Chapter 0415: Untitled

Qin Fuyao had inherited the legacy of the Wind God Dao Beauty, so when it came to her Great Dao Mystique and Heaven Earth Void techniques, she was a notch above others. 

The Wind God Dao Beauty was the founding ancestor of a sect. She wouldn't be any weaker than the Radiant Phoenix Sword Emperor, whose legacy had been inherited by Nangong Wei. In fact, her techniques were so unique that she allowed Qin Fuyao, who was a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, to have the battle capacity of a fifth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. 

Among the so-called Four Geniuses of the centurions, Qin Fuyao or Murong Xu should be the strongest. 

Although Qin Fuyao didn't have a dao treasure as an ace, all her other aspects were balanced. 

In the Battlefield of Old, strong winds were blowing. Her black dress fluttered wildly and changed shapes constantly under the strong winds. She was terrifyingly quick. 

One could even say that Qin Fuyao was the quickest among all the contestants of the Trial of 

Yan. Even Wu Yu had a hard time catching a good glimpse of her. It was as though she was everywhere within the gale. 

Her melodious laughter was also reverberating everywhere. 

She seemed to be using a folded fan. The folded fan was stunning and red like a peony flower. On it, there were vivid embroideries of beautiful women. 

Qin Fuyao was constantly waving the folded fan. At this juncture, the intense storm on the Battlefield of Old and the tornadoes that were everywhere were all caused by the folded fan. 

Qin Fuyao was in a long dress and had an alluring figure. As she waved her fan and danced to her movements; she looked a little like one of the dancers with fans in the palaces. Naturally, the commotion she caused with each movement was way larger. 

However, Qin Fuyao wasn't having an easy time. 

Her opponent had exceptional battle capacity and was a senior centurion in Yan Huang Imperial City with deep experience. Her opponent also possessed a high chance of making it into the top three. 

As the two of them clashed violently, one could describe their battle as turning heaven and earth upside down whilst shaking the ground and the mountains. Eventually, Qin Fuyao relied on her speed and Great Dao Mystique to defeat her opponent after 15 minutes. Although she was a little fatigued, she still made it to the top eight strongly and had not disappointed those who had high regards of her. 

General Qin was naturally very satisfied. After reaching the top eight, Qin Fuyao had a high chance of succeeding. 

While Qin Fuyao fought, Wu Yu was trying to gain dao enlightenment. Meanwhile, Jiang Zhixun also defeated his opponent after a tough battle. 

Wu Yu recalled the schedule and noted that Luo Pin's next opponent would be Jiang Zhixun. 

He wasn't in a good position. From the victories of Jiang Zhixun and Qin Fuyao, one would say that these young geniuses had a high chance of winning. After all, they had been brought up with a large amount of resources. Moreover, they were at their peak. Although the older generation had more experience, they were aging and couldn't keep up in many aspects. 

The next battle was Murong Xu's. 

The moment Murong Xu made a move, he triggered nine heavenly lightning bolts from the sky. The scale and impetus of his attacks were incomparably huge! That seemed to be a Heaven Earth Void technique known as the Nine Xuan Thunder Strike. It was extremely powerful and had smashed several potholes onto the Battlefield of Old. 

Murong Xu's performance was outstanding and his opponent wasn't as strong as Qin Fuyao's. Therefore, he still hadn't used his dao treasure and was able to defeat his opponent with just the might of the thunder strike. At the same time, he had pushed the name and reputation of the Four Geniuses to an astronomical height! 

After all, three out of the four had defeated those old monsters with over 200 years of cultivation. 

In fact, even General Murong and the rest hadn't expected the four of them to be so outstanding. 

At this point, the whole world was complimenting them too. 

After another battle, only two out of the eight matches were remaining. The two matches were Li Kuhai against his opponent and Wu Yu against Pu Yangyi. 

Li Kuhai's opponent was also incredible. He wore a black robe and had cultivated for over 100 years. He had spent most of his time fighting against demons and had mastered many Heaven Earth Void techniques. 

Li Kuhai was extremely excited about it. Wu Yu could clearly see that he was staring at him just before his battle. The intention of taunting him was clear. Li Kuhai was once known to have exceptional physical body toughness. However, another person had appeared and had overtaken him in this aspect. It was only natural that he was unhappy about it. Perhaps he would like to prove himself before the world! 

After a glance, Li Kuhai clashed brutally and intensely with his opponent. 

Li Kuhai's physical body was indeed horrifying. The truth was that his talent in the aspect of Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy wasn't as great as that of Qin Fuyao and the rest. However, his horrifying physical body gave his punches explosive strength! His entire body was blazing and his skin resembled steel that was heated red. In his body, it looked like there was lava flowing. Wherever the two clashed, everything was destroyed. Li Kuhai had a similar battle style as Wu Yu. 

The key was that he was similar to Wu Yu in the aspect that he didn't care about the pain in his body. They were demons in battle and their indestructible and unyielding wills were shocking. In fact, Li Kuhai could endure more pain than Wu Yu. One could easily expect that he had forged his body through lots of hardship like Wu Yu to eventually have the body he had today. 

Therefore, Li Kuhai was more brutal and violent in battle. Basically, he got up right away after each time he was knocked down. He would charge forward like a beast, sending tremors to the earth and mountains at the same time. Those rocks and huge trees were all wrecked by Li Kuhai. 

Besides that, he was extremely adept at close-range combat! 

His battle techniques were accumulated over years of training. 

The truth was that Wu Yu saw himself in Li Kuhai. 

