Chapter 0407: The Four Geniuses

Wu Yu thought for a while. Naturally, he decided to participate in the Trial of Yan. If so, he had to focus all his attention and effort on the Trial of Yan.

It was said that the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan would be announced in two days, then there would be five days of qualification battles. If there was no need to participate in the qualification battles, then the actual battle would start directly in seven days. It would basically be one battle in two days, then after almost half a month's time, the top three of the Trial of Yan and Trial of Huang would emerge.

The time and rhythm were quite fast-paced. You could train in seclusion and refine your Jindan for half a month, and time would pass in the blink of an eye.

He was pressed for time and knew little about his possible opponents.

He gathered his brothers and sisters of the Heaven's Equal Camp together. He sat in the middle. The rest were sitting on the surrounding steps. Wu Yu thought about it and asked, "Among the centurions, how many geniuses like Qin Fuyao are there in Yan Huang Imperial City?"

In this area, some of the older Yan Huang Immortal soldiers were more familiar. One of them was Meng Yao, who was also a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He had been in Yan Huang Imperial City for a long time, but he had not been in the Yan Huang Immortal Army for a long time. Still, he knew everything happening inside Yan Huang Imperial City.

He said, "Among the centurions, the most outstanding ones are called the Four Geniuses. There are only three who can compete with Qin Fuyao. Qin Fuyao is one of these four geniuses. All four of them should be able to participate in the Trial of Yan. I heard that they have been preparing for the Trial of Yan for many years. Before the Trial of Yan, they all reached the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. But because they all have special qualifications and backgrounds, they can basically defeat all centurions."

Wu Yu was surprised. He knew that Qin Fuyao had inherited the Wind God Dao Beauty’s legacy. In terms of qualifications and resources, she was almost the same as Nangong Wei. He did not expect that among the centurions in Yan Huang Imperial City, there were three people who could be compared with Qin Fuyao.

Not to mention those centurions who had been training for hundreds of years, just Qin Fuyao and those three would all be very difficult to deal with. Also, Luo Pin would definitely take up one slot. Wu Yu was deeply aware that this Trial of Yan might not be as smooth as he imagined.

"Tell me about the other three so that I can be prepared," Wu Yu said with a smile.

"Don't worry, Commander Wu. The remaining three are over 30 years old. I think they are not as talented as you," Wu Tianyu said.

They were just over 30 years old, which was not much different from the twenties....

In fact, at their level, the amount of time they had spent in martial cultivation was still very important. For those who had been training for a hundred years, what they would really compare was their limits. It was like the present state of the Seven Immortals of Shushan and the Yan Huang City Lord.

No matter how old they were, if they could defeat a fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator when they themselves were at the third tier, they would be extraordinary.

At this moment, Meng Yao continued, "Other than Qin Fuyao, the other three are men. The three of them have a very good relationship. They call themselves Yan Huang's Three Young Masters. They visit the exterior city quite often. Therefore, they are even more famous outside than Qin Fuyao. After all, they are also young and energetic, and always in the spotlight. It's because of the huge amount of resources that each of them have that they think highly of each other and are willing to mix with each other."

Wu Yu listened to him carefully.

"The first one is General Murong's son. General Murong had this son at an old age. Therefore, he has spent almost all his resources and gains in his life to develop his son. And his son didn't let him down. I have seen this man several times. He is knowledgeable, polite, and has no temper. He is a very cultured gentleman. Also, it's probably due to General Murong's strict disciplining, so he is not allowed to mess around. In the divine continent, this man has a good reputation. He's a representative of the youngest generation of Yan Huang Imperial City."

Today, there were about three generations of people in the divine continent.

From the perspective of martial cultivation, those who had cultivated for less than 50 years were considered one generation. Wu Yu, Nangong Wei, and Qin Fuyao were all part of this generation.

Those who had been cultivating for more than 50 to 100 years belonged to another generation. Shen Xingyao was at this level.

Exceeding 100 years, many martial cultivators were no longer able to break through, such as Jiang Xuechuan, or the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the generals of the Yan Huang Immortal Army. Of course, if they broke through, they could still make progress, but it would be very difficult to make great progress.

As he explained, Meng Yao mentioned that this son of General Murong was called Murong Xu.

“General Murong entered an ancient ruin a few years back and found the legacy of the Heavenly Thunder Sage, an ancient martial cultivator. He only knew that he was old and not suitable for it, hence he passed the legacy on to young Murong Xu. Murong Xu holds the dao treasure of the Heavenly Thunder Sage, the Mixed Thunder Daosword. It is said that he can use it for one or two moves. Once he uses the Mixed Thunder Daosword, to be honest, of the centurions, even Qin Fuyao might not be his opponent.”

This General Murong was really generous to his son.

Wu Yu knew that Beishan Mo also had a dao treasure, but he probably could not use it yet.

Dao treasure, only those at the level of the Seven Immortals of Shushan could wield such an extreme treasure. Its power could exceed that of supreme immortal treasures by a few levels. Even if it was a supreme immortal treasure, the difference between it and the dao treasure was like the difference between heaven and earth.

If he could really use that Mixed Thunder Daosword, then Wu Yu was really unsure if he could fight against him.

While this Murong Xu was older than him by a few years, if Wu Yu was given these few years, he would definitely be stronger than the current Murong Xu. However, this was a world of martial cultivation. The strong were strong and the weak were weak. In a fight between the two, who cared how old you were now?

