Chapter 0421: Direct Confrontation!

"Is that not my Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff?" the Imperial General said in surprise. This immortal treasure was refined by him and he had named it as well. Naturally, he would be very clear of its usages. The Imperial General stared at the evolving battle situation unflinchingly while asking in a seemingly nonchalant fashion, "Is he not from Shushan? The one that is apparently very headstrong? What's his name?"

"It's him. His name is Wu Yu. His physical body is even stronger than Li Kuhai’s. Although his cultivation level is not high, his battle power is truly frightening. It is unheard of." 

"Ah, to be able to fight on this stage, he is indeed not bad.

“Mmm interesting. Hehe." The Imperial General's eyes narrowed, no one the wiser on what he was thinking.

At this point in time, Wu Yu's Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique rushed towards Li Kuhai again. The battle against them was getting intense. The millions of audience members couldn't help but shout out in alarm and excitement as the battle heated up!

Honestly speaking, Li Kuhai wanted to win in a single stroke. Meanwhile, for Wu Yu, this was the most critical moment!

Just which was the real Wu Yu?

Was it the one wielding the Chief Emperor Sword, or the one with the Grand Emperor Sword, or could it be the one wielding the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff? These three were the most likely suspects. Yet it did not eliminate the possibility that the real Wu Yu was hiding amongst the other clones.

As the Wu Yus all struck out, this was a moment of life and death!

At this point, all of the Wu Yus with swords, all 100 of them, surrounded the Li Kuhai who was utilizing his When Nine Become One dao technique. At the same time, they executed the same sword technique!

Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!

This Heaven Earth Void technique was not expensive, but its ability to attack the soul gave it tremendous killing power, especially when 100 streaks of sword qi lanced towards someone! Amongst that flurry of attacks also hid two streams of Chief Emperor sword qi and Grand Emperor sword qi within.

Li Kuhai wanted to end this confrontation with a single strike, but Wu Yu was not a fool. He had to strike while the iron was hot, or he would definitely lose.

In a blink, sword qi soared into the air.

Wu Yu finally demonstrated skills he had learnt while in Shushan, flaunting his equal talent for the sword dao for the world to see. Sword shadows exploded relentlessly as sword qi riddled the battlefield. They key thing about the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique was that it was unblockable. Although its killing power was limited, it was able to directly strike at Li Kuhai's soul, hampering his momentum!

Especially with the Chief Emperor sword qi and the Grand Emperor sword qi mixed into it. When it struck Li Kuhai, he couldn't help but to scream in agony. Without knowing if his forbidden dao technique had been completed, all of the strength he had previously gathered swirled into his Hundred Beast's Teeth. Li Kuhai slowly walked out of the devastation like a mythical war god. His gaze was affixed on the three Wu Yus with his signature weapons. With a furious shout, the ground cracked and the Hundred Beast's Teeth rushed towards the Wu Yu's seemingly without reservation!


The three Wu Yus rushed forward to meet the blow!

The two at the side wielding the swords took a step back and the middle one raised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. Exploding with brutality, this was the real Wu Yu. In order to contest against the opponent's Heaven Earth Void technique, he directly utilised his Violent Art. In a blink, his physical strength multiplied by two! Regardless of how strong Li Kuhai's technique could be, it was unlikely to provide him with a buff on the level of his Violent Art!

"Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design!" The staff soared to the heavens before plummeting downwards with immense fury. In a blink, the clouds were scattered and even the mountains shattered under the force of this blow!

Meanwhile, his doppelgangers executed another two Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Techniques at Li Kuhai's eyes!

Li Kuhai went completely berserk. Utilizing his prodigious body strength, which had reached its peak, he began to clash blow by blow with Wu Yu's real body. 

With a flash of golden light, the radiant Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and Hundred Beast's Teeth clashed. However, the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique had struck first, penetrating his defenses and stabbing into his spirit itself! 

It has to be said that Li Kuhai's spirit and body were equally resilient and unyielding. Utilizing just a single technique was unlikely to defeat him. However, it was sufficient to distract him, and in that split second, his movements and strength were in turmoil!

Especially at this point in time, where the rest of the doppelgangers rushed forward to use the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique.

Facing Wu Yu was like facing a 100-strong army.

Li Kuhai's one move was met with 100 responses! Furthermore, under Wu Yu's control, they blended their techniques into one flawlessly!

In a blink, countless black dragons appeared. They constantly sought to ensnare, kill, and weaken Li Kuhai. Li Kuhai had sunk into a quagmire of black dragons while being simultaneously struck by the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique. 

Combining his strikes, Wu Yu's staff crashed down onto Li Kuhai's wolf tooth mace.

This was how Wu Yu fought in a direct confrontation!

Apart from his Violent Art and the assistance of his numerous doppelgangers, Wu Yu could be considered to have dealt his strongest blow. This single staff strike felt as though countless mountains were collapsing onto Li Kuhai's head. Li Kuhai bellowed violently as he defended himself against Wu Yu's unstoppable onslaught. The Hundred Beast's Teeth was smashed from his hands. The recoil was too strong and all the bones in his arms were crushed into pieces.



