Chapter 0390: Thousand Eyes

It has to be said at this point that quite some time had already passed since the two ghostly cultivators at the Violet Kingdom Realm had been killed.

At the same time, existences on the level of the Black White Double Ghosts exceeded the Yan Huang Immortal Army's ability.

Therefore, Huangfu Pojun had acted swiftly, taking in the entire Yan Huang Immortal Army into the Yan Huang Warship, while simultaneously sheltering the Inner Sea Dao Sect.

After that was done, Huangfu Pojun allowed the centurions at the second tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm to board the warship. Their role was to ensure the peace.

All of those at the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea and above, including Wu Yu and the Inner Sea Dao Sect's Gong Shuming, were left outside. They immediately rallied themselves and prepared to fight! 

There were 10 of them in total.

Huangfu Pojun quickly organized them and said, "Unless we are getting absolutely crushed, we have to hold on. In the next battle, I will handle one of the Black White Double Ghosts. The rest of you nine will work together and block the other one of the duo. Remember: mutually support and reinforce. Do not fight alone!"

"Yes, Sir!"

All those present were elite cultivators, and they understood the gravity of the situation. 

The rest of the Yan Huang Immortal Army, including Heaven's Equal Camp, were all hiding within the Yan Huang Warship. Huangfu Pojun caused the warship to descend, directly protecting the blue spirit ore mine and blocking off the entrance.

Within the warship, there were numerous spirit designs that emitted radiant, golden light. Beneath each soldier's foot was a Spirit Gathering Design. The Yan Huang immortal soldiers stood on the designs in an experienced manner. It allowed all those of different cultivation levels to congregate their essence into a single spirit design, using it to operate the warship. 

Layer after layer of protective light appeared on the surface of the Yan Huang Warship. All of the warship's entrances were sealed and the entire ship turned into an impregnable fortress.  

Despite all these preparations, the soldiers were still looking at each other in dismay - some were even worried. 

"Do you think the centurions can hold off the Black White Double Ghosts?"

"If Huangfu Pojun dies in battle, our Yan Huang Warship will immediately lose half of its strength. At that point, we will be in grave danger!"

Within Heaven's Equal Camp, many of them were looking downcast and worry filled their faces.

Zhen Yu calmly said. "Everyone should not worry. The centurions are practical. If they realize they are not the opponent's match, they will definitely retreat. General Commander Huangfu will definitely be fine." 

Wu Tianyu sighed, "I'm just worried about Commander Wu. With his temper, he is bound to rush to the front of the battle. If he catches the eye of the Black White Double Ghosts, he will definitely be in deep trouble. It's a pity we cannot assist."

Fang Chaoqun quickly retorted, "In this case, you don't have to worry! Commander Wu is one that will never be defeated in battle. His presence alone is heaven-defying. How can he die so easily? He has cultivated for so long and has met with numerous trials. No one knows how much he has truly experienced, and this event is just another drop in the bucket."

"What you say makes a lot of sense." Heaven's Equal Camp was full of hot-blooded individuals. They were definitely the most calm and collected out of all the soldiers. 

Outside the Yan Huang Warship, Wu Yu and the rest had already drawn their immortal treasures, their faces a picture of calm.

Even if they were centurions, they were still extremely solemn as they watched all four directions. On Wu Yu's side was Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu. Their faces were sheets of white. The two of them were privately conversing. "The next battle is clearly out of our league. With such an opponent, we should find the first opportunity to escape."

Chen Cangsong then replied, "Then let us put it to a vote and see how many people agree with us." 

They did not try to conceal their conversation, so everyone heard it. Huangfu Pojun's temper was not good as he replied, "I believe we should first skirmish against them before we determine if we should retreat. What do you all think of that?"

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu would clearly choose to oppose his decision. Chen Cangsong shamelessly replied, "This is just an assignment. I don't want to die here. " Everyone else was momentarily silent.

However, Wu Yu enjoyed going against the two. Furthermore, the Inner Sea Dao Sect had paid a large price. Retreating before the fight would seem too spineless. "On the path of cultivating dao, where will we not encounter life and death battles? If Commander Chen is scared, he can hide on the warship." 

Wu Yu looked down on the two of them. How could cultivators be so cowardly? Even if they possessed all the resources of heaven, they would never be able to step any further on the path of the dao.

Those who dared to come here, especially those who had come three months earlier, did not want to give up. In the end, it was only those two who were weak-kneed. Thus, their suggestion did not succeed.

Chen Cangsong and Fang Qingliu seemed embarrassed and a little sullen. Especially since Wu Yu was the first one who had rebutted them. 

"Are you voting to see if you should escape? It looks like there are only two smart ones out of this group of dunces."

At this point in time, a thick mass of smoke appeared in the sea. The smoke agglomerated into two parts, one white, one black, melding into the seawater. Even the seawater had turned black and white. 

Within the black and white seawater could be seen the silhouette of a single person. As the area of black and white approached, the entire area around them was deathly silent. There was no trace of life. All of the fish that entered the area immediately lost all traces of life. 

