Chapter 0393: Pursuit of a Thousand Miles!

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu had actually died in battle!

By the time Wu Yu and the others had reacted, it was already too late. 

This calamity had been brought down on them partially because they had been too ashamed to come over after Wu Yu had defeated the White Fiend. However, this was also partly their own lack of ability. Wu Yu was also powerless to shut down the Black Fiend's troubles so soon after using the Violent Art.

By the time they had reacted, the two were already dead, and now the Corpse and Soul Puppets were rushing towards Huangfu Pojun. If they swarmed him as well, then Huangfu Pojun would be in danger.

There was no more time for self-berating. Wu Yu and the others rushed over immediately, locking down the Corpse and Soul Puppets, and also alerting Huangfu Pojun.

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu had died because they were unprepared.

Over at Huangfu Pojun's side, things were well in hand.

At this moment, the jet-black eyes of the Black Fiend turned to regard Wu Yu. With a cold laugh, he said, "Such ability. You must be the elite of Yan Huang Imperial City's new generation. The White Fiend was faultless in his fall at your hands. However, as his brother, I will not let you live in peace. Youngster, the methods of us ghostly cultivators are not like those of martial cultivators. I have countless ways to make you hurt so much, you will wish for death. Unless you have no kin, no friends, no master, and no brethren. Unless you are truly alone!"

These words caused Wu Yu's hair to stand on end.

The revenge of ghostly cultivators.

Ghostly cultivators stopped at no wrong. They did not care about reason, and did not care about status. They did what they wanted to. They were completely lawless, and right now, if he returned to the divine continent, he would be able to uncover all information about Wu Yu. And as long as he tried, the information would be easily available. Right now, the one that Wu Yu was most worried about was Wu You. The Dong Yue Wu Kingdom and the Heavenly Sword Sect would become hell on earth in the hands of someone like the Black Fiend!

But this had undoubtedly touched a raw nerve of Wu Yu!

Dong Yue Wu was his home, and the Heavenly Sword Sect was the place he had first begun his journey. Wu You was his sister by kin and Feng Xueya his master. Su Yanli was his senior sister, and there was Mo Shishu, Qing Mang, and the others....

Wu Yu was seized with panic now. And an extraordinary rage!

"Black Fiend!"

At this time, he wanted to aid Huangfu Pojun and kill the Black Fiend. End things completely!

But he had not expected that the Black Fiend would gather all the Corpse and Soul Puppets to him and then shake himself free of Huangfu Pojun. He shifted into a stream of black smoke and fled with speed. 

Huangfu Pojun hesitated for a moment. 

Seeing the Black Fiend make his escape, there was a collective sigh of relief. After all, they had been afraid of the Black White Double Ghosts. To be able to chase them off was a victory in itself. That had been the initial goal from the start....

Right now, it seemed like they had tided through another calamity.

Although two centurions had died, they had still finished off the White Fiend. A spectacular feat!

That was why they assumed that it was time to rest. On the Yan Huang Warship, many sat on the floor.

But Huangfu Pojun and Wu Yu exchanged looks and immediately made their decision.

"The Black Fiend must have left to look for help. At that time, the trouble will be even greater. Today, the situation favors us. Let's chase. Perhaps Wu Yu and I can finish him off and end this once and for all!"

This was one thing. More importantly, he had also heard. If the Black Fiend lived, then Wu Yu's friends and family were all in danger. Wu Yu had been of great help in this mission, and Huangfu Pojun felt that this was something he had to do.

Right now, the naysayers against Wu Yu and Huangfu Pojun were already dead. The other centurions hesitated for a while. Especially Gong Shuming, who would have to give up mining the blue spirit ore for some time. There might also be ghostly cultivators sneaking in, and they would incur some losses. But how could this bit of loss compare to his reverence for Wu Yu?

Therefore, under Huangfu Pojun's command, the Yan Huang Warship rose up in the air. Everyone rushed onto the ship and then Huangfu Pojun directed the warship in pursuit of the Black Fiend!

"What is going on!? Chase the Black Fiend? Are we tired of life!?" 

"We're not even protecting the blue spirit ore mine? What if others take it?"

"There are no ghostly cultivators in the vicinity for now, and others cannot take it. I reckon that the commanders want to kill the Black Fiend in order to prevent him from bringing more help!"

"Go for it then. It doesn't concern you lot either. What are you afraid of?"

Right now, the ones who had fallen most were Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp. Their leaders were dead, and the two camps would definitely be led by others in the future. At that time, even their names would be changed.

Wu Yu had appeared at the stern of the ship. With Huangfu Pojun giving chase, the Yan Huang Warship was definitely faster than the Black Fiend. However, the Black Fiend was familiar with the surroundings and constantly changed his direction. For now, they could not catch up to him.

"You were in a fight?" Looking around, many members of Heaven's Equal Camp were injured.

The moment Wu Yu arrived, silence fell upon them. Especially Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp. They lowered their heads.

Wu Tianyu stood up at this point and boldly said, "Commander Wu, this has nothing to do with them. It was I who landed the first blow!" 

"Right now, chasing the Black Fiend is the pressing concern. We here are a small matter. No need to take up your attention. I, of course, remember who hit me. I will pay them back next time," Wu Tianyu said.