“Murong Xu is the leader for Yan Huang's Three Young Masters.”

Since he was the strongest, then the other two would probably be a little more average.

Meng Yao continued, “The second is Jiang Zhixun. Jiang Zhixun is not some son of any general. He is a genius raised by mortals on the Northern Coast. It is said that when he was born, the skies and earth elicited strange signs. Luckily for him, there was a Yan Huang Immortal Soldier carrying out a mission nearby, and he brought this baby back to Yan Huang Imperial City. After more than 30 years, Jiang Zhixun had already become a legend here. He is not only the personal disciple of the creator of the strongest spirit design in Yan Huang Imperial City, General Yugu, but has also received the legacy of the ancient Spirit Design Immortal. This legacy has been with him since birth. It is said that when his mother was pregnant, she went out to sea to fish. During the trip, something flew out of the water and went into her mouth! As a result, she accidentally swallowed a mysterious object that had the shape of a pearl. This pearl was probably the legacy of the Spirit Design Immortal. Jiang Zhixun’s forte is in Mechanism Spirit Designs. He knows how to construct many traps. Also, for the Trial of Yan, he has gone out for some time to look for the mechanisms left behind by that Spirit Design Immortal. Now that he has returned, he must have learned something.”

Wu Yu thought that the remaining two would be more average, but upon hearing this, he learned that Jiang Zhixun was also an important enemy with factors of uncertainty!

Speaking of him, the last person to be mentioned together with them would definitely not be some small fry.

This time, the opponents just on the side of the young ones included Luo Pin, Qin Fuyao, Mu Rongxu, Jiang Zhixun, and the last person.

Just these few already amounted to six people.

“The last person is. Li Kuhai. Li Kuhai is General Golden Imperial’s adopted son. It is said that he was found within the underground lava. He has a fiery temper but has hidden it deeply. No one knows his true strength. I also do not know if he has inherited any legacies. Anyway, if the other two are willing to team up with him, that should prove that he is not too bad!”

These were Yan Huang's Three Young Masters, the four geniuses.

It was no wonder Yan Huang Imperial City was first place in the divine continent. Just based on Wu Yu’s generation, there were countless talents.

And this was only within the centurions. Who knew what kind of geniuses were within the chiliarchs.

Of course, if Wu Yu had not been chased out of Shushan, then Shushan would have the three of them - Nangong Wei, Beishan Mo, and him.

Moving up one generation would be Shen Xingyao.

Wu Yu asked Meng Yao to give him the information of a few of the centurions. These were ones who had trained for over 100 years. They would not be any easier to defeat compared to the four geniuses. You could say that to be part of the 32 qualified, every one of them possessed battle power that reached the peak of the fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, or even exceeded it. This would definitely be a fierce battle.

For those three openings, to receive the guidance of the City Lord, even if Yan Huang's Three Young Masters were to meet, they would probably fight to the death and not relent. After all, each of them had obviously prepared a lot for this Trial of Yan.

For instance, Qin Fuyao, after her mission at Yunxi City, had trained in seclusion. She had only come out two days ago.

Jiang Zhixun had even out looking for mechanisms. He had only just returned.

The battle between the geniuses and the strong was about to start!

Of which, Wu Yu could be almost certain that the most terrifying would be Luo Pin. She would occupy one opening. And if Wu Yu and Luo Pin met each other before the top eight entered the top four, he would probably lose this opportunity. He knew clearly that anyone going up against Luo Pin was fated to lose.

Two days later, the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan was revealed. 32 people were arranged accordingly with their names from the left to the right. The names adjacent to each other would fight against each other in a bracket. 16 of them would win and then fight their opponents in the adjacent brackets. Eight would win and then fight each other, determining the top four. These four would then fight amongst themselves based upon the bracket to determine their positions. 

The two who lost would then fight each other for the last opening, while the first and second would be fighting for a title and for two million merits.

After all, first place just have more fame and two million more merits than the second.

This way, if he and Luo Pin could win their early battles, then there was a high chance that he would meet her before the top eight would enter the top four.

For this battle, Wu Yu was most afraid of Luo Pin from the neighbouring Blue Dragon Camp.

She was an existence on the level of the Yan Huang City Lord. She might even be stronger because she did not belong to the Dong Sheng Divine Continent.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Just before Wu Yu arrived at the Yan Palace, he had an indescribable feeling in his heart. He was feeling extremely perturbed. 

Before the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan, there were many people. It was very noisy. Today, more than 10,000 Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers had gathered here. They were discussing loudly.

Wu Yu was standing behind the crowd.

91 points. He really did not need to take part in the qualification battles.

Wu Yu had heard previously that 12 of them were between 86 and 88 points. They needed to take part in the qualification battles to pick out three to enter the list of 32.

His first opponent needed to get two rounds of victory before fighting him.

He took one look. His position within the 32 was second to last, the last bracket.

He looked forward and saw Murong Xu, Jiang Zhixun, Li Kuhai, and Qin Fuyao. These people were separated further away. The organizer probably did not want them to meet each other too quickly.

He saw Luo Pin last as he swept his eyes upwards across the other brackets.

She was in the second position and hence the first bracket.

For her to encounter one of those seeded genius opponents, they would need to win two rounds before that.

The whole leaderboard of the Trial of Yan was balanced. Wu Yu and her were the second people respectively on the left and right side.

Wu Yu heaved a sigh of relief. At least before the finals, he would not meet Luo Pin.

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