Chapter 0410: Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel

Knowing that Wu Yu needed to blood bond with his immortal treasures, the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers of the Heaven's Equal Camp did not bother him.

Each day, they went to watch the qualifiers and then jotted down the details, preparing to show them to Wu Yu before he entered battle.

Just for the qualifiers alone, Yan Huang Imperial City was flooded with huge crowds. The entire city's population doubled.

This was basically a pilgrimage for sects everywhere, to see what true talents really were.

It was said that many from the Shushan Immortal Sect had come as well.

And this was despite the Trial of Huang not being conducted in the outer city. If the Trial of Huang were to also take place in the outer city, then that would be even more stupendous.

It was said that the outer city was already saturated with people. If not for their Yan Huang Immortal Army status, they would not even have been able to squeeze their way into the Battlefield of Old.

However, Wu Yu did not care about this. He maintained an even composure, directly entering seclusion after returning to the Heaven's Equal Camp. With the Grand Emperor sword in one hand and the Chief Emperor sword in the other, his mind split itself to simultaneously blood bond with these two supreme immortal treasures!

"Let me tell you this: these two swords are just too old. Many of the spirit designs have faded, or it would be even stronger. Perhaps it was once close to a dao treasure, or even a dao treasure with a flawed system." Ming Long folded her arms and took on a learned poise.

"Is it possible to revert it to its original state?" Wu Yu asked.

"Not very possible, unless their maker appears to restore the Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs. That's not very likely. Besides, even if there was someone on the maker's level, the difference between these ancient spirit designs... I'm not sure."

This meant that they were actually not that different from the other swords in that sword palace.

"The good thing is that if these two swords are actually six spiritual mark treasures, then they are truly the material of dao treasures. They’re beneficial to strengthening your attacks as well. It's considered a steal that you can get them at this price."

This laid Wu Yu's mind at rest.

He began to focus his will, pouring it into the two swords.

He could feel a rich sense of history surge forth from these two supreme immortal treasures, engulfing him.

Perhaps because they had not been used for a long while, the two swords were very worked up when Wu Yu blood bonded with them. It was as though they had awakened from their legendary slumber. As they shrugged off their hibernation, it was the moment when Wu Yu began to blood bond.

Wu Yu felt the two worlds.

One world was yellow sand and gusty tornadoes. But the yellow sand was actually gold. Golden grains.

One world was a sea of black fire, as wild as if a beast were contained within. As the sea of fire raged, it created a fiery wave.

Perhaps because of the simultaneous blood bonding, it was not that difficult, and he did not even experience much resistance. Wu Yu only had to Visualize the Inner Ape for the two immortal treasures to give him their obeisance.


Wu Yu began to study the Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs one by one, to thoroughly understand these two immortal treasures.

"They’re truly different from the immortal treasures of today."

For example, the Grand Emperor sword had 999 Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs, the same as the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. However, the core was not imbued with balancing spirit designs, but instead offensive spirit designs.

Making offense the nucleus was not something that immortal treasures nowadays used. Put simply, such a manner of design was not stable enough, and extremely tricky to forge. Only ancient martial cultivators with supreme skill could do this.

The core spirit designs were all offensive, while all the other Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs were supporting.

"Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design."

This Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design found within the Grand Emperor Sword could use an attack called the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel.

Because this Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design was the center of the immortal treasure, this one attack might be even more powerful than the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff itself.

All around the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design, there were 10 identical designs, known as the Grand Emperor Sword Qi Design. They only needed Wu Yu to funnel his Jindan essence within for the Grand Emperor sword to immediately explode with Grand Emperor Sword Qi to destroy his enemies.

In the same vein, the Chief Emperor sword's central spirit design was the Will-o-Wisp Heart Devourer Design. It was not as impressive as the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel, but it was sinister and cruel and violent, inspiring fear instead of awe.

It was also surrounded by 10 identical Chief Emperor Sword Qi Designs, which could channel Chief Emperor Sword Qi.

The Grand Emperor Sword Qi was a keen golden light that had tremendous destructive power. Its penetrative powers were substantial, and with a wave, he could send beam after beam of Grand Emperor Sword Qi out at fearsome speeds.

The Chief Emperor Sword Qi was no slacker either. The sword qi burned with black fire. Although it was not speedy, once it caught something, the flames would spread throughout the whole body. It had enduring deadly power.

With these two swords in hand, Wu Yu knew that his offensive arsenal had swelled again. Interweaving with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, he had all kinds of ways of defeating his opponents, which would make his moves harder to read.

However, the important mission right now was to quickly get himself up to speed with the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design and the Will-o-Wisp Heart Devourer Design.

Back then, he had spent much time familiarizing himself with the Yan Emperor Heaven Splitting Design and the Huang Emperor Earth Shattering Design, and now he did not have much time. Wu Yu reckoned that he would not be able to utilize these two swords in his first battle.

In the five days, he gained a brief understanding of the basic workings of the Heavenly Emperor Sword Wheel Design and the Will-o-Wisp Heart Devourer Design. An immortal treasure's offensive spirit designs were the simplest attacks to learn. Compared to Heaven Earth Void techniques, it was much simpler, and had less variations.

He would have to force his way through it, because he had yet to completely understand it. There would definitely be some mistakes made.

