Chapter 0389: Black White Double Ghosts

After discussion with Huangfu Pojun, one of Wu Yu’s doppelgangers entered the vast sea.

Actually, even the strongest cultivator in the group here, Huangfu Pojun, could not differentiate between Wu Yu’s doppelganger and original body.

A group of Wu Yu stood together. The soldiers of Heaven's Equal Camp were very puzzled. They did not know which one was the real Wu Yu.

Hence, when one of them left to enter the vast sea, they also did not know whether that was the original body or a doppelganger.

When this doppelganger left Wu Yu’s range of vision, he was actually equivalent to Wu Yu’s eyes. Wu Yu could see through the eyes of the doppelganger to see where it was. He only needed to use a part of his spirit. This would not affect the original body and the other doppelgangers’ movements at all.

Within the big sea, Wu Yu was stealthily moving forward, his movements very subtle.

As he proceeded towards the west, he would reach the divine continent. He turned around and headed towards the east.

No wonder it had been quiet recently. It was because the number of ghostly cultivators nearby had reduced.

There were not a lot of ghostly cultivators nearby.

Even if there were some, they were weak ghostly cultivators who only dared to think but not do. When Wu Yu caught them and interrogated them, they also could not provide anything useful.

Even though he had learned nothing, Wu Yu did not give up.

He thought that if there was anything going on, perhaps he would really meet someone who knew if he continued asking.

“The sudden decrease in ghostly cultivators is problematic.

“They also know that within two more months, the Inner Sea Dao Sect will finish mining this blue spirit ore mine.”

The reason why the Inner Sea Dao Sect was paying with one-fifth of the blue spirit ore mine was because they expected that the further they progressed in mining, the higher the threat they would face from the crazed attacks of the ghostly cultivators.

On the way, he explored the vast sea and saw all sorts of sea creatures. Of course, he also met over 10 ghostly cultivators. These ghostly cultivators were also very puzzled by the current situation. After all, in the last 10 days, they had heard that many ghostly cultivators were nearby, yet none were seen.

Wu Yu increasingly felt that things were not right.

His original body was at the blue spirit ore mine. Now he and Huangfu Pojun were near the battleship.

“You’ve walked so far to see that few ghostly cultivators. There must be some problem,” Huangfu Pojun said after thinking.

“What should we do?”

“We must be quick. We need to find a ghostly cultivator who knows what happened. You have to go further.” Wu Yu did not hesitate anymore and let his doppelganger go further east. He even went directly to the surface of the sea. Above the sea, he had a wide view. Wu Yu ran on the surface of the sea. All he saw was the color of the sea. It was an amazing view. However, there was a group of parasites hiding in such a grand east sea.

“There is an island.”

After this discovery, Wu Yu went up without delay. That was an empty island. It was not very big.

He recalled that the living things and ghostly cultivators on the east sea had their bases on the islands. The bottom of the sea was not good for long term survival.

He did not expect to really find a few ghostly cultivators on this island, and they were a couple, one man and one woman. Wu Yu quickly appeared before the two of them. It was no surprise that they were doing “dual cultivation.”

Once Wu Yu appeared, the woman naturally screamed in shock. The two of them jumped up, put on clothes, and attacked Wu Yu without saying a word. While he had disturbed their “good business,” Wu Yu had something more important in mind. These two were sixth tier Jindan Dao cultivators. Wu Yu casually threw a punch at the woman and she fainted. Then he grabbed the man’s neck. With a little strength, he could take that man’s life.

Wu Yu lifted that man, took out a sword, placed it at the woman’s throat, and said, “I’m doing the asking, you’ll answer. Later, I’ll ask her and you will answer. If there are any differences to your answers, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Ask, please ask!” It looked like even though he was a ghostly cultivator, he seemed to treasure his relationship. Wu Yu had unexpectedly hit his weakness.

“I want to know the real reason the two of you are here,” Wu Yu asked.

The man’s face was pale white and he said, “I heard that there a martial cultivator sect from the divine continent found a blue spirit ore mine in the bottom of our east sea. All the ghostly cultivators nearby are aiming to gain something from the mine. We are here to see if we can get a share as well.”

Wu Yu asked again, “Previously, 8,000 ghostly cultivators lost terribly, do you know that?”

The man was even more terrified and said, “I was there, and I saw you….”

If that was the case, then things would be easier. He had seen him before and knew that Wu Yu could annihilate a thousand armies. He was probably less likely to lie.

Wu Yu asked him, “Then?”

“I’m very afraid. I felt that the chance of success was not great, so I decided to leave.”

Wu Yu stared at him and increased the pressure on him.

“I, I… I’m really too scared. After all, your Yan Huang Immortal Army is too strong.”

“Then why not just leave? Why stay here?

“Where are the other ghostly cultivators?” Wu Yu asked the most important question.


Wu Yu exerted a little force, and the other party burst into tears and cried out, "That time, you killed two third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea ghostly cultivators! Those two are from the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect. The two sect leaders of the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect were not really interested in your blue spirit ore mine, but now, since their members were killed, I heard that these two sect leaders have come here. It is said that they will be able to defeat the entire Yan Huang Immortal Army completely. I stayed here just to...."