Li Kuhai screamed in agony as he was forced back.

Wu Yu rushed forward viciously. Before the audience could even react, he smashed his staff onto Li Kuhai's head madly. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff plummeted towards its target and a loud bang could be heard. Li Kuhai's body was soaked in blood as the staff had almost pulverized him and his organs and bones! Although this was an injury that could be healed, Li Kuhai crumpled onto the ground, devoid of combat ability. 

It was over.

Wu Yu was feeling absolutely exhausted. He collected his doppelgangers and put away his weapons before peering at his valiant opponent.

Frankly speaking, his opponent was extremely strong. His fleshly body was almighty, his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy was vigorous, and he had a determination of steel while being willing to suffer untold agony for greater strength. Yet he had still lost. Even if Wu Yu had used the Violent Art at its peak, Li Kuhai would likely still be stronger in a direct clash. The reason Wu Yu had won was that he had hampered Li Kuhai’s When Nine Become One dao technique and had the assistance of his 100 doppelgangers. 

This was especially so towards the end, when he utilized his Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique and Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique in tandem to great effect. It had severely crippled the opponent's ability.

The true strength of the Unshackled Doppelganger mystique had been demonstrated here.

As such, the battle came to a close. Li Kuhai was still floundering in a pool of his own blood. He had already regained a sense of self and was ready to keep pushing himself. Yet he gave a pitiful wail as he stared at Wu Yu. He was reluctant! Wu Yu returned the gaze emotionlessly. At this sight, Li Kuhai spat out a mouthful of blood. He truly could not accept this conclusion... 

Wu Yu had not only defeated him, he was absolutely unharmed! 

He had lost!

To the arrogant him, he had been beaten at his own strengths, and the feeling was unbearable. This was an incomparable setback to his dao heart! 

Li Kuhai had faced numerous failures in his life, but this was the worst. When he felt the disdainful glares of the audience, he finally understood that he had become Wu Yu's stepping stone to fame!

Of course, he too had also trodden on many to reach the position he held today. Him feeling suppressed was a form of karma coming full circle.

Wu Yu raised his head and glanced a General Murong. Even the general was mildly flustered. He gave a sigh of approval in his heart as he looked at Wu Yu. Wu Yu had truly turned his heart upside down with this battle. He pronounced, "Congratulations, Wu Yu. You have defeated Li Kuhai and have entered the top four..."

The moment he spoke, the results were set into stone.

Li Kuhai closed his eyes bitterly as he clenched his teeth.

He was still unwilling!

"Wu Yu, you spineless coward. You utilized so many ulterior means to achieve victory and did not clash with me directly! You're not fit to be my opponent! You’re not fit to walk the same Dao as I do!" Li Kuhai spoke viciously. 

Wu Yu gave a wry smile. He felt extremely relaxed after this fight, and he replied, "You're mistaken. We were never the same. I have always believed that strength reigns supreme. No means are beneath me. The Grand Dao is simple: I follow my heart's desire. Having a preconceived notion of what is considered to be the ‘right’ kind of strength is silly and meaningless." 

Li Kuhai trembled. He had been affected by Wu Yu's words, and this was a moment of peril. He had not only been injured physically, but his dao heart had also been struck at!

"Let's not speak more. It's okay to kill someone, but not to ruin their dao heart. Give him time to ponder." General Golden Imperial appeared in front of Wu Yu and stared at him coldly while he stabilized Li Kuhai. 

After speaking, it was clear that he was going to bring Li Kuhai to have his wounds treated.

"Don't forget about the Inner Sea Essence Pills," Wu Yu said with a mischievous smile.

"Give them to him," the General Golden Imperial said.

Li Kuhai felt that there was no more meaning to staying behind. Perhaps he had to change the way he cultivated. He was still able to honor this bet, and he flung a Sumeru Pouch at Wu Yu's feet. 

2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills could be considered a small fortune.

Furthermore, they had been won by Wu Yu. The fruits of his victory had been won clearly and cleanly.

When he picked up the Sumeru Pouch, the millions of cultivators looked at him in amazement. Luo Pin had surprised them the first time, and Wu Yu had created a miracle, shocking them yet again!

The Trial of Yan's top four actually contained both Wu Yu and Luo Pin! The one that felt most wretched was Jiang Xuechuan. He had been surrounded by a group of chiliarchs. Everyone was congratulating him for guiding two individuals with such strength. Jiang Xuechuan could not fathom how Wu Yu and even that Luo Pin had become so mighty! It was as though they had completely transformed into other people...

Meanwhile, those of the Shushan Immortal Sect, like Chen Fuyou, felt like bursting into tears. They had repeatedly slapped themselves in the face, and even they had a limit to how lowly they could be! Even the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage's face had turned crimson beyond comparison...

This extreme talent was someone exiled by Shushan. Upon Wu Yu's victory, numerous individuals stared at their group with peculiar expressions. The Shangyuan Dao Sect especially was basically bursting with laughter. 

At this point, the Imperial General shouted for him. "Wu Yu." 

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