Chapter 0424: Mixed Thunder Sword Formation

Yan Huang Imperial City, an emerging star, navigating the rolling undercurrents of power, falling into the trap of the heart devil, rising up stronger than ever! 

This was Wu Yu's emotions at the moment! 

Surrounding him was the attention of millions of people. In fact, the whole divine continent was watching him.

Shushan Immortal Sect, Shangyuan Dao Sect, Tianyi Race, Heavenly Ares Sect, Gusu Fairy Peak... 

Every one of them were lords of their territories, the strong of this world!

There were many people beside him now: Luo Pin, Qin Fuyao, Jiang Xuechuan, the Imperial General, the numerous generals, and those before him, Murong Xu, Li Kuhai and Jiang Zhixun…

At this moment, the Trial of Yan was providing Wu Yu the chance to reach the peak of genius! 

Murong Xu should be comparable to Beishan Mo. At least he had also received a legacy and similarly had a dao treasure.

The Ancient Heavenly Thunder Sage was no weaker than Shushan's Green Depths Sword Emperor.

This was a fight between geniuses!

In an instant, the winds and clouds rolled, fierce winds roared, and in the endless skies above, dark clouds converged. There were streaks of lightning snakes rolling and racing everywhere, releasing sharp, piercing sounds. 

These were all controlled by Murong Xu.

Within the fierce winds, Murong Xu's black hair danced. He wore the Yan Huang Immortal Armor and his build was similar to Wu Yu’s. He had the aura of a scholar. He seemed gentle, but from those thin streaks of lightning snakes hidden within his long hair, it was obvious that he was truly to be feared.

Of course, now that Wu Yu was standing on the vast land, the fire within his body was burning as well. The Ravaging Ghost Volcano hidden within his body erupted now. It made his body seem like it was formed by lava. His eyes shone with golden light and spewed out infinite fire. He was evenly matched with Murong Xu! 

"Wu Yu, I did not expect you to be my opponent for my most important battle. You are lucky. After all, there are not many whom I would truly use my Mixed Thunder Daosword on." Murong Xu smiled. Within his eyes were lightning snakes writhing and twisting.

His words made the crowd excited. Everyone was in an uproar in an instant! Most people watching had never seen the power of a dao treasure! Of course, it was the same for Wu Yu.

"Mixed Thunder Daosword! Mixed Thunder Daosword!"

People desired to see it and hence screamed and chanted for it.

"To me, I don't consider myself to be lucky. After all, this is just an expansion of my horizons, it is nothing more." Wu Yu was very calm. All that burned within him was the fire of battle.

"You are really proud, but you need to have the power before you can be proud, or else you will just make everyone laugh their heads off." Murong Xu shook his head and laughed.

"Whether I have the power or not, wouldn't you know when you fall before my feet?" Wu Yu could not help but laugh.

This provocative exchange set the atmosphere and tension. Everyone was worried for Wu Yu. It was really too arrogant of him to say such big words. If he lost, then he would lose all face.

"Keke." Murong Xu did not say much anymore.

But both of them moved at this instant. Their battle could be described as being triggered in an instant! 

First, it started from Murong Xu - he directly used his Great Dao Mystique! Wu Yu had seen this Great Dao Mystique in his previous battles, it was called Nine Mystic Thunder God Transformation!

This change started from inside and then made its way to the outside. In addition, it used the combination of the thunder and lightning in the sky. In an instant, nine continuous strikes of thunder and lightning descended from the sky and hit Murong Xu. They turned into a nine-tier net of thunder and lightning. This net of thunder and lightning was then totally blended into his body! In that instant, Murong Xu changed greatly. He morphed from a gentle, scholarly general into a humanoid with thunder and lightning covering him!

In fact, the thunder and lightning were still connected to the sky and ground. They were like a spiderweb on Murong Xu, extending outwards. It connected to all in the world, and the lightning network raged in the four seas, causing explosions and fragments of dark burnt matter to litter the sky. 

This Nine Mystic Thunder God Transformation not only increased his attack power, but also had defense capabilities. The Murong Xu at this moment was like the son of thunder and lightning. With a wave of his hand, he could control any thunder and lightning in the sky. Countless lightning snakes were controlled by his hands.

He had used this Great Dao Mystique before, except this time it was more explosive!

But the most astonishing thing was the following movement. At this moment, before Wu Yu's eyes, he took out a black longsword from his Sumeru Pouch! Once that longsword was drawn, it instantly covered the brightness of all surrounding immortal treasures with a terrifying suppression. This was definitely a dao treasure!

Once the dao treasure was drawn out, all the immortal treasures wailed.

Dao treasures and immortal treasures were like mortals and martial cultivators. It was a change in level. This change was even bigger than the change from spiritual immortal treasure to supreme immortal treasure!

This was the Mixed Thunder Daosword!

When the Mixed Thunder Daosword just appeared, it looked ordinary. However, in an instant, it birthed black lightning. That black lightning was chilly, icy cold, and it could attract and trap souls. Once it appeared, the lightning from the sky started retreating! 

Even the thunder and lightning from Murong Xu's Nine Mystic Thunder God Transformation became black immediately.

The Murong Xu at this moment was raised to a whole new level!

He was covered with thunder and lightning. Holding the dao treasure in his hands, he was like a lord surveying his territory. The Murong Xu at this instant totally suppressed Wu Yu!

Of course, while the other party was exhibiting his Nine Mystic Thunder God Transformation, Wu Yu had also undergone a few transformations and showed off his strongest form!

First, the Immortal Ape Transformation!

