Chapter 0400: Peasants

Wu Yu was still extremely sensitive to the sword energy of the Shushan Immortal Sect.

The sword energy of the Shushan sword swiftly traversed the raging currents of the seabed and opened a path through.

It was not two bolts, but three bolts of sword light.

Wu Yu had just finished off two mean opponents and had reaped much in return. Now that the trouble had been dealt with, he was in a good mood. But the sudden appearance of the Shushan people soured it again immediately.

As the three bolts of sword light approached, Wu Yu could clearly see who they were. These three were all very familiar to Wu Yu. Very, very familiar to Wu Yu indeed! The two in front could not help a cruel laugh upon seeing Wu Yu, their bodies shivering in anticipation.

It was the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the Distant Fire Sword Sage, who had been searching for him for a long time.

They had indeed pushed themselves hard in order to hunt Wu Yu.

As for the third person between the two, that was Wu Yu's bitter rival. It was a youth who was handsome and comely. His features were as soft as water itself, but also had the unyielding and hardness that water could have. His body was charged with potent power, and this sea was familiar territory for him.

Beishan Mo.

Wu Yu had truly not expected that these three would appear here.

However, Jiang Xuechuan had already warned him not to spend too much time lingering in a place when he was on external missions. Having been here a month, these three had evidently heard of his whereabouts.

"Wu Yu." The Lunar Flower Sword Sage's expression was cold. She appeared before Wu Yu, with the Distant Fire Sword Sage closely following behind. As for Beishan Mo, he followed beside Lunar Flower Sword Sage, a smirk playing on his lips as he looked down from above with a cold gaze.

After some time had passed, Wu Yu found that he was already at the third tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm.

Given his ability and talent, right now he would probably be able to take on a fifth tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, which was equivalent to the Heaven sword rank in Shushan, and a chiliarch of Yan Huang Imperial City.

However, Wu Yu was not weak either.

After completing his Nanwu Blazing Sun Golden Vajra Body, even if he had not truly caught up to Beishan Mo, he was actually not far either.

If Beishan Mo wanted to suppress him as he had in the past, that wouldn't be easy!

However, this time, the one that Wu Yu was apprehensive of was the Lunar Flower Sword Sage.

Seeing that they were of Shushan, the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers, Huangfu Pojun included, came swarming to Wu Yu's side. Especially the Heaven's Equal Camp members. They had sensed that these three Shushan people did not mean well, and therefore hurried to Wu Yu's side to back him up.

"Seems like you've grown stronger again, to be able to easily finish off this caliber of ghostly cultivator. Seems like it's getting harder and harder to kill you. Who knows, today might be our last chance," the Lunar Flower Sword Sage said coldly as she came stalking towards Wu Yu.

As she spoke, the fearsome pressure that belonged to the Shushan Sword Sages again showed itself! Instantly, the sea water parted and many of the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were sent flying. The martial cultivators of Heaven's Equal Camp held hands with each other and were able to stand fast. But against such pressure from a sword sage, they were not much better off, and still struggled, their faces pale from the exertion.

In truth, the keenest sword will was directed all on Wu Yu. It was as though a few swords were piercing him, and they brought excruciating pain! And behind Wu Yu, the burning gaze from the Distant Fire Sword Sage was like fire tongs pressing down on his shoulders. 

Wu Yu knew that despite his corporeal tenacity, the distance between him and this Shushan Sword Sage was just too insurmountable. This was the difference in spiritual power, between Jindan essence and Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. They were at least 10 levels apart.

This sort of difference could not be made up for no matter how strong your physical body was. It was like the difference between a mortal and one of the Qi Condensation Realm.

Naturally, he felt angered by this constant suppression.

Indeed, he had enough......

Ever since the Mortal Arena at Shushan, he had been hounded ceaselessly, relentlessly!

Although their daughter had died, it was not because of his will. The only villain was the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

They were not pursuing the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, but instead hounding him till the end.

Hateful and pathetic.

In the eyes of the Lunar Flower Sword Sage, he was a pathetic one who did not care about his own pride.

He took a deep breath. He could endure this stinging pain, but he still had to say his piece. "Sword Sage, I am no longer affiliated with Shushan. You have no basis for killing me."

"I dare you to say one more word," the Lunar Flower Sword Sage shouted so loudly that everyone's ears rang with pain. The martial cultivators of Heaven's Equal Camp stood fast before Wu Yu, staring hatefully at the Lunar Flower Sword Sage.

Huangfu Pojun's voice rang out. "Sword Sage, Wu Yu is a member of our Yan Huang Imperial City. You indeed have no basis for killing him. Besides, he is one of the highest marked geniuses of our Yan Huang Imperial City. Both our City Lord and Imperial General favor him greatly, and he might be the future heir of Yan Huang Imperial City. Yan Huang Imperial City and the Shushan Immortal Sect are both of the orthodox dao. If the Sword Sage kills Wu Yu in such indiscriminate fashion, then our City Lord and Imperial General will make Shushan pay as well."

Huangfu Pojun was shrewd. Although his words were fabrications, and the City Lord and Imperial General might not even recognize Wu Yu, from Wu Yu's performance during this mission, his words rang with the possibility of truth.

He had elevated Wu Yu's position to the level of Qin Fuyao. If she dared to kill Qin Fuyao with no reason, that would definitely raise a huge commotion, just as if General Gu were to kill Beishan Mo. The logic was the same.

