Chapter 0398: Return to Despair

During these few days, Huangfu Pojun had used many core-tail talisman to convey messages to Wu Yu, but he did not hear back.

Now, he was controlling the Yan Huang Warship and standing in front of the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng. Behind him, the Yan Huang Immortal Army was a mess. However, he thought, "It has been several days since I separated from Wu Yu. After Wu Yu found Cangxue Qingfeng, he told me immediately. Then there was no news from him. If he was killed, he would have been killed a few days ago. If that were the case, the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng would have been here earlier.

"Wu Yu said that he would hold these two off for a few days. I suppose if he went to a place where the core-tail talisman can't reach and has been in hiding, and these two couldn't catch him, they would come to snatch for Yan Huang Warship first."

There was a high possibility for such a thing to happen!

But the problem was, although it seemed reasonable, there was only a certain possibility. After Huangfu Pojun thought carefully, he could not help but laugh at himself. “Maybe I am deceiving myself.

”Commander Wu is a young genius, but these two are fierce and evil. It's really difficult to fight them!

"It's a pity. If Commander Wu hadn't died, he would have been the backbone of Yan Huang Imperial City. All these damned ghostly cultivators!"

Several centurions around him also expressed their regrets.

"General Commander Huangfu, we can't give up the Yan Huang Warship. Since Commander Wu has died in battle and the difficulty of the mission has exceeded our expectations, we can return to Yan Huang Imperial City."

Everyone felt a little downhearted about this mission. After all, the appearance of the Black White Double Ghosts and Cangxue Qingfeng was not within their expectations.

"Don't leave yet," Huangfu Pojun said.

"Why?" Everyone was very puzzled. If Wu Yu was not there last time, they would not even have been able to fight against the Black White Double Ghosts.

Huangfu Pojun said, "Wu Yu may not be dead. Maybe he is rushing back or something delayed his journey back. We have to wait for him at the very least. Besides, I'm not willing to give up this mission at this point!"

"General Commander Huangfu!"

Everyone's expressions were tense. Some people disagreed and some understood him.

"Don't worry! Just these two people alone can't break the Yan Huang Warship that we are all guarding! " Huangfu Pojun immediately ordered for every Yan Huang Immortal Soldier to stand in the Spirit Gathering Designs, and with him in the lead, they began to activate the defenses of the Yan Huang Warship to a perfect state.

This was also the signal they sent to the Black Fiend that they were going to fight till the end!

"Well, since that's the case, when we snatch the Yan Huang Warship, no one will leave. If I refine these few thousand Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers into corpse puppets and form an army, it will be very spectacular!" The Black Fiend's voice sounded very haunting, like a lingering ghost.

This threat had a certain effect on the normal Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers.

After that, the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng released all their power!

The two, one in the east, and one in the west, started their crazy attacks. The Black Fiend was like a sword cultivator. The black sword in his hand was an immortal treasure of slaughter. It created and tore out several black waves of sword energy along the sea. These black waves were extremely big. They smashed against the Yan Huang Warship in a roar, making the Yan Huang Warship shake vigorously. This instilled fear in the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers within the ship and made them panic. Huangfu Pojun encouraged them and protected the Yan Huang Warship at the same time.

"Everyone, please look clearly. Don't underestimate the defensive power of the Yan Huang Warship. Based on the strength of the Black Fiend's attacks, even if there were 10 more of him, the Yan Huang Warship wouldn't be destroyed!"

After holding on for a few rounds of attacks, their confidence definitely increased!

Indeed, for the time being, the enemy had already attacked with all his might, and it seemed that he could not tear through the defense of the Yan Huang Warship.

"Let's wait for him for 10 days. After 10 days, if he still hasn't returned, we will leave on the Yan Huang Warship." Finally, Huangfu Pojun made a decision. The Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers who were afraid finally felt a little relieved.

Actually, what Huangfu Pojun wanted most was that after Wu Yu returned, they would fight side by side and kill their two opponents. This way, they would not only gain a lot, but the mission would also be completed.

In all these years, none of his missions had failed.

The Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng also did not expect the Yan Huang Warship to be so hard to break. They were furious. They had fought with all kinds of mystiques and Heaven Earth Void techniques, but they could not take down the Yan Huang Warship!

"This doesn't seem like an easy task." The Black Fiend frowned.

"Don't be discouraged. It's because of the support from the people inside, and there is always a limit. There are not many ghostly cultivators around. Let's gather more ghostly cultivators and attack together. I don't believe that we can't break the warship."

It was because of the large number of Spirit Gathering Designs that the Yan Huang Warship had such strong defensive power!

Hearing this, the Black Fiend shouted out loud directly. The ghostly cultivators nearby who had just been chased away started gathering after they heard the Black Fiend's call.

With the Black Fiend's call, there were still a lot of ghostly cultivators nearby who were unwilling to give up.

One could see more and more ghostly cultivators gathering.

In the Yan Huang Warship, the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were getting even more flustered.

Even though Huangfu Pojun stressed it again and again, when the Yan Huang Warship shook vigorously, the fear was intense and was etched deeply into their bones.

At this moment, Huangfu Pojun suddenly received a core-tail talisman.

After reading the contents on that core-tail talisman, Huangfu Pojun was first stunned, then he could not hold back his laughter. He announced loudly, “Everyone, Wu Yu is not dead, and he is rushing back. He asked us to hold these two back and not let them escape.”

