Chapter 0412: Silver-Haired Maniac

No one knew where Luo Pin had summoned the huge amount of water from. Regardless, the ring of mountains and the Battlefield of Old had turned into a vastless ocean in an instant. 

Ominous clouds were still gathering in the sky and the heavy downpour masked the vision of all. 

Amidst the vast ocean and downpour, one could only see water’s surface tumbling as though there were huge beasts charging and galloping underneath. 

No one was able to truly see the exchanges between the two. However, Wu Yu had some ideas in mind. 

Luo Pin would never let anyone learn about her identity at all. 

Nonetheless, the fact that she could trigger such a sight had also shocked countless cultivators who were watching. She had kept a low profile in Yan Huang Imperial City all along and thus wasn't well-known. As such, most of the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers had not seen her true strength. 

And at this very moment, one could say that she had impressed the entire crowd! 

It was especially so for cultivators that had come from various corners of the divine continent. Luo Pin's vast spiritual power was a semblance of the powers that real immortals possessed in the minds of mortals.

"It's only natural that a dragon is able to summon the wind and call the rain while moving freely within them." Ming Long wasn't surprised at all. 

There were times when Wu Yu really wanted to see Luo Pin's true form. He onced lived in the royal palace and was pretty familiar with dragons. This was because the mortals saw dragons as the most supreme of creatures. Objects like the dragon robe, dragon throne, and many other items were used to symbolize the noble status of an individual, inspired by these majestic creatures. 

The young disciples from the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, the Tianyi Race, Gusu Fairy Peak, the Heavenly Ares Sect, and many others were astonished. Their jaws had dropped slightly as they were truly impressed by the first battle of the Trial of Yan in Yan Huang Imperial City. 

When it was a contest between two powerful beings, the visual impact was naturally exceptional. 

Thrilling, intense, and a little more rewarding. 

The downpour continued till everyone couldn't see the battle clearly. Suddenly, amidst the violent clash, all movements seemed to have died down. 

At that instant, the seawater around gushed into a spot in the Battlefield of Old. That spot was none other than the body of Luo Pin. Before the eyes of the crowd, the vast ocean was sucked into the body of a person within an extremely short period. In the blink of an eye, even the ominous clouds in the sky and the downpour disappeared. The entire Battlefield of Old had regained its initial appearance. 

Luo Pin stood on the tranquil lake. Her snow-white hair fluttered in the wind and the Yan Huang Immortal Armor on her made her look even more breathtaking. Before her, there was a lady floating on the surface of the lake. Her dress was in tatters and there were some blood stains on it. Looking closer, one would find that she had lost her consciousness. Although no one knew what Luo Pin had done exactly, it was clear that Hai Yu had lost. 

At this moment, the crowd was still dead silent. 

Since Luo Pin had received 91 points, there was still a substantial number of Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers who doubted the results. At this juncture, their queries had all vanished. 

After all, she was a mysterious person. 

Subsequently, a raucous round of applause exploded. It came from the cultivators from all corners of the divine continent. Some of them weren't very convinced of Yan Huang Imperial City initially. However, their beliefs changed instantly after witnessing this battle. 

General Murong was also shocked. He pondered for a moment before announcing, "Congratulations, Luo Pin! You have made it to the top 16." 

After hearing the announcement, Luo Pin carried Hai Yu by her waist and brought her to Hai Yu's friends. She wasn't severely injured and was simply under the effect of one of Luo Pin's dao techniques. All Luo Pin had to do was release the technique. 

Under the attention of several million people, Luo Pin returned to the side of Wu Yu. She was casual and composed. After seeing Wu Yu, she said, "I was lucky to get the victory. You can't lose today!" 

Wu Yu smiled faintly. This wasn't just luck.... 

Soon, the next pair stepped forward into the battlefield. The crowd finally shifted their attention away from Luo Pin after General Murong announced the beginning of the next battle. 

Wu Yu was also attracted to the upcoming battles. 

Just as expected, those who were qualified to participate were all very strong. Moreover, the difference between one another wasn't huge. For the following battles, no one was hiding their strength like Luo Pin. It was more intense and direct and thus everyone could see the battles clearly.

There were participants of all ages. Wu Yu and Qin Fuyao were the two youngest of them all. 

In the second battle, it was a clash between a middle-aged man and an old man. Both of them had stunning dao techniques and ample spiritual power. After cultivating for years, their experiences were ample and the battle was intense. Heaven Earth Void techniques were launched without reservation and Great Dao Mystiques clashed violently. When the old man defeated the middle-aged man, he had also suffered some injuries. He couldn't even stand firmly and it would likely affect his performance against Luo Pin in a few days. 

The basic rules were that the victors of the first and second group would fight in the second round to determine who would advance to the top eight. 

The old man had scored above 95 points, but the middle-aged cultivator wasn't weak at all. Although Luo Pin had defeated her opponent, no one had high hopes for her in the next round. 

After all, her opponent was close to his final days. In order to get the guidance of the City Lord, he could even put his life at risk. 

Moving on, the thrilling and intense clashes continued! 

Today, the spectators from all corners of the divine continent were treated to great battles. However, they also knew that things would definitely get more exciting as the Trial of Yan progressed. 

In fact, the greatest uncertainty in their minds was who would eventually make it to the top three. 

As time passed, the victors of the first round were gradually decided. 

