Chapter 0419: Yan Huang Imperial General

Originally, he was going to fight Li Kuhai to determine who the real victor was, but suddenly, there was such a change!

With this shock, many martial cultivators dropped to the ground. For a while, many were thrown off their feet, and the scene was chaotic.

Li Kuhai had just stepped foot into the battlefield of old, but he hurriedly retreated back. He was also shocked and looked around in surprise.

Wu Yu was shocked. Now the whole Yan Huang Imperial City was shaking. It was obvious that the Trial of Yan could not continue. The Trial of Huang in the inner city would probably also be interrupted.

Yan Huang Imperial City was suspended in nine heavens and within the white clouds. The city was surrounded by endless white clouds. 

But now, among the clouds, there was a snake-like beast crashing into Yan Huang Imperial City! As Yan Huang Imperial City had the most powerful Defensive Spirit Design, when the beast collided with the city, the Defensive Spirit Designs emerged and activated one after another. For a while, the sky was lit up with beautiful and complex symbols.

"What is this!?"

"What is happening? A demon attacking Yan Huang Imperial City?"

At this moment, the whole Yan Huang Imperial City was in a mess and in shock.

"Ba She?" Wu Yu's first thought was to guess that it was Ba She, the companion beast of Ying Huang.

Though separated by many spirit designs, Wu Yu could still identify some differences. The head of this giant beast was not as smooth as Ba She’s, and its eyes were not green. Therefore, it should not be Ba She.

If it was not Ba She, what could it be?

Ming Long was also observing. When the whole Yan Huang Imperial City was in chaos, she quickly responded and said, "This is a mystical dragon. However, its evil aura is too heavy. It's not considered as an immortal beast. It should be the Torch Dragon of the Endless Demon Seas. The one who claims to be Zhu Huang."

Zhu Huang?

Yes, from the looks of it, it indeed looked like a mystical dragon.

But why was the Torch Dragon attacking Yan Huang Imperial City? At this place, he was considered to be seeking death.

Generally speaking, the last thing demons wanted to do was provoke Yan Huang Imperial City. After all, Yan Huang Imperial City was strong and would not take the initiative to kill demons.

Speaking of the Torch Dragon, Wu Yu immediately thought of another mystical dragon here - Luo Pin. At her optimum level, Luo Pin was probably stronger than the Torch Dragon.

At a glance, Luo Pin's expression seemed to have changed. She was beside Wu Yu. At this moment, she hid behind Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu was tall. At least when she stood behind Wu Yu, the Torch Dragon could not see her.

"Did the Torch Dragon come looking for her?" Wu Yu guessed.

Just when he was thinking about it in his heart, there was a sudden roar from the direction of the inner city. The man's voice reverberated throughout the whole city. His voice was deep and powerful.

"What demon are you? How dare you attack Yan Huang Imperial City. Are you tired of living?"

Looking towards the inner city, everyone saw a pure black figure rushing up to the sky, passing through many spirit designs in an instant and appearing in front of the Torch Dragon in a very short moment. The Torch Dragon's attacks stopped completely. The shocks and chaos that Yan Huang Imperial City had experienced finally stopped.

 Vaguely, Wu Yu heard a general say, "The Imperial General has gone up."

It was the Imperial General!

Looking at the black figure, even though he was not near, he was really as dominating as the legend said. In fact, many battles of Yan Huang Imperial City had been fought and led by this brother of the City Lord. The Yan Huang City Lord did not appear often, which made him extremely mysterious.

"Torch Dragon, it's you! Have you been living a too comfortable life that you want to come here to die, to let me skin you alive and display your remains on the gate of our city?"

The black figure, though small, was an equal match with the Torch Dragon.

At this moment, the Torch Dragon seemed to transform into a person shrouded in black flames. It started to speak, and it was actually a woman's voice!

They did not expect the fierce and domineering Torch Dragon to be a female dragon.

She said, "I just wanted to force you to come out, to save time. To be honest, I detected a fellow mystical dragon in your Yan Huang Imperial City. Let me go in and search. There are mystical dragons in your Yan Huang Imperial City."

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, the Imperial General laughed loudly and said, "Bullshit. First, I know what is in Yan Huang Imperial City better than you. Second, you are a lousy dragon, not a mystical dragon. Only you consider yourself an immortal beast. The real mystical dragons will only look at you as an embarrassment. Stop fooling around. Torch Dragon, I'd like to advise you to get out of here immediately. Don't say that you want to enter Yan Huang Imperial City and search. If my elder brother comes out of his training in seclusion and sees that you dared to attack Yan Huang Imperial City's spirit designs, do you believe that what I just said will soon come true? Unlike me, he would not need to exert any effort to kill you."

The Torch Dragon was a little angry and said, "I'm not joking with you. We mystical dragons have a much stronger sense of each other than you. Recently, I have noticed that there seems to be a mystical dragon in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. It's only after careful searching that it led me here. When I was passing by earlier, that sense became stronger. It's just that she knows that I am here, so she is hiding herself now! If you choose to remain stubborn, and things happen in the future, then it's your own business. Anyway, this is your Yan Huang Imperial City, which has nothing to do with me."

