Chapter 0418: Mechanical Kirin Beast

General Murong had yet to make the announcement, but Jiang Zhixun was already running out of patience.

He directly used his specialty, mechanisms. Once his Sumeru Pouch was opened, there was an angry beastly roar. After that deafening roar, that mechanism rushed out of the Sumeru Pouch. It was a giant, demonic beast, but it was made of a special wood material. Countless pieces of wood of different sizes were pieced together and then carved to form a life-like giant beast! 

The giant beast in front of his eyes was energetic. Its head was like a dragon’s, its body was like a horse’s, and its whole body was covered in flames. Under the cover of the flames, there were actually countless Mechanism Spirit Designs etched on its body. It was these thousands and tens of thousands of Mechanism Spirit Designs that made this pile of dead materials come alive. This was the amazing part of the art of mechanisms!

From the looks of this giant beast, it should be a legendary kirin! No one knew if kirins still actually existed in the world, but this mechanical kirin was indeed ferocious and terrifying! Wu Yu had seen this mechanical fire kirin before. In the previous battles, Jiang Zhixun had used this mechanical fire kirin to defeat all his opponents to reach this stage. The mechanism had been damaged, but his person was never hurt at all. 

It was rumored that this was the mechanical beast that Jiang Zhixun had found at the ruins of the Spirit Design Immortal in his trip out.

For some of the spectators, it was their first time seeing the mechanical beast. They could not help but gasp in admiration upon seeing this demon-like mechanical beast!

Unexpectedly, another mechanical beast emerged from the Sumeru Pouch in the next instant. It stood next to the mechanical fire kirin. Its shape and look were similar to the fire kirin, but the spirit designs on it were mostly dark green in color. Mist covered its whole body and ice flew in its surroundings. It was covered in a sinister, cold air. This was actually a mechanical black kirin! 

That fire kirin's battle power in cooperation with Jiang Zhixun was already scary enough. It was unexpected to have another kirin joining them. Jiang Zhixun's battle power instantly increased to a horrifying level. He was very proud as well. He smiled cryptically and studied Luo Pin. He teased, "No matter whether you are a beauty or an ugly hag, I'll take down your mask and helmet today to let everyone see why you need to act so mysterious. Everybody, can you all support me?" Jiang Zhixun's laughter reverberated. When the audience heard, they were excited. Actually, many were curious about Luo Pin and supported Jiang Zhixun's actions. 

But they did not know that this would only anger the mystical dragon.

After Jiang Zhixun finished speaking, he stood behind the two mechanical kirins. He was not going to be modest. At this moment, he used the two big mechanical beasts to attack Luo Pin. Within the mechanical beasts were also attack spirit designs. There were also spirit designs that could perfectly adjust the movements of the mechanical beasts, making them no different from demons. With these two terrifying opponents, Jiang Zhixun could be said to have locked into the top three positions! 

Bang, bang, bang!

That two mechanical kirins raged out and unleashed all sorts of magical attacks. They came in a huge wave and the water and fire attacks of both beasts fell onto Luo Pin in an instant. On the other hand, Jiang Zhixun hid behind the mechanical beasts and refused to fight Luo Pin directly. He was preparing for an opportunity to give Luo Pin that a blow.

From the start to the end, Luo Pin seemed to have just froze in her spot.

At this moment, at the instant the great battle exploded, her soft, weak body seemed too small compared to the mechanical kirins. It seemed like she would be drowned instantly.

Jiang Zhixun could not hold back his laughter and said, "Weakling."

He was complacent, proud, and thought he was in the top three for sure. He was in high spirits. 

Everything was as he had expected. The Four Geniuses would definitely be in the top four! As for who would be kicked out later, that would have to depend on their individual abilities. Anyway, he was not afraid of Li Kuhai.

The audience was watching with trepidation as well. On one hand, they were afraid that Luo Pin would be severely injured, and on the other, they really wanted to have a look at Luo Pin's face.

At this instant of nervousness, under the attacks of the two big mechanical kirins, Luo Pin, who seemed like she would fall at any moment, suddenly reacted. Faintly, icy cold mist could be seen coming out of that pair of eyes. Her pair of clear blue eyes was extremely bright. It was like something had come out from within, and in that instant, Wu Yu guessed that Luo Pin had used a Great Dao Mystique. In her previous battles, Luo Pin actually had not used any Great Dao Mystique at all. 

In that instant!

Wu Yu shivered. He saw that while Jiang Zhixun was laughing heartily, his whole body was instantly covered by cold ice. His whole person instantly became an ice sculpture. He fell from the sky and, with a crash, that sharp ice sculpture smashed the rocks below into pieces!

It was not only Jiang Zhixun, but also that two mechanical kirins. They were also instantly frozen into ice sculptures. They were violently attacking before, but an instant later, they were frozen. They still had fierce expressions, but the Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on them seemed like fire being extinguished and turned dark and faded. The two terrifying mechanical beasts darkened straight away. It was not that they could not break out, but they could not struggle at all. Even Jiang Zhixun was the same. He maintained a stiff laughing expression. It was as though he was dead. 

The battle scene came to a halt instantly.

This grand Battlefield of Old was as silent as a grave. The audience was in shock as they watched the events unfold. They looked at each other. Time was still passing, but they still did not really understand what had happened. They thought that Jiang Zhixun would quickly break out of the ice sculpture, but he had shown no signs of movement yet. Then what did this mean? Had Luo Pin actually use some magical Great Dao Mystique and directly caused the defeat of Jiang Zhixun... 

