Chapter 0378: A Windfall

Wu Yu naturally noticed that the most pressing matter for him right now was to increase his cultivation level. 

Although he wasn't that old, an eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator was a far cry from others. As for the advantage he had gained through his Nanwu Treasured Moon Golden Vajra Body, it would be gradually eroded away as others progressed in cultivation levels. 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu had managed to finish off his opponent. 

There was complete silence at this moment. When Wu Yu turned around, Qin Fuyao was already standing before him. She was shocked. She looked at Wu Yu flirtatiously and remarked coquettishly, "So you it seems you're a violent one. Big Sister happens to like you in this manner. There are many guys who are pursuing me, but none of them seem as explosive as Little Brother. How adorable!" 

Wu Yu maintained a calm composure. Facing the temptations of Qin Fuyao, he knew where he stood. It was just that she was fond of teasing others, and it would be unwise to take her words for real. He smiled and replied, "Big Sister is an absolute talent and, naturally, no one in this world is worthy of you." 

"You are really great at ingratiating. However, I like these compliments." Qin Fuyao chuckled. She was gorgeous and deadly attractive. 

Wu Yu took a glance at Luo Pin, who was still in the sky. She looked just as apathetic and wasn't as exaggerated like Qin Fuyao. This made Wu Yu subconsciously question in his mind, "Shouldn't she be at least a tinge surprised to witness me defeating an opponent five tiers above my current cultivation level?" 

However, what puzzled him the most was why these ghostly cultivators had chosen to commit suicide and not give Wu Yu the slightest chance of understanding their motives the moment they lost. 

"Don't you two find this a little strange?" Wu Yu voiced his concerns regarding this matter. 

Qin Fuyao replied, "You don't have to read too deeply into it. Most of the ghostly cultivators are frenzied maniacs. Annihilating an entire city could be just due to their urges at the moment. As for committing suicide, they were probably afraid of us interrogating them. After all, they might have some companions. It was just that they might not be in the vicinity." 

"Companions?" This jolted Wu Yu to wonder if more ghostly cultivators would come after they leave. 

"Rest assured. Our Yan Huang Imperial City has taken the payment of Yunxi City. Once this piece of news spreads out, no ghostly cultivator will be dumb enough to come here. If they do, it will be an open taunt to our Yan Huang Imperial City," Qin Fuyao said proudly. 

In the end, she returned to Yunxi City. Wu Yu and Luo Pin followed behind. Luo Pin didn't say a word and had no opinions on the matter. Wu Yu thought about it but still buried his queries. After all, he was the newest to Yan Huang Imperial City and wouldn't know as much as Qin Fuyao. Since Qin Fuyao had made such a claim, nothing should be going astray. 

While travelling back towards Yunxi City, he took a peek into the Seven Eyes Demon's Sumeru Pouch! 

"This ghostly cultivator was really rich!" 

He had reaped handsome rewards. To Wu Yu's surprise, the Seven Eyes Demon had over 200 Inner Sea Essence Pills! A typical cultivator at the same cultivation level wouldn't have brought along the same amount of treasures. One could only note that ghostly cultivators often committed murder, arson, and plundering acts. It was especially so in certain areas on the divine continent. They had risked their lives to raid this place. As such, having such wealth on them wasn't an overly exaggerated thing. 

After all, they would carry all their wealth with them. 

For a typical third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, having more than 50 Inner Sea Essence Pills would be a substantial amount. 

Take Wu Yu as an example. Before he came to Yunxi City, he was still carrying a debt of over 300,000 Golden Essence Pills. 

As such, Wu Yu made a rough calculation. Together with the 80,000 merit points, he would be able to fully repay his debt of 360,000 Golden Essence Pills! After paying off his debt, he would still be left with over 20 Inner Sea Essence Pills. 

He had truly made a killing in this mission. 

Naturally, he had to thank Qin Fuyao for giving up her opponent to him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have reaped the additional rewards. 

The truth was that Wu Yu didn't know that Yan Huang Imperial City had three types of mission. Among which, dealing with ghostly cultivators would often bring about large amounts of additional rewards. However, one would also face greater risks to one's life. 

Subsequently, it would be dealing against demons. Demons typically wouldn't have much wealth but still posed grave danger. 

The worst kind would be dealing with cultivators from other sects. Typically, once the other party realized that Yan Huang Imperial City was providing protection, they would retreat. Even if they fought, the people of Yan Huang Imperial City wouldn't go so far as to kill other cultivators. Therefore, the potential additional rewards for such mission were the lowest. Typically, no one would be willing to accept such mission unless the merit points awarded were above average. 

Naturally, such a mission would be the safest. After all, no one would really kill Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers before the public eye. 

Having unexpectedly paid off all his debts in a single mission while reaping huge wealth, Wu Yu was in a great mood. 

He finally came to a conclusion himself. 

"It seems like Jiang Xuechuan was right. If I don't come out and battle and instead remain within Yan Huang Imperial City, it will be really hard to gain resources for cultivation. On the path of cultivation, how could one miss out the path of killing and plundering!" 

Naturally, once he stepped out, he would be in danger. There were still many Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers who had died while executing their missions. It was especially so in battles against ghostly cultivators. This was because ghostly cultivators wouldn't be wary at all to offend the Yan Huang Immortal Army. 

When they arrived at Yunxi City, the City Lord of Yunxi City led a huge group of girls to pay respect to Wu Yu and the group and to express their gratitude. 

Muxue Yunxi said, "You guys must be tired. Now that the three demons have been finished off, our side has informed Yan Huang Imperial City through Message Talismans about the completion of this mission. When you guys get back, you can go and claim the rewards directly." 

For typical missions, they would indeed require the mission issuer to confirm the completion of the mission before they could claim merit points. 