From the very beginning, Li Kuhai was being pinned down by his opponent and appeared to be only on the receiving end. 

However, Wu Yu knew that it would just be a matter of time till he won. This was because he had a stronger defence and more resilient will. His opponent couldn't take him down, and once he found an opportunity, he would definitely be able to go for the kill in a single strike! 

Just as expected, the battle lasted 30 minutes. Li Kuhai found an opportunity to throw a punch at his opponent. His opponent was sent flying out of the Battlefield of Old and suffered grave injuries. 

At that moment, Li Kuhai lifted his head and roared savagely. The surrounding cultivators were shocked completely silent. 

After a round of battles, Li Kuhai had the toughest time winning among the Four Geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City. However, his victory was also the most impressive and shocking. No one would doubt his strength, and they were even more fearful of his frenzied and endless will. 

Li Kuhai had left the strongest impression on everyone! 

"Don't be fooled by the appearance that Li Kuhai was having a hard time. Even amongst the Four Geniuses, I believe Jiang Zhixun wouldn't be a match for him." 

"If Li Kuhai loses to Murong Xu, I'm expecting Jiang Zhixun to eventually bow out among the Four Geniuses." 

"Yeah. Jiang Zhixun specializes in mechanisms and smart strategies. However, if we are assessing their will and resolve, Li Kuhai has an almost impenetrable body. He is indeed stronger and probably instills more fear in his opponents." 

"I believe that the top three should be Murong Xu, Qin Fuyao, and Li Kuhai." 

"This guess isn't problematic, but it isn't certain either. Perhaps Qin Fuyao will be eliminated. Nonetheless, the chances of Li Kuhai and Jiang Zhixun fighting for the third slot is the highest." 

"There's another battle where Wu Yu, who is considered as the fifth genius, will be participating in soon. Whether Wu Yu can make it into the circle of the Four Geniuses will depend on whether he can make it into the top eight!" 

The crowd was still discussing and Li Kuhai hadn't left the Battlefield of Old. After the battle and the angry roar to vent his frustration, Li Kuhai's eyes found Wu Yu. As the fervent gaze shot across, Li Kuhai said solemnly, "Wu Yu! Now it's your turn. If you defeat your opponent, I'll give you 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills!" 

2 million merit points! 

This amount was enough to shock 90% of the cultivators around. 1,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills was indeed an astronomical sum. 

Li Kuhai really desired to battle with Wu Yu! This was a battle of physical bodies as well as their will. He was more desperate to prove that he, Li Kuhai, should be the number one in the world in these aspects. 

Therefore, the crowd couldn't help but be envious of Wu Yu. 

"Wu Yu will probably risk everything to get into the top eight! After all, 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills is a huge sum that he probably hasn't seen in his life." 

"For Wu Yu, this is indeed so. After all, he hasn't had a backing till now, and it's just like when he was in Shushan. Therefore, he probably does not have much wealth with him." 

"Wu Yu would probably lose his mind just to win the 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. He's too lucky. Perhaps the two of them are rather similar and therefore Li Kuhai wants to fight with him directly to decide who's better. He's too lucky!" 

The huge number of Inner Sea Essence Pills was enough to make many people jealous. 

Everyone felt that Wu Yu had the better end of the deal. 

The people from Shushan Immortal Sect remarked, "Don't think too much about it. Wu Yu's opponent isn't weak. He definitely won't get the 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills!"

"That's right. He will probably be excited for nothing. He shouldn't get ahead of himself." 

Suddenly, the situation turned chaotic. 

Most of the people felt that Wu Yu had gotten lucky. 

Others had to achieve second in the Trial of Yan to receive 3 million merit points. All he had to do was make it to the top eight to receive 2 million! Together with the rewards from Yan Huang Imperial City, that would be 2.5 million! 

Wu Yu couldn't help but chuckle. 

Once, Beishan Mo wanted him to leave Nangong Wei for 1,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. 

And now Li Kuhai was using 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills to motivate him so he could have a chance to challenge him. 

In both occasions, they were insulting him. 

"When will I not be humiliated by those who think they are way above me?" 

Wu Yu chided in his mind. 

Just as raucous discussions were ongoing, Wu Yu suddenly said, "For those Inner Sea Essence Pills, you can give them to me after I defeat you." 

His words were highly confrontational! 

Although he was still accepting these Inner Sea Essence Pills, the concept was completely different. Li Kuhai was trying to motivate him to defeat Pu Yangyi and become his opponent with a reward of 2,000 Inner Sea Essence Pills. However, Wu Yu was saying that he was going to get them after he defeated Li Kuhai! In that case, it wouldn't be alms from Li Kuhai. Instead, it would be Li Kuhai losing them to Wu Yu! 


The crowd exploded. 

"Wu Yu is poking the beehive." 

"He's still the same as he was in Shushan. Lots of guts but still hasn't got the idea of who he can and cannot taunt." 

"In the past, he was expelled from Shushan because he provoked Beishan Mo. I'm expecting his remaining time in Yan Huang Imperial City to be short-lived. Even Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't accept a brazen guy like him." 

The crowd burst into laughter. 

Only Li Kuhai replied with a solemn expression, "In that case, it will be as you wish! However, I will look down upon you if you lose. From here onwards, you will have no rights to be compared to me by everyone!" 

Speaking till this point, the old man, Pu Yangyi, had stepped into the Battlefield of Old. He chuckled and said, "Young men, have both of you completely forgotten about me? Even the most docile person would have a temper. I know you guys would like to fight against each other. It's up to me to allow it to happen!" 

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