Chapter 0413: Blood Devouring Ivory Spear

After entering the Battlefield of Old, Wu Yu stopped paying attention to the critiques of him. 

Where there were people around, there would be politics involved. The millions of people around him constituted this. As for what they would say, it would be dependent on how he would act. 

If he lost today, he would be condemned by all. On the contrary, he would take a step forward if he won. 

If he didn't take this step forward, the matter would always weigh on his heart. 

The attention of the million-strong crowd was gathered on him. 

Sometimes, cultivation also involved going against the wills of millions of people. 

Wu Yu's focus was entirely on his opponent. Before him, there was a young man wearing the same Yan Huang Immortal Armor. He was his opponent, Yang Xuefeng. Just as the rumors had suggested, this person was the son of a hunter. From him, one could sense an innate wild and cold killing aura! After years of training, competition, and killing, his aura had condensed into the scent of blood and killing intent. There were even blood stains on his Yan Huang Immortal Armor, making him look even more cold-blooded. 

The person before him looked just like an assassin that had descended upon the world to reap lives! 

In Yan Huang Imperial City, there were countless geniuses. Yang Xuefeng wasn't particularly old. From his looks, he looked just like an 18 to 19-year-old teenager. 

His skin tone was slightly dull and he moved with the grace and agility of a leopard. His eyes reminded on of a beast and were bloodshot. 

"Wu Yu, I got excited after learning that I would battle you today. Fighting with a legendary character like you will also bolster my name. I hope you won't disappoint me today...." Yang Xuefeng said. As he landed on the floor lightly, he pivoted off his foot as he bounded rapidly through the forest towards Wu Yu silently. 

When he was speaking, he flipped his hand and a long ivory spear appeared in his hand. It was a little similar to the Ivory Bone Barb that Gu Xuan used. However, the long spear had densely packed holes. From some of these holes, fresh blood was oozing out. When the blood fell on the ground, a large piece of earth would be corroded. 

Fang Chaoqun had taken the additional effort to gather information for Wu Yu. Therefore, Wu Yu knew that the supreme immortal treasure in Yang Xuefeng's hand was called the Blood Devouring Ivory Spear. Yang Xuefeng had spent 1 million merits on it, so it was definitely powerful! 

The Blood Devouring Ivory Spear seemed to have countless mouths engraved upon it, and its desire to draw blood locked on to Wu Yu greedily. 

Wu Yu knew that there were countless gazes behind him, above him, and ahead of him. Among which, there were gazes from the Shushan Immortal Sect, and they represented the entirety of Shushan. No matter the outcome of the battle today, news would spread to Shushan rapidly. Nangong Wei, the Mizar Sword Immortal, and the Ursae Sword Immortal would likely learn about this. 

As such, he definitely couldn't lose! 

Wu Yu's eyes turned chilly. Compared to Yang Xuefeng, he was more brutal and violent. At this juncture, he had retrieved his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and used the Immortal Ape Transformation. In his suit of Yan Huang Immortal Armor, his eyes were blazing. It was as though he had transformed into a golden ape with two suns as his eyes. The golden ape was huge and brutal, possessing both the explosive physical strength and the ferocity of a demon. His unparalleled violent nature erupted in an instant and completely overwhelmed Yang Xuefeng. 

"What a tough will!" Lots of people felt it deeply from Wu Yu's actions. 

Yang Xuefeng was at the forefront of all. However, he wasn't afraid at all. He smirked coldly and got even more excited. His eyes turned redder and he became exceptionally restless. 

"In that case, I won't be holding back!" 

The battle escalated instantly! 

Killing intent shot through the roof at this instant! 

Yang Xuefeng used his Great Dao Mystique. As he flipped one of his hands, the might of his mystique instantly swept out. 

The next instant, his body appeared to have exploded into a blood rain that filled the skies. As the blood rain fell, it was similar to Luo Pin's technique. To the astonishment of the crowd, a sea of blood had now shrouded Wu Yu and Yang Xuefeng! Although the scale wasn't as large as the vast sea that Luo Pin had created, the pungent scent of blood was exceptionally strong. It would probably take millions of corpses to create a sea of blood like this! 

Wu Yu rode his sword, escaped from the sea of blood, and appeared above it. 

Yang Xuefeng's Great Dao Mystique was known as the Boundless Blood Realm. Once one fell into it, he would feel as though he had entered a different world and wouldn't be able to break free! 

Yang Xuefeng was now in control of the gigantic Boundless Blood Realm. The sea of blood was tumbling and coalesced into a large mouth which pounced towards Wu Yu. Facing the immense sea of blood, Wu Yu could only choose to avoid. After all, he couldn't possibly smash the huge sea of blood into smithereens. 

Bang, bang, bang!

In the Battlefield of Old, fresh blood was tumbling. The pungent scent of blood swept towards the crowd and made most of the people feel unbearable. The audience frowned and some even took several steps back. 

One could see several large mouths chasing after Wu Yu above the sea of blood. They were trying to pull Wu Yu into the Boundless Blood Realm. Rumor had it that once one fell into it, he would just become a captive turtle in an earthen jar. 

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage couldn't help but cough out twice. "This... In our Immortal Sect, a Great Dao Mystique like this wouldn't be allowed. The rules of Yan Huang Imperial City are too lax; they have no bottomline...." 

"That's true. However, Wu Yu can only scamper around like a rat under the attacks of Yang Xuefeng." Chen Fuyou crossed his arms over his chest, appearing relaxed and at ease. He wanted to see Wu Yu make a fool of himself. The humiliation he felt when Wu Yu had defeated him was still weighing in his heart. As he couldn't vent out the frustration himself, he could only imagine that he was Yang Xuefeng and was chasing after Wu Yu.... 

