Chapter 0414: Empress

But his victory was too fierce and fast.

His stand off with Yang Xuefeng was a tough, head-on battle. Both of them had used their skills. Wu Yu had defeated his opponent not because Yang Xuefeng was weak, but because he was stronger!

Especially his complete Invincible Vajra Body. The Nanwu Blazing Sun Golden Vajra Body was extremely strong!

A ravaging ghost volcano had been devoured and refined in his body. One could only imagine the explosive potential hiding within him!

Wu Yu had exhibited his ultra strong physical talents in this battle. Everyone was amazed by this sight!

Even the Shushan Immortal Sect naturally did not expect this disciple whom they had abandoned and chased out of Shushan recently to improve instead of worsen and rise high in Yan Huang Imperial City.

His performance in this battle could be described as stunning.

Yang Xuefeng had exhibited suffocating killing ability, but Wu Yu had him totally suppressed.

After a while, everyone applauded enthusiastically. Wu Yu had won the respect of many with this first battle.

Before this, the young disciples of the Shushan Immortal Sect had said many sarcastic words. But now Wu Yu was shining so brightly. Comparatively, they could only hide in a corner and gossip meaninglessly. They seemed so inferior that they even shut up. No matter how thick their skins were, they were speechless. 

For example, Chen Fuyou's head was hanging low and his face was dark. It was like he had been slapped.

On the Shushan Immortal Sect's side, only Shen Xingyao was smiling. Wu Yu looked over at this moment and nodded at him. As for the others, Wu Yu ignored them.

The first round of fierce battles had ended, and it was terrible! 16 rounds of battle, and each round was a fierce battle! There was no easy victory. For the visitors who had come here from afar, this was indeed a visual feast!

"Yan Huang Imperial City is really scary."

Everyone was awed.

Of course, this was the message that Yan Huang Imperial City wanted to send to the divine continent.

"It is still early now. The next round of battles will not be easy," the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage said awkwardly as he saw the dark faces of the young disciples.

Chen Fuyou was also looking for a source of comfort. He could not help but look sinister as he said, "You're right. I know his next opponent, he is an old monster. He's the one with a head full of silver needles. That guy is truly scary." 

To reach the top three? Tough, really tough!

Wu Yu returned to Luo Pin's side. She softly said, "Looks like you learned a lot in the East Sea. You'll have no problem entering the top eight with this performance."

Wu Yu shook his head and said, "That's not for sure. I've just seen that old man's moves, and I have no idea how to counter him yet."

Those dancing silver needles covering the sky, to be honest, were really scary. It was not the Shushan Immortal Sect looking down on him, but Wu Yu was also terrified about the prospect of facing that old man. Putting aside getting into the top three, there were stronger opponents ahead. At the very least, Li Kuhai would be in the top eight.

Next, they had a day of rest. Battle would resume on the third day!

Those injured in the first round of battle would have to use this day to rest and recuperate.

The surrounding few million people dared not to leave their positions in this day. It was not easy to get these positions to watch the battle. After all, there were even more people entering Yan Huang Imperial City, so the number of people gathering here would only increase!

Now that the battle had ended, pairs and groups of people discussed the battle and the performances of each individual. The most discussed was Wu Yu and the four geniuses from Yan Huang Imperial City, and because Luo Pin was the first to battle, she was already almost forgotten.

A few million voices were like countless bees buzzing in his ears. It was very noisy. Wu Yu sat in the lotus position on the ground. It was very difficult to enter a quiet environment.

"From the first battle, the most relaxed would be the four geniuses of Yan Huang Imperial City. They will ultimately enter the top four. I just don't know who will be eliminated to take fourth place."

"Honestly, the battle for the third and fourth places is more exciting than the battle for the first or second places."

"That Qin Fuyao is really pretty. I heard that the other three are competing for her affection. I don't know which one of them will earn the qualification to gain her affection. The Three Young Masters are actually also fighting and competing among themselves."

"Don't forget Wu Yu. Didn't he perform quite well just now?"

"He's okay, but if you include Wu Yu, then many people will also have a chance. For instance, his next opponent. I think the opponent has a higher chance of victory, right?"

"Actually, Wu Yu is only very strong in terms of physical strength. I predict that the further he goes, the less of an advantage he will have. In the future, he may not even be considered as a genius."

"He's only alright, but his character is poor. If I had been chased out by my seniors, no matter what, I would not join another sect so quickly. Isn't that too ungrateful?"

A million views, a million troubles.

It was especially difficult to guard your heart under the eyes of millions of people.

Luo Pin stood beside him. She lowered her head and asked him, "Wu Yu, are you trying to gain dao enlightenment?" 


Luo Pin continued, "There are so many discussions of you happening in the surroundings. They still seem to be against you and misunderstand you. How do you see it?"

"In life, as long as we stay true to ourselves, it's enough." Wu Yu's reply to her was also a reminder to himself.

