Chapter 0377: Seven Eyes Demon

Qin Fuyao had really left her own opponent to him!

This ghostly cultivator was at the third tier of the Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. It was indeed easier for Qin Fuyao to defeat him.

Now, with Qin Fuyao at the front, Wu Yu at the back, and Luo Pin in the sky, that ghostly cultivator clearly knew that he could not escape. So he accepted his fate.

“An eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator wants to fight with me?” The ghostly cultivator felt that this was a joke.

But how had Wu Yu defeated his companion within such a short time?

He could tell that the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff was an outstanding supreme immortal treasure with one look!

“It is alright if I die here today, I will drag a Yan Huang Immortal Soldier down with me!” The ghostly cultivator grinned maliciously. At this moment, strong winds blew and his black robes fluttered.

His third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy unfolded, forming a great pressure enveloping Wu Yu. In an instant, it was like he was dragging Wu Yu into hell.

“Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon!”

A supreme immortal treasure appeared in his hands with a wave. That was a black harpoon, cold and evil. Upon closer inspection, this supreme immortal treasure was covered with countless tiny faces. The expressions were all twisted and vicious. It was as though they were cooked in a pot of oil and burnt with strong fire.

Over 10,000 faces formed this Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon!

This supreme immortal treasure could actually just barely defend against the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff. Its power was comparable; it was no weaker than Gu Xuan’s Ivory Bone Barb.

Battles with ghostly cultivators were usually very simple and straightforward. ghostly cultivators trained in the evil arts. A battle between a martial cultivator and a ghostly cultivator was usually a battle to the death!

Obviously, outside of the Shushan Immortal Sect, the martial cultivators of the divine continent hated and despised ghostly cultivators much more than demons. Because the most terrifying and disgusting deeds were usually done by ghostly cultivators. It was a living hell on the Four Islands of the East Sun, where most of them resided.

“Seven Eyes Demon Absolute Change.”

After controlling thet Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon, black smoke erupted from the ghostly cultivator. That smoke increased suddenly and swallowed everything. In this process, the ghostly cultivator’s body was changing too. In an instant, he became a six-zhang-tall giant!

Dark purple scales covered his body. Bloody red spurs stretched out from his fingers, elbows, knees, and spine. The most terrifying change was on his face. He looked monstrous and had seven large, saucer-sized eyes covering his ugly face. Each eye glowed with green light, and there were white shadows waving like ghosts within them.

Even that Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon in his hand became much larger!

“Hou!” After transformation, all seven eyes of the Seven Eyes Demon locked onto Wu Yu.

When the eyes’ gaze fell on him, it was like he was in hell. It reminded Wu Yu of the Demon Eye Speothos. This ghostly cultivator before him had used a Great Dao Mystique and performed a similar immortality art!


When he looked into those eyes, Wu Yu could feel a spirit's evil power burrowing into his own eyes. He quickly closed his eyes and used Visualizing the Inner Ape to maintain a clear head.

This was not an easy opponent. Wu Yu knew that clearly. He needed to defeat him fiercely with an explosive stance. The longer this battle dragged on, the more dangerous it would be!

Besides, Qin Fuyao and Luo Pin were looking at him. Before these two great beauties, especially when one of them was a dragon, he would be ashamed if he was defeated.

“My good younger brother, make your move quickly and let Sister see if you are really strong.” As expected, Qin Fuyao giggled. Her flirtatious laughter tugged at his heart and actually helped Wu Yu recover from the influence of that Seven Eyes Demon.

“Immortal Ape Transformation!”

Wu Yu suddenly changed and became a tough golden ape in front of the two beauties. This time, he was wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, which would change with his body. After Wu Yu transformed into the golden immortal ape, the majestic and overbearing Yan Huang Immortal Armor continued to wrap his body. At this moment, he wielded the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and was bathed with golden flames. He was indeed resembling that Great Sage, Heaven's Equal more and more!

“It’s good to be a man. They can transform into smelly monkeys without care. If I had turned into this monkey, I would have scared myself.” Ming Long was envious yet disdainful at the same time.

Of course, Wu Yu was not smelly at all. That naturally dominating aura, aura of contempt, and that fierce fire burning in his pair of eyes exploded with an intensely strong spiritual willpower!


The instant he completed the transformation into the immortal ape, the Seven Eyes Demon and Wu Yu clashed. Both of them seemed to want to fight in close range. They caused the heavens and earth to shake. Their great strength caused large forests to twist and tear before the battle. Bits and pieces of wood flew in the sky!

Hong long long!

It was the first time the two of them had fought with the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff and Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon. Instantly, they caused violent quakes. Even the ground sunk, causing large areas of collapse. Even Yunxi City was greatly affected from afar.

A roar erupted from Yunxi City. Over 10,000 women were anticipating and nervously watching this final showdown between Wu Yu and the Seven Eyes Demon.

“I remember who he is now. He was originally a disciple from Shushan. I heard that even the Ursae Sword Immortal was prepared to take him as a disciple, and he was rumoured to be in a relationship with the Mizar Sword Immortal’s daughter. However, because of his relationship with the son of Ying Huang, he was expelled from Shushan. I did not think that he would join the Yan Huang Imperial City so quickly and even become a centurion...” Muxue Yunxi finally remembered Wu Yu’s identity.

