Chapter 0409: Grand Emperor, Chief Emperor

Seeing Wu Yu catch up to her, Luo Pin softly asked, "Why not get to know them better? That's what suits you." 

Wu Yu smiled but did not reply.

Of course, that was a reply in itself. Luo Pin understood from his smile.

For them, the Yan Palace was not far from the Heaven's Equal Camp.

"Recently, she has become even more withdrawn. Perhaps she has recovered somewhat, and therefore needs to conceal her immortal beast identity even more strongly. If we had met her now, I might not even be able to recognize what she is," Ming Long said, startled.

Perhaps it was in preparation for the City Lord Residence.

"Luo Pin, do you not have friends in Yan Huang Imperial City? I always see you alone," Wu Yu asked as they walked.

"I'm used to it," she replied.

There was indeed nothing much to talk to her about, but her personality was just like that. Even if they remained silent, it was not awkward just to stand by her side.

In a flash, they arrived at Heaven's Equal Camp. Wu Yu said, "Then I'll find you in five days' time, and we go to Battlefield of Old together?"


Clearly, although she was not outspoken, she at least did not dismiss Wu Yu.

The Blue Dragon Camp was always rather desolate. Perhaps because the people there knew Luo Pin's temperament, they did not bother her much, but instead went about their own missions. Occasionally, when they asked her about questions of cultivation, she would still answer them.

"What a strange person."

Wu Yu sighed. First he returned to the Heaven's Equal Camp. Many members had gone to see Wu Yu challenge the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan, but Wu Yu had returned first. However, they were not long behind.

"Commander Wu, listen to my analysis. I have already roughly calculated who you will meet in order to reach the top three!" Wu Tianyu and the others exclaimed heatedly upon their return.

"For the first opponent, this Yang Xuefeng person is most likely to make it out of the qualifiers. 70% chance that it's him!

"After defeating this Yang Xuefeng, the second opponent should be the old man, Pu Yangyi. The old monster of Yan Huang Imperial City - he was already a centurion before our ancestors were even born. He has plenty of tricks, and the old geezer is wily. However, I still believe that Commander Wu can overcome him!

"As for the third one, sigh, it should be Li Kuhai. That will be a difficult one." Their faces began to droop.

"I hear that that guy's brute strength is also formidable. Although not as strong as Commander Wu, he is at the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea.

"In another few years, Commander Wu will also be at a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. At that time, he will definitely crush him. Now? Hard to say....”

Against this famously powerful youth, even the brethren of Heaven's Equal Camp felt that it would be difficult, let alone everyone else.

For the remaining five days, the Battlefield of Old was conducting qualifying matches. It was said to be spectacular. For three qualifying spots, 12 vied hard. This qualifier concerned Wu Yu quite a lot, because his first opponent would be from the qualifiers.

However, Wu Yu was not that concerned. In order to take the top three, he still prepared hard.

In terms of cultivation level, dao techniques, and the like, there was no time for breakthroughs and detailed study. Talismans were not allowed, so the only method was to blood bond immortal treasures.

Wu Yu agonized on this for a while. Right now, he had quite some wealth on him, and therefore prepared to go and buy two swords. Although his sword dao had been learned at Shushan, this was no reason for him to abandon it. After all, his beginnings with the sword had started at the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Twin swords.

Either he traded at Yan Huang Imperial City, or he could go to the Hall of Clouds to buy them. Wu Yu thought this over. The Hall of Clouds would give him a more generous discount, but Yan Huang Imperial City would have a greater selection. He decided to head there first for a look.

The outer city was currently afire about the qualifiers; therefore, Wu Yu went to the immortal treasure storehouse in the inner city. This was the largest immortal treasure storehouse in the entire divine continent, and a few generals sat here on guard. Of which, the overall protector was General Golden Imperial, although he was rarely seen.

"Wu Yu?" Who would have thought Jiang Xuechuan would be here.

"I came to get some immortal treasures," Wu Yu said.

"What a coincidence. I have been on duty here recently. What do you need? I'll take you straight there."


Wu Yu's goal was clear.

"Although we don't have as many swords here as Shushan does, the selection is not bad either. Come with me." Jiang Xuechuan knew that he was preparing for the Trial of Yan, and therefore was also very concerned.

There was a single sword palace for swords.

"Roughly how many merits?" Jiang Xuechuan asked.

Wu Yu had about 3 million merits right now, and he had always had a generous hand in such matters. If he had to have something, it would have to be about the level of the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. Therefore, he said, "About 1 million. I want two."

1 million!

The first three prizes of the Trial of Yan were 5, 3, and 1 million merits. Wu Yu was aiming straight for the top 3, and wasn't shy here either. In terms of cultivation, he had always felt that one had to have the best resources.

"There are not many choices with that much value. But without a doubt, all of them are formidable, and perhaps not even the Heaven sword rank disciples of Shushan could use them."

After all, Wu Yu had accumulated 3 million merits in his three months at the East Sea battle. He had killed three opponents and thousands of ghostly cultivators to acquire this sum.