Among them, Jiang Zhixun, Qin Fuyao, Murong Xu, and Li Kuhai had progressed rather easily without encountering many issues. Murong Xu had not even used his dao treasure. 

Wu Yu paid a ton of attention to the battles of these people. Although the opponents of these people were strong, they were still able to progress despite holding back partially. Therefore, Wu Yu still wasn't certain who would be the toughest match for him. 

"For the four of them, I will probably have to expend all my strength and tricks to have a chance of winning. It will be hard for me to get a slot from any one of the four. Furthermore, there are still some other participants who are older than them and have similar strength as them." 

Honestly speaking, based on the strength they had displayed, it wasn't certain that they would defeat their opponents and make it to the top eight. This was because not a single opponent of theirs would be a walk in the park for them. 

Soon, it was noon. 

As the difference in strength was minimal, there were several battles that dragged for a longer time than expected. 

Wu Yu's match was the last. 

The victor before him would be his opponent for the next round. 

Naturally, he had to defeat Yang Xuefeng first. It was said that Yang Xuefeng was much stronger than the Black White Double Ghosts. 

In the second to last battle, Pu Yangyi, who had close to 300 years of cultivation experience, stepped forward. He was a scrawny old man and the Yan Huang Immortal Armor on him looked like a long robe. His eyebrows and hair were white and his most eye-catching feature was his exceptionally long, white hair. His hair could even reach his ankles. Truthfully speaking, the long, white hair looked a little ugly on an old man. However, one would be able to tell that his white hair was different if one took a closer look. 

Soon, Wu Yu understood that Pu Yangyi used a type of mystique to turn his head of silver hair into countless sharp and tough weapons. When the hair toughened, it resembled spears that could easily pierce through treasures. When it softened, it would become a razor-sharp whip. Moreover, he would be able to tear an opponent into two easily. On his head, he had over 10,000 of these razor-sharp silver hairs. Moreover, they could be extended indefinitely. Once they were separated, the entire Battlefield of Old would be covered in his hair. 

In addition, he had an immortal treasure known as the Soul Subduing Gate with incredible powers. 

His battle was before Wu Yu’s, and thus Wu Yu paid additional attention to the battle. When Pu Yangyi overwhelmed his opponent and advanced to the top 16, Wu Yu still hadn't gotten a good understanding of his opponent and his techniques. He wasn't certain if he could defeat Pu Yangyi. 

He felt immense pressure! 

It wasn't just him. In the Trial of Yan, even Qin Fuyao and Murong Xu were unusually solemn. Their eyebrows were knitted together as though they were facing their nemesis. For them, the greatest result would be if three out of the four of them made it to the end. That would still mean that one of them would miss out on the opportunity. 

"Let me defeat Yang Xuefeng before worrying about Pu Yangyi, that old fool." 

After seeing how the Silver-Haired Maniac had crushed his opponent, everyone, including Wu Yu, was truly worried. 

When General Murong announced Wu Yu and Yang Xuefeng's names, it drew raucous cheers from the crowd once again. Wu Yu's popularity spanned across the Shushan Immortal Sect and Yan Huang Imperial City. One could say that he was an exceptionally hot topic of conversation. With the Shushan Immortal Sect being invited as guests to the Trial of Yan by Yan Huang Imperial City, Wu Yu’s presence made everything feel a little strange. 

Instantly, countless gazes had gathered on Wu Yu. 

"Is he the one?" 

"Shushan probably never expected him to join Yan Huang Imperial City so quickly." 

"This Wu Yu is indeed a little ungrateful." 

"You can't really say that. After all, he was expelled from the place. As for Yan Huang Imperial City, he was invited by a chiliarch. The only surprise is that he has now become a participant of the Trial of Yan." 

"I heard that he had some exemplary performances in the East Sea." 

"Isn't the hottest news nowadays about his promised battle with Beishan Mo? If he wants to go toe to toe with Beishan Mo in three years, he has to make it through the first round today. Otherwise, he won't have sufficient time." 

"The Trial of Yan is simple. No one is confident enough to say that they can definitely make it to the top three. It is the same for Wu Yu. The truth is, from my sources, there are more people outside the city betting on his opponent, Yang Xuefeng." 

When Wu Yu stepped into the Battlefield of Old under the gazes of thousands and thousands of people, the Shushan Immortal Sect was probably the one feeling the most complicated. Other than Shen Xingyao, who was able to keep calm and composed, the rest were feeling restless and annoyed upon hearing the comments of the surrounding crowd. 

"If I had known about this, I wouldn't have come. Because of Wu Yu, our Shushan Immortal Sect is being embarrassed by others!" Chen Fuyou berated. 

The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage said, "Alright. Hang in there and don't talk about it again. It isn't up to him to decide how many rounds he can participate in. After today, he will likely not be a part of the Trial of Yan. At that time, we will have our peace and this will no longer be a topic of discussion by others." 

"Wu Yu is really the shame of our Shushan. If I were him, I wouldn't embarrass myself before everyone. In just less than a year, he's thinking of going against these people! These thirty-odd contestants could all make it to the top of the Leaderboard of Earth Sword Immortals." 

As Xiao Huanshan completed his sentence, a raucous cheer erupted before them. Wu Yu's opponent, Yang Xuefeng, had dashed into the field coldly as a ray of blood-red light. In the blink of an eye, he encountered Wu Yu in the forest of the Battlefield of Old. 

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