She then sneered and said, "Although I'm a demon, I'm also your neighbor, and we are all living in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. This is our common territory. Now there are outsiders. Whether it's a mystical dragon or not, we have to deal with it together, right?"

Unexpectedly, the Imperial General burst out in laughter and said impatiently, "Go away. Who is your neighbor? We only guard Yan Huang Imperial City, and I don't care what else happens in the Dong Sheng Divine Continent. I understand what you said. Don't worry about it. Just go away."

Torch Dragon became angrier. The skies were suddenly filled with towering and thick flames. The flames swept around, and the moment they touched the white clouds, they changed into black flames directly. Therefore, the fire was spreading and the area affected was getting bigger.

"Imperial General, if you don't listen to my advice and suffer losses later, it's your own business. You guys are not mystical dragons. If she really wants to hide and you want to find her, it will not be easy," the Torch Dragon said sternly. You could feel the pressure of her voice, and the whole city was suppressed. The martial cultivators were so frightened that they dared not fly to the sky again.

"Why should you worry if it's our own business? Why do you care so much? Did you fall in love with me? Let me tell you, it's no use. I only love little human girls. I'm not interested in you, old demon," the Imperial General laughingly said without a care.

His words were harsh, making Zhu Huang tremble in anger. Her eyes were fiery and she gritted her teeth in anger. But after all, it was Yan Huang Imperial City. The Imperial General and the City Lord were here, and their tempers were really strange. It would not benefit her to get mad here. Hence, she could only suppress her anger, but she said with a cold smile, "I didn't expect the legendary Imperial General to say such crude words and to be so inelegant. This is not what a gentleman should do. It's so disgusting. Since that's the case, don't blame me for the losses you will bear later because of that mystical dragon in Yan Huang Imperial City. Serves you right."

After that, the Torch Dragon disappeared into the clouds and gradually disappeared into the sky. Her speed was fast, and she disappeared in a flash.

The Torch Dragon had left.

They had not spoken in loud voices and had not made a huge commotion. They deliberately did not want to let others know.

However, Wu Yu had still heard everything. After all, his hearing was very good.

That Torch Dragon was right. Yan Huang Imperial City indeed had Luo Pin here. As for whether the Imperial General believed it, Wu Yu did not know. He only knew that Luo Pin's expression did not look good now.

"Commander Luo, did you also get scared by this Torch Dragon? It's my first time seeing this Torch Dragon and the Imperial General. They are all legendary figures. Let alone you, I'm also shocked." Wu Yu looked back and saw that she was in a bad mood, so he tried to distract her.

"Well, it's really scary."

When she was talking to Wu Yu, she seemed glum and was probably thinking about what to do next. She probably had not expected the Torch Dragon to come here. It should be that the mystique she had used just now had alerted the Torch Dragon.

After the Torch Dragon left, everyone in the Battlefield of Old was shocked and in discussions. Their focus gradually shifted back to the Trial of Yan. Li Kuhai glanced at Wu Yu and then entered the Battlefield of Old again. That provocative look was **.

However, the Imperial General did not leave yet. Everyone looked up to see what the Imperial General was going to do next. Many people saw him for the first time, so they admired him. Their eyes were shining and fixated on him.

All of a sudden, the Imperial General looked down, in the direction of the Trial of Yan's Battlefield of Old.

At this moment, Wu Yu became nervous for Luo Pin. But he guessed that even if Luo Pin were discovered, she had ways to protect herself.


Suddenly, the dark figure passed through Yan Huang Imperial City's spirit designs and appeared above the Battlefield of Old. To everyone's surprise, the Imperial General had come down here!

Wu Yu's eyes were fixed on him. He was a tall and burly man, whose body was no smaller than Li Kuhai’s. Like a giant black bear, he was wearing a black suit of armor and black iron boots. His whole outfit was black. Just this armor, you could see that it was much better than those of Wu Yu and the others. It was absolutely a top-level immortal treasure! Maybe it was a Dao Treasure.

Looking at his face again, it was full of stubble. His eyes were dark and brimming with radiating vigor. If not for the stubble, he would be considered pretty handsome. Of course, with the stubble, he looked more rough and domineering, with a primitive, wild, and aggressive nature.

It could be said that as soon as the Imperial General arrived, the whole place fell silent. Whether it was the Yan Huang Immortal Army or the martial cultivators from all over the world, they were all looking at this legendary figure!

Frankly speaking, Wu Yu had seen strong people, including Ba She, the Ursae Sword Immortal, and the Mizar Sword Immortal. Among them, the Imperial General was the most powerful, and his spiritual oppression was the greatest. Maybe it was because he had battled a lot. In his eyes and expression, he had a kind of oppressive power like that of the War God. Even though he was not as sharp and elegant as the godsword, he was more dominating and terrifying.

Imperial General was the leader of the Yan Huang Immortal Army.

Led by the five generals, all Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers dropped down to one knee and said in unison, "Honor to the Imperial General!"

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