess. Even the Nine Mystic Thunder God Transformation was released. Obviously, it had been destroyed.

Everyone was shocked. It looked like they had underestimated Wu Yu. He actually could cause Murong Xu to become so pathetic. This could be considered another type of level.

"Was Wu Yu defeated?" 

"That was a bitter clash, could he have died already?"

"I don't think so. After all, there is someone at the bottom part, but I guess that he is heavily injured and cannot moveā€¦."

Just as everyone was starting their discussions, a golden silhouette suddenly rushed out. That person was holding two swords, one in the left hand and the other in the right. He was also wearing a suit of Yan Huang Immortal Armor. That was Wu Yu. Wu Yu was still in the immortal ape transformation mode at this moment. In fact, there was no evidence at all that he had suffered serious injuries. Other than a few burnt areas on his body, which were recovering quickly now, he had no other wounds. This was unbelievableā€¦. Such a scene seemed to show that the Murong Xu who had been suppressing Wu Yu all the while was actually at a disadvantage. 

How could that be? Everyone looked at the expressions of the strong. It was no surprise that the few generals were also caught off guard with this result. After all, Murong Xu was using a dao treasure!

But Wu Yu knew the answer.

While dao treasures were terrifying, Murong Xu could only control less than 10% of it. Based on his level now, there was a limit to how much he could exhibit the prowess of the dao treasure. Hence, when faced with both of Wu Yu's swords at the same time, when the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel and Will-o-Wisp Heart Devourer Sword were used simultaneously, he could suppress his opponent and leave many wounds on him!

But Murong Xu was still very strong. He was only slightly injured - it was not even worth mentioning. Besides, Murong Xu obviously had even stronger moves. At this moment, Murong Xu should have been angered by Wu Yu.

"When Shushan exiled you, they really missed an otherworldly genius! But to suppress me, Murong Xu, that is impossible." Usually, he was very polite, but on this determinative, life-changing battlefield, even a more gentle person would fight with determination and give his all!

At this moment, thunder and lightning flashed within Murong Xu's eyes. He raised the Mixed Thunder Daosword and loudly said, "Wu Yu, a mystique is blind. If you cannot hold on, you should admit defeat. I do not want to kill you!" 

General Murong seemed to be very proud of his son. After all, he had raised him with everything he had.

Wu Yu's eyes were bloodshot and he ground his teeth and said, "Thanks for the reminder. But I'm returning that sentence to you."

At this moment, he was grasping at the last straws. He was, after all, younger than Murong Xu.

But was he going to admit defeat?


At this moment, he imagined Murong Xu as Beishan Mo.

They were all well-loved.

In less than three years, if he wanted to return with an honorable identity, then he would need the Imperial General! 

Hence, he could not lose today. It was like the day of the agreement. He also definitely would not be defeated.

When he thought of that, his eyes became redder and the volcano on him erupted and roared. His physical body, the Invincible Vajra Body, was extremely powerful and its power was way beyond what he had shown.


Murong Xu had reminded him and was returned a sarcastic remark. He was instantly annoyed and, in annoyance, he did not control his strength anymore. 

This time, he raised the Mixed Thunder Daosword and used a Great Dao Mystique! Another type of Great Dao Mystique!

Wu Yu had heard of the mystique known as Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath. It was truly from the nine heavens above. It could summon a hint of the Black Hell Lightning, which would only be used by martial cultivators on the verge of becoming immortal. Even if it was only a hint, its destructive capability was to be feared! 

This was Murong Xu's killer move. He had used it before in the Trial of Yan. Except at that time, it was not the Mixed Thunder Daosword that carried the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath. There was no doubt that the effect would only be more destructive now that he was using the Mixed Thunder Daosword to deal this judgement.

Murong Xu could do as he promised!

The Great Dao Mystique needed just an instant. In that instant, a bolt of black lightning shot out of his blade and transformed into a flying bird. Instantly, it rushed into the endless skies.

In a second, dark storm clouds gathered in the sky above.

Of course, these storm clouds were within the spirit design of Yan Huang Imperial City.

And within the storm clouds were millions of lightning bolts that gathered under the flying bird. Millions of lightning bolts seemed to be sucked towards a point and crashed together. They actually started to meld into one!

First, they formed into a lightning ball with a diameter of three zhang. Then they condensed and compressed with terrifying speed. With a whistle, a black lightning streak about as thick as a thumb formed. This was further compressed, and that black lightning streak became as thin as a strand of hair!

But surrounding this hair-strand-thick lightning snake were broken storm clouds. Even the space around it seemed to twist.

This was a hint of Black Hell Lightning!