Hearing this, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage's expression changed. She had just seen what Wu Yu was capable of and was secretly shaken. Right now, she was also conflicted! Wu Yu was right before her eyes. To kill or not to kill?

Kill and face pressure from both sides, from the Ursae Sword Immortal and Yan Huang Imperial City.

Not kill, and to let her daughter die just like that - a hard choice to make.

The moment she thought of her daughter's demise, the hatred in her heart could not ease. The more she looked at Wu Yu, the more her desire to kill swelled! Although there had been all kinds of reasons which spoke for Wu Yu's innocence, she only knew one thing. The hand that had killed Mu Lingche was Wu Yu's!

From the side, Beishan Mo spoke dispassionately. "Are those of Yan Huang Imperial City so short-sighted, to even shelter the likes of this killer? Is Yan Huang Imperial City so short of talent that they would even see the abandoned rubbish of my Shushan as a treasure?!"

Wu Yu frowned. Beishan Mo's words had already angered him. Originally, he had not really detested Beishan Mo, but now his dislike was roused against this person’s sharp tongue!

Heaven's Equal Camp spoke up with scornful laughter. "What manner of dog are you, to dare call Commander Wu rubbish? Shushan is a bunch of worthless louts with no foresight. Right now, you're posturing so boldly. Let's see again in 10 years’ time; you won't even be qualified to buff the shoes of Commander Wu!"

Fang Chaoqun said, "No need for 10 years. In three years, Shushan's livers will turn green with regret." 

"Does a bunch of peasants have the right to interrupt our conversation?" Beishan Mo snapped angrily. Two beams of light shot out from his eyes, changing into icy blasts of sword qi. They flew towards Wu Tianyu and Fang Chaoqun.


Wu Yu stretched out a hand to crush these two bolts of sword qi. Beishan Mo's attack had been blocked by his flesh alone.

Beishan Mo's eyes narrowed. Although he was inwardly taken aback, he did not want to show it. The way that Wu Yu had polished off those two ghostly cultivators had been clean and efficient, and it had engendered a sense of grave risk for him.

He had thought that chasing Wu Yu out of Shushan would leave no further problems. Without the resources of Shushan, Wu Yu would definitely wilt. He was unspeakably enraged that Wu Yu had actually gone to Yan Huang Imperial City.

In fact, this sense of danger itched him to prompt the Lunar Flower Sword Sage to kill Wu Yu on the spot.

At this moment, Huangfu Pojun spoke. "As for the matter of the Lunar Flower Sword Sage's beloved daughter, we of Yan Huang Imperial City also know about the details. To us, it seems like a regrettable thing, but in truth, everyone in this world knows that it was committed by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Wu Yu was henceforth removed from Shushan, and has already been punished. Presently, Wu Yu is part of our Yan Huang Imperial City, and the Sword Sage indeed has no basis to molest him. I have already sent word of this news via Message Talisman to Shushan. I have received news of our generals advising the Sword Sage not to act rashly, or this matter will definitely incriminate the whole of Shushan."

As he said this, Huangfu Pojun had indeed received a tail talisman.

Actually, this was also a fabrication of his. But even so, it was sufficient to leave the Lunar Flower Sword Sage in careful consideration.

After hearing news of Wu Yu, she had again come hunting. She had wanted to kill Wu Yu in a flash, the consequences be damned. But she had not expected that Wu Yu would have risen so fast in such a short period of time! She naturally knew that Wu Yu was a talented person, perhaps no less than Beishan Mo. And with this Huangfu Pojun twice threatening with the might of Yan Huang Imperial City, she had to think about how Yan Huang Imperial City might deal with her if she killed Wu Yu.

Historically, Yan Huang Imperial City didn’t dare to do anything. Especially that Imperial General!

"I think the Sword Sage might not be too cognizant. Our Imperial General loves Wu Yu. Even the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff that is currently in Wu Yu's hands was once the immortal treasure of our Imperial General. It was personally made by the Imperial General, and the Sword Sage should know how important he is to our Yan Huang Imperial City. I would therefore caution the Sword Sage not to do anything that you may regret in the future."

Huangfu Pojun was actually very anxious, and asserted this again in a flash of inspiration during their dangerous situation.

Wu Yu was very grateful to him. If he lived today, it would be because Huangfu Pojun had saved his life. At the very least, the Lunar Flower Sword Sage had come in order to kill him.

The Lunar Flower Sword Sage's face remained aloof, but she was actually struggling inside. At this moment, the Distant Fire Sword Sage came beside her, shaking his head. "Lunar Flower, let it go. Our best opportunity has already passed."

Saying this, it showed that he too was helpless. He was a bit more clear-headed than the Lunar Flower Sword Sage. From the way Huangfu Pojun had described it, he was indeed well aware of the grave consequences that would follow if they continued to be hard-headed and killed Wu Yu.

Even the Imperial General's personally crafted immortal treasure had been given to him....

Not fair, not fair!

The Lunar Flower Sword Sage's eyes were red.

Beishan Mo was also reluctant to give up.

He had a flash of inspiration. He shot a look at the two sword sages and then turned to check Wu Yu out. He laughed and said, "Alright, Wu Yu, you are truly capable, to be able to escape death even at a time like this. Congratulations. No need to die today. But since I am here today, let me also tell you something. Big Sister Nangong and I are about to become dao companions. At that time, you must come."

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