Chapter 0423: Golden Boy and Jade Maiden

Within the trial arrangements, Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao rushed at each other ferociously. Luo Pin directly determined if Qin Fuyao was able to make it into the top three.

Qin Fuyao seemed relaxed on the outside, but with these high stakes, she was determined to obtain a top three placing, as it was important to her! All of those in the top four were determined to enter the City Lord Residence.

This was also the main reason why Qin Fuyao had acted aggressively towards Luo Pin. Even during the last mission, they still acted relatively cordial to each other.

However, the tension between Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao wasn't the only one that was obvious to the audience.

To Murong Xu, the top four positions were originally meant for the Four Geniuses. However, Jiang Zhixun and Li Kuhai had already fallen off this pedestal. The two of them were extremely close to him.

This Wu Yu had slaughtered a path to stand in front of him! He had not only eliminated his friends, but also barred his way towards the City Lord Residence!

However, Murong Xu was still quite gracious. His face was a picture of calm and he even faced Wu Yu with a wry smile.

Yet his gaze was filled with enmity that could not be hidden.

Of course, to Wu Yu, Murong Xu was the big bad boss that was obstructing his path to the top three! Originally, just entering the top three would have merely provided a better cultivation environment. It was a place that was on par with the Shushan Reincarnation Realm.

However, the Imperial General had given him a promise.

For this promise, he would do his utmost!

He did not want to return to Shushan as an outcast, an exile. Even more so, he did not want to be looked down upon by the Shushan disciples. He wanted to ensure that everything was explained clearly and cleanly, else it would remain a heart devil forever.

With the assistance of the Imperial General, his arrival would definitely herald a clash of titans! How would those lowly sword cultivators dare to look down upon him anymore.

At that point, he would be able to flip the mountains and overturn the seas with just a word!

The situation had evolved from the previous three battles. He had to take a position in the top three regardless of the cost. Wu Yu's heart was ablaze with anticipation.

They would only fight the following day, allowing him a brief moment of respite and to cultivate. Wu Yu and Luo Pin were on the same preparation stage, while Qin Fuyao and Murong Xu were on the other.

The scent of smoking gunpowder could almost be smelled in the air whilst the two parties stared at each other.

Just a confrontation of gazes had caused the heartstrings of the millions of audience members to go taut.

The Trial of Yan was coming to the last hurdle, and numerous exciting battles had already occurred.

Those from the Shushan Immortal Sect, with the exception of Shen Xingyao, had stayed behind in anticipation of watching Wu Yu getting booted from the top three!

"Firstly, Murong Xu possesses a dao treasure. His personal strength is also exceptional. He has easily ascended to the top four. Wu Yu cannot possibly be a match for him. His luck is just a little better than that Li Kuhai's. He's not even much stronger than that barbarian."

"Frankly speaking, between Luo Pin and that Qin Fuyao, it is possible that Qin Fuyao will lose. However, she possesses the legacy of the Wind God Dao Beauty and is probably hiding numerous trump cards. Even Murong Xu might not be her equal, without mentioning that trash that is Wu Yu."

"The previous battle between Wu Yu and Li Kuhai must have overdrawn Wu Yu's potential already. Getting the Imperial General to accompany him back to Shushan will not be an easy task!"

Everyone had become an expert commentator as they engaged in idle chatter.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin were a golden couple. The two of them sat together, closed their eyes, and gently rested. Wu Yu was still getting used to his Chief Emperor and Grand Emperor Swords. Ever since he started this trial, he had yet to showcase the wondrous properties of his mystical immortal treasures. 

The two of them were equipped with their suits of Yan Huang Immortal Armor, and their comportments were extremely well matching. 

"You aren't bad, you brat. The mind is unwilling but the flesh is weak. As much as you said you didn't care about her, I see you practically falling head over heels for her! In a blink, you even look to be fast friends! Congratulations! The time you can ride the dragon to the heavens is coming!" Ming Long ridiculed.

She spoke in a long-winded fashion, but Wu Yu continued to ignore her.

Two days of time passed by in a flash.

The audience members were holding their breaths in trepidation as their pupils dilated, ready to capture each and every moment of action. Glazing past the sea of tightly packed people as far as the eye could see, almost all of them were top tier cultivators. Every single one of them could be considered a heavyweight in this world of cultivation.

Their attention was fully focused on Wu Yu and the rest of the competitors.

Wu Yu and Luo Pin's appearance had thrown the titles of the Four Geniuses into disarray. With the addition of Wu Yu, perhaps the group of them should be named the Five Geniuses instead.

The two dark horses, Wu Yu and Luo Pin, had become the focus of all from the divine continent!

It was time.

General Murong bellowed, "Qin Fuyao, Luo Pin, it's time to fight!"

All sorts of different feelings surged into the hearts of the audience as the words were announced. Everyone was on the edge of their seats in anticipation!

The shadows of the two beauties materialised onto the Battlefield of Old. Qin Fuyao was garbed in a red robe, gently floating in, her beauty for all to admire. Such a beauty was a rare sight in Yan Huang Imperial City, and Qin Fuyao arguably took the top place amongst them all.

At this point, a tempest arose.

Luo Pin was relatively lower in profile. She was equipped with the Yan Huang Immortal Armor from head to toe; the only body parts that were exposed were a pair of resplendent blue eyes and her silver-white long hair. Just her flying onto the stage was a sight that moved even the coldest of hearts. 

