Chapter 0416: Plan Within a Plan

Li Kuhai stared at Wu Yu. He had forgotten about Pu Yangyi. Hence, the old man was upset.

Martial cultivators, the older they were, the more stubborn they would be. Pu Yangyi was actually already furious. This feeling of being overlooked was really embarrassing for him.

"Humph." Li Kuhai looked at him coldly and left the Battlefield of Old.

Only Wu Yu and Pu Yangyi were left at the venue.

Because of this clash between Wu Yu and Li Kuhai, everyone's curiosity was piqued. Everyone wanted to watch the clash between Wu Yu and Li Kuhai. Hence, the last battle in this round was even more exciting.

"For so many years, those who didn't put this old man in their eyes never had a good ending, whether they were a genius or not. Young one, before you take those 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills, you have to ask if I'll agree to that!" Pu Yangyi shouted. His eyes were big and round and he glared at Wu Yu. He looked terrifying.

Wu Yu did not want to say too much. Now that everyone was watching, those gazes made them feel like fire was burning every inch of his body as he was scrutinized. One could imagine that everyone had their own views for this battle.

Anything could happen in this intense Trial of Yan. The strong collided against the strong, and the differences between each were not too big.

Between Wu Yu and Pu Yangyi, it was not too obvious to say who would win. Pu Yangyi seemed to have a better chance of victory, but actually, any elder who had fought with the four geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City had a bigger chance for victory.

"Wu Yu will stop at the top 16."

"The stronger he is, the more embarrassed our Shushan will be! This rascal just wants to prove himself. Unknowingly, he will be slapping Shushan, slapping the Ursae Sword Immortal and Mizar Sword Immortal in the face."

The Shushan Immortal Sect members were having a heated discussion when Wu Yu and Pu Yangyi started a fierce battle. 

That Pu Yangyi was really crazy. The battle had just begun and he had already used his Great Dao Mystique. In an instant, his white hair spread out and lengthened. A few hundred thousand long hairs flew within the Battlefield of Old. They curled and moved like snakes. They flew and controlled this whole area like its own territory!

"You dare to ignore me? I'll pierce through you with a thousand holes!"

The elder's face was red and he shouted loudly. Instantly, his silver hair rolled like waves in the ocean. It looked pretty, but it was deadly. It was rumoured that Pu Yangyi alone could defeat over a thousand demons and ghostly cultivators. That head of silver hair spread out. If these spears pierced through, they could kill over a thousand people die with gaping wounds to their hearts.

Bang, bang, bang!

The deadly silver color crossed and pierced. In an instant, whether wood or stone, everything was pierced through and exploded.

Wu Yu bore the impact first-hand.

As everyone was shouting in surprise and getting worried for Wu Yu, but Wu Yu transformed and over a hundred Wu Yus instantly appeared in front of Pu Yangyi's eyes. They immediately spread out and surrounded Pu Yangyi. They were at the heavens, the earth, they were everywhere.

Many people were amazed at Wu Yu's capability to produce doppelgangers; it was such a grand scene.

Pu Yangyi was also stunned. After all, he did not know who the real Wu Yu was.

But he immediately reacted. That silver hair rolled and flew across the sky. Silver needles shone out and pierced through Wu Yu and his doppelgangers.


In that instant, Wu Yu's doppelgangers also moved fast and either used dao techniques to defend or evade. After all, Pu Yangyi's accuracy when faced with over 100 people could not compare to when he was just fighting against one. Hence, he only managed to hit a few.

But he screamed furiously and kept going at full strength. He chased Wu Yu's doppelgangers. He could sometimes hit one, but Wu Yu's real body was hidden within the mass of doppelgangers. He could not find him at all.

"I dare you to stop running!"

Pu Yangyi screamed furiously.

"Soul Subduing Gate!"

He used the supreme immortal treasure and placed it before him. The Soul Subduing Gate shot out a beam of light. Anyone who was hit by that light would be spiritually shocked and instantly feel immense pressure. If the head was knocked badly, then the person would be dizzy.

But Wu Yu's doppelgangers did not have spirits. Hence, this Soul Subduing Gate was basically useless against Wu Yu. After all, his doppelgangers changed very quickly. As long as his original body did not attack first, and hid within the doppelgangers, then the Soul Subduing Gate and silver needles would not be able to find him.

As for the battle, Pu Yangyi indeed had the upper hand. Everyone could only see that Wu Yu had many doppelgangers but was still being chased by his opponent. He was also occasionally pierced through.

If this carried on, then Wu Yu's doppelgangers would decrease in numbers soon.

The battle entered a fervent peak.

"Pu Yangyi's Great Dao Mystique, Silver Light, is so scary. Wu Yu has no chance at all to attack!"

"Looks like Wu Yu may not have the chance to challenge Li Kuhai."

"Looks like he cannot hold on for long. The elders do have the upper hand. In these circumstances, Wu Yu has no way of getting close to him."

He could hear thousands of discussions.

But Wu Yu was not affected.

"Trash, do you only know how to hide and evade?" Pu Yangyi, that old man, was very proud after gaining the upper hand.

