Chapter 0406: Leaderboard of Trial of Yan

This type of assessment with points was simple and brutal. However, it also played well to the curiosity of the people. 

Moreover, it didn't include one's cultivation level for the assessment. It was simply an assessment of the intensity of the attack.


Nonetheless, the points wouldn't necessarily reflect the outcome in a real battle. It was just a preliminary judgement. Historically, there were countless cases where those with lower points defeated the other party with higher points in battle. 

Regardless, when Wu Yu took the first step forward, lots of Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were staring at him. 

"How many points can he get?" 

"I estimate that he can probably get 80. Or perhaps a little higher." 

"I don't think so. In the battle of the East Sea, those that were there might be guilty of blowing things out of proportion. If Wu Yu could kill those two ghostly cultivators, those ghostly cultivators were likely not as fearsome as one might expect." 

To put it simply, there were all kinds of comments about Wu Yu. 

Qin Fuyao didn't leave. She was standing at the side, throwing flirtatious gazes at Wu Yu as she commented, "Little Brother Wu, put up a good performance for us~" 

Her charm and beauty were probably the most beautiful scene one could see in the Yan Palace.


The attention of the three generals had all fallen on Wu Yu. Among them, General Gu was most familiar of Wu Yu. Some time ago, he was the one who had handled his entry into the inner city. 

Recently, he had also heard much about this young man. This piqued his interest as he asked, "Wu Yu, are you confident?" 

"Let me give it a try." Wu Yu took a deep breath. No matter what, he still had to do his best and make it to the list of 32 participants. Otherwise, he could forget about reaching the top three. 

He retrieved his Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and held it closely in his hands. 

"Qin Fuyao didn't use her full strength. I shall just use my typical strength without the Immortal Ape Transformation or Violent Art. If I can't get in without them, it just means that I'm not suited for battles of this intensity." 

The Trial of Yan would be battles between the list of 32 to select the final three! That was basically the top 10%. 

The moment he grabbed the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, it vibrated strongly and let out a piercing homing noise. His entire body, together with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, were ablazed in golden flames. 

Instantly, everyone's attention was focused on him. 

Wu Yu gathered and pushed off with both legs against the ground. 

At that juncture, the ground of the inner city shook violently. 

"What incredible physical strength! That's way above what demons are capable of!" The three generals exchanged glances in shock. 


The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff smashed heavily on the Yan Huang War Drum. As a long homing sound reverberated, the spirit designs on the war drum lit up and the dazzling light shot into the sky. Under the huge impact from the strength of Wu Yu's physical body, the commotion he caused wasn't any inferior than Qin Fuyao's! 

If there was, it would be because of the difference of physical strength and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. 

The sounds of the war drum resonated long and didn't instantly dissipate. 

When the crowd witnessed what happened, their faces turned white from shock. Looking at this determined and chilling young man with the long column in his hand, all they felt was the unparalleled dominance in every action of his. It was especially reflected in his fervent eyes, which they found hard to gaze directly into. 

"Great!" General Gu couldn't help but exclaim! 

Some time ago, Wu Yu had sparred with his grandson, Gu Xuan. At that time, Wu Yu didn't have the same battle capacity as he had now. Undoubtedly, he knew Wu Yu had made improvements. Moreover, the improvements weren't small. 

In the path of cultivation, it had always been a race. Sometimes, one would be able to advance quickly and leave the rest far behind. 

General Qin and General Murong's eyes had also lit up. General Qin commented, "It's no surprise that even the Ursae Sword Immortal wished to take you in as disciple." 

It wasn't just them. This was also the first time many Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers had witnessed Wu Yu in action. Instantly, they retracted their rude comments, and they couldn't help but look at Wu Yu with fear and respect. 

In the end, the three generals gave their scoring. A total of 91 points. 

Although the score wasn't as high as Qin Fuyao's, Wu Yu was content. After all, he had only relied on Jindan essence, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, and his Invincible Vajra Body. He had not relied on the offensive strength of any Heaven Earth Void technique. 

Based on his estimation, if he had gone all out with the Immortal Ape Transformation, the Violent Art, and the Offensive Spirit Designs on the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, his score would definitely be higher than Qin Fuyao’s. 

Obviously, those with over 90 points had largely not used all of their strength. After all, they would rather conserve their strength for the real battle. 

Based on the current situation, there were a dozen-odd people who had scored above 90 points. Although the assessment had not ended, Wu Yu felt good about his chances. 

Jiang Xuechan saw the scene and couldn’t help but to exclaim. "Congratulations! Congratulations!" With the emergence of a strong centurion under him, he was also sharing the glory. Before several friends of his, he was feeling content. The truth was, he deserved the glory. After all, he was the chiliarch who had gone to poach Wu Yu the moment he arrived at Yan Huang Imperial City. 

"With your score, I can say that you definitely could take part in the Trial of Yan," Jiang Xuechuan said with certainty. 

Several chiliarchs beside him also added, "If 91 points can't make it, who else could? Based on my estimate, you would’ve stood a chance with 85 points. However, you likely would’ve had to take part in one or two rounds of qualification battles." 

While they were conversing and complimenting Wu Yu, Wu Yu saw Luo Pin standing where he was previously. He couldn't help but turn his attention fully on her. After all, she was really mysterious, and Wu Yu was curious about her. 

"What is she trying to do?" Considering her personality, she was probably after one of the three slots since she had come here.

