Chapter 0417: Battle of Water and Wood

A swift and ferocious breeze into the top eight!

At that moment, Wu Yu stood with a foot on Pu Yangyi, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff planted into the ground. His gaze swept past all of them.

Basically, those who could enter the top eight were regarded as the elite of the elite. All of the 32 were strong, and each match was a fight to the death.

Pu Yangyi's few friends carried him away, shooting nasty glances at Wu Yu, cursing at him. "How cruel! Does an old man like Pu Yangyi deserve such hard hits?"

"I have my own judgment. He will be back to normal after resting for some time."

"You're good. You shattered the final hopes of the old man."

Wu Yu knew what his final wishes must have been. This Pu Yangyi was about at his limit. He wanted to go to the City Lord Residence to see if the City Lord had any tips that could help him reach a breakthrough and live a few more years.

But the world was just so cruel. If one did not cultivate, one could not even live past 100 without much difficulty.

If Wu Yu had not blocked his path, Li Kuhai definitely would have later.

Thinking of Li Kuhai, Wu Yu could definitely feel a burning gaze on him, emanating from the north preparation stage. As expected, it was Li Kuhai's. There was a hint of mad fury within that gaze, a strong and hostile will. Wu Yu knew what he was feeling. He did not loathe or hate Wu Yu. He simply saw Wu Yu as an opponent that he had to defeat.

At this time, because the top eight had already emerged, the generals sat ready. General Murong, General Qin, General Gu, General Golden Imperial, and General Yugu had all appeared. They were beings on the level of the Shushan Sword Sages, and an elite bunch in the whole divine continent.

General Murong smiled at the assembled martial cultivators. "The top eight have risen out of Yan Huang Imperial City's Trial of Yan. Do you feel that these dozens of battles have been interesting?"

Of course, the response was torrential. The likes of such a heated Trial of Yan would probably only be seen at Yan Huang Imperial City from now on.

"All of you, up here, please."

At General Murong's command, Wu Yu and the other successful fighters rose into the sky through all sorts of methods, appearing before the five Yan Huang generals. To the five generals, besides Wu Yu and Luo Pin's slightly unknown faces, the rest were a familiar sight.

At this time, all eyes were naturally on the gathered eight.

The devilish Qin Fuyao twisted at the waist and swam to Wu Yu's side like a water snake. She reached out to pinch Wu Yu's shoulder lightly with her fingers, turning him towards her. Only then did she coyly say, "You sly dog. Why did you improve so fast? Shucks, you're almost catching up to me now."

Her soft and teasing voice gave one the shivers.

"Fuyao. Stop playing, be serious." General Qin's face was grim, but he was truly helpless against his adopted daughter, the apple of his eye.

Wu Yu looked around. Besides the six that he had expected, there were two more. One was an old man, and another middle-aged. Wu Yu had seen their fights. They were about the same level as Qin Fuyao's previous opponent, but they had exerted too hard in the last top 16 match. Right now they had both appeared, faces pale. They needed rest, and urgently. The battles were only staggered by a day, and if they were unable to recover greatly by the following day, then it would be difficult for them to put up a fight against Qin Fuyao and Murong Xu.

General Murong was pretty satisfied with their lineup. At least a majority were youngsters. This was also what the City Lord wished to see. Youngsters had tremendous potential, and that would only increase further in their time in the City Lord Residence.

Under millions of reverent and admiring gazes, General Murong faced Wu Yu and the others. He dictated clearly and seriously, "Congratulations to the eight of you! Having reached here, it means that all of you have already earned 500,000 merits. Of course, I know that your ambitions extend beyond that. The fight for top three is the most important one. At least amongst your number, close to half will eventually succeed. From the way it looks, the chances of success are already fairly high."

Even so, none of their faces showed any sign of relaxing. Instead, they were even more tense, looking at each other with palpable tension. Especially Wu Yu and Li Kuhai.

Yan Huang's Three Young Masters were allied, and still closely connected with Li Kuhai.

"Everyone is clear about who their opponent will be on the following day. If there is nothing else, you are dismissed."

There would be four major battles on the following day. Amongst them, Qin Fuyao and Murong Xu's opponents seemed like they would be unable to fully recover in time. Besides, these two young geniuses might not have shown their true strength, so they had a high chance of reaching the top four.

The question now was Wu Yu and Luo Pin. Their opponents were Li Kuhai and Jiang Zhixun from the Four Geniuses. These two had abundant resources and were considered gifted geniuses. In truth, they were not much different from the likes of Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei.

There was not a big difference between Wu Yu going up against them or against Beishan Mo!

His and Luo Pin's battles would be the center of attention to come, for sure! In fact, many people had just arrived here expressly for the purposes of watching these battles.