Suddenly, all the remaining Wu Yus stopped in their tracks and turned back. At the same time, they used the Heaven Earth Void technique Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique! A familiar scene appeared again. It was similar to when Wu Yu defeated Yang Xuefeng. A large number of black vortexes appeared instantly and hundreds of black dragons rushed out of them. A portion of them surrounded Pu Yangyi and a portion surrounded the long hair. In a short period of time, they had gained total control over Pu Yangyi.

The roar of the black dragons and the violently moving silver light of Pu Yangyi were in a fierce battle. The silver light was like countless large snakes twisting and turning. Their power was quite fearful.

It was at this moment that Wu Yu used the same trick. Among the doppelgangers, Wu Yu took out his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and suddenly rushed in. While the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique controlled his opponent, he used the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and executed a killer move. The huge Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff dropped down from the sky, aimed towards Pu Yangyi's head!

"Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design!"

Instantly, golden light exploded!

The staff hit, and its target was Pu Yangyi's head, which was being held down by a black dragon! Pu Yangyi immediately defended himself fiercely. When Wu Yu took out the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he actually laughed heartily. "I have finally found your real body!"

In that instant, he controlled his Soul Subduing Gate and broke free of Wu Yu's black dragons. He then appeared in front of Wu Yu, and at the same time, his silver hair gradually tore apart the black dragons. Even his hair almost broke out. At this moment, Wu Yu had already lost control of him.

"Soul Subduing!"

Pu Yangyi controlled the Soul Subduing Gate. Before Wu Yu's Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design could reach him, a bright light broke through the golden light of the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and blasted onto Wu Yu. Pu Yangyi had finally found Wu Yu's real body, so he would without doubt use a fatal move! This attack not only had soul subduing power, but also contained the extremely mighty Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Primordial Energy!


The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff flew out. Wu Yu's body instantly exploded. At that moment, everyone was horrified. They did not expect Wu Yu to just die in a battle like this!

"How can that be!"

Many people shrieked in shock.

The place was in a mess.

Pu Yangyi was gleeful that his plan had worked. He knew that Wu Yu would use the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique to trap him, so he had pretended to be weak to get the opportunity to attack Wu Yu. The instant he found Wu Yu's real body, he exploded with his full strength. He not only killed Wu Yu, but also almost tore apart all the black dragons controlling him.

"Wu Yu!" The audience gasped in shock. Their hearts started pounding hard.

At this instant, one of Wu Yu's doppelgangers who was nearest to Pu Yangyi's back suddenly attacked. The black sword in his hand pierced out, and at this moment, when Pu Yangyi was most excited, he suffered a direct blow. Pu Yangyi screamed in pain. His face turned white, shocking the audience!

At this moment, Wu Yu's doppelganger retrieved the black sword and the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, which flew out and returned to his hand. He then hit Pu Yangyi directly on the head with it. A loud crack resounded and Pu Yangyi dropped to the ground. He had suffered a heavy hit! Pu Yangyi fainted immediately and could no longer fight.

Everyone thought that Wu Yu had been defeated, or even killed in battle. However, these changes happened in an instant. When the audience saw Pu Yangyi lying on the ground unconscious, and surrounded by hundreds of Wu Yus, they discovered that Wu Yu seemed to have won the battle... 

Actually, Wu Yu had just played along with Pu Yangyi's plan.

He had used an old method.

He guessed that Pu Yangyi would definitely guard against his Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique and would not be easily defeated. Hence, he thought of this method.

First, he would use the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique, then use a doppelganger to wield the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and attack. In that moment, Pu Yangyi would be looking for the real body and unconsciously believe that the one holding the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff would be the real Wu Yu. 

Actually, that was not the case.

The real body was holding the Chief Emperor Sword and hiding behind. As Pu Yangyi attacked and killed Wu Yu's doppelganger, in that instant of excitement, he would pierce out using the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique. This technique carried the Chief Emperor Sword Qi and instantly pierced through Pu Yangyi's defense, causing him to faint.

And that last hit with the staff instantly ended the battle.

This battle was clean and fast. It was very cool.

The key was that Wu Yu had gracefully won and demonstrated his cunning. Hence, people had yet to react. Many were still stunned by Wu Yu.

He had studied the Unshackled Doppelganger and knew that its purpose was not only to surround and attack. It was more for planning and stratagem, to confuse and misdirect the enemy.

Everyone learned dao techniques and owned immortal treasures. The difference was in the way of using them. Then the effect would be different. Usually, Wu Yu would also study some battle methods. He had used the mortal combat techniques to the maximum. This was actually related to the art of war.

Hence, when Wu Yu kept all his doppelgangers and looked at his surroundings, everyone was still in shock.

Finally, General Murong smiled and explained, "Their abilities are on par, but Wu Yu creatively used his ability and used the simplest method to defeat his opponent. This is like a lesson for everyone. He won the most easily out of all today. Hence, he is worthy of entering the top eight in the Trial of Yan. Everyone, please congratulate Wu Yu!"

It was only with his explanation that many finally understood.

In that instant, there were many changes in the hearts of the people.

Hence, after understanding what had happened, many people were really impressed and applauded with respect. Wu Yu raised his head and saw many burning gazes. A sense of great aspiration formed in his heart! 

This was the heavens and earth most suited to him!

The top eight!

The next battle, Li Kuhai!

The top eight, he was quite near to his own goal now...

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