The truth was that as long as Yang Xuefeng didn't show himself, the sea of blood couldn't do anything to Wu Yu. Wu Yu was simply moving above it while waiting for Yang Xuefeng’s true self to engage him in battle. 

Yang Xuefeng probably understood Wu Yu's intention. Therefore, he appeared behind Wu Yu suddenly while the several blood mouths were chasing after Wu Yu. The Blood Devouring Ivory Spear in his hand glowed dazzlingly and was filled with killing intent. Wu Yu turned around and held his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff in one hand. Without saying a word, he stomped on the surface of the sea of blood and shot up into the air. At that instant, the sea of blood was dented and almost revealed the ground. 

Bang! Bang!

After a few close combat exchanges, Yang Xuefeng was whipped away and had the blood flow in his body thrown into disarray! Through this, he understood that he wasn't a match for Wu Yu in a direct confrontation. 

"Devil Blood Doppelganger!" 

As he was flying back, Yang Xuefeng revealed a sinister expression and executed another Great Dao Mystique. At his current cultivation level, he could practice a second mystique. Wu Yu squinted his eyes and focused on identifying the changes brought by the second Great Dao Mystique. To his surprise, he saw fresh blood oozing out of Yang Xuefeng's body. It turned him into a bloodless and dried up man instantly. He was emaciated but looked even more like the god of death. The eyes that had sunken were hideous and completely red, like a zombie’s. 

The blood from his body had coalesced into a doppelganger instantly and stood beside him. 

The doppelganger resembled Yang Xuefeng and looked exceptionally tough. 

Both of them charged ahead without saying a word. When they struck, the sea of blood tumbled and countless blood mouths swept towards Wu Yu. From the sea of blood, a pair of thick arms formed and attempted to slap Wu Yu down from the air! 


Seeing the Devil Blood Doppleganger, Wu Yu chuckled. He plucked out 10 golden hairs instantly and blew them off his palm. As the golden hairs floated in the air, they transformed into 10 golden apes and stood before Wu Yu. The 10 doppelgangers instantly executed the Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique to trap the Devil Blood Doppleganger the moment it approached Wu Yu. At that juncture, heaven couldn't budge an inch. 

Wu Yu flew over and faced Yang Xuefeng directly. 

"Blood Dragon Roar!" 

Suddenly, Yang Xuefeng dived into the sea of blood, sending huge waves of blood into the air. The waves of blood used his body as the base and instantly formed a blood dragon. The blood dragon swam above the sea of blood and grew exponentially larger. In the blink of an eye, it absorbed more than half of the sea of blood into his body. 

The giant dragon descended from the sky with billions of pounds of force. The sharpest point was the tip of Yang Xuefeng's Blood Devouring Ivory Spear! 

The destructive force of this Heaven Earth Void technique was immense! 

Wu Yu had dealt with Yang Xuefeng's moves accordingly as they were executed. At this point, a mystical dragon made of blood had suddenly been formed. With immense might and impetus, the dragon was charging towards him with the intention of ripping him apart. The momentum was so immense that it could rank at the top among the battles that had occurred today. It was a great eye-opener for the cultivators of the divine continent at the most shocking moment!

Compared to that mystical dragon, the current Wu Yu was incomparably minute. Although Wu Yu had easily suppressed his opponent's doppelganger, his situation was perilous! 

It was time to give all he had!

All of a sudden, 90 additional doppelgangers appeared before Wu Yu! 

Wu Yu had expended a large number of Inner Sea Essence Pills to nurture the densely packed golden apes before him. At this point, they would finally be able to show their worth. 

"Dragon Enslavement Heaven Imprisonment Technique!" 

With Wu Yu's Heaven Earth Void technique as the core, a huge, black vortex surfaced below the blood dragon. Eight black dragons roared and emerged from within. Although they were far from the size of the blood dragon, eight of them could still barely hold their opponent. The next instant, 90 additional black vortexes surfaced and over 700 black dragons emerged from within. Although they were even smaller, they still bound the advancing blood dragon tightly and forcefully stopped it. 

The blood dragon roared furiously and struggled frantically against the entanglement of over 700 black dragons. While tumbling in the air, the scene was majestic and awe-inspiring! 

At this moment, the seemingly insignificant Wu Yu appeared above the dragon head. The blood dragon had just ripped apart the few black dragons before it when Wu Yu smashed it with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff! 


Yang Xuefeng was at the exact location which was struck. His chest was hit and instantly caved in. The next instant, Yang Xuefeng felt his head spinning from the severe injuries he had suffered. 


The blood dragon collapsed and disappeared!

With just a thought by Wu Yu, all the black dragons disappeared instantly. The entire sky suddenly became empty. At this juncture, the crowd got a clearer view. Wu Yu was swift and accurate as he bashed Yang Xuefeng down with a single strike. Yang Xuefeng fell from the sky and smashed heavily into the ground, suffering severe injuries in the process. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff was then thrown towards him, crushing the ground right beside him, causing countless tremors. 


Wu Yu picked up the Blood Devouring Ivory Spear that was trembling frenziedly and moved beside Yang Xuefeng. He held the razor-sharp spear against the neck of Yang Xuefeng and said, "You have lost." 

Yang Xuefeng's eyes widened and he gritted his teeth. He felt unconvinced! 

However, everything before him, together with the cold expression of Wu Yu, shook the resolve he had in mind. He took a deep breath, lowered his head, and said, "I admit defeat fully!" 

He had been utterly defeated in a direct clash, so there's no way he could not admit his defeat. 

At this time, Wu Yu lifted his head. The countless gazes on him had indeed changed. 

He understood that in this world, saying too much had little use. He could only demonstrate his might.

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