The Black Hell Lightning descended in the moment of a breath and landed on the Mixed Thunder Daosword. It became one with the Mixed Thunder Daosword, and at this moment, the spirit design on the Mixed Thunder Daosword brightened. A hint of lightning danced on the sword. This lightning looked sinister, and under its suppression, even the ground sunk.

"Wu Yu." Murong Xu suddenly raised his head, his sword pointed at Wu Yu.

At this moment, everyone held their breath.

Before this, Wu Yu changed the two swords into the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. He still stood before Murong Xu's eyes. He did not make any other movements.

"Please admit defeat." Murong Xu had used the Black Hell Lightning to warn him.

"Impossible." Wu Yu was very firm and determined. This battle, no matter what price he had to pay, he had to win it.

If he waited until the second battle to fight with Qin Fuyao, then his spirit and focus would not be able to compare to now.

"A foolish determination, that is seeking death." Murong Xu had full control over this Black Hell Lightning. Besides, the longer the Black Hell Lightning was on the Mixed Thunder Daosword, the more power it had. Hence, he was in no rush. 

"If I retreat on this road to martial cultivation, then I will have no qualification to attain dao enlightenment!" Wu Yu said resolutely. This was his dao. It could not be shaken.

Murong Xu laughed and said, "You are exactly like Li Kuhai. Why do you antagonize yourself? That is such a tough way of cultivating dao. To torture yourself like this, that is the wrong path."

He was destroying his belief to kill him. Murong Xu's words were truly frightening and dripping with killing intent.

But Wu Yu stood firm and would not waver. He said, "No, I'm different from him. He is in pain and I enjoy my dao! I'm willing to give everything for my dao and chase it to the end of my life!"

Once he spoke, everyone was in an uproar. His words were so rousing that even the apathetic would be touched. It was evidence of how determined Wu Yu was. 

"If that is the case, then I'll break your evil and askew ways!" Murong Xu was furious. He slashed forward with his sword. The Black Hell Lightning, which had long been prepared, instantly exploded and transformed into a lightning snake rushing fiercely towards Wu Yu, threatening to swallow him.

At this moment, everyone held their breath!

The Black Hell Lightning struck very quickly.

That killing intent came from the calamity of heaven and earth. It was obviously terrifying.

But in Wu Yu's eyes, he felt that its speed was extremely slow. His mental will now, under the strong suppression of his opponent, had entered a mysterious level. He could clearly and slowly experience his opponent's killing intent.

"Even if the opponent is strong, I still want to win."

The flames in his eyes were extremely hot. This was a will that he never had. It summoned all the flames in his body.

Bang, bang, bang!

Within his body, anger exploded, and his whole body raged with unlimited power.

Endless physical strength totally suppressed his current weak Jindan essence power.

You could say that most of his battle power came from his Invincible Vajra Body.

He was thinking about the day that he was wronged and exiled from the Shushan Immortal Sect! People's cold stares, the slap from the Mizar Sword Immortal, the coldness from Nangong Wei, the killing intent from Beishan Mo... 

He refused to resign to his fate. 

This was not the end yet. Things were not clear yet.

His heart devil had restrained him since that point. He needed to break through it to surpass his current level!

Recalling again the first time he saw that Ruyi Jingu Bang, he could hear that great sage telling him, "Invincible Vajra Body! When fully cultivated, one will become exceptionally powerful, able to crush all 8,000 Heavenly Palaces and wreck the 10,000 tiers of hell! One will possess a skull of copper and bones of steel, a body forged with a myriad of metals. The immortal treasures of the gods will cause no harm. The Heavenly Dao's immortals cannot vanquish you!"

As the saying went, one would become exceptionally powerful!

As the saying went, one would be able to crush all 8,000 Heavenly Palaces and wreck the 10,000 tiers of hell!

As the saying went, one would be invincible in the heavens and earth!

How could this one Great Dao Mystique frighten him and make him admit defeat?


At this moment, under his extreme will and passion, and while in the midst of attaining dao enlightenment with the Black Hell Lightning in front of him, Wu Yu only did two things.

First, he held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and swept it across while using the Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design, colliding head-on with the Black Hell Lightning!

Second, he transformed into the Inner Vajra Buddha and sat still on the ground with his legs crossed like a mountain!

All of this, in an instant, erupted rapidly. When the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff collided with the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath, the Black Hell Lightning of Heaven's Wrath exploded. The impact moved along the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and collided with Wu Yu!

However, Wu Yu was already a giant Buddha, sitting on the ground. If he kept still, nothing would break.


The surging electric light explosion lasted for a while, and people saw that Wu Yu was engulfed by thunder and lightning. First of all, his Yan Huang Immortal Armor was directly blasted into powder by this attack!

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