Chapter 0408: Battlefield of Old

This was an elimination battle, and if one met with a valiant opponent at the start, then it could all come to an end very quickly.

Even if you were a champion seed, if you met one of the strong, you might not even make it into the top 16.

Therefore, the generals took great care when arranging the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan. Those who were rated the highest were separated so that they would not meet too early.

And then, in the top 16 or top eight, it was inevitable that some of the possible top three would meet. However, even then, it was old against young.

For example, if Wu Yu defeated his first opponent and entered the top 16, there would be a centurion who had been cultivating for over two centuries, seeded third or fourth. He was an elder with an evaluation score of 96!

Amongst the four, Wu Yu and this elder were considered seeds. They would have a clash of old versus young in order to enter the top eight!

As for Yan Huang's Three Young Masters, Qin Fuyao, and the others, they would also have a battle against a highly ranked middle-aged or elderly opponent in order to enter the top eight.

The standard was there. Murong Xu had 98 points, Jiang Zhixun had 93, and Li Kuhai had 96. Of which, Jiang Zhixun specialized in Mechanism Spirit Designs, which was why his points were a bit lower when he had attacked the Yan Huang War Drum.

But the amount of points they had were considered hot favorites for the top three!

Wu Yu's points were not very high, but because of his unique background - having come from Shushan - as well as his exceptional performance in the East Sea, he had also been given priority in the generals' consideration. However, Wu Yu saw that if Li Kuhai, who was nearest to him, entered the top eight, then they would probably have to contest each other for top four.

As long as one entered the top four and did not lose two matches consecutively, then one would be able to enter the City Lord Residence.

The crucial phase was still the first three matches.

Wu Yu had a rough idea of things. His first opponent was an unknown quantity, but his second opponent was an elder called Pu Yangyi.

He could expect Li Kuhai to be his third opponent. Out of Yan Huang's Three Young Masters, Wu Yu knew the least about Li Kuhai. His name was rather unusual.

Li Kuhai was the adopted son of General Golden Imperial, and General Golden Imperial was the foremost general in the whole of Yan Huang Imperial City! Rumor had it that he often followed the Imperial General.

He committed the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan to memory, and had a sense of every match. Just as he was about to leave, he discovered Luo Pin right behind him, watching him. Her gaze was serene, as placid as a still, sparkling lake, with not a wave to break the surface.

"A pity. Seems like it will be very difficult to meet you. Unless we fight for first and second place," Luo Pin said quietly. Even so, it was very stirring.

"Let's work hard. If you and I can enter the top eight, that will already be respectable. There are so many experts here," Wu Yu replied humbly.

Luo Pin shook her head, saying, "I think you're definitely top four. Perhaps even top three."

"Commander Luo favors me so greatly?" Wu Yu did not dare to act too strangely, or she would know that he knew her identity.

However, Luo Pin did not pursue this issue. She glanced at the boisterous crowd in front and said, "Last time, when I left, you seemed to be trying to catch up to me. Was there something you needed?"

Wu Yu gave an embarrassed laugh. In truth, he was still a little nervous conversing with this mystical dragon. And therefore he was a little shy, and not sure how to respond to this question.

Seeing his bashful smile, Luo Pin's tone softened. "It is too noisy here. We only have to go to the Battlefield of Old in five days. Shall we head back together?"

"Mm. Let's go." Wu Yu caught up to her, and they walked on shoulder to shoulder. She did not seem to be fond of overly noisy places, and was frowning. Standing by her side, he could feel her mysterious vastness, and a curious feeling.

In order to expand the influence of the Trial of Yan, the battlefield was designated in the outer city of Yan Huang Imperial City. Each Trial of Yan saw many powers come to Yan Huang Imperial City to watch. This was also Yan Huang Imperial City's way of demonstrating its own might. The 32 strongest centurions would hold clash in an intense match of old against knew. Each Trial of Yan was unbelievably intense, and was an awesome spectacle. This was also a show of strength to the divine continent.

It was said that Shushan would also send some representatives to observe.

Battlefield of Old was said to be a battlefield in the past, located in the outer city. It was a huge valley, and there were gorges, rivers, and trees. It was said that everything within had been absorbing Ancient Spiritual Qi over the years, and had become extremely resilient.

The two had just begun to step away, and Wu Yu was casting about for a conversation topic, when he heard a sweet voice calling him from the crowd. It was so affectionate, it sunk into his bones. A voice that made one forget everything else - Qin Fuyao.

As the crowd ahead swiftly parted, it was indeed the creature of otherworldly beauty, Qin Fuyao, who was dressed in devastatingly beautiful fashion. She sashayed over to Wu Yu, her nymph-like figure a more intense attraction compared to Luo Pin.

"Wu Yu, come over quick. I'll introduce a few good friends to you." Qin Fuyao beckoned to him.


