Chapter 0404: Trial of Yan

When Wu Yu reached Yan Huang Imperial City and flew towards the inner city from the outer city, he attracted a lot of attention along the way.

Now, he seemed to be famous throughout the whole divine continent.

He was wearing a suit of Yan Huang Immortal Armor, with eyes as hot as the sun and a cold expression on his face. He was so young. At first glance, you would know that he was not an ordinary being. Even if he was not reputable, he would stand out among the crowd based on his physical strength that surpassed that of demons.

The outer city was the place in the whole divine continent where information spread the fastest. Martial cultivators from all over the divine continent representing the major sects and powers gathered here to collect intelligence.

"This young man is Wu Yu."

"He executed his mission in the East Sea and killed three fourth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators. They were all vicious ghostly cultivators."

"He is a former Shushan disciple. It's said that he is in his twenties. Shushan actually gave up such a talent. It's really...."

"There's Beishan Mo and Nangong Wei in Shushan, so Wu Yu had no place. In Yan Huang Imperial City, he will have his own achievements. "

"However, I heard that he made an agreement with Beishan Mo to have a battle in the Mortal Arena. It is possible that in three years, only one of the two top young heroes will survive."

"An expelled disciple returning to Shushan to battle in the Mortal Arena, which also involves a love triangle. The love and hatred, what a show! I have a hunch that it will cause a great sensation that day!"

"I heard that Beishan Mo inherited the Green Depths Sword Emperor's legacy and was accepted as a disciple by the Seven Immortals of Shushan. If Wu Yu wants to compare with him, he has to be accepted as a disciple by the City Lord and the Imperial General. After all, Shushan gave up on him. I think Beishan Mo has a better chance of winning. All in all, this agreement was also proposed by Beishan Mo."

All kinds of discussions along the way were on him.

Wu Yu had a hunch.

"In three years, let's see what will happen." He smiled lightly.

The countless "scrams" he had heard that day were still burning in his memory!

He had to go back to Shushan.

He did not enter the inner city, but went to the Hall of Clouds. There were a lot of ghostly cultivators' belongings that he wanted to sell to Zhang Tiande.

When Zhang Tiande saw him, he immediately greeted Wu Yu with a big smile and said, "Old Brother Wu really knows how to make a big commotion. You killed a lot of ghostly cultivators in the East Sea and are probably close to a chiliarch's ability. To reach this level at such a young age, there are no more than three of such people in Yan Huang Imperial City."

Wu Yu laughed at the compliment. He was also straightforward and said, "I’ve brought back some ghostly cultivator items from the East Sea. Do you still accept them, Old Brother Zhang?"

"Yes, of course!" He could conclude another business transaction, but the key was to upgrade his relationship with Wu Yu. Zhang Tiande was, of course, enthusiastic.

Wu Yu basically sold all the things that he had gained from Cangxue Qingfeng and the Black White Double Ghosts, leaving a small number of useful ones, such as some non-ghostly cultivator spirit designs, some immortal medicines, and talismans. Zhang Tiande counted the items and quoted a price.

Wu Yu counted. After he cleared off the random items, there were about 3,100 Inner Sea Essence Pills left, equivalent to 3 million merits. This amount of cultivation resources was enough for him not to go out on missions for a long time.

A fortune.

"Do you need immortal treasures?" Zhang Tiande asked.

Wu Yu thought for a moment and said, "I won't look at immortal treasures for the moment. After all, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff is enough."

He could not even control the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff to perfection yet. He would not need any other immortal treasures. The key was that he felt that since he had reached the third tier of the Invincible Vajra Body, the next most important thing was to improve his cultivation level, at least to the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

At the moment, he did not want to choose immortal treasures, dao techniques, or talismans.

With limited time, he felt that he needed a burst of effort in order to have a breakthrough in his cultivation level.

After bidding farewell to Zhang Tiande, Wu Yu went back to the Heaven's Equal Camp quietly. The Heaven's Equal Camp soldiers had been waiting for him for a long time.

"Commander Wu!" Everyone greeted and welcomed him.

They had a welcoming party for Wu Yu the whole night. The next day, Wu Yu started his training in seclusion. All his energy and focus was on improving his dao.

After this trip home, he had grown a little. Now he had to focus on creating spirit designs and refining immortal medicine. He would need more focus than imagined.

After about half a month, Wu Yu felt that he had gained a lot. He could probably start to break through to the 10th tier of Jindan soon.

Just as he was about to proceed to the next step, Fang Chaoqun and the others suddenly appeared outside his residence. They probably had something urgent to talk about. Wu Yu took a break from his schedule and emerged. He realized that it was chiliarch Jiang Xuechuan who was looking for him.

“Wu Yu, it's been a long time.” Jiang Xuechuan laughed heartily and stepped forward.

After Fang Chaoqun and the others left, Jiang Xuechuan said, “I just finished a small mission, then I heard about what happened to you. I hope you are not stressed.”

Wu Yu shook his head.

Jiang Xuechuan patted his shoulder and said, “Then that's good. No matter how others see this, everyone from our Yan Huang Imperial City will support you. You have to know that when you go to Shushan, you are representing our Yan Huang Imperial City. When the time comes, I'll surely accompany you and help you!”

Wu Yu’s eyes brightened.

