Chapter 0394: Cangxue Qingfeng

Wu Yu decided to go crazy at this point.

However, this was also what they expected from someone of his nature.

Actually, if Wu Yu could pin down the Black Fiend here, then the pressure on Huangfu Pojun would lessen significantly when he returned to the blue spirit ore mine.

Of course, Huangfu Pojun also respected Wu Yu. He had not been able to take down the Black Fiend, while Wu Yu had taken down the White Fiend singlehandedly. Just on this point alone, even he was not qualified to stop Wu Yu from inviting single combat.

He had hesitated for a moment out of concern for Wu Yu's life.

However, Yan Huang Imperial City was Yan Huang Imperial City. No matter how much he valued Wu Yu's talent, and wanted to keep him safe and away from the risk, if you changed your perspective, how could there be elite talents without any danger?

Besides, Wu Yu had sufficient battle experience.

The Black Fiend had threatened the safety of his kin. Huangfu Pojun was thinking that if he were in Wu Yu's shoes, he would do the same.

After all, he knew that Wu Yu's hometown was not far from here. Given the Black Fiend's capabilities, he would find them very easily. After all, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was too big a target.

"I will save my words for the rest. I hope to see you return safely and take your 150,000 merits in Yan Huang Imperial City. Although it is not much, it is still an honor."

Merits were the most important currency for rising to chiliarch. Ability alone could not help you rise there.

"No problem!" Wu Yu answered directly. This decisive response earned Huangfu Pojun's respect as well. Next, Wu Yu addressed his brothers and sisters of Heaven's Equal Camp, bidding them listen to Huangfu Pojun's instructions.

"Commander Wu, go ahead and kill the enemy with peace of mind! We will definitely not let you worry!" Wu Tianyu said, his eyes red.

"The most important thing is to live. If you die, you can't become immortal," Fang Chaoqun reminded. He had once asked this question of Wu Yu: what is the most important thing to remember in the path to immortalhood? Wu Yu had answered: to live.

Wu Yu laughed. "Living is just a prerequisite. But there are some things that one cannot compromise on, even if it costs your life. Otherwise, what would be the point of becoming immortal?"

This was a fresh response he poised to Fang Chaoqun.

After saying thus, he did not linger. He and his 100 doppelgangers left as one. When Wu Yu transformed the Yan Huang Immortal Armor into ordinary clothing, and did not wield the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff, making it difficult to discover which was the real him from appearances alone.

As he left, he turned to wave. Huangfu Pojun stayed no longer, but steered the Yan Huang Warship away.

After all, if the Yan Huang Warship remained, the Black Fiend would only continue to escape.

After the Yan Huang Warship left, Wu Yu and his 100 doppelgangers dispersed forward. This way, it was as though Wu Yu had 100 pairs of eyes. If any doppelganger met the Black Fiend, he would know the Black Fiend's location!

"Black Fiend, I chase you alone. If you have the guts, stop running.

"I don't like to hear people threaten my kin or friends. If you have such an intention, then resolve things with me.

"The Yan Huang Warship has already left. Only I am left here now."

All his doppelgangers and him echoed the same words, and his voice echoed back and forth, sending forth his wish.

Wu Yu's 100 pairs of eyes were very intently scanning their surroundings.

This patch of sea was different from the sea around the blue spirit ore mine. The seawater here was turbid, a murky yellow. Upon closer look, the water was emitting sparks, as though the entire ocean was on fire.

Wu Yu realized something. "If even water can burn, that shows how hot it is. It's truly a miracle. Or perhaps this is not even water." 

Because the seawater was muddy and dim, visibility was very limited. The Black Fiend had vanished without a trace in this area, but instinct told Wu Yu that after he discovered that the Yan Huang Warship had stopped, the Black Fiend would probably not continue fleeing.

After all, he was safe.

Besides, since he had run here, that meant that there was a motive in drawing the Yan Huang Warship here.

That was why Huangfu Pojun had sensed danger on the road ahead and hurriedly turned back.

"He definitely heard my voice." Wu Yu sent the 100 doppelgangers around, dividing up the waters and searching for traces of the Black Fiend.

"Black Fiend, no need to skulk and hide. It was I who killed the White Fiend. If you want revenge for him, I am here, waiting for you." His voice was subdued. He did not need to bellow, as the seawater pulsed around him.

Suddenly, the long invisible Ming Long spoke to him. "Head downwards." 

"Downwards for what?" Wu Yu was in the midst of pursuing the Black Fiend, and she wanted him to go explore the seabed.

"Stop spouting rubbish. Would I waste your time? Let's make this clear then. If you don't go down right now, you will forever regret the benefits you missed out on."

"Is it something that amazing?"

He knew that Ming Long would not make such statements lightly. Therefore, he and his 100 doppelgangers headed downwards. As expected, the deeper he headed, the hotter the water. At the bottom, he could see that the seabed was a field of red. The seabed here was already not mud, but churning and frothing lava! Such a miraculous view at the bottom of the sea was truly beyond imagination. And it was not just a patch. The entire seabed for thousands of kilometers around was lava rivers!