Jiang Xuechuan brought Wu Yu straight to the deeper vaults in the sword palace.

When the great doors opened, the sword qi rushed out. This was a veritable storehouse, and all four walls were adorned with more than 300 swords. Some were large and some were small, and they came in all sorts of manner and styles. When Wu Yu walked in, all the swords went berserk, making ear-splitting sounds. It was as though they were discontent beasts!

Wu Yu was again struck by the feeling he had when he first walked into the Heavenly Sword Sect's Heavenly Palace.

"Feel free to choose."

The longswords here ranged roughly from 0.5 million to 1.5 million merits.

One could see that none of them could be considered inferior to the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. Each one had more than 1,000 Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on them and were extremely well-rounded.

And a majority even had more direct offensive Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs imbued within.

In terms of sword dao, Wu Yu only had the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique. For him, his sword technique was not that strong.

Even if the place was cacophonous, he was still here to spend 2 million merits. Therefore, he composed himself and looked over each sword in great detail. From the maker, the year, and each spirit design's position and effect, he scrutinized each one. Of course, the thing he saw most clearly was the price. And also, he needed two swords that could complement each other.

Even until now, he truly appreciated how wondrous the effects of the Yin Yang Sword Wheel were.

Others could only use one sword, but he could use two with ease!

What should he choose?

Wu Yu had a headache.

After knowing Wu Yu's needs, Jiang Xuechuan laughed. He said, "You need a pair of swords. Given my understanding of the place, I'll introduce you to these two. You won't go wrong. Follow me!"

At this time, Wu Yu had seen roughly 200 swords, and was temporarily unable to make two choices he was satisfied with. And at this moment, Jiang Xuechuan tugged him backwards until he stood in front of two swords nearby.

Wu Yu lifted his head to look. These two swords were exactly the same! They were both keen blades of three feet long and two fingers wide. They were extremely sharp! The blades had carvings on both sides. On one was the sensational scenery of the divine continent, the other was the stellar arraignments of the heavens.

Both swords were extremely archaic in their make. Evidently, they were very old, and even covered in dust.

Of course, there was a very big difference between these two swords.

One was pure gold in color and looked to be cast from gold itself. Of course, its material would not be as simple as gold - it was only the color.

The other was pure black. It seemed to be made from black iron and was darker than ink.

Black and gold again!

The combination of these two colors represented Yan Huang Imperial City.

The ancient black sword was spitting black flames, while the ancient golden sword was emanating golden flames.

Jiang Xuechuan introduced them. "These two swords were made at the same time, a very long time ago. They have at least 200,000 years of history, and there are not many immortal treasures that have endured from that time. Exactly because of that, the Immortal Treasure Spirit Designs on them are also different from those now. However, they are a suitable couple. It's said that when used in perfect harmony, they are capable of potent powers. That is why I thought they were suitable for you. After all, blood bonding them individually and separately would not result in as formidable a result. As for the price, these are considered cheap. After all, there are not many who could wield such ancient swords, and neither are there many who would be willing to use two swords separated from each other. That is why they are inexpensive, 1.5 million merits in total. If you can use them to their full potential, they might even have the power of something in the 3 million range."

As Wu Yu listened to him, he carefully inspected these two swords.

The engravings on the sword blades were indeed very old. These two swords had been through much history and were elders in the world of today.

"These are it, Wu Yu," Ming Long said.

These swords were even older than she was.

She was from one yuan ago, over 120,000 years.

In the records, these two swords had the shortest entry. Even their maker was not known, and their tangible abilities were not recorded either. It was last owned more than some tens of thousands of years ago. The only thing that was clear was the names of these two swords.

The golden one was called: Grand Emperor.

The black one was called: Chief Emperor.

From their names, they were clearly made at the same time, or perhaps by the same person.

"The actual information about these two swords is rather scant, so you will have to find it out by yourself. But since they are displayed here, if they suit you, then there should be no problem. But because there isn't much information, you will have to figure out many things by yourself. There's some risk involved." Jiang Xuechuan laid out the pros and cons for him.

"I'll take them."

Sometimes, choosing immortal treasures also depended on one's fate.

When Wu Yu came here and saw the Chief Emperor sword and the Grand Emperor sword, he lost the motivation to look at other swords.

Although he did not feel the same intensity as when he saw the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, that had been as timely as hot coals in winter. These were just gilding the lily.

However, Wu Yu was indeed calm about this.

Jiang Xuechuan asked him a few times, and he expressed his affirmation.

After all, if he took them out, then he would no longer be able to trade them.

"Very well."

He handed over 1,500 Inner Sea Essence Pills, half of his wealth.

Wu Yu put the Grand Emperor sword and the Chief Emperor sword in his Sumeru Pouch and bade farewell to Jiang Xuechuan, returning to the Heaven's Equal Camp to seclude himself.

After all, to familiarize and master these two swords in such a short period of time would be no easy task.

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