He was grateful to Jiang Xuechuan. He was the first to decide to accompany him to return to the Shushan Immortal Sect. When he was at Shushan, Wu Yu was alone with no help. This time around, upon return, he would at least have Jiang Xuechuan at his back, and perhaps even more.

He was no longer alone!

“Thank you, Commander Jiang, I'll never forget this,” Wu Yu said seriously.

“Please don't say that, that's too polite. Since you are at Yan Huang Imperial City, we are all brothers. There is no need to worry.” Jiang Xuechuan was a hearty person. His words were very direct too.

Wu Yu laughed. Indeed, it was him being too polite. Jiang Xuejiang, no matter what, was better than Zhang Tiande. After all, he was a Yan Huang Immortal Soldier. He was on his side.

Jiang Xuechuan continued to say, “Today, I interrupted your training to tell you one thing.”

“Please say.”

Jiang Xuechuan said, “In a few days, Yan Huang Imperial City’s Trial of Yan will begin.

“Do you know about the Trial of Yan and the Trial of Huang?”

Wu Yu had not heard of either and therefore shook his head.

Jiang Xuechan laughed and said, “You've only been here for a short time, but you need to talk to more people. Even the people from your Heaven's Equal Camp know about the Trial of Yan and the Trial of Huang.”

These trials were indeed not recorded on the files given to him when he became a centurion - not everything could be found in them.

For instance, the Yan Huang Warship was also not recorded in the information provided.

Since Wu Yu did not know, Jiang Xuechuan explained to him, “About every decade or so, sometimes every decade, sometimes every two decades, when the City Lord is free, he will instruct to start the Trial of Yan and the Trial of Huang. The 32 strongest centurions will undergo the Trial of Yan. They will be eliminated based on paired duels. Ultimately, the top three centurions will emerge. The same logic lies behind the Trial of Huang, except it is between 32 chiliarchs. Ultimately the three strongest chiliarchs will emerge. You are a centurion, so you can participate in the Trial of Yan.”

Wu Yu wanted to train in seclusion to increase his cultivation level, to raise it to the 10th tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. Hence, he was not very interested in these types of battles like the Battle of Swords and Immortals. He thought that it was probably just a ranking. There was only honor. He had limited time and was about to shake his head when Jiang Xuechuan laughed and asked, “Aren't you curious about the prize for the first three in the Trial of Yan?”

“Im all ears.” Since Jiang Xuechuan had come personally to tell him, he had to show some respect and let him finish.

Jiang Xuechuan said, “Just the merits prize alone is already worth quite a lot. For the Trial of Yan, the first prize is five million merits, the second prize is three million merits, and the third prize is one million merits. The top eight gets 500,000 merits.”

The first place, the strongest centurion, actually got five million merits! That was really a lot. Wu Yu had killed at the East Sea for so long and had only earned about three million merits.

Besides, to be amongst the top three of 32 centurions, theoretically speaking, he would actually only need to defeat five opponents. Five battles could probably be completed within half a month. That would not take much time.

After listening, Wu Yu was tempted. Of course, he knew that there were many centurions in Yan Huang Imperial City. It would not be easy to be the strongest one. For instance, Qin Fuyao and Beishan Mo were on par. If she took part, Wu Yu might not get first place.

Also, there were other genius-level centurions in Yan Huang Imperial City.

Jiang Xuechuan smiled lightly and said, “Actually, with your wealth now, these five million merits might not be too tempting for you. But all who take part in the Trial of Yan and Trial of Huang are not there for these merits. They are there for the other prize.”

Wu Yu was stunned.

Five million merits were still not considered as tempting?

Jiang Xuechuan raised his head and looked at the direction of the inner city. He said emotionally, “Within that inner city, the greatest forbidden ground is the place where the City Lord spends most of his time – the City Lord Residence. Even the generals cannot enter the City Lord Residence without receiving the order to see the City Lord.”


“The first three of the Trial of Yan and the Trial of Huang, a total of six people, will earn the chance to stay in the City Lord Residence for half a year. Within this period of time, they can seek clarifications from the City Lord any time on anything they cannot understand in martial cultivation.

“Our Yan Huang City’s lord is the strongest in the divine continent, the strongest in the world, the person closest to gaining immortality. The Seven Immortals of Shushan can never compare to his achievements in dao. You do understand what I'm saying, right? Actually, the City Lord has not organized the Trial of Yan and the Trial of Huang in close to 20 years. That is why all the centurions are going to try their luck with this opportunity. Any genius in Yan Huang Imperial City will not miss such a precious opportunity. It is everyone's dream to get the guidance of the City Lord for half a year. Besides, there are only six openings for over a decade. That is too precious.”

The number one person standing at the top of the divine continent!

His guidance?

Wu Yu had not truly met such a person. Of course, he had seen Luo Pin before, but Luo Pin would not give him any guidance in this aspect.

Wu Yu also had some questions after training for so long. If he qualified to stay in the City Lord Residence for half a year, that would be greatly beneficial to him.

After all, Beishan Mo could enter the Reincarnation Realm, but he had no one to guide him. He needed to figure out everything on his own.

“Trust me, if the City Lord helps you, if the City Lord is willing to support you, you will never die at the battle in Shushan in three years.” Jiang Xuechuan looked at him.

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