"That's right, no one can shut these people up," Luo Pin said.

Wu Yu opened his eyes to look at her. She might be calm, but she actually had her own persistence and understanding of everything.

To Wu Yu, she might be a senior, but her guiding words were similar to that of the Yan Huang Imperial City Lord. He asked, "I teamed up with demons and went against my elders. With my lover's approval, I was chased out of Shushan. After that, I quickly joined Yan Huang Imperial City. Do you think I'm in the wrong?"

Luo Pin's eyes were soft. That pair of clear blue eyes still held immense mystery within. She lightly stretched out a finger and pointed towards Wu Yu's heart and said, "There are many daos in this world. Your own dao can be highly unique. No matter what you do, you actually already have the answer in your heart. And you should not care about all this gossip. One day, you will reach your goals. Just as you have answered me: in life, as long as you stay true to yourself, it's enough.

“Even if everyone in the world is against you, you have to be yourself. You have to persist. You may be right or wrong. If you are right, then you will achieve your dao and become immortal. If you are wrong, then you will lose everything. However, if you listen to what others say and it shakes your beliefs, then you will no longer be you. It will be impossible to even think of becoming immortal. In history, all who have become immortal were terrifyingly stubborn."

Her tone was gentle and her speech was slow, but it was very confident and unyielding - there was no doubt at all. This was a firm answer built up after countless verifications and strong confidence in oneself. Actually, Luo Pin was not only telling Wu Yu, but also reminding herself of her path.

"She's right," Ming Long suddenly said.

Ming Long was also an experienced person.

To be honest, these two women had trained to a high level. Wu Yu trusted them.

He closed his eyes.

"Ming Long and Luo Pin both have cultivated the grand dao. They are fully supportive of what I did, especially Ming Long. In their eyes, all the decisions I have made were not wrong at all. Yet this many people think that I'm problematic. This may be why they cannot compare to Ming Long and Luo Pin!"

A martial cultivator was most cautious about following trends and being controlled by people!

Suddenly, the fog in front of Wu Yu's eyes seemed to have cleared. His heart was sincere and he looked towards the grand dao! At this moment, he actually had a sense of detachment. It was obvious that Luo Pin's words had improved his spiritual level by a lot. It was likely that he was almost at the end of his journey to achieve the 10th tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. 

"Thank you," he said to Luo Pin.

"Your transformation has nothing to do with me. If you achieve enlightenment of the grand dao, you just have to thank yourself." Luo Pin's voice was gentle like water and engulfed him.

Unknowingly, it was already the third day!

Luo Pin went out to battle.

When Wu Yu opened his eyes, she had disappeared. She had gone to the Battlefield of Old.

To be honest, Wu Yu was not worried at all for her battle. Until now, no one would expect that this Luo Pin was someone who could easily be in the top three - it was a matter of whether she wanted to be first, second, or third.

Wu Yu closed his eyes and continued his training. With the announcement of General Murong, Luo Pin engaged in a fierce fight with an elder. The battlefield was huge as usual and even more violently messy. People cheered continuously, yet Wu Yu continued to be immersed in his own world. In about 15 minutes, he heard General Murong announce with surprise, "The winner is Luo Pin. Congratulations. As one of the top eight, you have a great chance to be in the top three."

After the announcement, everyone was in an uproar. Luo Pin's battle became the hottest discussion topic ever since these battles started. When Luo Pin defeated her opponent, everyone used the term “dark horse” to describe her performance.

Wu Yu opened his eyes. He saw that Luo Pin was slightly messy. There were blood stains on her Yan Huang Immortal Armor. However, her eyes were still calm. Under the shocked looks of a few million people, she returned to her position.

"Who is this woman!? How have we not heard of her before?!"

"She actually entered the top eight! That is unbelievable. This is just great. My first guess for the top eight is already wrong. I lost 50 Inner Sea Essence Pills."

"I think she's called Luo Pin. Before this, she was not really famous. She has trained for over 70 years. She's not really a genius. It is surprising that she performed so well in these two rounds of battle!"

Just like Luo Pin had said, the battle was for yourself, the judging was for others.

The best way was to ignore all the judgements.

Wu Yu saw how she stood in front of millions yet remained so casual and walked towards him with no hesitation. In that instant, he felt that this woman was definitely a natural born king! She was no doubt an empress, a heroic figure who would rule the world.

But she was not rough. She was very calm. At this moment, Wu Yu was very attracted by her calmness, her unique, peaceful, yet domineering aura. 

The Yan Huang Immortal Armor hid her face.

But that pair of eyes helped Wu Yu break through with his spiritual level.

He was a little surprised and hence could not focus on the following battles.

This round was basically a showdown between the young and old! 

Wu Yu only came back to his senses when it was Qin Fuyao's turn again to battle. She was against this elder who was even more famous than Pu Yangyi.

"Mystical dragons are really different." He turned to look at Luo Pin.

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