Qin Fuyao smiled gently and replied, "Great. In that case, we shall get going." 

The truth was that Wu Yu hadn't thought it through. Just as he was about to interact with Muxue Yunxi regarding the matter, Qin Fuyao bade goodbye to them. Moreover, the other party was very satisfied with the mission. Therefore, he didn't say anything else. 

He noticed that this mission was largely a display of his performance. Therefore, the majority of the female cultivators were staring at the only man in this place. 

Wu Yu's strong performance had shocked the ladies. When these ladies fought, they would never be so direct and violent. 

It was just that Wu Yu was a contentious character. With regard to him joining Yan Huang Imperial City shortly after he left Shushan, there were still some people who couldn't understand his rationale. 

Therefore, their gazes toward him felt a little complicated. 

If they were behaving as such, one could imagine how the people in Shushan would insult Wu Yu. 

The Mizar Sword Immortal was probably going to spit blood from anger as he regretted not killing Wu Yu on the spot. He had allowed him to embarrass the Shushan Immortal Sect today. 

Muxue Yunxi expressed her gratitude several times sincerely. Now that Yunxi City had suffered zero casualties, she felt that the money was well spent. 

Before they left, Luo Pin suddenly remarked, "I know a little about spirit designs and can help you strengthen the City Protecting Spirit Design. This will help you guys when you are facing a perilous situation, and it would last longer." 

Muxue Yunxi had neglected Luo Pin. After all, she was a rather ordinary centurion. However, when she met Luo Pin's eyes and saw her hair, she instantly found this centurion with few words to be a mysterious character. Since the other party had extended help without her asking, she naturally agreed to it. 

"She must have cultivated for a long time. Perhaps even more than 1,000 years! Therefore, her understanding of spirit designs should definitely be incredible." Wu Yu made his conjecture. 

Indeed, she spent less than half a day to increase the level of the Great City Protecting Spirit Design. As Wu Yu had not dabbled into the Heaven and Earth Spirit Designs, he couldn't really understand the workings. Nonetheless, he could still clearly feel that the spirit design had strengthened substantially. 

Qin Fuyao looked at Luo Pin and remarked with a gentle smile, "I heard that you have high attainment in the aspect of spirit designs. It would appear so." 

"It's just some unorthodox tricks, nothing to brag about." 

Luo Pin answered emotionlessly. 

Wu Yu took a few glances at Luo Pin. Although she had few words, she had a kind heart. She was probably worried about other ghostly cultivators returning to attack Yunxi City. After all, there were still unresolved questionable points lingering. It was just that Qin Fuyao was the most experienced among them. Since she said it would be fine, the incident would likely be as such.... 

Nonetheless, Wu Yu still gave Muxue Yunxi a core-tail talisman before leaving and said, "If ghostly cultivators attack you again in the future, you can send me a message. If I'm free, I will try my best to come over." 

"Thank you, Commander Wu." Muxue Yunxi was still feeling a little baffled before. However, once she witnessed how thoughtful Wu Yu was and how he did things on top of what was required of him, she felt an additional sense of gratitude towards him. 

As such, the three of them took off and left. It was still Luo Pin leading the way, while Qin Fuyao stepped on Wu Yu's sword energy and the duo rode on the sword towards Yan Huang Imperial City. 

"Hehe. You are really insane to be able to deal with a third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. When you reach the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm, won't you be even more incredible? Does that mean even I won't be a match for you?" Qin Fuyao joked beside his ear. 

"I was just lucky today, and I almost lost my life." Wu Yu wouldn't feel conceited because of what happened today. 

"Alright. Regardless, we shall be good friends beginning from this mission onwards. The next time I'm heading out, I shall look for you again. What do you think? Perhaps it will just be the two of us." As Qin Fuyao spoke, her voice became more flirtatious. Wu Yu could only visualize the Inner Ape. Otherwise, a demon-like lady like her would indeed disturb the peace of his mind. 

"Sure. I'm willing to be the escort of the beautiful lady." Wu Yu calmed himself down and smiled faintly. 

Although he wasn't too fond of the idea of getting close to Qin Fuyao, there was no need for him to keep a distance. If they could become sincere friends, it would be a good thing. Wu Yu still remembered her giving him her opponent today. Because of this, Wu Yu had obtained over 200 Inner Sea Essence Pills.

They had a joyous chat throughout the journey. After all, Yunxi City wasn't too far. Soon, they arrived at Yan Huang Imperial City. They had to return to Yan Huang Imperial City through the city gates. Wu Yu looked around him and realized that the Lunar Flower Sword Sage and the rest didn't seem to be around. They probably didn't have the time to do so too. 

After entering Yan Huang Imperial City, Luo Pin disappeared. 

Wu Yu headed towards the inner city with Qin Fuyao, drawing the attention of many people along the way. 

"Don't read too much into it. They just happen to have gone for the same mission." When others saw them acting closely, they could only console themselves. 

Qin Fuyao was definitely a man-killer in Yan Huang Imperial City and was definitely the dream lover of all cultivators at a similar age. 

She was their perfect dao companion. 

Naturally, the majority of the people didn't deserve her. 

When they arrived at the Yi Palace, Luo Pin had collected her merit points and left. Wu Yu and Qin Fuyao each collected their merit points. Subsequently, Wu Yu ran to the Pill Palace and exchanged all his merit points for Inner Sea Essence Pills. All together, he had over 380 Inner Sea Essence Pills. 

Before that, he parted ways with Qin Fuyao. Qin Fuyao also gave him some core-tail talismans for communication. 

She seemed to have something to attend to. After the mission, she didn't pester Wu Yu. 

As such, Wu Yu left the inner city and arrived at the Hall of Clouds. 

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