Chapter 0411: Trident

This immortal mystical dragon definitely had her objectives for being in Yan Huang Imperial City. However, she seemed to be a little interested with what had happened to Wu Yu before.

This made Wu Yu feel a little overwhelmed and flattered. 

However, she was just asking casually. 

After the two of them made their way through countless eyes and the tunnel that was managed by Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, they were on their way towards the Battlefield of Old. 

Soon, raucous cheers reverberated from ahead of them. There were seas of people who occupied both the ground and the air. 

If they were Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, one could tell from a single glance. However, there weren't many Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers around. Most of them were from various sects across the entire divine continent. 

The Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were responsible for maintaining order and receiving some important guests. 

It was the first time Wu Yu was in the Battlefield of Old. At this juncture, he was on one of the mountain peaks around the Battlefield of Old. The Battlefield of Old was a valley surrounded by a ring of mountains. The area was extremely vast with tall mountains and tumbling rivers. Strong winds and lightning were common, and it was said that everything here seemed to be highly refined. Even ordinary rocks were exceptionally tough. 

The Yan Huang Immortal Army was stationed around the ring of mountains and were responsible for receiving the people from important sects as judges. There was a total of five generals deployed. Other than General Qin, General Murong, and General Gu, Li Kuhai's godfather, General Jin Luan, and Jiang Zhixun's master, General Yugu, were here. 

Those third to fourth class sects could only watch from afar. 

Around the circle of mountains, the best spots were said to be reserved for the Shushan Immortal Sect, the Shangyuan Dao Sect, and other important sects. They had probably been invited by Yan Huang Imperial City. 

Other than the two giant sects - Shushan and Shangyuan - the Tianyi Race from foreign lands and several other second-rate sects with comparable strength to the Shushan Immortal Sect were also here. For example, there were people from the Gusu Fairy Peak, the Heavenly Ares Sect, the Fengxue Supreme Sect, the Imperial Thunderbolt Palace, and many others. 

The representatives and sect leaders of these elite forces were also rather fearsome. They were likely close to the Mizar Sword Immortal’s cultivation level. 

In fact, there were even many demon scouts hiding among them. 

Wu Yu arrived at the place and found the position where he should be standing with Luo Pin. He immediately spotted the crowd from the Shushan Immortal Sect. The group from Shushan roughly consisted of twenty-odd people. Among them, there were two Sword Sages, while the rest were young disciples. They had probably been brought here to observe and learn. For example, Chen Fuyou, Xiao Huanshan, and others were among them. Among them, Xiao Huanshan had even reached the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm Realm. If Mu Lingche wasn't dead, she would probably be in the group too. 

These young disciples had been sent by Shushan to learn. When the crowd roared when Wu Yu arrived, they soon discovered Wu Yu. With Chen Fuyou as the leader of the group, they naturally looked at Wu Yu with disdain and with threatening gazes sweeping across him. 

If Shen Xingyao wasn't one of the two sword sages who had come, Wu Yu wouldn't have ever thought of walking over. 

The other sword sage was the father of Chen Fuyou, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage. 

Logically speaking, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage had the greatest responsibility towards Mu Lingche's death. He had not fulfilled his duty to protect the group well. 

Seeing that Shen Xingyao had arrived, Wu Yu informed Luo Pin about it before heading towards Shen Xingyao. 

"Sister Shen isn't here?" As he walked ahead, he looked around and didn't spot Shen Xingyu. 

Shen Xingyao answered, "After being outdone by you, she's finally willing to work hard. This time, I made her practice behind closed doors and thus she isn't here." 

All the young disciples from Shushan were behind Shen Xingyao. Although they didn't say a word in the crowd, they couldn't hide their strong animosity towards Wu Yu from their eyes. 

Suddenly, the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage said, "Galaxy Sword Sage, why do you have to speak so much to the traitor of Shushan? It wouldn't reflect well on you if news got out." 

Shen Xingyao didn't pay attention to him and said to Wu Yu, "If you can get the guidance from the City Lord, you will likely experience a huge transformation. When I heard that you had earned the rights to participate, I was shocked. Make the best use of this opportunity." 

Wu Yu nodded his head in response. 

Despite the people from Shushan treating him as a traitor, Shen Xingyao was still as amicable as before. Wu Yu didn't have many friends in Shushan. Shen Xingyao could be considered one of his better friends. 

Shen Xingyao patted his shoulder and remarked, "Get back and prepare yourself. The only thing you will receive here is disdain from this crowd. As long as you don't feel guilty about yourself, it will be fine." 

"Rest assured. At the very minimum, I wouldn't be bothered by these people." Wu Yu smiled and took a glance behind Shen Xingyao. His eyes were like fire, and people like Xiao Huanshan couldn't meet him in his eyes. All they could do was avoid his tempestuous gaze. 

Wu Yu clasped his left fist with his right hand as he said, "Goodbye." 

After which, he returned to Luo Pin before the eyes of Shen Xingyao. 

The moment Wu Yu left, Chen Fuyou remarked, "Why is he still so cocky? He should be grateful to have left Shushan alive. Yet he doesn't know what's best for him and has fallen for Beishan Mo's plot. When he returns to Shushan in three years, it won't be that easy for him to leave alive!" 

"Now that everyone knows about it, if he doesn't appear out of fear, his name will be ruined. I'd like to see if he has the face to remain in Yan Huang Imperial City.

"What a dumbass, thinking he's part of Yan Huang Imperial City. Why would Yan Huang Imperial City place such high regard in a traitor like him? Do they prefer individuals who would betray them? He gave up Shushan so quickly. In the future, he could do it as easily to Yan Huang Imperial City. Traitorous slave!" 

