Chapter 0403: A New Path

Wu You would spend part of her time on discovering and training. During this time, Wu Yu started setting up the Million Swords Formation with the materials he had prepared in advance. 

The Million Swords Formation was the highest tier Heaven and Earth Spirit Design that Wu Yu could create at this moment. On typical days, one wouldn't be able to see any signs of the spirit design. However, once it was activated, there would indeed be a million sword qi hovering. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to get in at all. 

The Million Swords Formation wasn't just a minor upgrade from the previous 10,000 Swords Formation that had protected the Heavenly Sword Sect. 

This was the first time Wu Yu had put the Million Swords Formation into reality. 

He had long prepared the materials, precious treasures, and immortal essences. In addition, he had practiced drawing the spirit design of the Million Swords Formation previously. Therefore, he was familiar with the whole process. Although it was his first time setting it up, he still completed the Million Swords Formation within the estimated time under his precise and accurate control. 

Once activated, Capital Wu would be protected within the Million Swords Formation. 

A month had passed. 

The Million Swords Formation was completed and Wu You managed to hit the Qi Condensation Realm. She finally had spiritual power and could start her path of cultivation. 

In the future, she would be able to improve gradually. 

After settling all the different matters, Wu Yu had to leave. 

Before he left, he gave Wu You a large number of Life-Protecting Talismans and core-tail talismans that could reach him. It was especially so for the core-tail talismans, of which he prepared over 100. 

"If there's anything, you can always look for me. Even if it's just missing me," said Wu Yu. 

"You are really meticulous in your preparations." 

Wu Yu had indeed spent lots of time thinking about it. 

The truth was, if not for the fact that his doppelgangers couldn't be too far apart from himself, he would be willing to leave behind a doppelganger to guard the place forever. 

He wasn't too clear of the distance at this juncture. However, he noticed that as the strength of his doppelgangers increased, this distance was also increasing. 

"I will leave some things with my master. Once you make some improvements, he will send them to you," Wu Yu reminded her. 

Wu You knew Wu Yu would find it hard when it was time to part. Therefore, she had maintained a smile throughout. "A brave man shouldn't always be looking back. It's time to go. With the core-tail talisman, it won't be like before, when I could only wait to hear about you." 

"Sister, wait for me," Wu Yu said solemnly. 

It wasn't just to wait for his next return. Instead, it was to wait for him to bring her more spectacular mysterious encounters. 

What he wanted to give Wu You wasn't just the Qi Condensation Realm. 


Wu You still couldn't manipulate the Million Swords Formation yet. Therefore, he would leave the method of controlling it with Feng Xueya. He had already built Capital Wu to become the second base of the Heavenly Sword Sect. 

Before the gentle eyes of Wu You, he flew into the clouds and disappeared from the sky of Capital Wu. 

Wu You stared at the sky for a long time until the sun set. 


Wu Yu returned to the Heavenly Sword Sect after leaving Capital Wu. 

At this moment, the Heavenly Sword Sect still didn't know about Wu Yu's return to Dong Yue Wu. 

In the blink of an eye, he had appeared on the sky of the Bipo Mountain Range. 

The very first place he went to was Sun Wudao’s grave. However, this place had been replaced by the Spiritual Qi Spring. The Spiritual Qi Spring was still ejecting spiritual qi. Moreover, it seemed to be ejecting even more than before. 

"Uncle Sun." 

Wu Yu went to the place that had been his grave, dropped to his knees, and kowtowed before it. 

"You're back." Behind him, Feng Xueya suddenly appeared. He leaned on a tree and looked to be on the verge of tears. 

"Master." Wu Yu stood up before walking towards Feng Xueya and dropping down on one knee. Over the past years, he had not found another master other than Feng Xueya. 

Feng Xueya was now a third tier Jindan Dao cultivator, an improvement from before. Naturally, he had been left way behind by Wu Yu at this juncture. 

He was his life savior and was also the one who had brought him into the Immortal Dao. Although he wasn't strong, he was indeed the one whom Wu Yu had the most respect for. 

Feng Xueya's eyes were swollen and red. He helped Wu Yu up, looked into his eyes, and was constantly nodding his head. His body was also shivering a little. 

"Lan Huayi tried to find out how you've been doing previously. I have also visited the East Imperial Kingdom once to ask about the situation. We all know what happened to you in the immortal sect and that you joined Yan Huang Imperial City right after." Feng Xueya was choking a little as he spoke. 

"Master. I'm sorry. I was expelled from Shushan too and have disappointed you...." After all, Feng Xueya was from Shushan and had regrets about the place too. 

Feng Xueya shook his head and answered, "You don't have to apologize to me. All I wanted was for you to have a brighter future. As for the thoughts of those who have been eliminated like me, they shouldn't affect you. However, we are indeed master and disciple. All I can say is that perhaps the Shushan Immortal Sect isn't suitable for us." 

Feng Xueya looked at him in shock as he continued emotionally, "Previously, I saved you from the snake demon. At that time, I would have never dreamed that you, who I thought would be just a disciple with the worst gifts, would turn out to be the most unbelievable disciple. I would have never expected you to stir up such a storm on the divine continent. Wu Yu, you are now one of the most elite people in the entire divine continent...." 

When he first heard about Wu Yu's experiences in the East Imperial Kingdom, he had even doubted if the Wu Yu others were talking about was his disciple. In fact, he was still doubting it moments ago until he finally saw Wu Yu. 

After all, Wu Yu was now wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor. 

Once, everyone in the Heavenly Sword Sect was shocked when the news first reached them. At least 90% of the people didn't believe it. Lan Huayi also verified several times. However, the more she verified, the more shocked she was by the news she had received. 