Wu Yu snapped to attention. With his special eyes, he was able to see through the murky water, and he spotted two tall and skinny individuals. Both of them wore long robes and high hats. They looked just like the two deities of legends, in charge of punishments and rewards. [1]

The White Fiend's flesh and clothing were pale white; even his lips and eyes were suffused white as well. Without saying, even his hair was also white. His eyes were soulless and reminded one of that of a ghost!

The Black Fiend was dressed in raven black. His entire body did not have a single trace of white on it. He was as dark as ink! 

The two of them possessed handsome features, but their clothes caused them to look truly terrifying. Their movements were extremely quick - in the blink of an eye, they appeared in front of Wu Yu.

The twelve of them locked gazes.

Despite there only being two enemies, their overflowing might was truly overpowering! It was as strong as that of Wu Yu's entire group of 10. 

In fact, they even seemed to hold an edge over them.

The White Fiend laughed mirthlessly. "I had originally not planned to clash with Yan Huang Imperial City. However, your actions have been very cruel. My two elders had only come to take a look, but now they have been entombed. The two of us are here to demand an explanation." 

Huangfu Pojun replied, "My Yan Huang Imperial City is protecting this place. You nameless scum daring to challenge our might is asking for death. It won't be just the elders who will never leave this grave. If you don't leave now, I cannot assure you that you will not get to leave with your lives!"

The Black Fiend coldly replied, "It looks like this discussion ends here. I had wanted to let you guys go with some conditions... but it looks like you're not willing."

Fang Qingliu asked, "What kind of conditions?" 

The Black White Double Ghosts faced each other and chuckled, then the White Fiend spoke. "It's simple. Leave the people of the Inner Sea Dao Sect and the blue spirit ore behind. Oh, your warship is pretty good, so leave that as well. Additionally, the one who killed our Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect's elders also has to stay behind." There were quite a few conditions.

"It's him!" Fang Qingliu immediately pointed at Wu Yu. Facing the Black White Double Ghosts, she had become fearful and lost all desire to battle.

"Shut up." Huangfu Pojun was merciless towards her. He was direct and to the point before shouting, "My Yan Huang Imperial City will protect this place! I don't care from whence you came! Scram! Don't daydream anymore. If you don't leave, I will not be polite."

With that sentence, all swords were clearly drawn.

"Hmph!" The Black White Double Ghosts also roused their killing intent. However, before they acted, Huangfu Pojun knew that since there was no way to retreat, he would strike first! With his war halberd, he appeared in front of the duo, hacking downwards. An explosion of gold light lanced out, whistling past. This light was able to rend the seawater in front of them into half, separating the duo! 

"Rest is over!" After separating the two, he raised his halberd and rushed towards the Black Fiend, unleashing a series of vicious chops and hacks. Numerous Heaven Earth Void techniques were utilized as he suppressed the Black Fiend, gradually pushing him away. At this point in time, the White Fiend gave a cold laugh. As he was about to give chase, Wu Yu took a step and the nine surrounded and blocked him. They had to prevent the duo from fighting together.

"Nine opponents? All of them just to be used as materials to refine my corpse puppets? I have yet to refine one from Yan Huang Imperial City." White Fiend began to laugh even more loudly. His muscles twitched as he laughed, making it look as though some white powder was falling off him. 

"Huh? Didn't I kill you already?" The White Fiend spotted Wu Yu. He looked quite shocked. Furthermore, Wu Yu was just a cultivator at the ninth tier of Jindan. 

No one replied to him. At this point in time, the centurions, along with Gong Shuming, drew their weapons. They had encircled the opponent and were ready to strike at a moment's notice. Although these two fiends were notorious, the people of Yan Huang Imperial City did not lack in courage.

"Hmph, a group of clowns." The White Fiend chuckled. Before Wu Yu and the rest could act, he made a hand gesture and a white banner appeared within his grasp! 

What was most frightening about that immortal treasure was that there were 1,000 eyes on it. 1,000 real human eyes were sewn onto this white banner. Different emotions could be seen from each pair of eyes. Some were in pain, some were glaring ferociously, some were calm, some were even crying and were bloodshot. Although it was an immortal treasure, it looked as though there were 1,000 living humans on it. What was noteworthy was that there were no two eyes that were from the same pair.

When Wu Yu saw the eyes on the banner, he felt the impulse to throw up. It was very likely that the refining of this immortal treasure involved using live humans. Ghostly cultivators were perverted and their means often exceeded what one could imagine.

"This Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner was created with the eyes of cultivators. What do you think? Doesn't it look spectacular? Perhaps you might think it looks very beautiful?

"The group of you don't seem to be weak. If I were to add your eyes onto it, wouldn't that be meaningful?" Compared to the Black Fiend, the White Fiend spoke a lot more. The battle between the Black Fiend and Huangfu Pojun had become extremely intense, explosions echoing everywhere, just like a storm as the seawater was displaced. The Yan Huang Warship was watching from the east. It was within the range of their skirmish, and the shockwaves of battle caused the ship to rock!  

Gold and black light constantly battered each other.

Boom! Boom! At this point in time, the White Fiend waved his Thousand-Eye Spirit Beckoning Banner and a cold air surged forth!

1. TL Note: This is what they look like!

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