All of Heaven's Equal Camp echoed their agreement with this sentiment.

"So be it."

In truth, he was angry that Deep Pine Camp and Green Willow Camp had beaten up his own Heaven's Equal Camp while he was fighting. But now both Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu had died, and he thought that it was enough. Or they would think him too petty.

Wu Yu returned to the stern. At this time, the Yan Huang Warship was coursing through the depths of the sea. Before them was the black shadow of the Black Fiend, and Huangfu Pojun was concentrating fully on the chase. Right now, they were not at a suitable distance to go hunting him. They needed to get even closer.

"Wu Yu, to the east is the world of the ghostly cultivators, and not ours. And after all, our mission is to protect the blue spirit ore mine. Doing this right now is a little messy. Therefore, after chasing up till a certain point, if we still have not caught the Black Fiend, then we can only give up. After all... I also have to think of the lives of the other Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers."

Once they reached the territory of the ghostly cultivators, then this meagre portion of Yan Huang Immortal Army would definitely not be enough.

The main camp of the ghostly cultivators and the demons was a place that not even Yan Huang Imperial City dared to attack.

"Mm. I understand this." Wu Yu nodded.

Time was of the essence. In the time that Huangfu Pojun was chasing, he wanted to improve himself and also recover from the aftereffects from the last battle.

The Black Fiend was rather cunning, constantly changing directions. It was very effortful for the Yan Huang Warship to keep up the chase. In a straight line, they could close the distance rapidly, but the Black Fiend chose a meandering line of advance, even doubling back at times. He was also using a Heaven Earth Void technique to obscure his tracks.

The two were locked in a battle of wills and wits.

The aftereffects of the Violent Art would pass with time.

After defeating the White Fiend, Wu Yu had gained wealth and riches like never before. Besides a treasure like the Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner, as well as the copious amounts of ghostly cultivator objects, there was plenty of immortal medicine that was usable, as well as Inner Sea Essence Pills, Golden Essence Pills and many others. There were more than 800 of them, which meant 800,000 merits.

This battle had indeed been a fruitful one.

As for the 800-odd Inner Sea Essence Pills, Wu Yu summoned all his doppelgangers without a second thought, giving them the Inner Sea Essence Pills to refine their Jindans. These 90 doppelgangers had just been born and were far from their limit. They needed huge quantities of immortal medicine for them to reach their limit. They were also weaker than the other ones. Of course, because their number was greater, the work they could do was even greater!

Wu Yu distributed 400 Inner Sea Essence Pills. He reckoned that was needed for these 90 doppelgangers to reach their limit.

As they cultivated separately, his true self was with Huangfu Pojun, chasing the Black Fiend. More than half a day had passed, and Huangfu Pojun's face was turning ugly.

Because if they kept this up, then the Yan Huang Warship would be in peril!

There were many people amongst the Yan Huang Immortal soldiers who were becoming more and more trepid as they saw how deep they were going.

Especially because the water temperature seemed to have risen nearby. Looking down, there seemed to be a continuous range of volcanoes and underwater lava on the seabed.

Another half a day passed, and the water temperature had already risen to the point where it did not seem like water. It seemed like molten lava was churning and roiling within the entire sea. All was cloudy and murky around them. At this point, it was even more difficult to distinguish the tracks of the Black Fiend! There was even a chance that they were instead being hunted.

"Who would have thought that the Black Fiend would be so wily! He used the terrain to shake us off! Wu Yu, for the sake of everyone's safety, we cannot pursue any further. Do you understand me?" Huangfu Pojun said apologetically.

Wu Yu naturally understood. If they continued, the entire Yan Huang Warship would probably perish! They did not dare to be so high-profile within the territory of the ghostly cultivators.

The Yan Huang Warship was indeed a very obvious presence.

"I understand," Wu Yu said prudently.

However, he could not be content. Right now, he hated the Black Fiend more than anything, because he had threatened Wu Yu's family!

Threatened his kin and friends.

To him, they were the most important people.

Having obtained his understanding, Huangfu Pojun prepared to turn back and continue protecting the blue spirit ore mine. After all, there were still two months, and their mission was not yet over.

But at this time, Wu Yu said, "General Commander, I am willing to pursue the Black Fiend alone. After the Yan Huang Warship leaves, he will definitely not run anymore. This is my decision. Please understand me!"

He had only made this choice after much serious consideration.

This was indeed a monumental decision!

Huangfu Pojun and the others were aghast at Wu Yu's guts. No matter what, he was still only at the Jindan Dao Realm, and in alien territory. To chase a creature like the Black Fiend through such hostile territory - who knew what kinds of tricks the Black Fiend had here!

But ever since Wu Yu had slain the White Fiend, Huangfu Pojun held great respect for him.

He only asked anxiously, "Wu Yu, have you really considered this thoroughly? This is an impulsive move. If you turn back now to evacuate your kin, there is still time. You cannot fight to the death here with the Black Fiend. This is his territory, and you are but one."

Wu Yu gave a small smile and said resolutely, "I cannot move them. They live and exist on their land, and I would not disturb them. I cannot retreat, because someone is coming against them. I just have to kill the Black Fiend! Besides, I am not just one!"

Behind him were the 100 doppelgangers, 100 Wu Yus!

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