"Why are you back suddenly? Your cultivation training is important. Don't let Shushan look down on you." Feng Xueya looked at him with doting eyes. 

Till this point, he was still standing on Wu Yu's side. 

"I'm back to take a look, but I've got to leave soon," answered Wu Yu. 

He spent the entire night having a long chat with Feng Xueya. When dawn broke, Feng Xueya gathered all the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect and announced the return of Wu Yu. 

Wu Yu saw too many familiar faces. 

Su Yanli, Mo Shishu, Night Wishes for Snow, Lan Boli, Lan Shuiyue, and Qing Mang.... 

At this moment, Wu Yu was way above them, and they could only stand far away while looking up to him. Therefore, they were rather reserved. 

"Wu Yu, are you the one from the rumors?" Su Yanli had already condensed her Jindan. She looked a little pale and couldn't look Wu Yu in his eyes. 

"Senior Sister Su." Wu Yu smiled faintly. 

This address let Su Yanli know that the rumors weren't false. 

Looking at the others. 

They were all agitated. Even Lan Shuiyue wasn't bothered by what had happened before. At this point, her eyes was just filled with respect and admiration. 

"Junior Brother, for someone like you to appear in our lives, it is just like a dream. Unbelievable. At this point, it still feels a little foreign. Please don't take it to heart." Only Night Wishes for Snow was still acting like how a senior brother should be. 

Wu Yu was the one who had brought him together with Lan Boli when Zhang Futu came. 

Everyone broke into laughter. 

After this laughter, the distance between them had seemingly shortened a little. 

"Everyone, Wu Yu isn't able to stay behind for long this time. However, I did manage to find some gifts for everyone." 

He had these prepared long ago. 

Within a Sumeru Pouch, there were large numbers of immortal treasures, immortal medicines, dao techniques, talismans, immortal essences, and precious treasures. His arrival had brought a huge trove of treasures for the entire Heavenly Sword Sect. 

With the items in the Sumeru Pouch, the overall strength of the Heavenly Sword Sect could increase in a few years. Take Feng Xueya as an example. He now had the opportunity to reach the eighth or ninth tier of the Jindan Dao Realm. This level of strength could be considered as very strong in the region. 

Naturally, Wu Yu also set up a Million Swords Formation in this place. 

It would be controlled by Feng Xueya. When the Million Swords Formation was activated, even a Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator might not be able to break through rapidly. 

With his own abilities, Wu Yu upgraded the entire Heavenly Sword Sect. 

These resources also benefited every disciple in the sect. 

Wu Yu was quicker in setting up the Million Swords Formation this time. He only took half a month to have everything ready. From the day he made the promise with Beishan Mo, it had been three and a half months. 

One-tenth of three years had passed. 

Over this period, Wu Yu didn't make much progress. He was busy with helping out Wu You and the Heavenly Sword Sect. However, he wasn't worried at all. 

When everything was settled, it was time to bid goodbye. 

Over these days, Feng Xueya, Su Yanli, and the group had been with Wu Yu all the time. 

"Master." Wu Yu stood outside the Thousand Swords Gate, went on his knees, and thanked his benefactor once again. 

"I shall not put my gratitude in words. If the Heavenly Sword Sect ever encounters any issues, you can look for me with a core-tail talisman at any time.

"In this lifetime, no matter where I go, I will always be from the Heavenly Sword Sect, I will always be your disciple and the junior brother of everyone." 

His return this time had changed Wu Yu's mentality. 

"Get up, quick." Feng Xueya helped him up immediately. 

His eyes were red and swollen as he remarked, "The greatest encounter in my life is being able to lead you into the path of immortals. You don't owe me anything. You have long repaid the gratitude through what you have done for us over the years. For the future, chase after your path bravely. Although we are a little slower, we will also not give up on cultivation!" 

"Yeah." Wu Yu nodded his head. 

They exchanged glances again at the end. 

Su Yanli was still chilly and barely smiled. However, her eyes were also teary at this point. 

He still recalled the first time she arrived on the Immortal Crane like an immortal from a different world. 

That was one of the most beautiful scenes Wu Yu had ever seen on his path to immortalhood.

"Now you are more like an immortal, while I'm the mortal. However, I won't give up, Junior Brother." Su Yanli still forced out a faint smile in the end. 

"It's alright. I'll be waiting for you all up ahead. Goodbye." 

"Have a safe trip!" everyone in the Heavenly Sword Sect shouted in unison. 

Wu Yu flew towards the sky. Looking at the Bipo Mountain Range below his feet, he took a last glance at the people who had played a huge role in his life. He was filled with grand dreams and let out a long, soothing roar which reverberated through thousands and thousands of miles. 

Everyone could pursue their own dao. 

He reminded himself of this. He was just walking a little faster ahead of the rest. 

After returning, his mind was more at ease. Looking ahead of the vastless Immortal Dao, intense passion and determination welled up in his heart. Flames were ejected from his body and he resembled a scorching sun. He traversed through the clouds, mountains, and rivers as he headed towards the huge Yan Huang Imperial City that hovered in the air! 

He was going back! 

"It'll be time to charge ahead after returning to the Yan Huang Imperial City!

"They are returning to the Reincarnation Realm and will likely experience another huge improvement. Now that I'm catching up to them, I cannot get left behind in the next three years!" 

Yan Huang Imperial City was located within dense clouds. It was as though there was a huge block of land in the sky. 

Seeing Yan Huang Imperial City, Wu Yu felt even more inspired. The passion for battle that had been in slumber temporarily was now raging and erupting. 

After he returned, he realized that he had become a well-known figure in Yan Huang Imperial City! 

The battle of the East Sea and the promise of three years had now reached the entire world! 

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