Chapter 0420: When Nine Become One

He had arrived.

In Yan Huang Imperial City, if one wanted to ascend through the ranks, they would definitely need to have a good relationship with the Imperial General and the City Lord.

After seeing the Imperial General in person, Wu Yu felt that he wasn't too bad. He had the temper of a typical military commander, he was quick to protect his underlings, was bold and unrestrained, and did not bother with trifling things. 

At this point, the Imperial General waved his hand and bellowed, "All of you can rest at ease. Treat me as if I'm invisible. Let the Trial of Yan continue. I'm just here to watch." Although he spoke casually, no one would treat him as such. 

The surrounding individuals who had come from all over the divine continent immediately sent their greetings to the Imperial General. The representatives of the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage and Shen Xingyao, did so as well. The Imperial General also seemed to recognize Shen Xingyao and replied, "In just a blink even, this little doll has turned into one of Shushan's Sword Sages. Not bad. It looks like there will be another immortal amongst the Seven Immortals of Shushan."

This could be considered to be tremendous praise.

After everyone had sent their greetings, General Murong, under the instruction of the Imperial General, continued with the program. "The Trial of Yan will continue. To determine the last of the top four, Wu Yu and Li Kuhai will fight it out. Please remember that the two of you are being observed by the Imperial General, so do perform to the best of your abilities." It was Wu Yu's turn again.

With the Imperial General watching, the pressure to perform reached a peak. Even the audience members felt suffocating pressure. They would glance momentarily at Wu Yu and back at the Imperial General, constantly chattering about the match. 

The Battlefield of Old, due to the intense battles that had occurred, had suffered quite a bit of damage. The ground was riddled with potholes, the river had erupted and flooded the banks, the forest had been toppled, and devastation marked the fields.

Li Kuhai was standing in the middle of the battlefield, both fiery eyes affixed onto Wu Yu. His desire to battle was at a peak as his eyes blazed like an inferno was stirring within. 

"Go." Although the Imperial General had arrived, Luo Pin had already finished her battle. Thus, she completely hid herself, but not before encouraging Wu Yu. She had already attuned herself to her surroundings. It looked as though the Imperial General had believed in some of the Torch Dragon's words, and had come to see what this was all about. However, Luo Pin had already hidden herself, and the scene now was akin to one playing hide and seek. 

"Yes." Wu Yu had already made his preparations. He did not fly on his sword onto the battlefield. Instead, he leapt from the preparation stage directly in a single bound, the mountains trembling upon him jumping. A single golden-colored light erupted like a bullet, soaring towards Li Kuhai. 

"Begin!" General Murong announced.

Everyone had been finally shocked awake. The attention that was previously focused upon the Torch Dragon was now directed on to the two who were going to fight. Once again, tens of thousands of audience members were focused onto the scene before them. However, there was a key difference today. The Imperial General was also focused on the scene below.

He naturally recognized Li Kuhai. However, this was his first time observing Wu Yu with his two black eyes, closely paying attention. Wu Yu felt completely secure at this point in time. He did not resist, he let this Imperial General who was like an emperor amongst beasts closely scrutinize him. 


Li Kuhai's one step caused the ground to crack. Shockwaves rippled outwards and the ground roiled like a stormy sea. Li Kuhai's gaze ignited when it landed upon Wu Yu. If his eyes could emit fire, Wu Yu would definitely already be burnt!

"Wu Yu, what I said before still stands. If you win, I will give you 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills!" These words were said as a provocation and to hold him in contempt. 

"Then do you have enough on hand?" Wu Yu casually plucked out some hairs and 100 strands of golden hair fluttered outwards. In a blink, 100 doppelgangers that were exactly identical appeared. It was truly frightening. No one had seen such a level of the clone technique in the entire divine continent. If it was known that each doppelganger was as strong as Wu Yu,which would make it much stronger than the clone techniques that were commonly seen, it would cause an even greater uproar!

Why? Wu Yu had basically created 100 other selves!

Li Kuhai was instantly surrounded by the Wu Yus.

Each Wu Yu seemed basically identical. However, there were 10 within that were significantly stronger. However, just by looking at them, this could not be determined. 

"Enough! Let's see if you're strong enough!" Li Kuhai, seeing that Wu Yu had made the first move, would naturally not be polite anymore.

The two stood within the Battlefield of Old, and despite having not attacked yet, had already caused the mountains to tremble!

"With the Imperial General watching, this is one battle I cannot afford to lose...

"If I lose, I will no longer have that invincible momentum when I return to the Shushan Immortal Sect!" Thus, Wu Yu knew that this was one battle that would not obstruct his path forward!

Li Kuhai possessed not only Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, but also an impregnable body. This was perfection. He brandished his supreme immortal treasure amongst the 100 Wu Yus!

It was a wolf tooth mace. It was extremely large and each "wolf tooth" looked like teeth plucked from a demon's mouth, all engraved onto the treasure.