One of the chiliarchs asked, "Jiang Xuechuan, this lady seems to be a centurion below you too. Why isn't she facing others with her real looks? Looking at her eyes and hair, she clearly has exquisite looks." 

Jiang Xuechuan answered helplessly, "This is Luo Pin's wish. I can't do much about it." 

While they were chatting, Luo Pin had gotten ready. Wu Yu had seen her information. On record, she had over 60 years of cultivation experience. Reaching the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm after 60 years wasn't on the level which many would consider genius. Therefore, Luo Pin wasn't drawing as much attention as Wu Yu. 

Even if there was, they were more curious about why she was hiding her looks. 


Luo Pin appeared before the Yan Huang War Drum, lifted her fist softly, and punched the war drum. This punch looked weak and without force. However, a huge boom erupted after her fist landed on the war drum. The resulting commotion was almost identical to Wu Yu's. Wu Yu was even suspecting that she was trying to control her true strength so as to maintain it at a level similar to Wu Yu’s. 

"It's over. This little female dragon is still hiding her strength despite being severely injured. Even if you wish to go about it the hard way, there's no way you will succeed." Ming Long grumbled in her mind. 

Indeed, what she was capable of displaying was far beyond the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm. 

One could say that Luo Pin's current performance was more unbelievable to the crowd than Wu Yu's performance. At that moment, the crowd looked at her blankly. When she lowered her fist, Jiang Xuechuan finally exclaimed in shock, "Has she reached the fourth tier of Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm?" 

From his viewpoint, Luo Pin's cultivation level was a little blurry. She was roughly between the third tier and the fourth tier. When others took a look and sensed the pressure and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy from Luo Pin, their conclusion was that she was approximately at the fourth tier. 

"Yeah," Luo Pin answered softly, then she nodded her head and left. 

In the end, General Murong and the other generals gave their scoring. Identical to Wu Yu, she received 91 points. 

After receiving her score, Luo Pin didn't stay behind and left. 

"Jiang Xuechuan, you are doing pretty well. You have two centurions under you who can take part in the Trial of Yan and bring you glory!" All the chiliarchs around him were envious of him. 

"Wu Yu, there will be a leaderboard ranking for the Trial of Yan hanging out here in two days. You can come to take a look at the detailed arrangements when the time comes," Jiang Xuechuan said to Wu Yu after chatting with his friends. 

"Alright." Subsequently, Wu Yu didn't linger any longer. Instead, he returned to the Heaven's Equal Camp using the reason that he wanted to further prepare himself. 

When he exited from the human crowd, he could no longer spot Luo Pin. As such, he accelerated back, thinking that she was probably too fast. When he arrived at the Heaven's Equal Camp, he finally caught up to her. However, she was already turning into her Blue Dragon Camp. 

"If she wishes to enter the City Lord Residence, there might be something that attracts her such that she would disregard the risk of being discovered," Ming Long commented definitively. 

"That's reasonable." Wu Yu nodded his head. 

"You should fight for a slot to the best of your capabilities. You might just be able to join in on the fun. This is the best opportunity for you to befriend her," commented Ming Long while she rolled her eyes. 

"Shouldn't I guard against her? She's a mystical dragon. If I offend her..." 

"A mystical dragon isn't a Torch Dragon. Why would she kill indiscriminately? Relax. If you help her when she's down, you will benefit in the future. They are most unwilling to owe others favors." 

"Forget it. Let's just let nature takes its course. I don't need her to owe me anything and wouldn't want to approach her with ulterior motives," answered Wu Yu while shaking his head. 

"What a dumb and honest young man. This is a great opportunity for you to ride the dragon into the heavens! Don't you wish for it?" 

"I'll ride on your head!" 

Although Ming Long was petite, she had lots of wretched ideas. 

"Aiyoh, what a damn grandson! I, your granny, am doing this for your own good...." While Ming Long was nagging, Wu Yu reached the Heaven's Equal Camp. The soldiers of the Heaven's Equal Camp immediately crowded forward and asked him about the details. When Wu Yu told them that he had received 91 points, a raucous round of applause broke out. 

"From today onwards, our entire Heaven's Equal Camp will have only one thing in mind! To support our commander fully to clinch the win of the Trial of Yan!" 

"I'm not practicing this month and will instead help take care of Commander Wu!" Wu Tianyu remarked cheerfully. 

"Me too!" 

Even Zhen Yu wanted to take care of Wu Yu. 

They had strong desires for the Trial of Yan. When they learnt that Wu Yu wanted to participate, they were all exceptionally agitated. In fact, they were even more agitated than Wu Yu. 

"Once the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan is out in two days, we will have a rough idea of who you will be facing!" 

"Those who can make it to the leaderboard of the Trial of Yan are the strongest batch of centurions. There are even some old hags who have over 200 years of cultivation experiences. These people have the most tricks up their sleeves. Naturally, there will also be several genius characters of Yan Huang Imperial City!" 

They surrounded Wu Yu and had a fervent discussion. 

"Rumors have it that those who have cultivated longer are much cunning. No one knows how many tricks they are hiding. However, I don't believe Commander Wu is any weaker than them. Even when compared to those few great geniuses, our Commander Wu isn't far off from them! Take Qin Fuyao as an example. Although she became a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator just before the Trial of Yan, our Commander Wu killed two fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators a while back. Moreover, Commander Wu's age and cultivation period are roughly the same as Qin Fuyao's." 

There was quite a number of fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators in Yan Huang Imperial City. However, there were definitely few who possessed the strength of a fourth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm at Wu Yu's age. 

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