Wu Yu could confirm that although the latter was heavily favored between Luo Pin and Jiang Zhixun, Jiang Zhixun basically had no chance of defeating Luo Pin and entering the top four.

To him, the only wish he had would be to clash in close combat with Li Kuhai.

In order to galvanize their battle wills and heat, General Murong bid the eight of them stand respectively on the north and south preparation stages and did not allow them to leave freely. As the eight of them descended onto the preparation stages, sparks indeed flew between the opponents.

However, Wu Yu and Li Kuhai both could keep their emotions in check for now. Li Kuhai stood on one side with Murong Xu, Qin Fuyao, and Jiang Zhixun.

Wu Yu stood with Luo Pin, on the edge.

The other two formed another cluster.

Having just landed, Jiang Zhixun looked over this way, his gaze finally resting on Luo Pin. He had a half-smile on his face as he stared at Luo Pin. "Although I don't know where you emerged from, let me warn you about something. Nothing good comes from going up against me. Make sure you know your limits during the battle. Don't force my hand against you. Got it?"

Before this battle, he had never looked at Luo Pin directly before. After all, in terms of talent, Luo Pin did not seem to be on their level.

Luo Pin was currently sitting on the cushion as Wu Yu was, cross-legged and gathering strength. Hearing this strangely insinuating voice, she lifted her head slightly to meet Jiang Zhixun's gaze. "Are you trying to bribe or scare me into losing to you?" Although her voice was gentle, it was not yielding. Many were close enough to hear them. Such an exchange was indeed difficult for Jiang Zhixun to respond to. Hearing the mutters, or feeling the suspicious gazes, his temper flared. He stared at Luo Pin, and his voice went frigid. "Not at all. I just wanted to warn you so that you could surrender in time instead of losing your life."

Luo Pin ignored him.

For Jiang Zhixun to be ignored thus before so many was an embarrassing scene indeed. Actually, when he spoke to martial cultivators of Luo Pin's level, they were basically all bowing and scraping. After all, Jiang Zhixun had overtaken them all many years back, and they had to curry favor with him beforehand.

From the side, Murong Xu said, "Forget it. We'll see when the time comes...."

Although he had said thus, Jiang Zhixun could not swallow this. He laughed coldly at Luo Pin. "No need to act all high and mighty before so many in Yan Huang Imperial City. Who knows what ugliness lurks beneath your mask? Otherwise, why would you be unable to show anyone?"

These words were caustic and hurtful, and even Wu Yu was reeling from them. He secretly thought that Jiang Zhixun was mad. The moment the words were spoken, Wu Yu could sense a shift from within Luo Pin. Her azure blue eyes flashed with killing intent. It was rare to see such a violent side from her. Although it was for but a brief moment, it was enough to unsettle him.

"Don't." Seeing Luo Pin about to lose it, Wu Yu cautioned her preemptively.

However, perhaps exactly because of his warning, Luo Pin was able to regain control of her temporary anger. Her killing intent had not been discovered by anyone else besides Wu Yu.

"Just teach him a lesson when the time comes." Seeing Luo Pin look at him, Wu Yu forced a smile. After all, this was a dragon, and he had to watch his words with her. In that instant, Wu Yu had personally experienced how terrifying Luo Pin could be.

"Boring." Jiang Zhixun threw a final look their way and then returned to the fold of Murong Xu and the others. Who knew what the three were conferring and discussing. Qin Fuyao was preparing for the next battle. Even for her, there was no guarantee of taking a top three spot. As a result, the mood at the Battlefield of Old grew more and more tense. A majority did not even wish to leave, while the newcomers only continued to swell in number.

Wu Yu was composed. He discovered that his moves had basically all been displayed in his previous battles. Next, he needed to break through. Otherwise, it would be difficult to fight against Li Kuhai. Although he only had a bit more than a day's time, he still did his best to train the Chief Emperor Sword and Grand Emperor Sword.

Especially the two main Offensive Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs that the swords were centered around. These were the focus of his research. These few days had been nothing but intense battle after intense battle. Although there had been much reward, right now, the eyes of the crowd represented pressure swelling the field!

In a flash, it was time for the top eight battles!

The opening was one of the hotly contested battles! Between Luo Pin and Jiang Zhixun, who had previously rubbed each other the wrong way! After General Murong made the announcement, both walked into the center of the Battlefield of Old. Immediately, millions of cries sounded out. The atmosphere was unbelievably electrifying! Jiang Zhixun was already regarded as a hot favorite for top three, while Luo Pin was a dark horse who had fought her way here. The two faced off, and this battle caused the entire arena to swell with excitement!

In terms of the odds, the ratio of those who predicted Jiang Zhixun and Luo Pin to win was about four to win! It seemed like more still placed their trust in the Four Geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City. After all, all the martial cultivators who weren't geniuses had been crushed in battle. They had proven to the world that this was the battlefield of these four young geniuses!

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