Hearing this, Wu Yu knew that it was not fabricated.

It turned out that he had killed two men from one of the biggest ghostly cultivator sects. No wonder they were much stronger than the others.

This could explain why it had been so quiet lately. They dared not get too close and were waiting for the two sect leaders to come, for the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect to come. They were naturally afraid of these two sect leaders; otherwise, they would not hide so far away.

Wu Yu knocked him unconscious and interrogated the woman. The results were similar.

He asked carefully, but these two did not know the cultivation levels of the two sect leaders, but they knew that they were honored as the Black White Double Ghosts. In this area of the East Sea, the Black White Double Ghosts were the most notorious! Although the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect was a little far from the coastal waters, and it would take them some time to arrive here than from their sect. As long as they were determined to come, they would probably be almost here by now.

They told many stories about the Black White Double Ghosts. It was rumored that they trained by devouring the souls of mortals. They would kill hundreds of thousands of mortals, put them into a crucible, and burn them alive to produce spirits who were wrongly put to death. They used ghostly cultivation methods to combine the spirits into an immortal medicine. Then, finally, they would consume it to train. That was why they could achieve such great progress. The name of the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect was derived from this cultivation method.

This kind of behavior was beyond Wu Yu's imagination and very disturbing. The stories were hair-raising - to use mortals to refine immortal medicine! Thinking about it carefully, if a human being were thrown into such a crucible, even though their physical body would die, their soul would continue to be burned. It was cruel to such a point.

Wu Yu's real body hurriedly told the news to Huangfu Pojun.

"Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect? Black White Double Ghosts?" Huangfu Pojun frowned, but he did not know anything about them either. After all, this was actually the coastal waters. There were no such two figures amongst the ghostly cultivators which fought with Inner Sea Dao Sect.  Maybe they came from a relatively distant position in the East Sea.

He called over Gong Shuming.

After Gong Shuming heard about what happened, his face turned white and he said, "The Black White Double Ghosts from the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect are coming? Their sect is not in the nearby area. It's closer to the Four Islands of the East Sun. Why are these two coming?"

"It is said that the two ghostly cultivators I killed last time were members of the Spirit Devourer Demonic Sect, so they were alarmed," Wu Yu said.

"Then we really should not go that far. The opponents that the Inner Sea Dao Sect anticipated did not include the Black White Double Ghosts.... It's going to be tough. Maybe we should give up. Unless the sect leader is willing to fight. He must come here personally and fight with those two to death." Gong Shuming sighed.

"Are these two very powerful?" Wu Yu asked.

"I don't know. How to put it? They are probably above the fourth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea. I have to report this quickly to our sect leader. It is not too late for him to come to support. What I am afraid of is that ghostly cultivators may take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack against the Inner Sea Dao Sect."

Gong Shuming was also nervous.

On that island, after Wu Yu's doppelganger finished interrogating the two, he was getting ready to leave.

These two ghostly cultivators were not bad and had a little kindness. Wu Yu was also not planning to make things difficult for them and was preparing to let them go.

Suddenly, someone behind him said, "Why are you inquiring about us, little fellow?"

Wu Yu was shocked!

He never thought that the person he had inquired about would be right behind him.

He turned around instantly, but in that instant, a destructive force penetrated his body and broke Wu Yu's defense immediately. As a result, Wu Yu's body exploded, leaving behind a cloud of fog and a strand of golden monkey hair. It was invisible, untouchable, and floated onto the sea.

His doppelganger was killed.

Of course, it did not matter. That monkey hair would float back to him. It could still be used after a period of recovery.

But his expression was grim.

"My doppelganger was killed. The Black White Double Ghosts were behind me! Judging by their speed, they will arrive here within 60 breaths!"

Wu Yu said hurriedly.

"What!?" Huangfu Pojun was also in shock.

Wu Yu was still clear-minded. He said quickly, "Let's get ready for battle! There are only two of them. There are not many ghostly cultivators around. In order to avoid unnecessary casualties, I suggest that the Yan Huang Immortal Army, except for the centurions, enters the Yan Huang Warship. Then the 10 or more of us will fight this Black White Double Ghosts."

Huangfu Pojun trusted Wu Yu's strategy.

He nodded and did not say much. He issued orders directly and the Yan Huang Warship opened up.

The Yan Huang Immortal Army was also stunned, but they rushed in quickly. At this time, the Inner Sea Dao Sect also stopped mining, and all the personnel quickly entered the Yan Huang Warship.

"Gong Shuming, if the opponent is far superior to us, then we can only abort this mission. After all, out of the benefits you have given Yan Huang Imperial City, only 150,000 merits will be ours, and these two opponents may not be worth this amount.” Huangfu Pojun had to remind him.

Of course, Gong Shuming knew clearly.

He said, "In this case, if we can't make it, the Inner Sea Dao Sect will give up too. But rest assured, at least more than half of the mining has already been done, and there will be enough compensation for you."

He added, "Everyone is just doing missions to earn merits, and the Inner Sea Dao Sect does not want to see too many Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers sacrifice their lives for this. It is not worth it."

Despite this, the Yan Huang Immortal Army was still very responsible, and they would fight against the Black White Double Ghosts!

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