Chen Fuyou mumbled on and vented his frustration. The group around him was also nodding in approval. 

Xiao Huanshan added, "The are plenty of powerful centurions in Yan Huang Imperial City. Today, I'm here to see how he's going to embarrass himself. I have investigated his opponent, Yang Xuefeng, and he's a ruthless character. Wu Yu is definitely going to suffer a grave defeat. Just watch on if you don't believe me." 

"Alright. Let's leave it at that. If others heard us, they would accuse us of being petty." The Crimson Shadow Sword Sage waved his head and looked at Shen Xingyao beside him. 

However, Shen Xingyao didn't care about what these young people were saying. A tinge of light flashed in his eyes as he stared at the Battlefield of Old. 

Within two hours, all the participants had arrived. The 32 participants were all separated into two batches. One group was going to fight south of the ring of mountains, while the other batch was to the north. Wu Yu was with another 15 participants. Qin Fuyao wasn't part of his group, but Murong Xu and Jiang Zhixun were. However, they were chatting casually amongst themselves, and other people couldn't join their ranks at all. 

For each battle, the north and south sides would each send a participant forward. 

For the subsequent round of battles, the remaining 16 people would be divided into two batches at the north and south again. 

Standing there and looking across, one could see millions of cultivators around. This was even more than the number of disciples of Shushan Immortal Sect. Undoubtedly, this battle would be the most watched in Wu Yu's life thus far. 

Yan Huang Imperial City indeed lived up to its name. The show they had put on was even more impressive than what Shushan could. 

"My name is Murong Ting and I’d like to welcome all guests that came from all over the world to our Yan Huang Imperial City." 

Beyond the Battlefield of Old, an old man hovered in the air with his hands behind his back. He was none other than the well-known General Murong of Yan Huang Imperial City. 

General Murong was courteous in his words and instantly drew responses and cheers from hundreds of thousands in the crowd. Instantly, the crowd grew exceptionally raucous and lively. 

General Murong continued, "At the same time, I would like to thank the Crimson Shadow Sword Sage and the Galaxy Sword Sage from Shushan, Shenqing Venerable and Tai'a Venerable from the Shangyuan Dao Sect, Minister Jin Chongtian from the Tianyi Race, and many others who are here." 

There were over 20 Shushan Sword Sage-level experts who had gathered, and General Murong gave a rough introduction of them. 

In the end, he announced, "With that said, I shall not take up any more time. Let me announce the official start of the Trial of Yan. The first two contestants are Luo Pin and Hai Yu. Please step forward." 

As known, Luo Pin was to first to fight today. 

If she were to make her way through the stages, she would also be the first to start each time. 

Her opponent was similar to Wu Yu's opponent. They had to defeat two other contestants for them to qualify and stand here today. She was at the north preparation stage. When her name was read, she jumped off and moved towards the center of the vast Battlefield of Old. 

Looking ahead, one could tell that she was a girl too, and one who cared about appearances. She had turned her Yan Huang Immortal Armor into a sea-blue long dress adorned with gems and pearls as decorations. She was just like a fairy of the oceans. As she drifted forward and landed, the river that ran across the Battlefield of Old raged violently. 

Wu Yu had even forgotten to look up information on Luo Pin's opponent, Hai Yu. 

Naturally, it wouldn't matter even if he did. This was because he knew that there was no way Luo Pin would lose to her. 

Luo Pin also got up, jumped up high in the air, and descended on the Battlefield of Old rapidly, leaving trails of afterimages behind. She instantly closed the distance to Hai Yu. 


As the Battlefield of Old was huge, it would still take some time before they clashed. 

She traversed within the forest with agile movements. 

The battle started right away. As this was the first battle, it attracted the attention of most people. Instantly, almost everyone held their breath and fully focused on the battle. A battle between two ladies of Yan Huang Imperial City. 

Hai Yu was more gorgeously dressed and therefore naturally drew more eyes than Luo Pin. 


Both of them clashed above a giant lake. Instantly, the lake water was sent into the air and swept across. 

The truth was that Wu Yu was holding his breath and watching Luo Pin's battle attentively. After all, this was his first time seeing her in battle with his own eyes. 

He saw that Luo Pin had an immortal treasure with her. It was especially stunning and entirely sea-blue in color. It was just like a sparkling gem of the sea, or a masterpiece of art that was as dazzling and attractive as the stars in the sky. 

It took the form of a trident. 

Typically speaking, a girl using an immortal treasure like this would appear exceptionally domineering. Luo Pin was as such. That sea-blue gemstone-like trident was similar in length to her height. Luo Pin was able to manipulate it perfectly in her hands, and it was clear that her mastery was even beyond Wu Yu's mastery of the long staff. 

"That's a dao treasure. It is just that she's hiding its power," said Ming Long definitively. 

"Are you sure?" 

"It goes without saying. Your old mother's pair of eyes are sharper than your tongue," Ming Long remarked proudly. 

As she finished her words, Luo Pin seemed to have executed a Heaven Earth Void technique. Instantly, ominous clouds gathered and a heavy downpour descended rapidly. A huge amount of rainwater fell on the entire Battlefield of Old and instantly shrouded everything in rain. Soon after, the vast amount of rain formed a deluge that resembled an infuriated dragon tumbling. As the dragon grew larger and larger, it engulfed her and the sea region.

Ping, ping!

At this instant, it was as though the Battlefield of Old had turned into an ocean before the eyes of the crowd. 

This move was truly shocking and impressive. 

Moreover, it also made it hard for the crowd to see the actual battle within. 

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