That should not be the case, right?

Luo Pin casually told General Murong, "If you are still not going to announce victory, then he might not be able to hold on any longer and will just die."

Her tone was not joking at all and, like she had said, Jiang Zhixun and his mechanical beasts were still frozen.

Wu Yu understood immediately. Actually, Luo Pin could be angered. Jiang Zhixun had totally annoyed her. If not, she would not have instantly use such a move. Mystical dragons were mystical dragons. They were really short-tempered.

General Murong had yet to move, but General Yugu appeared before Jiang Zhixun. His eyes were puzzled as he stared at that ice sculpture. It seemed like he tried for a moment, but he still failed to open that ice sculpture. At this moment, the audience was already in an uproar. They stared with wide eyes and open mouths. They were totally impressed by Luo Pin. It was as Wu Yu had predicted - Luo Pin, this dark horse, and even him, who had made his way here, all seemed a little dull.

"Release him." General Yugu stared at Luo Pin coldly. This was his most beloved disciple, his only successor. 

Luo Pin said, "Victory and loss is clear, but General Murong has yet to announce the result."

Now everyone could see that clearly. Jiang Zhixun's life was in Luo Pin's control. That was enough.

General Murong was also stunned. At this moment, he was shocked to the core. Actually, he also did not know what move Luo Pin had made! Except Jiang Zhixun had actually been defeated with such cold violence. Even he was uncomfortable. Actually, everyone still hoped that the Four Geniuses could gather at the top four.

General Murong saw that Jiang Zhixun seemed to be truly unable to escape on his own and could only announce helplessly, "For this battle, Luo Pin is victorious." 

Luo Pin did not drag on; she directly released her technique. It was only at this moment that Jiang Zhixun and his two big mechanical beasts woke up. But those two big mechanical beasts directly fell to the ground. Jiang Zhixun's face was ghostly white and his whole body was frozen stiff. He struggled for a long time before he could finally move. Except, once he could move, he wanted to control the mechanical beasts again to attack Luo Pin.

"Troublemaker!" General Yugu was right before him and naturally gave him a slap. He picked Jiang Zhixun up. Now that his disciple had been defeated in battle, he was probably embarrassed as well. Hence, he picked up his disciple and his mechanical beasts and left without turning his head back. He had returned to the inner city.

"Victory is not set yet, I still want to defeat her! I want to enter the top three! Wahh!" Jiang Zhixun still could not believe that this was the conclusion, and when he was leaving, he was still furiously screaming. Except the more he screamed, the more people realized that the so-called geniuses were not that strong in their hearts. Once they suffered an unimaginable defeat, they might not have a good attitude.

Instantly, the whole place was quiet. Everyone started at Luo Pin blankly. They did not know what to say. They did not expect that the first to enter the top four would not be one of the Four Geniuses, but a nobody, a non-genius, a weird woman who was unwilling to face people with her true looks. 

Luo Pin went back to her seat directly and did not say anything more. It was only upon seeing Wu Yu that her eyes softened a bit.

After Luo Pin put on that performance, Qin Fuyao seemed much more serious towards her. She was still standing with the other two and watched Wu Yu and Luo Pin quietly. They had not expected at all that someone from their group would be defeated. With this beginning, their animosity would be increased, especially for Li Kuhai. 

General Murong directly announced the start of the next battle to quicken the schedule. Qin Fuyao was up next to battle with an elder. Seeing how things had progressed, she and Murong Xu were originally the strongest. Besides, she had no difficulty at all in all her battles. There was no mystery to this battle.

In reality, that was true. Both Qin Fuyao and Murong Xu had defeated all their opponents. It might be because their opponents all had a certain degree of injury and hence their battles this around were even more relaxed than previously. Both of them entered the top four. At the moment, the top four included Luo Pin, Murong Xu, and Qin Fuyao.

The last opening would be determined in the battle between Wu Yu and Li Kuhai.

This was close to what Wu Yu had predicted.

If he defeated Li Kuhai, then the next two battles would be between himself and Murong Xu and Luo Pin would fight Qin Fuyao. Within the top four, the person who was defeated twice would be kicked out.

But that was most probably him because Murong Xu, Luo Pin, and Qin Fuyao were all stronger. They could be considered the strongest three.

Of course, these were all built on the premise that he could defeat Li Kuhai. He was not Luo Pin, so it was impossible for him to defeat Li Kuhai so cleanly and quickly!

At this moment, General Murong announced, "This round is the last battle. The last opening in the top four will be determined between Wu Yu and Li Kuhai. Let's anticipate who will be victorious. Will it be Li Kuhai winning, or Wu Yu having an excellent performance? Let's all watch them."

With Luo Pin’s performance at the start, if Wu Yu could defeat Li Kuhai, everyone would be more accepting of that turn of events... 

Wu Yu and Li Kuhai looked at each other.

Li Kuhai entered the Battlefield of Old first. Just as Wu Yu was about to enter as well, the whole world suddenly seemed to shake for a while. A strong aura descended from the sky. Countless martial cultivators were pressured and crashed to the ground. In this moment, if the sky was raining, then it would be raining martial cultivators. This was like a scene from the end of the world! 

Wu Yu raised his head. Hidden within the endless clouds and mist, there seemed to be a giant, black beast. It was very long and was descending above Yan Huang Imperial City.

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