Perhaps because of the distance between women, she seemed to completely ignore Luo Pin. Of course, perhaps she felt that Luo Pin did not belong in their circle.

Their circle was for elite geniuses.

Behind Qin Fuyao were three men. These three men were all distinctive. Two of them wore suits of Yan Huang Immortal Armor, or rather the Yan Huang Immortal Armor maintained their original shape. One of them was roughly the same stature as Wu Yu. His face was fresh, scholarly, and dignified. His eyes were calm as water, as though practiced in the ways of the world. The Yan Huang Immortal Armor accentuated his hero-like characteristics, and one could see deep purple lightning rumbling in his eyes. There was a strong conqueror lurking behind the genteel poise, and this was evidently Murong Xu, the son of General Murong. His features resembled General Murong somewhat.

This person was the genius of Yan Huang Imperial City, who used the Mixed Thunder Daosword.

The other was also wearing Yan Huang Immortal Armor, but his Yan Huang Immortal Armor was brutally huge, to fit the same brutal stature of the person. His arm was the girth of an average person's waist, and long as well. He was like a huge gorilla, and his body exuded explosive power. Amongst humans, Wu Yu rarely saw someone with such an awesome body. His physique seemed to have been cast from gold. It exuded a kingly aura that surpassed that of the demons. It was hard to imagine that there was actually flesh within the armor. He had almost caught up to Wu Yu's previous Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body.

This person's eyes were a burnished golden color, and there was a powerful pressure to his look. He was like a violent beast - a disconcerting contrast to Murong Xu beside him. As he appeared, the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers around him scurried away, afraid to even discuss them. This was the child whom General Golden Imperial had found at the subterranean volcano, Li Kuhai.

The third man was slender and tall. He had modified his Yan Huang Immortal Armor into a pale green robe. His long hair fluttered and he had an air about himself. The hint of a smile twitched on the corner of his mouth, and he gave one the feeling of a fresh spring wind. He was like a free and easy man of learning. However, Wu Yu could tell that this person was a little more arrogant than the others. Because as Qin Fuyao called his name, the other two were looking at him, while this person showed less interest, talking to the girls along the way.

"Wu Yu, they all want to meet you," Qin Fuyao beckoned. Without giving Wu Yu time to assent, she directly pulled Wu Yu away from Luo Pin's side and dragged him over to Murong Xu and the others. "You all take a good look. This is my good little brother. With him around, none of you will be able to bully me in the future."

Murong Xu smiled slightly. "We wouldn't dare to cross you." Saying thus, he turned to Wu Yu and said amiably, "I am Murong Xu. Nice to meet you. I have heard great things about you."

"A fortunate encounter." Wu Yu saw Luo Pin waiting for him, but he still had to get to know these three.

Seeing these influential figures all gathered together, they immediately became the center of attention, and gazes shifted from the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan to Wu Yu and the others.

"Li Kuhai." Li Kuhai was the more reticent type. Announcing his own name was pretty much an introduction for him.

This was a clash of physiques. In truth, Li Kuhai wanted to crush him in this field. Although he was much stronger than everyone else here, he was still feeble compared to Wu Yu. Even if he just stood beside him, Wu Yu did not feel the threat of his musculature at all.

"Oh, oh, this youth is the legendary hot topic that we've been hearing of? The new eminent genius in our Yan Huang Imperial City, the wonder youth Wu Yu?" This time it was Jiang Zhixun who came over, smiling cheekily.

"Stop fooling around." Qin Fuyao rolled her eyes at him. She was just about to invite Wu Yu to go and play, but Wu Yu noticed that Luo Pin had already turned to leave. He had just agreed to go back with her just now, and therefore had to keep his promise. Therefore, before Qin Fuyao could say anything, Wu Yu hurriedly interjected. "Everyone, I have some business to attend to, so I will take my leave first. Let us meet at the Battlefield of Old in five days."

Saying thus, he hurried after Luo Pin.

Qin Fuyao was naturally unhappy to see him abscond before she had even finished speaking, but only pouted, scolding laughingly, "This Wu Yu. He doesn't even show me face. Well, that's about right. If he were the kind to know how to conduct himself, then he wouldn't have been kicked out of Shushan and ended up here."

Jiang Zhixun chuckled. "No need to make excuses for him. He clearly doesn't treat us three brothers seriously. The newcomers are all like this. Just right for us to take him down a peg. This kid probably aims to defeat us in the Trial of Yan and make his name. Murong Xu, what do you say?"

Murong Xu smiled slightly but did not reply.

Jiang Zhixun turned to Li Kuhai.

Li Kuhai was watching Wu Yu leave. He turned to the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan. "I just hope he reaches the top eight. Even if we don't meet in the Trial of Yan, I want to test that strength of his. I wonder how he did it."

These words were quite interesting.

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