After hearing this piece of news, the Yan Huang Immortal Army was also stunned at first before feeling happy. However, they had their doubts too. From the message he had sent, Wu Yu seemed to be very confident!

“To hold them back?”

Everyone stared at each other.

A centurion said, “It is good that he is alive. Let’s hold on here and wait for his return.”

“Mn, when he is here, let’s leave immediately.”

Everyone finally saw a glimpse of hope.

Next up would be a fight between the two parties, so they had to persevere!

More and more ghostly cultivators gathered. In the blink of an eye, there were thousands of them. Some were strong and some were weak. Under the leadership of the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng, they were highly motivated and rushed crazily for the kill. Complicated and beautiful Heaven Earth Void techniques tore apart the sea waves to hit the Yan Huang Warship!

Golden light shone on the Yan Huang Warship. Countless spirit designs formed. They spun at high speeds and bounced back most of the attacks from the ghostly cultivators.

As time progressed, it was not before long half a day had passed!

Under the crazy and continuous attacks of the ghostly cultivators, the Yan Huang Warship kept shaking violently at this moment. Roars kept coming from within the ship, and even those within the Spirit Gathering Design suffered from the recoil. Some of the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were injured.

Whether Wu Yu would return or not, an atmosphere of fear continued to spread within the warship.

“Why is Wu Yu not here yet….”

“If he is still not here, we might not be able to hold on much longer. If the Yan Huang Warship opens up, we are dead….”

“Shut up!” Some were pessimistic and some were optimistic. Especially those from Heaven's Equal Camp, they were all hoping for Wu Yu’s return. They were angered when they heard people being so cowardly.

Actually, that was needless to say. These people were from the Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp. After those two had died in battle, their camps were totally disintegrated and they had no sense of security at all.

At this moment, both the inside and outside of the battleship were in a mess!

Suddenly, they heard the pitiful screams.

These screams came from the east, from those ghostly cultivators who were excitedly attacking the Yan Huang Warship.

Both ghostly cultivators and the Yan Huang Immortal Army were all looking to that direction with surprise

All they saw was a golden, underwater sun suddenly appearing over the east side. That underwater sun was burning furiously, flames sprouting out. Sea water evaporated wherever the flames landed. Ghostly cultivators retreated as they screamed.

There seemed to be someone inside that sun. That someone seemed to be holding onto a staff. Wherever that staff landed, groups of ghostly cultivators vomited blood and retreated quickly.

“Someone is coming our way!”

The attacks of the ghostly cultivators stopped abruptly.

“Who? Who is that? He seems to be someone from the Yan Huang Immortal Army.”

“That is Wu Yu, the Wu Yu who killed the White Fiend!”

Finally, the ghostly cultivators saw a person who vaguely looked like Wu Yu in that burning sun. Of course, they could not see clearly - they mostly recognised the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff!

All the nearby ghostly cultivators knew that Wu Yu had killed the White Fiend. That was also why these ghostly cultivators were fearful when they saw him. Instantly, they fled and hid behind the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng!


Those ghostly cultivators who were surrounding the Yan Huang Warship like flies instantly disappeared without a trace. They were all hiding afar and watching in fear and excitement. They obviously knew that Wu Yu had returned to join up with the Yan Huang Immortal Army and once again defend against the Black Fiend’s attack! This battle would obviously be even more exciting than the previous one!

There were few thousand people looking at them, and within the Yan Huang Warship were a thousand more.

As they witnessed Wu Yu’s return, most of the Yan Huang Immortal Army cheered.

“Wu Yu, quickly, enter!” a few centurions quickly called out. They were worried that Wu Yu would join Huangfu Pojun and fight these two ghostly cultivators head on.

“Quick!” Most of the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers also hoped that he would come in first. That would be safer.

And at this moment, the Black Fiend and Cangxue Qingfeng were in between Wu Yu and the Yan Huang Warship.

Within the burning sun, Wu Yu’s eyes were like fire. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff in his hand also burned with hot flames. They spread to the surroundings. Large amounts of evaporation spread outwards. Large areas of the sea instantly became wasted water.

“I did not expect that the cowardly you would appear so quickly.” The Black Fiend sniggered. He grabbed his black sword and headed towards Wu Yu.

Cangxue Qingfeng turned back to look at the Yan Huang Warship and grinned sinisterly. “Huangfu Pojun, if you want to save him, then come out for a battle. Hiding inside like a cowardly tortoise in his shell, I don’t think that’s what a Yan Huang Immortal Soldier should do. How can the great Yan Huang Immortal Army not have a hint of courage?”

Their motives were obvious. They would attack Wu Yu and force Huangfu Pojun out. If they killed both Wu Yu and Huangfu Pojun, then the Yan Huang Warship would just be a sitting duck.

After all, the Yan Huang Warship was controlled by Huangfu Pojun. If he died in battle, then the Yan Huang Warship would immediately become a masterless item.

The Black Fiend attacked fiercely and instantly forced Wu Yu away. He would definitely not want Wu Yu to return to the Yan Huang Warship.

The ghostly cultivators surrounding them instantly cheered. They were very excited and screamed enthusiastically.

Within the Yan Huang Warship, the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers were very apprehensive.

“General Commander Huangfu, I think we should...” Before he could finish his sentence, Huangfu Pojun disappeared within the Yan Huang Warship.

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