Once the wolf tooth mace was wielded, its spirit designs activated and it looked as though numerous wild beasts were rushing and roaring within! If one looked at it closely, they could see tigers, elephants, lions, panthers, and even poisonous snakes within the shadows, struggling within. Frankly speaking, the strength of this supreme immortal treasure seemed to supercede even Wu Yu's own Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. 

This wolf tooth mace was known as the Hundred Beast's Teeth!

Weng, weng!

Li Kuhai brandished the Hundred Beast's Teeth, and at the moment, he looked like the king amongst beasts! There were countless demons stamped underfoot, under his beck and call!

At this point, Li Kuhai could only see the 100 Wu Yu's utilising their Immortal Ape Transformations! In a blink, what surrounded Li Kuhai were humanoid golden apes!

"Gigantic Ape God Transformation!" At this point, Li Kuhai gave a cold smirk. He too had undergone a transformation. His transformation should be a Great Dao Mystique. It looked quite similar to Wu Yu's technique as Li Kuhai's body rapidly expanded, his bones lengthening as crackling sounds were heard. His transformation was much larger than Wu Yu's, and in a blink, he had turned into a massive ape that was also wreathed in golden light. Even his fur seemed to radiate golden light. His arms were massive, like those of a gorilla's. While Wu Yu's transformation still retained elements of a human, Li Kuhai's transformation had almost turned him completely into an ape!

The wolf tooth mace had also enlarged by three times and was firmly grasped by him.


Li Kuhai roared into the skies, causing even the four seas to tremble!

His explosiveness did not pale in comparison to Wu Yu’s!

Bang, bang, bang!

With that roar, the mountains crumbled into the dust and the rivers erupted into the sky like geysers. Combined with the scorching heat emanating from Li Kuhai's body, the water quickly evaporated and turned into a mist, surrounding them! 

However, the explosive Li Kuhai was unable to attract the Imperial General's attention. He had been solely focused on Wu Yu, his hand constantly stroking his stubble as he pondered with an interested look on his face. 

Both the Unshackled Doppelganger and Immortal Ape Transformation were mysterious techniques!

In the previous battles, Li Kuhai had not utilized his Gigantic Ape God Transformation. It was clear this was one of his trump cards and thus, facing Wu Yu, he had utilized it. As for how strong it really was, no one had a clue.

Li Kuhai angrily gazed at Wu Yu, bellowing, "Your dao and mine are the same! My dao is direct and simple. To use strength to win. Since this is the case, let us use this bout to determine the victor!"

Li Kuhai immediately raised his Hundred Beast's Teeth, raising it into the sky. 

"When Nine Become One!" It was clear that this was a sort of Heaven Earth Void technique. Wu Yu had heard of this technique before. Simply speaking, it brought harm to oneself in exchange for even greater killing power! This was a forbidden dao technique. Li Kuhai's name was not for show - all of his dao techniques were forbidden dao techniques! 

He was one who cultivated bitterly! [1]

When Nine Become One represented nine dao techniques to ruin the corporeal body. Through pain, it would stimulate even greater strength. Once Li Kuhai mastered it, he could explode with even greater killing power and would be extremely terrifying, especially when it came to physical strength.

At this point, one could see a bolt of lightning as thick as a waist crashing down onto Li Kuhai's skull, drowning him in a sea of lightning! 

This was just the beginning. A black tempest, piercing icicles, blistering fire, and so on, a total of nine tribulations descended upon his body. Under Li Kuhai's bitter cries, it was clear that such torture was hard to bear as he suffered the wrath of the heavens. Yet, despite undergoing such a trial, the pressure it brought to Wu Yu only continued to increase!

Even though Wu Yu had 100 doppelgangers, in terms of momentum, he was the one who had become suppressed!

However, his two eyes were calm and calculating. "You're wrong. My dao is completely different from yours."

At least to Wu Yu, cultivation was not something bitter. Li Kuhai may have inflicted pain upon himself to strengthen his combat power, but this did not mean that his willpower was unyielding and his spirit was valiant. They sought different daos. To Wu Yu, cultivation was not bitter. He truly enjoyed it at times!

He had to stop Li Kuhai; otherwise, under this strengthening, his combat power would soar to unimaginable heights.

At this point, the 100 Wu Yus struck out!

Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique!

In a blink, black vortexes riddled the sky and numerous enslaved dragons swam out, latching onto Li Kuhai. However, Li Kuhai was still suffering through his tribulations and had also become berserk. The numerous external forces acting upon him not only helped to refine him, but also to protect him. All the black dragons that approached him shattered... Even the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique could not contain him!

However, Wu Yu did not mind.

In this moment, every single doppelganger wielded a sword. His main body held the Chief Emperor sword and the Grand Emperor sword. 

There was also a Wu Yu holding a Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff!

Which was real and which was fake?

1. TL Note: Li is his surname. Kuhai can be also intepreted as "a sea of bitterness". Thus, one could interpret his name as “Li who suffers through seas of bitterness”, a testament to all the self harming techniques he learns.

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