One hot, one cold. The two ladies confronted each other on the Battlefield of Old. Qin Fuyao flicked her wrists and a flaming red folded fan appeared in her hand. With a swift stroke, she brandished the fan gracefully. 

Without a surprise, her gaze was as cold as that of the woman opposite her. She did not speak but struck immediately, fluttering towards Luo Pin with immense speed wreathed with a disastrous tornado!


The battle had started off explosively!

Bang, bang, bang!

With a single Trial of Yan, the Battlefield of Old would be riddled with all sorts of collateral damage.

Qin Fuyao danced berserkly amidst the wind, her entire body a work of art enrapturing the audience.

The folded fan immortal treasure summoned a storm which could engulf all. It seemed strong enough to sweep away all of the audience members if let loose upon them.

However, what was truly disturbing to the audience was that the battle had suddenly seemed to have come to a close.

That was as Luo Pin's gaze immediately changed and, in a flash, Qin Fuyao's beautiful posture and dignified demeanour had instantly been frozen into place as she turned into a human popsicle. 

It was instantaneous.

The entire fight had been as uneventful as the one with Jiang Zhixun.

Qin Fuyao was a peerless beauty whose loss had become immortalized in frost.

Even General Murong felt a chill run down his spine. Before they had come to blows, the fight had ended. At this point, Qin Fuyao, encased within the ice, did not even seem to be struggling.

The audience had turned deathly silent as Luo Pin raised her voice towards General Murong. "If you don't declare me the victor, I can easily shatter this block and turn her into a messy mass of bones and flesh. I'm afraid that scene would be pretty grisly."

Her tone was very nonchalant, and all who heard could feel a bone-piercing chill. Even Wu Yu was shocked by this scene. He knew deep down that he was not Luo Pin's opponent.

She was, after all, an Immortal beast who had cultivated for untold millenia. This was not a miracle, she was an existence at least on par with the Yan Huang City Lord.

Luo Pin was usually very calm, but those words were exceptionally domineering. These words had even stunned General Qin, who helped to forfeit on behalf of Qin Fuyao. "You've won. Please don't play around. You will also lose your right to enter the top three. Murong, its over. She has concealed her strength too deeply. My little girl is not her opponent." 

General Murong pondered for a brief moment. Whether it had been a brilliant fight was beside the point. "Congratulations, Luo Pin, you have attained victory and entered the top three. For the next battle, it will be for the title of champion." 

This also meant that Qin Fuyao had to enter the round to compete for the third and fourth positions, and a fierce struggle still awaited her.

"Mm." Luo Pin, who had easily triumphed, simply nodded her head.

Victory was decided.

The audience could only bitterly face each other. What else could be said? This originally unimpressive Luo Pin had turned into the biggest winner in the Trial of Yan. After this, her name would truly resound amongst the lands as an expert.

Yet the result might not be as unexpected as one might imagine. Luo Pin was already at the fourth tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea, while Qin Fuyao was at the third tier. If Qin Fuyao was at the same tier, perhaps the battle might not have ended this way. 

What could be said was that in the Trial of Yan, Luo Pin was the strongest Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, but not necessarily Qin Fuyao's equal in terms of genius.

Thus, Luo Pin was not branded as a heaven-defying genius.

Regardless, this battle was over.

Luo Pin had attained a titled position.

At this point, she had undone her technique on Qin Fuyao. The ice melted away and Qin Fuyao appeared soaked within, her lust-inducing body clearly all the more obvious. Yet, with a glimpse, all of the water evaporated. 

Qin Fuyao had chilled in both senses of the word. She was unharmed, but she was also arrogant. After being suppressed by Luo Pin, she felt dissatisfied but still accepted defeat.

"Forget it. Facing you was my bad luck," Qin Fuyao said as she gave a sigh. Without a second word, she returned to the preparation stage.

Although she had lost, she had not been injured and had not consumed any energy. Luo Pin had only controlled her movements. This was a large advantage she take into the next round. It was impossible for either Wu Yu or Murong Xu to hold back during the next fight, so they would definitely be exhausted. 

With Luo Pin's victory, she too felt extremely calm. She returned next to Wu Yu. "All the best. Win this fight and directly enter the City Lord Residence." Surprisingly, she believed in Wu Yu's chances.

It was Wu Yu's turn now.

Opposite, Murong Xu had already entered the Battlefield of Old and had finished his preparations, awaiting Wu Yu.

The audience was greatly anticipating this faceoff.

The battle between Luo Pin and Qin Fuyao had ended in a flash without any tension. This battle was likely to be an intense show as the two fighting would definitely put their lives on the line. Everyone knew that Wu Yu would definitely give his all as he had a promise he had to live up to.

If he were to lose against Murong Xu and challenge Qin Fuyao, his chances of victory would definitely be uncertain. It was in his best interest to win here and now.

Wu Yu had also made ample preparations. He had treated this as his final match and was willing to fight to the death.

He too strode onto the Battlefield of Old.

He just had to reach the top three!

Facing the strongest of the Four Geniuses, Murong Xu, who supposedly possessed a dao treasure, he was surprisingly at peace, yet his eyes blazed with the intent to battle!

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