When he reached the bottom of the sea, the clones scattered all around to explore. This seabed was indeed very big, and if one was caught up in the lava, it would probably be very deep!

"There's a possibly, there's definitely a possibility!" Ming Long nattered to herself.

"What possibility?" Wu Yu asked.

He had just said this when one of his clones was suddenly accosted by a huge, black shadow between a patch of seawater and lava. In a flash, the Black Fiend had appeared before Wu Yu!

The Black Fiend was completely black, even down to his teeth. He bared them now in a smile. "What's your name? Such guts, such heroism. I did not know that Yan Huang Imperial City had the likes of you."

Wu Yu was currently gathering his doppelgangers towards the Black Fiend's location. His doppelganger said, "A ghostly cultivator with the foresight of a mouse. How would you know the bounds of talent within my divine continent? Of course, I am currently but a small, nameless creature. It is of no matter that you do not know my name."

If he said his name, then it would be even easier for the Black Fiend to find out about the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom if he escaped today.

The Black Fiend snorted his laughter, saying, "Don't try to deceive me. I know how many there are in Yan Huang Imperial City with your ability. For someone of your caliber, I need only send a Message Talisman to know who you are."

"No need for Message Talismans, I already know who he is. The former traitor of Shushan, Wu Yu. Isn't that right?"

Suddenly, from behind the Black Fiend, there came a cold, female voice! Closely following that, a fireball of red and gold rose up from the waves. From within the red and gold flames, one could see a woman, yet she was not completely woman! As Wu Yu focused clearly on her appearance, he was aghast! The woman's upper half was human, but from her waist downwards, she had the body of a golden lion!

Human and lion actually combined seamlessly!

It was only the lion's head that had been changed into a human!

To think that such beings existed on this earth!

From the muscular physique and power radiating from the golden lion body, this was definitely a top-class demon! As for the upper half, it was unclothed, and the naked breasts led on to an exposed belly. Only a mane of golden cascading hair hid some details from view. This woman's features were rather pretty as well. But with the lower body of a lion, he did not dare praise her too highly!

Wu Yu was thoroughly confused - was this creature before him human or demon? Her body exuded the demonic aura of a demon, but there was also the aura of a martial cultivator. How complicated! How terrifying!

Ming Long was also surprised, saying, "Who would have thought that the secrets of such techniques would have endured until now. Even during my time, 120,000 years ago, this was already forbidden. It was the abomination of the world of dao."

As he rushed over, Wu Yu hurriedly asked, "What on earth is it?" 

"It is a secret technique of the ghostly cultivators. When a child is still an infant, capture a demon that is just starting to gain sentience - normally, those with stronger bloodlines are chosen, the stronger the better - and then use this secret technique to meld the child and the demon forcibly, to create the current form you see. We dub this the Demi-Demon Process. This way, you can make an infant of average talents have mastery over half a demon's body. After many years, the mutual melding will awaken the demon's Natural Mystique and other demon techniques, and they can also learn ghostly cultivator dao techniques. The fearsome brute strength of a demon and the cultivation talent of humans. Only, this sort of method has too high a fatality rate, and is difficult to bear for both human and demon. It is detested by both martial cultivators and demons alike. Only a portion of ghostly cultivators dare to capture demons and cleave their skulls to wreak such hellish matters. However, it cannot be denied that the fighting ability of these demi-demons is indeed very strong."

It was a fight against the fusion of a human and demon.

Truly, only the ghostly cultivators were capable of such savage arts. Throughout the divine continent, the word "demon" was a wicked pronoun, but Wu Yu felt that this was a tribal fight. However, the ghostly cultivators were humans but - at least to Wu Yu - he felt that they were even more frightening than demons.

The Black Fiend turned a look to the demi-demon and said mildly, "Cangxue Qingfeng, I have become a poor joke, to have fled to your area." 

The demi-demon Cangxue Qingfeng said, "Spare the courtesies. You and White Fiend are my friends. Now that White Fiend is dead, how can I watch on from the sidelines? After all these years, only the two of you were my fast friends amidst all the discrimination."

As they spoke, they had already surrounded Wu Yu's doppelgangers.

Wu Yu had not expected there to be two opponents.

He had originally intended to charge and kill the Black Fiend with his numerical advantage. But with the appearance of Cangxue Qingfeng, he clearly could not fight them head on, or there was more than a 90% chance that he would die in battle. The best way was to make them split up!

But they were not so easily drawn apart.

Wu Yu frowned. Perhaps this would be a delay battle. He naturally did not want to let this Cangxue Qingfeng go to the blue spirit ore mine either!

He halted and ceased his gathering of his doppelgangers.

The doppelgangers scattered!

Just at this moment, Cangxue Qingfeng and the Black Fiend acted as one, ripping into Wu Yu.

Of course, it was a doppelganger. In a flash, it was murdered by the two.

"Another doppelganger! This Wu Yu has 100 doppelgangers!" the Black Fiend growled.

"Then we will kill them all. This is my territory, and he cannot escape my eyes."

Saying thus, she gestured, and a million fiery fish appeared around them.

All of the fishes' eyes were hers.

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