She obviously knew that other than the legendary Wu Yu, there was no other eighth tier Jindan Dao cultivator who could be that terrifying!

“It’s him!”

Many people remembered him.

“He was just chased out of Shushan. Is it good for him to join the Yan Huang Imperial City so quickly?”

“I don’t know, but many people will see this as being shameless... After all, this way, he will be suspected of being a traitor who lies to his master and destroys his ancestors. But I spoke to him just now and I feel that this young man is very sincere and responsible. No matter what anyone says, he is helping us now,” Muxue Yunxi said.

Someone else said, “But didn’t he have a good relationship with that Nangong Wei? Why is he with that Qin Fuyao when he just joined Yan Huang Imperial City?”

Muxue Yunxi said, “Don’t spread rumors. It is just a coincidence that they took the same mission.”

This was Wu Yu’s first time fighting against a third tier Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator. He indeed experienced the unparalleled Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy of his opponent. When it came to a clash between internal strength, Wu Yu was losing out by too much.

In the first clash, if not for the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, he would have been injured. Even though he was now hit as well. He crashed to the ground and almost caused the ground to collapse.


That Seven Eyes Demon screamed angrily again, and those seven eyes shone with piercing green light. Holding the Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon, he pierced towards Wu Yu again. The places touched by the light from those eyes dissolved into green liquid.

Wu Yu quickly got up. He had tested the waters and now he knew what to do.


He held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff with both hands and waited for the Seven Eyes Demon.


He activated the Unshackled Doppelganger and 10 doppelgangers appeared in front of Wu Yu, each holding an immortal treasure longsword.

“Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique!”

10 waves of sword qi started their attack again. This was the direction where Wu Yu defeated the ghostly cultivator before. These 10 doppelgangers instantly scattered around the Seven Eyes Demon.

Under the cover of the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique, Wu Yu used all his Jindan essence and activated the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff's spirit design. Those 10 doppelgangers suddenly made their attack together.

“Yan Emperor Heaven-Splitting Design!”

With his angry roar, the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff's spirit design worked furiously and flames were instantly ignited. Countless gold flames soared into the air. Wu Yu held the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff up, activating its spirit design. He waved it violently and swept towards his opponent.

The Yan Emperor Heaven-Splitting Design's true essence was in this sweep!

This Huang Emperor Earth-Shattering Design's true essence was in this smash! 

Actually, the staff dao's most fundamental basics were just these two moves. A sweep and a smash!

With the Heaven-Splitting Design, he would use one sweep to split the heavens. The Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff's rage was burning.

At this time, the Seven Eyes Demon was being attacked by the Xuan Immortal Spirit Petrifying Sword Technique. It was precisely when he was feeling a piercing pain in his head that he was struck with the Yan Emperor Heaven-Splitting Design!


With his big right arm, he blocked Wu Yu's attack. Immediately, amidst the raging golden flames, only that right arm was directly blown to pieces.

After all, Wu Yu’s Jindan essence was far less powerful than his opponent’s, so even the Yan Emperor Heaven-Splitting Design did not completely defeat his opponent.

And this strike even angered the Seven Eyes Demon!

His opponent roared and the Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon attacked towards him again!

However, in the next moment, before he was hit, Wu Yu attacked again!

“Violent Art!”

At this moment, during the Immortal Ape Transformation, his arms suddenly became thicker and his physical strength doubled!

The Wu Yu now, wearing the Yan Huang Immortal Armor, was like a mad demon!

“Huang Emperor Earth-Shattering Design!”

The glistening light and golden brilliance coming from the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff were dazzling. If the golden light exploded, it would swallow up everything within hundreds of miles; it would even swallow the whole Yunxi City in golden light.

The martial cultivators in Yunxi City could no longer watch the battle.

And the Seven Eyes Demon was naturally swallowed and trapped in that golden world of light.

At that moment, Wu Yu smashed down with his staff. Even if his opponent had the Ten Thousand Floating Ghosts Harpoon to defend himself, he would still be smashed into pieces!

With a cry of pain, the Seven Eyes Demon fell to the ground.

After that, the golden light disappeared. People saw that the Seven Eyes Demon had returned to his ghostly cultivator state. He was covered in blood and was battered to a pulp. He was obviously badly injured and almost dead.

And Wu Yu was still in the state of a violent golden ape. He landed next to his opponent. When the Yan Huang Heaven Raising Staff landed on the ground, the earth trembled momentarily.

After using the Violent Art, he felt weak, but he continued to steady himself. He was afraid that this ghostly cultivator would commit suicide!

But he was still too slow!

Just as he descended, that ghostly cultivator gave him a cold smile and then his body was instantly swallowed by black flames, leaving behind only black ashes.

Wu Yu really could not understand why these ghostly cultivators could face death so calmly.

But his opponent had committed suicide. He was reaching his limits and released the immortal ape transformation. He had expended a lot of energy in this battle. It was mainly because his Jindan essence was lacking too much compared to his opponent’s Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. Hence, Wu Yu had basically used all his trump cards to defeat his opponent.

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