Underneath the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, he was covered in flames while undergoing the Immortal Ape Transformation. He became more and more like the Unparalleled Monkey King in his visualization of the inner ape!

Faced with an opponent like Murong Xu, this golden ape was especially fierce!

Secondly, Unshackled Doppelganger!

With a blow of his monkey fur, it immediately split from one into 100 pieces. As he had frequently used this Great Dao Mystique recently, he had improved greatly. His control over his doppelgangers was constantly improving. Perhaps before long, he could attain the fourth tier!

His doppelgangers immediately spread out. Each of them held an immortal treasure.

Numerous doppelgangers looked to Wu Yu's original body as the leader. This time, Wu Yu did not hide. He stood in the middle of his doppelgangers. With a roll of his wrists, the Grand Emperor Sword and Chief Emperor Sword appeared simultaneously in both of his hands.

What people saw was that the golden ape held a sword in each hand, one golden and one black! Grand sceneries of mountains and rivers, stars and moon were carved on the swords’ blades. These two swords were very simple-looking and seemed very ancient. 

Perhaps the Grand Emperor Sword and Chief Emperor Sword were originally existences close to dao treasures, hence, when they met with the Mixed Thunder Daosword, these two swords did not bend their heads. Under Wu Yu's control, the two swords carved out an ancient trail and clashed head on with the Mixed Thunder Daosword.

From their face off to exhibiting their immortal treasures, it was only a flash for these two people.

At this moment, the eye of thunder and lightning and Wu Yu's eye of the flames clashed against each other!

Everyone's hearts skipped a beat.

It was also at this instant that thunder and lightning rolled. On Wu Yu, the golden light and flames became more explosive. Instantly, angry flames rolled in waves and clashed with the endless striking thunder and lightning. The two forces of thunder and fire clashed and ignited a fierce explosion. The whole battlefield of old was covered in dust and ashes!

Bang, bang, bang!

In the mess left behind by the clash between thunder, lightning, and flames, Wu Yu led 100 of his doppelgangers to attack Murong Xu directly. In an instant, two swords in addition to 100 swords from the doppelgangers pushed against Murong Xu's Mixed Thunder Daosword. This was the true fight, and the scene was much more explosive and exciting! The average martial cultivator could not see the battle situation at all!

"It's best to kill this traitor, Wu Yu. Saves us, Shushan, from embarrassment," Chen Fuyou was telling his companions at the Shushan Immortal Sect's side.

He saw that Wu Yu was definitely being suppressed by Murong Xu!

Dao treasures exceeded their current level. It was too scary.

Ping, ping, ping!

One after another, black thunder and lightning sword qi rushed out, and one after another, golden apes exploded at Murong Xu's hands!

At this moment, Murong Xu held his dao treasure and killed coldly. The battle had just started and he was in a dominating position! No one had expected that he would be so terrifying once he started his killing spree with the Mixed Thunder Daosword!

Everywhere that the black thunder and lightning sword qi landed could not be blocked at all.

Hence, people were practically counting down to Wu Yu's defeat.

"If this continues, he cannot hold on for more than three breaths!" someone said with certainty.


Yet another sword qi slashed across and killed another of Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

"Wu Yu, at your level, aren't you embarrassed to have boasted?" With a whoosh, Murong Xu appeared before him. The Mixed Thunder Daosword was crossed before his chest and pressed towards Wu Yu.

"It is still too early for you to say those words." Golden flames continued to burn by Wu Yu's side. He walked out of the flames and flew towards Murong Xu at high speed without hesitation!

"Hmph, have a taste of my Mixed Thunder Sword Formation!" Murong Xu laughed coldly. His movements were graceful and he stood high above. With a slash, the Mixed Thunder Daosword roared fiercely. Black thunder and lightning mixed with sword qi and rolled out in waves, forming a black thunder and lightning sword formation! 

This was obviously one of its offensive Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs. As long as one had the Mixed Thunder Daosword, he could use it whenever he wanted to!

Murong Xu pierced forward with his sword. On it were the Mixed Thunder Sword Formation and millions of black lightning snakes. They were like real snakes that slithered up and down. Their speed was terrifying. One flash and they have travelled 100 miles.

He raised his sword to the sky and the Mixed Thunder Sword Formation exploded. The whole world was wreathed in this black thunder and lightning. Wu Yu became the prey of countless lightning snakes!

"You are dead." Murong Xu smiled, his hands moving quickly.

At this moment, Wu Yu suddenly made his move. Everyone thought that he was in danger, but he could miraculously use both his Grand Emperor Sword and Chief Emperor Sword even as he was covered in lightning snakes!

Both his hands made different movements. However, each arm was not affected by the other. It was like Wu Yu was split into two and became two people.

Within the fierce flames, the golden Grand Emperor Sword carved out a circle before Wu Yu's eyes. That circle turned into a golden disc. Instantly, it spun at high speed. This golden disc matched up to the Grand Emperor Sword and golden light instantly shone. This piercing, golden light suddenly exploded. Everyone shut their eyes. It was as though a real burning sun had appeared in this battlefield of old! 

"Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel!"

It was as though there was a heavenly emperor sitting within that sword wheel. His aura was terrifying.

At the same time, his left arm was doing something different. The black Chief Emperor Sword pierced out almost simultaneously. Its spirit design was activated. In an instant, a black, fiery sword qi transformed into a huge beast burning in black flames. That huge beast's shape was messy and its mouth was huge. With the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel, one at the left and one on the right, they exploded instantly and attacked the Mixed Thunder Sword Formation!

This was the Will-o-Wisp Heart Devourer Sword!

A clash of the peak, beginning in an instant!

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