But Wu Yu had to leave because it was time for the first battle of the Trial of Yan.

The day had just begun to dawn, and Yan Huang Imperial City's outer city was already in full swing.

Wu Yu walked out, and the whole Heaven's Equal Camp was present, watching Wu Yu eagerly.

"Commander Wu, your opponent has been decided. It really is that guy called Yang Xuefeng!"

"Listen to me, this Yang Xuefeng is not easy to deal with. He was born to a lower position, an ordinary hunter in the mortal world. His parents were both hunters, but killed by demons on a hunt one day. It is said that he was brought up by beasts, and therefore is extremely savage. Opportunity led him to the dao, and then he finally entered the Yan Huang Immortal Army. This person is said to be extremely ferocious, and one of the most bloodthirsty in the Yan Huang Immortal Army. During ordinary missions, he never shows mercy. He has been cultivating for about 50 years, and is a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He is already considered a genius."

Hearing Fang Chaoqun say thus, an image of Yang Xuefeng was beginning to form.

For an ordinary hunter to walk such a long path was an admirable feat indeed.

His position in the mortal world was even lower than Wu Yu's had been.

This person had defeated two opponents consecutively in order to earn his battle against Wu Yu. Clearly, he would fight with his life to earn an even higher position. Today's contest would not be easy.

It was time to go.

Before, he had made an appointment with Luo Pin, and therefore Wu Yu let the rest of the Heaven's Equal Camp go on ahead, while he headed over to the Blue Dragon Camp. The Blue Dragon Camp was quieter, and Wu Yu had just reached the entrance when he saw Luo Pin walk out alone. Her snowy white hair floated free behind her, and the Yan Huang Immortal Armor did little to conceal her titillating figure. But recalling that she was a mystical dragon, Wu Yu did not dare to stare too much.

"Let's go." Luo Pin's tone was amiable. Her two words had Wu Yu scurrying to her side like her lackey.

"I'm not one for words. You must be bored being with me." Luo Pin inclined her head, her two jewel-like eyes turning to regard Wu Yu.

"Recently, I don't really feel like talking much," Wu Yu said with a small smile.

Luo Pin was the one who took up the conversation now. She said, "I hear that your opponent today is one called Yang Xuefeng. I've seen this person before, and he's quite the berserk one. You should take extra care."

She was starting to care about him....

Actually, Luo Pin was not a cold one, but merely quiet. When she actually spoke, both her look and tone were quite warm.

"Commander Luo, do you have confidence in reaching the top 16?" Wu Yu asked.

Luo Pin nodded slightly, saying, "I've had some progress lately. It should do."

Since the conversation had been started, Wu Yu feigned casualness, probing, "Yes, the Yan Huang City Lord is the foremost person in the divine continent. To be able to receive his mentorship, and for half a year, that will definitely result in some great transformation. At this starting mark, let us hope both of us can enter the City Lord Residence."

He really wanted to know what her goal was.

Right now, they were about to exit the inner city. Seeing that it was the day's participants, many people came over for a look, chattering.

All around them were thousands of pairs of eyes and voices. Luo Pin was unaffected, saying, "For me, the difficulty should be pretty high. My main goal is to exchange pointers with more geniuses and experts. As for entering the City Lord Residence, let nature take its course."

"If you can enter the City Lord Residence, is Commander Luo planning to surge to the fifth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm there? At that time, I'm afraid you would become a chiliarch," Wu Yu said.

"That's a matter for next time. It will not be so smooth." Luo Pin seemed to be evading the details of the City Lord Residence.

"Her concealment has already reached a peak. I guess no one in the entire divine continent can tell she is an immortal beast now. Clearly, she has come prepared. Perhaps for the Trial of Yan, she has prepared for a very long time," Ming Long said.

Wu Yu thought about this. No matter what, she was probably not an enemy. As for what her goal was, it didn't concern him much, and was not a matter for him to worry about.

After leaving the outer city, there was a dedicated route for participants to the Battlefield of Old so that they would not be accosted by spectators.

However, glancing out, Yan Huang Imperial City was extremely lively. All around, martial cultivators were zooming in the sky. In these few days, the businesses of the outer city had been booming, especially at the Immortal Cultivation Inns.

"Do you see that? Shushan traitor Wu Yu, and with a woman beside him."

"That scum. He was so lovey-dovey with the Mizar Sword Immortal's daughter, and was even on the verge of becoming dao companions with her at Shushan! Who would have thought that wretched dog would immediately join Yan Huang Imperial City upon being cast out as a traitor, and get close to other women. It's my first time seeing such a despicable person! I hope that in another two to three years, Beishan Mo kills that traitor at Shushan. What a shameless disciple. Clear the name of Shushan!"

Wu Yu looked out to see that the one speaking was an ordinary dan disciple.

It seemed like his recent popularity had roused the ire of many Shushan Immortal Sect disciples.

As for this matter, it had spread all around the world. And Wu Yu could not deal with them all.

What he needed to do was prove himself and surge ahead. One day, no one would dare to talk.

Luo Pin had heard it as well.

"Do you still like Nangong Wei?" She suddenly asked.

Wu Yu had not expected her to ask such a nosy question....

He hesitated for a beat, then answered, "Our daos are incompatible. I have no right to talk about liking her."

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